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‘I Have NOT Been Tested’: 600,000 Accidentally Told They’ve Had COVID-19 1 2 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
POLICE STATE FLORIDA : Miami Cops Setting Up 'Mask Traps'... Issuing $100 Fines to People Wearing "Improperly"... 1 2 weeks ago Tian Shan
Rutgers University Declares Grammar 'Racist' 1 2 weeks ago Gleiwitz
Google will keep its 200,000 employees working from home until at least July NEXT YEAR amid coronavirus pandemic 1 2 weeks ago polyb1123
PICTURED: Armed BLM protester shot dead alongside his quadruple amputee fiancee during Austin march by motorist who drove into crowd and opened fire 1 2 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
It’s my constitutional right not to wear a mask!!!! (Picture) 1 2 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
Brutality (Cartoon) 1 2 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
Armed members of NFAC all-black militia march in Louisville to demand justice for Breonna Taylor 1 2 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
Hundreds of teenagers go on rampage at mini-golf center after they were refused refunds over faulty games machines 1 2 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
Protests Erupt Across Country; Black Militia Member Accidentally Shoots Comrades In Park 2 2 weeks ago Reddit_is_Hasbara
This New Face Mask Is As Effective As an N95 1 2 weeks ago polyb1123
Three people arrested in Florida triple murder case (Frostproof, FL) 1 2 weeks ago Reddit_is_Hasbara
Biden Pledges To Raise Taxes If Elected 1 2 weeks ago George
1970: 25% Of Native American Women Sterilized Via A New U.S. Law 1 2 weeks ago George
Arms industry: Gun buys up 95%, ammo 139%; Sales to blacks jump 58% 1 2 weeks ago George
Twitter Blacklists 7,000 ‘QAnon’ Accounts, Limits 150,000 Others 1 3 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
Twitter bans thousands of QAnon accounts and shuts down topics related to the conspiracy theory 1 3 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
Houston Fire, Police Responding To Reports Of Documents Being Burned At Chinese Consulate General 1 3 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
Charred Body Found Inside Minneapolis Pawn Shop Two Months After It Was Torched In George Floyd Riots 1 3 weeks ago George
How Amber Heard secretly recorded her interior designer friend claiming Johnny Depp's 'a*****e' US lawyer forced her to sign High Court statement saying actress was 'physically abusive' to him 1 3 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
NEA focuses on Sanctuary Cities, BLM, Drag Queen Dances 1 4 weeks ago Reddit_is_Hasbara
FDA expands its list of potentially toxic hand sanitizers to nearly 60 products that can cause blood poisoning, blindness and death 1 4 weeks ago NobodysaysBOO
Unemployment at 4MILLION in a year, GDP to take FIVE YEARS to recover and the biggest peacetime deficit EVER: Budget watchdog's dire predictions as it warns Brits face years of tax rises and spending cuts to pay off Covid bill 1 4 weeks ago George
Hillary Clinton Says America Will Have To Be Ready If Trump Doesn’t ‘Go Quietly’ 1 4 weeks ago George
Amber's dirty laundry? Court sees Johnny Depp's faeces-stained bed – but actress insists she didn't defecate on it and claims he previously ordered his assistant to pull similar prank and frame her DOG for it 1 4 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
China Pushes New Law to Censor the Whole Planet. 1 4 weeks ago Uncle_Meat
US Warns Iran and China Against Major Investment and Security Deal 1 4 weeks ago Ethan Allen and...
Iron Age murder victim buried with his hands bound is discovered beside a 200ft-wide wooden circle in Buckinghamshire as archaeologists clear land for HS2 1 4 weeks ago George
Scientific study confirms again that 5G is 'harmless and benign' in response to crackpot conspiracy theorists 1 4 weeks ago Kelly Thomas
Judge refuses to dismiss Flynn case, petitions full appellate court 1 4 weeks ago NobodysaysBOO