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The academics....

The academics....
Don Robertson

The author of this article, Gary Leupp is a Professor of History, and Adjunct Professor of Comparative Religion at Tufts University, and author of numerous works on Japanese history. His email is gleupp(-at-)granite(-dot-)tufts(-dot-)edu

I quote Gary from the article here:

Like over 3000 other academics, I’ve signed the "Support Bill Ayers" statement defending Ayers from the desperate, opportunistic attacks of the McCain campaign. I think it important to combat the depiction of a distinguished scholar as a "terrorist" by the likes of Sarah Palin, whose ignorance and extremism terrify many.

My response is that I'm somewhat dismayed at Gary's hubris. Terrify? Yes, we all should be terrified.

Here we have some self-professed academic weighing in on behalf of another so-called academic (in Bill Ayers), attempting to call upon the lofty but more surely slimy ivoryness of the halls of academia, as if this were somehow a mark of distinction anyone might incredulously admire, moreso, over the clearly scurilous Sarah Palin, who is but a mere, social-climbing, parasitic, politician whose well-worn menopausal groove happened to fit the fancy of the hot shot, right-stuff, bomb-dropping, Vietnamese-child-killing, war-boy, and general heroically 71 year old turd John McCain.

Huh? Uh, Gary, I went to school in Boston. In fact Gary, I lived in Boston for more than twenty years.

Boston, like Cambridge, is the intellectual colostomy bag of an academically ill nation, Gary. You know it. I know it. Anyone who is familiar with metropolitan Boston knows it. We should tell it like it is, Gary, instead of luring in more innocents to the lair of so many diseased vipers.

And, uh, Gary... I'm also familiar with Tufts University. Let's not talk about ten foot poles, or leaning up against the academic mirage Tufts University represents.

I'm not specifically familiar with the no doubt academically airy position you hold as an Adjunct Professor of Comparative Religion, but somehow, I'm not imminently impressed anyway.

I've got a question for you though, Gary .

On average, how many do you suppose of those incoming freshmen are fucked by all those leering Tufts University professors?

And uh, Gary, here's another question for you.

What percentage of the Tufts University faculty are infected with venereal disease? (This should be public information.)

And uh, Gary, I have another question for you...

With tuition costs over $40k a year, and your teaching comparative religion studies with a personal publishing focus on Japanese history, what the Hell makes you think you're anything more than a goddamned glorified baby-sitter for the children of the fools who send their kids off to Tufts knowing full well the common university danger inherent to carousing with the academic pedophiles at Tufts and in Boston and Cambridge?

Like every other university in the greater Boston area, Tufts University stands for excellence in drooling through the windows at the incoming freshmen, excellence in gouging students and parents for something that isn't worth it even if one survives the plundering hazing and the long haul, and, excellence in spewing vomit on political boards while touting vainglorious academic achievements, self-certified and ridiculously out of touch with any nearby reality.

Sarah Palin has arisen, god-awful she/male Napoleon, she no doubt is, exactly because of the wholesale degradation of society by the likes of what finds a sinecure at Tufts University.