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"We can have no '50-50' allegiance in this country. Either a man is an American and nothing else, or he is not an American at all." -- Theodore Roosevelt



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Aug 19 07:50

Pictured: Eco-lecturers Meghan Markle and Prince Harry board their private jet with baby Archie for fourth gas-guzzling flight in just 11 days as they leave the south of France 'after visiting Elton John's $18m mansion' on three-day jaunt

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were embroiled in another hypocrisy row today after being pictured leaving the south of France over the weekend in a fourth trip by private jet in just 11 days.

Prince Harry and Meghan, who have been outspoken on environmental issues in recent months, generated an estimated seven times the emissions per person compared to a commercial flight when flying home from Nice.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Aug 19 07:47

Beijing warns US of ‘consequences’ if it sells F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan

China has demanded that US cancel all military sales to Taiwan, otherwise it won’t hesitate to retaliate. The warning came amid the ongoing trade war and the row over the massive Hong Kong protests.

The White House had greenlighted the sale of 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan over the weekend. This will be the second major arms deal with Taipei approved by Washington since July, when the US authorized the sale of more than 100 M1A2T Abrams tanks, as well as surface-to-air missiles.

Beijing, which considers Taiwan its territory, blasted the move and warned that it will retaliate against what it says violates the decades-old ‘One-China policy.’

Aug 19 07:44

VIDEO of Prince Andrew staying in Epstein’s sex mansion forces palace into damage control

A video showing the Duke of York waving off a young woman from inside financier Jeffery Epstein’s New York mansion has reignited speculation online, sending Buckingham Palace into full-on damage-control mode.

A short, blurry video released by the Mail on Sunday shows a man, who the tabloid newspaper identifies as Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth, saying goodbye to a young, dark-haired woman at the doorstep of Epstein’s New York mansion – a notorious sex lair where the financier used to prey on young girls.

After exchanging courtesies with the brunette, the prince gives her a nod, and then takes a quick look around the door as if to make sure that no paparazzi were in sight.

Moments before Prince Andrew appears in the doorway, Epstein himself can be seen leaving the house accompanied by a blonde girl.

The video dates back to December 2010...

Aug 19 07:38

Will AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar boycott trips to the West Bank over THIS?!

Aug 19 07:38

Killing free speech in Canada

Aug 19 07:31

There is No “But” in “Shall Not Be Infringed”

By Michael Maharrey

I can’t tell you how many times over the last week or so that I’ve heard somebody say, “I support the Second Amendment, but…”

This is a prime example of the principle that you can pretty much ignore everything a person says before the “but.”...

Aug 19 07:21

Why Hasn’t The History Channel Been Shut Down?

By Jon Rappoport

As I pointed out in a recent article, mainstream media outlets are delivering conspiracy theories—at least by implication. Therefore, in light of the recent FBI “finding” that such theories can fuel violent terrorism, these outlets should be investigated, censored, blacked out, and de-platformed.

The History Channel would be a prime candidate.

In its series, Ancient Aliens, we are treated to the theory that John Kennedy was murdered to keep him from…here is the quote from the History Channel:

“Theorists propose the possibility that John F. Kennedy was assassinated in order to keep the truth about [extraterrestrial] aliens on Earth from getting out in this clip from Season 12, Episode 9, The Majestic Twelve.”...

Aug 19 07:18

Deep DIVE: Death Of Another Pawn — Jeffrey Epstein, The Official Narrative Is The Real Conspiracy Theory

By Aaron Kesel

For this in-depth article the focus will be on the actual “suicide” story of Epstein, others’ deaths who may have been involved in the investigation, as well as those who were documented to be involved with the case and what has been discovered about Epstein’s network summarized...

Aug 19 07:08

remember that time Jill Stein raised $7 million for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania

expecting it cost $2.5m each but then only completed Wisconsin which had a deviation of <200 votes? What happened to the rest of the money and where has Jill been? SOCIALISM YES!!!!

Aug 19 07:02

Even the Legacy Media is Wondering if Biden is Sane

Aug 19 06:55

In The U.S., A Transportation Recession Has Already Officially Arrived

Aug 19 06:41

Maids abused in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates

Aug 19 06:34

Microsoft's latest privacy policy says vendors listen to voice data

DOJ and FTC pursuing antitrust probes into tech firms.

August 18, 2019

Aug 18 18:50

Reporter asks Trump About Epstein, He Turns Around and Gives Reporter EVEN BETTER Question

Aug 18 18:20

Epstein Prison Guards “Not Cooperating” With DOJ Probe

By Tyler Durden

Employees at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center where convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly took his own life last week are not cooperating with the Justice Department investigators according to Fox News.

Two senior DOJ officials sent by Attorney General William Barr have been on-site at MCC while the agency’s Inspector General investigates the situation. According to a senior DOJ official, Barr said that “serious irregularities” had been uncovered at the jail...

Aug 18 14:39

Los Angeles is a Sh*thole


Aug 18 11:13

29 Members of Boston Symphony Put In Concentration Camp

Included Director Dr Karl Muck

Aug 18 10:43

Scott Adams: HOAX #5

Comments at: https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays/status/1163088549085716480?s=20

NYT says it will frame future news as Trump racism
Trusted by the left, the NYT is going to promote racism?
Things you need to believe, in order to be a Democrat
Who won the costumed sporting event in Portland yesterday?
Proud Boys vs Antifa
NO coverage at all…on CNN or MSNBC
People on the left…are NOT hearing key news
Bill Maher slams anti-Israel BDS and Democrats for supporting it
Bill Maher’s potential conversion to Trump supporter
Did President Obama really tell Biden “you don’t have to do this”?
Being opposed to Antifa…does NOT mean you support racists
Why can’t you be against Antifa and ALSO be against fascists?
Reframing in a stupid world
Nationalism vs Racism
Nationalism by its nature is protective of American citizens
Anti-Racists…or AntiRA vs Antifa?

Aug 18 10:31

Schools Are Outdated. It’s Time For Reform.

By Paul Boyce

The public education system we currently know has been around for more than 150 years. However, the basic schooling model remains the same. Roughly 20 to 30 kids of the same age are stuffed into a classroom and taught by one teacher.

Even though the curricula have developed, the essence has stayed the same. Children are still taught in a standardized and industrialized way. As with anything that comes from centralized control, it is highly inefficient, bureaucratic, and wasteful...

Aug 18 10:22

Die-hard Remainer Philip Hammond's camp is blamed for leaking Project Fear 2.0 dossier as its predictions of No Deal Brexit chaos on October 31 are dismissed as 'not believable' and 'scaremongering'

A secret Whitehall dossier outlines possible pandemonium in a No Deal Brexit
Operation Yellowhammer casts a dark shadow over proposed October 31 exit
Hard border in Ireland, fuel, medicine and food shortages are anticipated
News comes as Boris Johnson prepares to meet EU leaders at the G7 this week
Energy minister Kwasi Kwarteng said fears around no deal was 'scaremongering'
MP Iain Duncan Smith said the leak of documents was designed to 'sow fear'
Brexiteer Nigel Farage said the document was so extreme it was not believable
No10 has hit back and claimed the document was leaked by a former minister

Aug 18 10:14

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's stay at 'billionaire's playground' resort in Ibiza: The royal couple stayed at Vista Alegre retreat where super-villas cost up to £120,000 a week during holiday for her 38th birthday

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex headed to Ibiza on August 6 for a luxurious break for Meghan's 38th birthday
Locals revealed they stayed at the stunning Vista Alegre gated complex overlooking the island's Porroig Bay
Villas there start from around £3,100 per week but the most opulent will cost up to £120,000 for a week
Those who have stayed at the high-end Sa Calma residence include DJ David Guetta and Sir Paul McCartney
News comes as Meghan, Harry and Archie took their third private jet in eight days to France on Wednesday

Aug 18 10:14

Psychedelic Drugs Are Finally Being Used to Treat Depression in US Hospitals

By Elias Marat

As the country increasingly sheds its prohibitionist stereotypes and misconceptions about psychedelic drugs, scientists and psychiatrists are increasingly embracing their potent qualities as “game-changers” in the fight to treat mental health disorders.

The new trend unfolding across the U.S. has converted drugs like ketamine—once known primarily as a recreational drug used at raves and underground concerts—into a powerful tool for mental health professionals in the Midwest, according to the Times of Northwest Indiana...

Aug 18 10:02

Brexit Begins: Stephen Barclay signs 'commencement order' formally starting the process that will take Britain out of the EU on October 31 whatever happens

Senior Brexiteers previously said the signing of the document was 'totemic'
Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay understood to have now signed the document
Signing of the order backs PM's pledge to leave EU on October 31 this year

Aug 18 09:50

You Cannot Legislate Morality

It’s the same thing every time we have a mass shooting in America. Before the shell casings have time to cool the same people are calling for more gun control. Their solution for mass killings is to disarm all of the law abiding citizens so everyone can feel better about themselves thinking they did something.

Aug 18 09:34

Parents Outraged After Students 'Shamed' Over Alleged Dress Code Violations at High School

Parents were outraged after they said their daughters were shamed for their clothing at a suburban Illinois high school after administrators said their outfits went against the dress code.

Aug 18 09:26

Proud Boys Deem Portland A Success Because Trump Sided With Right-Wing Extremists

A former Infowars staffer who organized the Proud Boys protest in Portland Saturday deemed the “mission” a success because President Donald Trump sided with the right-wing extremist group against the anti-fascists.

Aug 18 09:25

A Wisconsin college student was arrested after tearing up a classmate's swastika sign

A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student was arrested after tearing up a classmate's swastika sign, and now she's fighting to clear her record.

Aug 18 09:18

The day a ticked-off Miami teacher killed 8 people before a witness chased him down

It was a deadly day in Hialeah.
A history teacher, angered over $20 welding bill, shot and killed eight people.
Seven blocks away from Bob Moore’s Welding and Machine Service, an outraged driver who knew the victims ran over Carl Brown, who had pedaled away from the scene on his bicycle.

Aug 18 09:18

Texas Officers Who Led Black Man By Rope Won’t Face Criminal Probe, State Says

No criminal investigation will be launched into the actions of two white police officers in Texas who led a handcuffed black man by a rope through the city of Galveston, state officials said. The officers, identified as P. Brosch and A. Smith, have reportedly also returned to their jobs.