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February 25, 2020

Feb 25 09:00

Buttigieg's campaign demands Nevada Democratic Party correct 'irregularities' as final results not yet tallied

Although the Democratic Party narrowly avoided a repeat of the Iowa caucus disaster in Nevada over the weekend, the final official vote for the Silver State's caucus has not yet been tallied.

Feb 25 08:49

FTSE 100 drops 0.5% to 7,119 points wiping £11billion off share prices - a day after coronavirus panic saw global markets plunge by £1.2trillion

Feb 25 08:44

Ilhan Omar Shares List of Things She Is, Ted Cruz Points Out It Didn’t Say ‘American’

Rep. Ilhan Omar randomly shared a list of things ‘I am’ this weekend and Senator Ted Cruz was quick to note it didn’t include the word ‘American.’

Omar posted a tweet on Sunday that was designed to draw a reaction by listing a handful of things she thinks conservatives oppose about her. In doing so, the Minnesota Democrat accidentally revealed that she does, in fact, use race and religion as a means to divide and then demonize her critics.

Feb 25 08:41

Jellyfish-like parasite is the 'first ever animal that can survive without oxygen' - and it sheds light on how alien life could exist on other planets

Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel say the jellyfish-like parasite spends its life clinging to the inside of a salmon in a low to zero oxygen environment.

The organism doesn't have a mitochondrial genome - that is the system that breaks down oxygen that multicellular organisms use to power their cells and breathe.

Henneguya salminicola isn't new, it is a common salmon parasite and part of the same family as corals and jellyfish - but its genome has only just been mapped.

The team don't know exactly how it survives without oxygen but suggest it could be leeching energy producing chemicals from the salmon.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Feb 25 08:35

Russia projected to retain crown as world’s top wheat exporter for third year in a row

Preliminary projections show that the grain harvest in 2020 will be the country’s second largest after 2017, a record year. Experts, however, note that the weather factor, including a snowless, warm winter, is increasingly becoming a “black swan” event for farmers.

A black swan event refers to a rare and unpredictable occurrence that has severe consequences for financial markets.

In the 2017-2018 agricultural year, Russia exported a record 40.449 million tons of wheat to the global market; in 2018-2019 it delivered 35.2 million tons. This year's export crop may amount to 36 million tons, the Ministry of Agriculture says. Industry experts project deliveries in the range of 32-42 million tons.

Feb 25 08:32

'Go back to school and look at the map!' Twitterati hammer CNN as it draws non-existent SHARED border between Germany & Italy

News that Germany isn't raising the alarm due to the 2019-nCoV outbreak in Italy prompted many established media to report on it, with CNN being no exception. The broadcaster's actual report cited a German foreign ministry spokeswoman who said Berlin wasn't issuing a travel warning for Italy at the moment, but their Twitter publication wasn't as accurate.

Now, you have to read carefully to spot the blunder.

"Germany is currently not considering closing the country's borders with Italy due to the coronavirus outbreak, its foreign ministry said," it reads.

In fact, Germany shares no border with Italy, with Switzerland and Austria sandwiched between them. It took a while until Twitter dwellers questioned the geographic literacy of CNN's online editors.

Feb 25 08:27

Gruesome Gaza scene sets off two days of violence

Uncertainty reigns amid unconfirmed reports of a unilateral ceasefire declared by Palestinian fighters after two days of intense fire across the Gaza-Israel boundary, and Israeli strikes on Damascus.

Israel, due to hold elections next week, claimed that more than 90 rockets were launched from Gaza on Sunday and Monday. Schools in the south of the country were ordered closed on Tuesday for the second consecutive day.

The Israeli military targeted what it described as multiple Islamic Jihad sites across Gaza. Israel also closed Gaza’s fishing zone and its checkpoints along the boundary, halting the movement of people and goods in and out of the territory.

Feb 25 08:21

Holy Iranian Cleric Blames Donald Trump for Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran – 50 Deaths Reported

The prayer imam in the holy city of Qom discussed the recent coronavirus outbreak in the city during Friday prayers.

Feb 25 08:20

29-Year-Old German Citizen Slams into Crowd at Carnival Celebration in Volkmarsen, Germany — Thirty People Injured including 10 Children

A 29-year-old German citizen “Maurice P.” slammed his car into a Carnival celebration in Volkmarsen, Germany on Monday.

Feb 25 08:20

Chris Matthews Apologizes to Bernie Sanders for Comparing Nevada Win to Nazi Invasion of France

MSNBC host Chris Matthews issued an on air apology Monday night to leading Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) for comparing his victory in Saturday’s Nevada primary caucus to the Nazi invasion of France in 1940.

Feb 25 08:18

Catholic School Makes Two LGBT Teachers Resign After They Got Engaged, The Students Stage A Massive Walkout

As Josh Billings once said, “Honesty is the rarest wealth anyone can possess.” If you really think of this, it would seem that children are the wealthiest in this regard. Furthermore, they tend to overlook everything else and glance right into the core of what it means to be human and therefore stand up to injustice.

Feb 25 08:17

Saudi Authorities Call for Arrest of Black Saudi Woman Over Her Music Video 'Girl From Mecca'

It was written to be an anthem of empowerment, expressing joy and affirmation in being a woman from Mecca:

Feb 25 07:59

Worst extinction since the dinosaurs: Total biomass of flying insects down by a staggering 76%, warn German researchers

We are in the middle of an extinction phase. The animals in danger of extermination? Flying insects.

This is according to entomology enthusiast Martin Sorg, president of the Amateur Entomology Society of Krefeld, who, over the last 37 years, collected 80 million insects from the German countryside. And while the Society’s collection is considered a world-class scientific treasure, it is also gaining a reputation as “evidence” of what is being described as one of Earth’s worst extinction phases since the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event 66 million years ago, which resulted in the eradication of dinosaurs.

According to Sorg, the total annual biomass of flying insects collected by him and several volunteers have plummeted by 76 percent since the Society first started its collection – a troubling scenario that can disastrously impact global food chains and habitats.

Feb 25 07:51

FBI’s ‘Case Agent 1’ Primarily Responsible For Most Significant FISA Abuses Identified – DOJ IG Refers For Disciplinary Review

An FBI agent primarily responsible for “significant” errors in the FISA process mentioned in the DOJ IG’s FISA abuse report has been identified.

Feb 25 07:51

Mayor Pete Crashes a Minimum Wage “Fight for $15” Protest – Is Booed and Harassed by Racial Justice Protesters as he Flees (VIDEO)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg crashed a “Fight for $15” rally today in Charleston, South Carolina.

Feb 25 07:50

Omar Posts Long List In ‘I Am’ Tweet, Gets Called Out For Leaving Out ‘American’

On Sunday night, controversial far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) posted a tweet listing off all the things the Democrat “is,” including a being a Somali, Muslim, and black. Her list, however, conspicuously leaves off that she is an American, (who represents other Americans).

Feb 25 07:50

President Trump Calls on Sotomayor and Ginsburg to Recuse Themselves From His Supreme Court Cases

President Trump responded from India via Twitter on Tuesday local time to a scathing dissent by Justice Sonia Sotomayor released Friday that accused the conservative majority justices on the Supreme Court of being biased in favor of the Trump administration. Trump called on Sotomayor and her fellow Trump-hating Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to recuse themselves from cases involving or relating to him.

Feb 25 07:48

Girl, 11, Brings AR-15 To Idaho Hearing On Gun Legislation

An 11-year-old girl toting a loaded AR-15 assault weapon appeared Monday at a legislative hearing with her grandfather, who is supporting a proposal that would allow visitors to Idaho who can legally possess firearms to carry a concealed handgun within city limits.

Feb 25 07:34

Barely Anyone Shows Up to Joe Biden’s South Carolina Rally as His “Firewall” Crumbles

Biden regularly brags that he’s the only candidate who can beat President Trump, but he can’t even draw a decent crowd at any of his events.

Feb 25 07:34

Report: Devin Nunes and House Republicans Announce Possible Criminal Charges Against Crooked Mueller Attorneys

Earlier this month Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) went on with Lou Dobbs and dropped a bombshell.

Feb 25 07:28

CORONAVIRUS: One of Korean Air’s cabin crew tests positive for coronavirus. Austria and Croatia report first cases as Tenerife quarantines hotel. Coronavirus rampages through Italy

Feb 25 07:19

South Korea seeks 'speedy resumption' of U.S.-North Korea nuclear talks

South Korea’s foreign minister called on Monday for a quick resumption of stalled U.S.-North Korean nuclear talks, adding that her government stood ready to engage with Pyongyang to facilitate dialogue.

Kang Kyung-wha, addressing the U.N.-sponsored Conference on Disarmament, said the goal remained complete denuclearisation on the divided Korean peninsula.

“A speedy resumption of the U.S.-DPRK negotiations is critical so that all stakeholders maintain and build upon the hard-won momentum for dialogue. We stand ready to engage with the North in a way that facilitates and accelerates the U.S.-DPRK dialogue,” Kang told the Geneva forum.

Feb 25 06:54

Italy & Switzerland CORONA updates!

Feb 25 06:50

WikiLeaks: US Government Admits No One Was Physically Harmed Due To Publications On First Day Of Extradition Trial

WikiLeaks says the US government confirmed that there are no known cases of anyone being harmed by their publications on the first day of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing on Monday.

Feb 25 06:50

Stocks Plunge (or Dip?), Traders Confused: This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen. Complacency Exacts its Toll

Feb 25 06:50

Developing: Judge Sets 2 PM Tuesday Hearing in Roger Stone Case – Motion For a New Trial

Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered a hearing on Tuesday at 2 PM in the Roger Stone case.

Feb 25 06:49

BREAKING: New Statement on Philip Haney Shooting Death by Amador County Sheriff: Investigation Ongoing, No Conclusion of Suicide Yet

The Amador County Sheriff’s Office released a statement Monday evening about the investigation into the shooting death of Obama DHS whistleblower Phiip Haney who was found dead with a single gunshot by his car on a road in Plymouth, California on Friday morning.

Feb 25 06:49

Trump: Coronavirus Under Control In The U.S.

As the coronavirus explodes across the globe, President Trump said on Monday that the epidemic is under control in the United States.

Feb 25 06:49

‘Guilty As Charged’: Schumer Admits To Spending Over $8,600 On Cheesecake

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is, uh, a portly man.
And on Sunday, he acknowledged why that might be. He admitted he spent more than $8,600 on cheesecake in less than 10 years, calling his sweet tooth a “guilty pleasure.”

Feb 25 06:48

BREAKING: White House To Request Emergency Coronavirus Funds

The White House is preparing to request emergency funding from Congress in order to address coronavirus, which has suddenly spread at an alarming rate across the globe.

Feb 25 06:33

Coronavirus-stricken cruise ship passengers returned to US against CDC advice

Fourteen Americans infected with coronavirus who flew back to the United States on Monday (Feb. 17) did so against the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The Washington Post reported.

The Americans were passengers on the cruise ship the Diamond Princess, which became a hotspot for the new coronavirus COVID-19 at the beginning of February. From the first confirmed case on the ship on Feb. 1, the number of infected has risen to over 600.

Feb 25 06:16

INCREDIBLE! Listen to the Massive Indian Crowd CHEER President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump as They Enter Motero Stadium

Feb 25 06:15

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s former autocratic president, dead at 91

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's former autocrat who ruled for nearly 30 years before being ensnared in the 2011 Arab Spring that swept through the region, died Tuesday at 91, Egypt state TV reported.

The former leader passed away at a Cairo hospital where he had undergone surgery. State TV did not elaborate on the procedure, but it came days after one of his sons, Alaa, announced that Mubarak was in intensive care after undergoing a different surgery on January 23.

Feb 25 06:06

Will JFK's Party Become Sanders' Party?

Sen. Bernie Sanders may be on the cusp of both capturing the Democratic nomination and transforming his party as dramatically as President Donald Trump captured and remade the Republican Party.

After his sweep of the Nevada caucuses, following popular vote victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, Sanders has the enthusiasm and the momentum, as the crucial battles loom in South Carolina on Saturday and Super Tuesday on March 3.

The next eight days could decide it all.

Feb 25 06:03

Buttigieg Trolled By Black Lives Matter Activists: ‘Pete Can’t Be Our President’

On Monday, Pete Buttigieg, who has had a great deal of trouble galvanizing black voters to support him, ran into another roadblock as he joined striking workers protesting against McDonalds in Charleston, South Carolina for a $15 minimum wage. Buttigieg was accosted by roughly a dozen activists from Black Lives Matter chanting, “Pete can’t be our president, where was $15 in South Bend?”

Feb 25 06:03

SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Impeachment Witness Inks Seven-Figure Book Deal

Add Marie Yovanovitch to the long — and growing — list of Trump haters who cash in on their TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Feb 25 06:02

Manhattan DA Who Declined To Prosecute Weinstein Years Ago Celebrates Demise Of "Vicious Sexual Predator"

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, a Democrat who has been in office for more than a decade now, briefly addressed the media after prosecutors secured a conviction against prominent Democratic Party donor and Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein on counts of rape and criminal sexual act.

Feb 25 05:57

AIPAC goes to war against Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, announced Sunday that he will not attend AIPAC’s annual conference.

He said no to the early March gathering because the powerful Israel lobby group provides a platform for “leaders who express bigotry and oppose basic Palestinian rights.”

Earlier this month, Elizabeth Warren was the first Democrat vying for the presidency to say she would not attend.

Feb 25 05:50

Netanyahu continues bombing Gaza Strip

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided, on Monday evening, to continue bombing the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu made the announcement, via Twitter, following the security consultations he had with the Minister of Defence Naftali Bennett, Chief of Staff of the Army Aviv Kochavi, head of the Shin Bet security service, Nadav Argaman, and head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben Shabat.

In a related context, the Israeli army spokesman said, in a statement, that the Israeli forces launched new attacks, today, on sites belonging to the Islamic Jihad movement (PIJ) in the Gaza Strip, reported the Israeli Channel 13.

Feb 25 05:49

Only in apartheid Israel can an app offer option not to be picked up by Arab cab drivers  

An Israeli taxi-hailing app, offering its Jewish customers the option which guarantees that they will not be picked up by an Arab cab driver, is being sued by human rights lawyers. Gett, a global firm with users in most major cities, is facing a pay-out of $47 million in damages for providing a function that discriminates against non-Jews.

Feb 25 05:43

Bloomberg stages massive media barrage against Sanders, prepares for critical debate showdown

Mike Bloomberg is preparing a massive media campaign against Bernie Sanders, whose commanding Nevada caucus victory has made him a top target for rival Democrats -- and become a growing source of anxiety for establishment Democrats worried that the nomination of a self-avowed democratic socialist could cost the party the White House.

Feb 25 04:50

UK to Scrap Transgender Proposal Out of Fear of Harming Children Who Lack ‘Decision-Making Capabilities’

The United Kingdom is expected to drop planned changes to the Gender Recognition Act that would have made it easier for children to change their gender.

A government consultation launched by former prime minister Theresa May in 2018 that would have allowed people to change their gender by ‘identifying’ as another, has reportedly been scrapped over fears that it would negatively impact children who lack the “decision-making capabilities” to make such a transition for themselves.

“While we believe adults should be able to live their lives, and trans rights should be respected and protected, the government also has a role to play in protecting children,” a government source told The Times.

Feb 25 04:49

Court Upholds Trump Administration’s ‘Protect Life Rule’

The full U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled Monday that the Trump administration’s “Protect Life Rule,” which marks a clear distinction between abortion and family planning, is constitutional.

The en banc Ninth Circuit ruled, 7-4, that the injunctions against enforcement of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Title X family planning funding rule be vacated.

Feb 25 04:48

Joe Biden Flogs ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax to Half-empty Gym in South Carolina

Former Vice President Joe Biden invoked the debunked “very fine people” hoax to attack President Donald Trump at a rally Monday night in a half-empty college gym.

The rally was intended to show support ahead of Tuesday night’s Democrat debate, and Saturday’s Democratic caucuses. Biden has seen the Palmetto State as his “firewall,” based on his support among black voters, but Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been catching up. Only about 200 people showed up on Monday night, standing in a circle in half a gymnasium at the College of Charleston.

Feb 25 04:48

Car rammed German parade crowd in ‘attack’ injuring dozens, no sign was politically-motivated – police

A silver Mercedes was intentionally driven into a crowd during a parade in the central German town of Volksmarsen on Monday, according to police, injuring around 30 people. One suspect has been arrested.

The incident unfolded at around 2:30pm local time during a Carnival procession in the town, when the silver station wagon ran through a barrier and plunged into the crowd, German media reports.

Feb 25 04:47

Incessant heavy rains submerge several provinces in northern Argentina

Heavy downpour continues to batter Argentina, affecting several northern provinces, including Chaco, La Rioja, Salta, and Tucuman. More than a hundred families have been evacuated due to widespread flooding on February 20, 2020.

Feb 25 04:46

Violent mudflows and raging flash floods hit southern Peru

Non-stop intense downpour has triggered violent mudflows and raging flash floods across Peru's southern region, bringing the death toll to nine as of Monday, February 24, 2020. Red warnings for heavy rains, thunderstorms, and strong winds were issued for central regions in the country's south as the severe weather is expected to persist from February 25.

Feb 25 04:46

'They won't survive': Trump gas wells would block pronghorn migration route

The Path of the Pronghorn is a 170-mile migration route that the antelope-like creatures have traveled annually for 6,000 years. It is one of North America’s last remaining long-distance terrestrial migration corridors.

And it is at risk. This week conservation groups filed a legal petition challenging the Trump administration’s plan to allow 3,500 new gas wells in south-western Wyoming that would block the route.

Feb 25 04:26

Lawmaker Pushes To Repeal ‘Ridicule’ Law That Got 2 Students Arrested For Racial Slur

A Connecticut law that was dragged out of mothballs when the University of Connecticut sought to punish two students for yelling a racial epithet is now under fire amid free speech concerns.

Feb 25 04:23

Three Years Ago a FISA Report Confirmed Obama Admin Was Sending FISA Obtained Information on Americans to Non Government Entities We Still Don’t Know Whose Data Was Sent to What Companies

A stunning April 2017 report from the FISA Court received no publicity until nearly a year after it was released to the public. The report covered results of an investigation or audit into FISA searches made by Obama’s NSA, FBI and DOJ during Obama’s time in office.

Feb 25 04:22

Burin: Settlers assault harvesters and steal olives, soldiers expel harvesters from their own land

On 18 October 2019, settlers assaulted farmers from the ‘Eid family as they harvested olives on their land east of the village of Burin. The unauthorized settlement outpost of Givat Ronen is located nearby. The settlers threw stones at the Palestinians and stole a sack full of olives and plastic sheets used to catch olives shaken from the trees. Soldiers arrived and ordered the Palestinians to leave, while arresting none of the assailants.

Feb 25 04:21

Judge Rules Against Police That Acted Like ‘Cheka, Gestapo, Stasi’ over Online Transgender Jokes

Harry Miller has won his High Court freedom of speech battle against Humberside Police over his right to make jokes about transgenderism on social media.

Miller, himself an ex-copper, was incensed when Humberside Police sent a police officer round to his home in order to ‘check his thinking’ after some remarks he had made on Twitter were classified as a ‘non-crime hate incident.’

As Miller told Breitbart London last year, he decided that he would fight the issue in the courts rather than accept that the police had any business sniffing through his Twitter feed in search of offensive material.

The judge has agreed that his tweets were legitimate.

Feb 25 04:17

James Woods, Ted Cruz Team Up To Take Down Sanders

Actor James Woods and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) came to national prominence two utterly different ways but both have found themselves in recent years thriving in the same space, social media.

Feb 25 04:16

Bronze Age burials beside Loch Ness

Analysis of Neolithic finds and a Bronze Age cemetery uncovered near Drumnadrochit in the Scottish Highlands (see CA 346) has enhanced understanding of the site’s prehistory.

Feb 25 04:16

Socialist Sanders Finds A Brand New Way To Give Away Another Trillion Dollars Of U.S. Taxpayer Money

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic socialist from Vermont who is now the frontrunner for the 2020 presidential nomination, released a new plan Monday to give away $1.5 trillion in taxpayer cash.

Feb 25 04:16

8,000 Californians Under "Self-Imposed Quarantine", South Korea Locks Down City Of 2.5 Million People: Virus Updates

Simply put, this means that, as Democratic Party spokesman Hong Ik-pyo explained, "A blockade is being considered by the government, and we are considering using some administrative power in areas such as movement."

Locals have called this a strategy to "enforce the maximum containment policy" - in other words, full lockdown of a city of 2.5 million people (the 4th largest in the country).

Feb 25 04:15

‘I’ll Fight Them To The Death’: Judge Judy Warns Sanders Supporters

Judge Judy, who endorsed former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg last month, has some advice for supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders: Step off.

Feb 25 04:15

Israel Takes Out Islamic Jihad Militants In Damascus & Gaza In Rare Simultaneous Air Strikes

Damascus once again was rocked by Israeli airstrikes Sunday night, with Syria saying its anti-air defenses were active in confronting a wave of "enemy rockets" from the direction of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

In a rare acknowledgement of the attack, Israel confirmed in was behind it, and linked it to rocket fire from the Palestinian territory, Gaza. The Israeli army said in a statement that it targeted Islamic Jihad leaders living in Damascus.

"In the Adeliyah region, outside of Damascus, an Islamic Jihad compound was struck, used as a hub of Islamic Jihad's activity in Syria," the statement said. "Israeli military planes targeted Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza" it said further.

Feb 25 04:14

Harvey Weinstein Ambulance To Rikers Diverts To Hospital For Unknown Reason

Weinstein's ambulance was redirected from Rikers Island to Bellvue hospital for an unknown reason, according to his spokesperson Juda Engelmayer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason has been announced as high blood pressure. Personally, I think this whole "failing health" issue is a scam by Weinstein to get a lower jail sentance.

Feb 25 04:13

If CDC Believes US Coronavirus Outbreak Is "Imminent", Why Have Only 400 People Been Tested?

As the CDC and the State Department continue their blame game over who was responsible for breaking quarantine during the evacuation of more than 300 American passengers aboard the 'Diamond Princess', a Rutgers professor is raising interesting questions about the federal government's response to the outbreak on Twitter.

Richard Ebright, a professor of chemical biology, pointed out that only 426 Americans have been tested for the coronavirus since the outbreak began.

Feb 25 04:12

Harvard Professor Says 40-70% Of People Worldwide Will Be Infected With Covid-19

Harvard epidemiology professor Marc Lipsitch says that the coronavirus will not be containable and that 40-70 of people worldwide will be infected.

Feb 25 04:12

Goldman Issues Shocking Warning On Systemic Threat From Supply-Chain Collapse

Having desperately avoided any discussion of a worst-case coronavirus scenario - or frankly any scenario that did not involve all time highs for stocks - for over a month, suddenly the market is obsessing with what a complete paralysis of China could mean for the world, not just in terms of millions in small and business companies shuttering and the financial sector collapsing under the weight of trillions in bad loans, but specifically how global supply chain linkages could cripple commerce across the world as corporations suddenly find themselves unable to find economic alternatives if China indeed goes dark.

Feb 25 04:10

Is AOC About To Lose Her Job?

The fact that Nancy Pelosi and her fellow establishment Dems aren't too fond of AOC and her 'squad' of female leftist ideologues is hardly news. And now that AOC has launched the first Democratic Socialist Super PAC (whoever thought we'd be writing such a sentence five years ago?) to back 'progressive' primary candidates, oftentimes against candidates backed by the DNC, including several longtime lawmakers.

Feb 25 04:10

China Cancels Top Political Meeting As Virus Crisis Worsens

China announced Monday it had canceled the biggest political event of the year, the National People's Congress (NPC), slated for March 5, as the Covid-19 outbreak continues to worsen, reported The Washington Post.

The cancellation suggests the virus outbreak continues to worsen with more than 77,000 confirmed cases and nearly 2,500 deaths across mainland China. As we've explained before, the real numbers are much higher.

Feb 25 04:09

11 Of The Most Outrageous Things Establishment Democrats Are Saying About Bernie Sanders

The Democratic establishment has officially shifted into panic mode. In 2016, they watched a bold political outsider shred a divided field of establishment Republican candidates on his way to winning the White House. Now they have one and only one shot of denying Donald Trump a second term, and the same thing that happened to the Republicans in 2016 is now happening to them. So far, Bernie Sanders is trouncing a divided field of establishment Democratic candidates, and that is a huge problem for party leadership for a number of reasons. For one thing, most top establishment Democrats absolutely detest Sanders. Secondly, most of them don’t believe that he has a prayer of actually beating Trump in November. So they are desperate to find a way to deny Sanders the nomination, but with each Sanders victory that is going to become increasingly difficult to do.