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January 27, 2009

Jan 27 17:19

Jewish doctors not allowed into Gaza

Jewish doctors not allowed to help

ISRAEL is said to have barred Jewish doctors from volunteering to serve in relief efforts in Palestinian hospitals.
However, it allowed 12 Christian and Muslim doctors to go to Gaza.

Dr Hassan Mahamad, who is a member of a group of doctors from Israel currently in Gaza under the banner of Physicians of Human Rights, said the Jewish doctors wanted to come but the government did not allow them to.

"Though the large majority of the Jews in Israel support the war, there are those who are against it. The Muslims and Christians are mostly opposed to the war, too."

Jan 27 15:41

Bailout This!

The most recent report from the Comptroller of the Currency seems to have gone unnoticed in Washington and the press. If banks are not lending because of increased capital requirements in the face of Credit Default Swaps, other derivatives and loan defaults then the report goes a long way in describing exactly why.

Jan 27 14:32

WWII Veteran Freezes To Death In Own Home

Bay City Electric & Light Restricted Power To Man's Home After He Did Not Pay Bills

Jan 27 13:16

Obama aims to topple Mugabe in Zimbabwe

From Times Online
January 27, 2009
President Obama leads US drive to topple Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe

China and Russia have blocked previous moves against Robert Mugabe in the UN
Tim Reid in Washington and Jonathan Clayton in Johannesburg

President Obama wants a fresh approach to toppling Robert Mugabe and is discussing with aides an unprecedented, US-led diplomatic push to get tough new UN sanctions imposed against the Zimbabwe regime, The Times has learned.

During talks Mr Obama has had with his top Africa advisers in recent weeks, the central idea they focused on was taking the issue of Zimbabwe before the UN Security Council, but for the first time to combine such a move with an intense diplomatic effort to persuade Russia and China not to block the initiative.

Jan 27 10:04

Should Bush and Rumsfeld be prosecuted for torture as the UN suggests?

98% (4745 votes)
2% (97 votes)
Total votes: 4842


Jan 27 09:28

Cops Thought 14-year-old was a Cop

When a 14-year-old boy walked into a Chicago police department, the cops assigned him to patrol duty. After five hours of riding around town with another officer, the police finally figured out that the 14-year-old wasn't a cop. Brilliant!


Jan 27 09:27

More Malware Targeting Users of Pirated Software for Mac

Users of pirated software have a new headache to worry about. For the second time in less than two weeks, malware targeting Mac computers has surfaced on the Web.

According to an advisory from Intego, OSX.Trojan.iServices.B is a variant of the iServices Trojan the company found last week targeting pirated copies of iWork '09. This time, the malware has its sights set on versions of Adobe Photoshop CS4 downloaded via BitTorrent trackers and other sites containing links to pirated software.

“The actual Photoshop installer is clean, but the Trojan horse is found in a crack application that serializes the program,” Intego’s advisory reads.

Jan 27 09:22

Man 'finds US troop data' on MP3

A New Zealand man says he found confidential data about US military personnel on an MP3 player he bought from a thrift shop in Oklahoma.

Chris Ogle, 29, said: "The more I look at it, the more I see and the less I think I should be looking."

The files included names and telephone numbers of American soldiers, according to reports by TV New Zealand.

Jan 27 09:18

Government must release cabinet minutes on lead-up to Iraq war

Cabinet minutes from 2003 at which ministers discussed the events leading up to the invasion of Iraq were today ordered to be released by the information tribunal.

The decision follows a lengthy battle by campaigners who have argued that the public interest in learning what was said about the planned invasion outweighs the public interest in cabinet discussions being kept secret.

Ministers have strongly opposed the request, arguing that the Freedom of Information Act was never intended to allow for the publication of information of this kind.

See also: Iraq WMD Lies: The Words of Mass Deception


Jan 27 06:59

Dennis Kucinich discusses taking back the FED

January 26, 2009 from cspanjunkie.org. Dennis Kucinich talks about his intention to introduce legislation to put the Federal Reserve under government control.

Jan 27 06:50

Mount Redoubt rumbles: eruption possible

New seismic activity at Mount Redoubt has increased significantly and may be the prelude to an eruption, "perhaps within hours to days," the Alaska Volcano Observatory reported Sunday. Geologists there upgraded the aviation color code for Redoubt from yellow to orange, indicating that an eruption may be imminent.

Jan 27 05:39

Ever wondered how many Satellites are up there an what they do?

Google Earth Satellite Database

This is a kmz file and you need Google Earth to view.Amazing eh?

Jan 27 04:45

Israel’s lie machine is working flat out

While the murderous assault on Gaza continues, I notice there's a briefing document on the website of the Israeli Embassy in London which has a lie in every line. The West's mainstream media repeat them, and even the most senior TV and radio interviewers don’t bother to challenge them.

(Watch video: Israel launches deadly air strikes on Gaza)

(Watch video: UN calls for Israel to open Gaza border to aid)

The document is a transcript of Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni's statement to the Israeli press dated 27 December 2008 – a day that will live in infamy. It is a perfect example of the falsehoods used to dupe not only us westerners but Israel’s own people. The statement shows how the regime's view of itself is constructed on a web of dishonesty and self-delusion.


Jan 27 02:21

Palestine - Center Of A Gathering Storm

In the past few years, both friends and critics have predicted that Palestine eventually would be Israel's undoing. The first thing that had to happen, however, was for the world to open its eyes to Israel's systematic murder, imprisonment, selective assassination, and repression of the Palestinians as they took the lands they wanted build the Jewish national home. That process began long before communications with the world outside the Middle East were adequate to exposing the tactics of Israeli state building.

January 26, 2009

Jan 26 20:38

EU nations: Aid gets into Gaza only with Fatah's Abbas

EU urges divided Palestinians to unite to save Gaza
Sunday, January 25 11:15 pm
AFP Lorne Cook

European Union nations called Sunday for divided Palestinian factions to unite so border crossings in the war-torn Gaza Strip can be opened and aid distributed.

EU foreign ministers, at talks in Brussels, also urged Arab nations to use their influence with Hamas, after its 22-day war with Israel in Gaza, and the Fatah faction of president Mahmud Abbas, the bloc's main interlocutor.

"We believe that Palestinian reconciliation behind president Mahmud Abbas is fundamental to progress," said Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, whose country holds the EU's rotating presidency.

Jan 26 20:26

Hamas' overthrow, Israel's wishful thinking

Matthew Fisher: Hamas overthrow wishful thinking on part of Israel
Matthew Fisher, National Post Published: Monday, January 26, 2009

The Israeli government has insisted that its three-week war in Gaza has crippled Hamas and that conditions have now been created that may lead to it being overthrown.
But wishing that does not make it so.

Jan 26 20:22

Fatah: For Gaza to get aid, Hamas must yield to Israel

First Published 2009-01-26
Fatah, Hamas disagree on reopening Gaza border crossings
CAIRO - Fatah called Monday for the forming of a national unity government acceptable to the international community before Gaza's crossings open, a position in apparent conflict with that of Hamas.

"We want a government of national unity which will supervise reconstruction and crossing points so the crossing points are completely open, so that we can bring in products necessary for reconstruction," Azzam al-Ahmed, who heads Fatah's parliamentary group, told journalists.

Jan 26 13:58

74,000 Job Cuts Announced.

Caterpillar Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp. and Home Depot Inc. led companies today announcing at least 72,500 job cuts as sales withered and construction slowed amid a global economic recession that may persist through 2009.

The biggest layoffs were at Peoria, Illinois-based Caterpillar. The world’s largest maker of construction equipment said it’s cutting 20,000 jobs after fourth-quarter profit fell by almost a third.

Pfizer Inc., the New York-based drugmaker that’s acquiring competitor Wyeth for $68 billion, said it will close five factories and eliminate 19,000 jobs, or 15 percent, of the combined company’s workforce.

Jan 26 12:45

Federal Reserve's Flow of Funds Report

The following information comes from the balance sheet's of the
1.) Since the 4th quarter of 2007, US households have lost $7.09 trillion in net worth. The big categories are:

-- $2.9 trillion from real estate
-- $2.4 trillion from corporate equities
-- $.990 trillion from mutual funds
-- $1.8 trillion from life insurance

Jan 26 12:34

Credit is Contracting

Lending at many of the nation's largest banks fell in recent months, even after they received $148 billion in taxpayer capital that was intended to help the economy by making loans more readily available.

Ten of the 13 big beneficiaries of the Treasury Department's Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, saw their outstanding loan balances decline by a total of about $46 billion, or 1.4%, between the third and fourth quarters of 2008, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of banks that recently announced their quarterly results.

Those 13 banks have collected the lion's share of the roughly $200 billion the government has doled out since TARP was launched last October to stabilize financial institutions.

so where has the money gone?
see here for explanation.


Jan 26 10:24

Wall Street’s Sick Psychology of Entitlement

The news that Merrill Lynch paid out $15 billion in bonuses is sure to ignite new questions about the wisdom of bailing out Wall Street. Merrill Lynch took $10 billion from the TARP, allegedly to fill holes in its balance sheet. But instead of using that to repair its financial health, it simply put the money into the pockets of its employees. There is no way to defend this disgusting payout.

Jan 26 10:24


Beleaguered Citigroup is upgrading its mile-high club with a brand-new $50 million corporate jet - only this time, it's the taxpayers who are getting screwed.

Even though the bank's stock is as cheap as a gallon of gas and it's burning through a $45 billion taxpayer-funded rescue, the airhead execs pushed through the purchase of a new Dassault Falcon 7X, according to a source familiar with the deal.

Jan 26 10:13

It’s Time We Stop Beating Around the Bush

Let’s face it, Israel is not a democracy, it is not a free country, it is not an advocate of peace. Israel is a militant state overrun by religious extremists who want the total destruction of the Palestinian people and eventually the entire planet. Israel is a rogue state, they do not answer to anyone, not Human Rights groups or the UN, they only talk to the US before going to war. They don’t want this because of Judaism but they have twisted the religion, taking many of verses from the Torah out of context to achieve their goals, just like any other religious extremist would. This is also more or less the opinion of some Jewish groups such as Rabbis for Human Rights.

Jan 26 09:42

Meat to be removed from hospital menus in bid to cut carbon emissions

Patients could be forced to go without meat in hospitals under new NHS plans to cut carbon emissions.

The plan to offer patients meat-free menus is part of a major new strategy to be announced tomorrow.

According to some experts, eating meat contributes towards global warming because of the chemicals sprayed on feed crops and the methane emitted by cattle and sheep.

Jan 26 09:39

New York Times finally Beats BBC News

New York Times Index | Mon- Jan 26, 2008 | Don Robertson reporting from a chilly Northern Maine

While no mainstream media outlet has any monopoly on truth in news coverage, their long arms reach news stories around the world where no blogger can currently compete.

The era when the BBC News reigned supreme online has come to an end with the strong and stunning recovery and re-emergence of The New York Times Online.

The BBC has recently come under attack for its overly politicized and propagandist presentation of the news. Those kinky Existentialist Europeans make for some pretty sorry reading sometimes.

Jan 26 09:32

Iceland's PM: Government Has Collapsed

Iceland's prime minister says his ruling coalition has collapsed under pressure from the global financial crisis. Geir Haarde said he will speak to the president, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Monday in an effort to dissolve the government.

Jan 26 09:20

Twenty-five people at the heart of the meltdown ...

The worst economic turmoil since the Great Depression is not a natural phenomenon but a man-made disaster in which we all played a part. In the second part of a week-long series looking behind the slump, Guardian City editor Julia Finch picks out the individuals who have led us into the current crisis

Jan 26 09:13

Microsoft misses memo, launches DRM-laden mobile music store

Retailers from Amazon to Real have launched their own DRM-free MP3 music stores in recent years. Faced with the competition, Apple finally put the last nail in the coffin of á la carte music DRM earlier this month with the iTunes Store, but don't tell Microsoft. The world's largest software maker just launched a mobile phone-based music store in the UK that charges nearly twice the price for media while offering even fewer rights.

Jan 26 09:04

Growing stocks of unsold cars around the world (13 pictures)

Growing stocks of unsold cars around the world (13 pictures)

Jan 26 08:28


THE BBC has agreed to air a charity appeal for the stricken people of Gaza, as long as they can include a fraudulent phone-in contest, it emerged last night.

The Corporation is finalising the details but insisted it needs time to develop a phone-in scam that is both horribly dishonest and completely impartial.

A BBC spokesman said: "Obviously we are looking at ways of skimming five, maybe ten pence off the top of every donation.

Jan 26 08:12

Are We There Yet? - Life In Hell

Biblically Hell is supposedly down deep in the Earth. As the most unpleasant place in the universe, no one should desire to go there. A place reserved for the scum of the Earth, the unrepentant, the killers, the unforgiving and the evil. It's a place of endless torment, torture and unimaginable suffering.

Jan 26 07:13

(Video) Fooled by globalization

A sobering discussion on the nature of the current economic crisis and why this one may be very different from ones in the past.

The problem: globalization adds exponentially to the complexity of potential outcomes, but the banking system is not designed to absorb the kind of rapid and massive changes globalization makes possible.

These aren't two hippies railing against the system. This is one of most insightful mathematicians and one of the most accomplished options traders of our time.

Jan 26 07:10

4 U.S. soldiers killed in 2 aircraft crash in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) — Two U.S. aircraft crashed in northern Iraq early on Monday, killing four soldiers, the U.S. military said.
"Four coalition forces members were killed when two aircraft went down in northern Iraq at approximately 2:15 a.m. (2315 GMT Sunday)," a military statement said.
The cause of the incident is unknown and is under investigation, the statement added

Jan 26 07:03

"Science" pays a dividend for O'Bomber - Farmed and aborted foetuses to yield up their rich stores for pharma to plunder.

Obama Executive Orders Will Force Abortion, Embryonic Stem Cell Funding - by Steven Ertelt LifeNews.com Editor November 9, 2008

TheStockAdvisors.com asked financial experts to name their top stock pick if Obama won the election. Oct 7th 2008

"If Barack Obama wins the presidency, one under-the-radar play would be embryonic stem cell research; Geron (NASDAQ: GERN) is the current leader in embryonic stem cell research among publicly traded companies."

Jan 26 06:36

Warning: Megabanks Could Fail Despite Federal Aid

Bank of America and Citigroup could fail despite the most radical government rescues of all time.

Jan 26 03:47

FDIC Failed Bank List

This is a link to the FDIC that lists the publicly acknowledged failed banks. We're off to a good clip already in 2009 compared to 2008 which was itself a notable year for bank failures, also noted on this web page.

The unacknowledged failed banks are not listed on this FDIC web page. The unacknowledged failed banks are the ones on life support through Treasury Department give-away programs.

The unacknowledged list would likely include about 95% of U.S. banks, and surely every large bank in the U.S.

It is perhaps remarkable to note, that when bank finances fail, regardless the reason, and the banking executives are facing losing their jobs, they simply go to the government for more money with which to pay salaries and bonuses.

Jan 26 02:45

Where should the elephants go?

BBC News Viewpoint VIEWPOINT | Amirtharaj Christy Williams | Wed- Jan 14, 2009

There are no winners when elephants and humans compete for the same resources, says Christy Williams.

Jan 26 02:00

Brazil model dies from infection

Gary Duffy | BBC News, Sao Paulo |Sat- Jan 24, 2009

A 20-year-old Brazilian model whose feet and hands were amputated due to an infection has died in hospital.

Mariana Bridi died in the early hours of Saturday morning after struggling for weeks against the illness.

Doctors were said to have amputated both her feet and her hands and removed part of her stomach in an effort to save her life.

January 25, 2009

Jan 25 19:48

In Pictures: Israel’s Brutal Attack on UNRWA School in Beit Lahia

Jan 25 19:35

Strong Criticism of Israel's Violent Incursion Into Gaza all over the Internet

(Has Israel finally jumped the shark? It's clear that the attack on the Palestinians has resulted in a massive amount of civilian casualties that can't be merely explained away by claiming that Hamas is using all of these people as human shields. The civilian populace was targeted and murdered with the same casual disregard as the militants. Schools, mosques and the infrastructure in Gaza generally, has been smashed, and the IDF has rolled out experimental weaponry to try out on the Palestinians as if they were lab rats. The Palestinians are certainly captive, but although the U.S. mainstream media is absolutely uncritical of Israel's atrocities, the web is alive with criticism. Here are 6 very useful articles that I found with a quick look on the web over the last couple of days.

Jan 25 19:30

George Bush Retrospective…

Sometimes when reviewing the eight years of George Bush, especially when we watch these truncated clips, it sometimes puts it all into perspective… WHAT A FUCKING MORON HE REALLY WAS!

Jan 25 19:23

IOF troops executed many detained civilians during its war on Gaza

The Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners on Saturday revealed that the IOF troops kidnapped during their aggression on the Gaza Strip about 300 Palestinian civilians, some of them were executed by gunfire or tank shells.

Jan 25 17:34

"Asymmetric warfare" and "terrorism"

A thought crossed my mind. Why is it "asymmetric warfare" when the poorly-funded and less-equipped side attacks the larger enemy, but not the other way around? Is it "asymmetric warfare" to fire missiles from drones onto targets in Pakistan or for Israel to drop WP on civilians EVEN IF they are deemed "combattants."

All war is terrorism, symmetrical or not.

These word games are used as red-herring to lead people from the question of whether the war is "just."

Jan 25 16:04

Eco-bulbs 'a danger' to visually impaired

CAMPAIGNERS have claimed that Government plans to switch off traditional lightbulbs will put partially sighted people in danger.

Old-fashioned incandescent bulbs are being phased out of British shops as part of an EU-wide bid to conserve energy. But charities and eyesight specialists claim replacement eco-friendly bulbs do not produce enough light and will cause a range of problems for those with vision difficulties.

Jan 25 15:59

McCain Team Sells Second Hand, Unwiped Blackberrys

In one of the striking instance of negligence, members of John McCain’s now-inoperative presidential campaign have been found selling off technical assets, including laptops and mobile handsets, used during the campaign without wiping out the content stored on the devices.

A Fox 5 News reporter had managed to purchase two Blackberry handsets in a “gone out of business sale” for as low as $20 per piece, with the devices reportedly contained some crucial contact details of key donors, lobbyists, and major advisors related with the campaign.

Jan 25 15:14

Why Barack Obama Must Insist Upon the Prosecution of George W. Bush for Capital Crimes

Unlike the Mikado, I cannot imagine a punishment that adequately fits the many crimes and atrocities perpetrated upon the people of the United States by the GOP in cahoots with the Bush family crime syndicate.

Jan 25 15:10

Chomsky: No change coming with Obama

Actually, the first message to the new Obama administration by President [Hamid] Karzai of Afghanistan was the same, that he wanted no more bombings. He also said that he wants a timetable for the withdrawal of the foreign troops, US and other troops, from Afghanistan. That was of course just ignored.

Jan 25 14:28

Israel's new flag

Jan 25 12:09

Worm infects millions of computers worldwide

A new digital plague has hit the Internet, infecting millions of personal and business computers in what seems to be the first step of a multistage attack. The world's leading computer security experts do not yet know who programmed the infection, or what the next stage will be.

In recent weeks a worm, a malicious software program, has swept through corporate, educational and public computer networks around the world. Known as Conficker or Downadup, it is spread by a recently discovered Microsoft Windows vulnerability, by guessing network passwords and by hand-carried consumer gadgets like USB keys.

How to remove the Downadup and Conficker worm

Jan 25 11:59

BBC Zionist management.Marcus AgiusSenior Independent Director

Marcus Agius Senior Independent Director

Agius has been a non-executive Director of Barclays since 1 September 2006, and succeeded Matthew Barrett as Chairman from 1 January 2007. He was previously chairman of the London branch of investment bank Lazard and non-executive chairman of BAA Limited.

Born into a Jewish family, Agius is married to Katherine (born 1949), daughter of Edmund de Rothschild of the Rothschild banking family of England, with two children, and has a close involvement with the Rothschild family estate, Exbury Gardens in Hampshire.

Jan 25 11:43

New Homeland Security Headquarters

The "Washington Post" reports the three-point-four-billion dollar facility would be one of the largest construction projects in the DC area since the building of the Pentagon

Jan 25 11:41

FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders

There over 800 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners.


Jan 25 10:19

The Gig is Up: Money, the Fed and You

Populist lawyer, Gary Fielder, presents “The Gig Is Up: Money, the Federal Reserve and You. Live from Wolfe Hall at The University of Colorado School of Law, on December 4, 2008

Jan 25 09:38

Most Successful U.S. Startups 2008 - Cuil

I'd hate to see a bad startup.


Jan 25 09:26

Monster.com suffers database breach deja vu

For the second time in 18 months, employment search site Monster.com has lost a wealth of personal data belonging to millions of job seekers after its database was illegally accessed.

Jan 25 09:25

Analysis: Hard times help Geithner's Treasury bid | COUNTRY NEEDS A TAX CHEAT!

TOM RAUM | WASHINGTON (AP) | Sun- Jan, 25, 2009

Timothy Geithner's well-greased path to confirmation as treasury secretary is a sign of the severity of the recession and congressional willingness to give President Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt and look the other way.

Jan 25 06:19

On the Wrong Side

OF ALL the beautiful phrases in Barack Obama’s inauguration speech, these are the words that stuck in my mind: “You are on the wrong side of history.”

He was talking about the tyrannical regimes of the world. But we, too, should ponder these words.

Jan 25 01:38

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Being “Guarded” by Israel

American supporters of Israel were delighted to learn that an Israeli company, Magal Security Systems—owned in part by the government of Israel—is in charge of security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage facilities in the United States.

January 24, 2009

Jan 24 19:50

(Video) Tony Benn (former MP & BBC producer) TELLS OFF THE BBC!!!

Tony Benn (former Labour MP, Cabinet Minister and BBC producer): The BBC has "capitulated to Israeli pressure. That's the truth."

Edited post to add: Tony Benn during the interview mentioned the address of the DEC that was denied permission to broadcast their appeal for donations to help Palestinians in Gaza over the BBC. He gave the address as:

Disaster Emergency Fund Gaza Crisis

Jan 24 19:35

(Video) Who is Sibel Edmonds and why is she being silenced?

Be sure to read the information on the slides presented in the video linked above. Pause the video if necessary.

Sibel's own website is http://www.justacitizen.org

Article on Sibel Edmond's at The American Conservative:

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds spills her secrets.

By Philip Giraldi

Jan 24 18:04

"Kool-Aid" allegory widely used in US political realm

Drinking the Kool-Aid
W. Patrick Lang

"I drank the Kool-Aid" is what is now said."
"What does drinking the Kool-Aid mean today? It signifies that the person in question has given up personal integrity and has succumbed to the prevailing group-think that typifies policymaking today. This person has become "part of the problem, not part of the solution.""

Jan 24 17:46

Link to send complaints to BBC about their refusal on Gaza appeal

Make your voices heard.

Jan 24 16:26

Now is the PERFECT Time to Prosecute Bush and Cheney

Quite a few people think that - now that they are out of office - it is too late to try Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales and the rest of the boys for their crimes.

Even those who support prosecutions think it probably won't happen. For example, Dave Lindorff wrote today:

Jan 24 16:12

Now what Exactly was the change you Obama voters hoped for?

I want to join the Obama supporters in supporting our new president. So far I don't think I can. Why?

Jan 24 16:01

The war on drugs nears a major achievement.

The complete collapse of Mexico into a terrorist state. Let’s hear it for the DEA!

Jan 24 12:37

Blagojevich stole no horse!

Newsday.com | THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | Sat- Jan 24, 2009

Gov. Blagojevich says he's battling 'the system'

Jan 24 12:15

(video/audio)Noam Chomsky: Obama’s Stance on Gaza Crisis “Approximately the Bush Position”

In a visit to the State Department Thursday, President Obama made his first substantive comments on the Middle East conflict since Israel’s attack on Gaza. Obama first mentioned his commitment to Israel’s security, without affirming his commitment to Palestinian security.

Jan 24 06:00

BBC urged to transmit Gaza appeal

The BBC has again been urged to reconsider its decision not to broadcast a charity appeal for Gaza.

International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander said it was not too late for a reversal to recognise the "immense human suffering".

A protest is to be held outside Broadcasting House in London after the BBC declined to broadcast appeals by the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Jan 24 04:28

"Rogue "Trader Highlights possible 9/11 and 77 Insider Tradeing

According to an article in The London Times today, Société Générale rogue trader Jérôme Kerviel profited enormously on the day of the 7/7 London bombings. He has also revealed how his company made huge profits on September 11th 2001, prompting some to return to questions over insider foreknowledge of both terrorist attacks.

The article states:

January 23, 2009

Jan 23 22:17

Gaza doctors: Wounded in danger of dying

Last update - 20:19 23/01/2009 Doctors: Many Palestinians in Gaza hospitals in danger of dying from their wounds
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent

A large number of Palestinians listed in serious condition in Gaza hospitals are in danger of dying from their wounds, a group of 12 Arab-Israeli doctors said Friday.

Jan 23 21:10

Raw Story: Pentagon's terror 'recidivism' claims blasted as 'propaganda'

Ever wonder how many of President Bush's terror war detainees were released, only to "return to the fight"?

"Their numbers have changed from 20, to 12, to seven, to more than five, to two, to a couple, to a few, 25, 29, 12, and then 24," quoted Keith Olbermann on Thursday's edition of Countdown.

Jan 23 20:22

Zionism: A Disease of the Mind

To virtually incarcerate the Palestinian people inside degrading cages, destroying their livelihoods, confiscating their lands, stealing their water and uprooting their trees, and then to condemn their legitimate resistance as terrorism is a disease of the mind, notes Zaid Nabulsi.

Jan 23 17:09

Is global warming real?

By Jove, even the youth of Boulder, Colorado are on to the hoax…

UPDATE: Interestingly, the school principal happened to be in attendance and specifically asked the teacher to check the sources on this presentation only, however he did later apologize for singling out this one only…

Jan 23 14:54

Nazi Mengele's twin technology?

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Okay everyone, let's start waving Nazis around so Israel can get off the hook for Gaza!!!!!!!

Nazi angel of death Josef Mengele 'created twin town in Brazil'
The Nazi doctor Josef Mengele is responsible for the astonishing number of twins in a small Brazilian town, an Argentine historian has claimed.