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May 26, 2010

May 26 12:34

In Any Future War, Only Israelis Fleeing From Occupied Palestine May Be Safe

Sayyed Nasrallah explained that the Scud Missile transfer, “which I don’t deny or confirm,” was raised so the US Congress pays Israel $250 million for their ‘Iron Dome’ which is yet to be proven feasible. Others believe that the Israelis are afraid to wage war and they are concerned about its outcome. This is why the Israeli rhetoric reflects a tendency to calm things down in the north.”

May 26 12:34

'Thirst for knowledge' may be opium craving

Neuroscientists have proposed a simple explanation for the pleasure of grasping a new concept: The brain is getting its fix.

The "click" of comprehension triggers a biochemical cascade that rewards the brain with a shot of natural opium-like substances, said Irving Biederman of the University of Southern California. He presents his theory in an invited article in the latest issue of American Scientist.

"While you're trying to understand a difficult theorem, it's not fun," said Biederman, professor of neuroscience in the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

"But once you get it, you just feel fabulous."

May 26 12:25

Doctors allowed to 'force' cancer patient with a fear of hospitals to undergo surgery

Doctors have been given permission to force a cancer sufferer to undergo a life-saving operation - even though she has refused due to a fear of hospitals.

In a landmark ruling, a senior judge found the 55-year-old woman, identified only as PS, is so ill that her need for treatment outweighs her own refusal to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

May 26 12:17

Top Bond Vigilante: Fiscal Austerity May Not Work

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tar and feathers, maybe?

May 26 12:15


They say that ‘Misery loves company’….. here’s proof! Apartheid loves Apartheid!

Why is the United States government trying to pretend the following never happened? Simple answer…. so they can continue looting the US taxpayer. It’s bad enough to support the apartheid and genocidal policies of Israel….
How can Obama justify supporting a nation that was prepared to sell nuclear weapons to Apartheid South Africa?

May 26 11:28

S. Korea on alert as N. Korean subs disappear in East Sea

South Korea's military was tracking four North Korean submarines which disappeared from their east coast base after conducting naval training in the East Sea earlier this week, a military official in Seoul said Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This, coupled with a US announcement two days ago that it will be participating in anti-submarine exercises off the coast of North Korea, are most probably the factors which prompted Russian officials to immediately order their naval exercise in the Sea of Japan (also known as "The East Sea").

May 26 11:25

Russia sends its mightiest warships for drills in Far East

Flagships of three Russian fleets have united in Russia's Far East for the large-scale naval exercises in the Sea of Japan in June, a Pacific Fleet spokesman said on Wednesday.

The flagship of the Black Sea fleet, the Moskva missile cruiser, arrived at a naval base near Vladivostok on Wednesday and teamed up with the flagship of the Northern Fleet, the Pyotr Veliky nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser, and the flagship of the Pacific Fleet, the Varyag guided-missile cruiser.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a look at the following map:


The Sea of Japan borders both North and South Korea.

What Russia is saying to North and South Korea, to the US, and the world with this exercise is, "cool your jets, folks; no monkey business!"

May 26 11:14

Israeli Warplanes Strike Gaza

Palestinian hospital officials say 15 people were wounded in overnight Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

Officials at the hospital in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza say 15 people, mostly civilians, were injured when Israeli warplanes targeted a Hamas training camp in the area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder how many women and kids were injured in this military operation.

May 26 11:10

Obama invites Israeli PM for talks on June 1

Israeli Prime Minister will hold talks with Barack Obama in Washington next week after White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel handed him a personal invitation from the US president on Wednesday.

"On behalf of the president ... he has asked me to extend an invitation to you to come and visit him at the White House for a working meeting to discuss both our shared security interests as well as our close cooperation in seeking peace between Israel and its neighbours," Emanuel said after talks with the Israeli leader in Jerusalem.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Holding his son's Bar Mitzvah in Israel was a wonderful cover for Emanuel's trip here, when the real reason was to "invite" Netanyahu to come back to Washington, and with breakneck speed.

Emanuel engineered Netanyahu's coming to Washington next Tuesday so that Netanyahu could read Obama the riot act, and give him his final marching orders regarding an attack on Iran.

May 26 11:09

What's Really Wrong with the Health Care Industry

The only solution to increasing costs is to eliminate government interference in the market and to allow the price mechanism to work as it should. Consumers who pay out of their own pocket will search for the cheapest solutions to suit their needs, while providers of healthcare will compete, through constant innovation, to drive prices down and discover the most efficacious treatments.

May 26 11:08

Louisiana oil spill in photos

May 26 10:39

Despite Soaring National Debt, Congress Goes on Spending Spree

As the national debt clock ticked past the ignominious $13 trillion mark overnight, Congress pressed to pass a host of supplemental spending bills to, among other things, fund the continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, ramp up security on the U.S.-Mexico border and prevent teacher layoffs.

May 26 10:29


May 26 10:27

In a Word, the Problem is “Debt”

Recent developments in the euro zone that increasingly look like they will lead to the restructuring (if not the collapse) of one of the world’s major currencies and the potential for this “contagion” to move first north to the U.K. and then west to the U.S. have many people wondering what’s gone wrong with the global monetary system.

How could advanced Western economies have run into such trouble?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay; one more time, and take notes as there will be a quiz on this later in the semester!

When you have a private central bank issuing the public currency at interest, then the moment that first printed piece of paper goes into circulation, more money is owed than actually exists. As new borrowers are found o allow creation of more currency, the interest on the old money gets paid in what amounts to a giant pyramid scheme, but in the end, the cumulative debt always outstrips the available currency.

That is the trap.

The system works as long as ever larger pools of new borrowers can be found to create new money to pay the interest on the old money. But when everyone in the country (or planet) is already a borrower and nobody will borrow any more, then the pyramid collapses which is what is happening right now.

The scale of the swindle by the Federal Reserve makes Bernie Madoff-with-the-loot look like a kid who wraps scotch tape around their fingers backwards to grab a coin from the church collection plate as it passes by.

But despite its size, the central bank system is a pyramid and doomed to behave like one.

Now, who wants to clean the erasers after class?

May 26 10:22

Obama Continues to Bully Iran

No policy of the Obama administration better illustrates its fundamental mendacity than its policy of bullying Iran. In this the administration is Bush/Cheney Regime, Part II. The Post-9/11 Geopolitical Power Grab, Continued. The March of Folly: the sequel.

May 26 10:21


The last month has seen a flurry of news and activity in global affairs, not least Australia’s expulsion of an Israeli diplomat after the Jewish state forged passports in its assassination of a Hamas figure in Dubai and continued discussion over the role of internet censorship in democracies and other states.

May 26 10:20


“There are none so blind as those who will not see!” Oh… they (zionists) see just fine, but only what they want to see…. the rest they deny.

May 26 10:20


Attorney Emily Schaeffer immigrated to Israel to defend the rights of Palestinians in the West Bank. ‘I guess most Israelis would view me as a traitor,’ she says, ‘but I don’t intend to keep quiet just because I came from afar’

May 26 10:20

Obama Wins the Right to Detain People with no Habeas Review

Few issues highlight Barack Obama's extreme hypocrisy the way that Bagram does. As everyone knows, one of George Bush’s most extreme policies was abducting people from all over the world -- far away from any battlefield -- and then detaining them at Guantanamo with no legal rights of any kind, not even the most minimal right to a habeas review in a federal court. Back in the day, this was called "Bush's legal black hole." In 2006, Congress codified that policy by enacting the Military Commissions Act, but in 2008, the Supreme Court, in Boumediene v. Bush, ruled that provision unconstitutional, holding that the Constitution grants habeas corpus rights even to foreign nationals held at Guantanamo.

May 26 10:19

Moody's: US AAA Rating at Risk

The United States' AAA rating continues to be stable, even though the government's finances have weakened from the cost of supporting the country's financial system and economy, Moody's Investors Service said.

The U.S.'s top rating could eventually come under pressure unless additional measures are taken to reduce projected record budget deficits, the agency warned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Starve the people to feed the bankers.

May 26 10:07

Surkis pleads guilty in child-porn case

Bill Surkis, a respected member of Montreal's Jewish community, pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of possessing child porn and one count of accessing it on the Internet.

A third charge of distribution, which was added today, was stayed.

Sentencing arguments for Surkis, the former regional director of B'nai Brith in Quebec and the academic dean of John Abbott College for 22 years, will be heard Sept. 27.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted for those who claim I only pick on the Catholics.

May 26 09:54

The Establishment Is In Full Blown Panic Over Rand Paul

The establishment is in full blown panic over the runaway success of Kentucky primary winner Rand Paul and has set about attacking the son of Congressman Ron Paul from every conceivable angle in an attempt to undermine his support base and ensure his defeat by a Democratic opponent in November.

Whatever your personal agreements or disagreements with the nuances of Paul’s policies, the fact is that he represents the rarest breed of politician – one not controlled by special interests – and that is a fundamental threat to the status quo and the gravy train for the crooks and scoundrels in Washington DC.

May 26 09:53

Lady Enters Security With $24,000 Rolex, Leaves Without, Suit Alleges

A woman is suing the TSA after she says she was forced to take off her $24,000 Rolex to pass through security, and when she went to retrieve it, it had mysteriously vanished.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No mystery at all from where I sit! TSA has been busted for stealing from tourists at the Honolulu airport many times. And during the production of "LOST", apparently unable to read the stickers that said, "EXPOSED FILM: DO NOT OPEN", TSA ruined a couple reels of film on its way to the film lab in California.

May 26 09:29

Germany 'to extend short-selling ban'

Germany is considering widening a ban on "naked" short-selling on some financial stocks to cover all German-listed stocks, proposals have shown.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good for the Germans

May 26 09:28

US to launch covert strikes on terror targets

The US has authorised a sweeping expansion of covert military operations in the Middle East and Africa, aimed at destroying terrorist networks in the region, and preparing the ground ahead of any presidential decision to attack Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to WWIII, folks. The bad news is, this time the Americans are the bad guys, and this time, the US will lose the war.

May 26 09:27

The pure heroin so potent it can kill before users even take the needles from their arms - available for just £7

A potent wave of cheap heroin which can kill users before they pull the syringe from their veins is spreading across America.

Drug smugglers are selling the ‘black tar’ substance for as little as £7 ($10) a bag, raising concerns that its cost will widen its appeal with addicts.

The heroin – named for its dark, gooey consistency – which is being grown in Mexico and Colombia and taken to the U.S., is so pure, it can kill unsuspecting users instantly.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mexico and Columbia MY ASTROLABE! This killer dope is coming from Afghanistan!



May 26 09:24

Parthenon protest at scaffolding removal

As the Culture Minister unveiled the recently reassembled Parthenon, one of Greece’s most popular attractions, around a 100 short-term construction workers demonstrated over alleged unpaid wages.

May 26 09:23

Israel avoids biased UN meeting

UN conference on "inalienable" Palestinian rights opens in Turkey.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In Israel-speak, anyone who does not give Israel what they want is "biased."

May 26 09:20


Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent: “Here’s what may have REALLY happened on 9/11?!

Breaking his self-imposed rule against talking about 9/11, former Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent and author Alan Hart described what he thinks may have really happened on that fateful day on yesterday’s Kevin Barrett show.

Hart, who got to know Yasser Arafat and Golda Meir while serving as a Security Council-briefed Mideast peace negotiator, said that he has been assured by a top-level demolitions/engineering expert who wishes to remain anonymous that the three World Trade Center skyscrapers were destroyed by controlled demolitions, not plane crashes and fires. (For the names of more than 1000 experts willing to go on the record with the same opinion, see http://www.ae911truth.org).

May 26 09:17

Israeli troops demolish biggest UNRWA summer camp in Gaza

Israeli armed troops Sunday attacked one of the largest camps set up by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) on the shores of Gaza Strip.
An agency spokesman, Adnan Abu Hasna, told KUNA that the attack on the camp took place in Sheikh Al-Ajlan area in eastern Gaza.
"The destroyed camp was among camps that organize 'summer games' for Palestinian school children," he added.

May 26 09:14

Surprise, surprise.... looks like Obama about to back off Israel peace initiative

Key U.S. figure in Israel-PA talks, Lt. General Dayton, steps down
Move could indicate Obama administration's intent to lessen its involvement in peace process

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See also Rahm Emanuel invites Netanyahu to discuss shared 'security interests' with Obama

Excuse me, Mr. President OF THE UNITED STATES, but with collapsing bridges, caved-in coal mines, oil pouring out of BP's wells faster than the red ink pouring out of Washington DC, and a totally destroyed economy, WE THE PEOPLE are not paying you to take care of of the security of foreign countries, especially those that have so many nuclear weapons they are selling them to who knows who!!!

May 26 09:10

Max Keiser: Big Banks Allocate Losing Trades to Clients, Keep Winning Trades for Themselves

Max Keiser - journalist, former Wall Street broker and options trader, and inventor of the software which is now being used for high frequency trading - claims that the big banks retroactively allocate losing trades to their clients, and keep the winning trades for their own proprietary trading desks:

May 26 09:09

Is it True? Top US Spy Chief Quits After Obama Orders 2 Americans Assassinated

So am I supposed to sit here and deny it? Or should I look at the facts before saying "They wouldn't do that!"

May 26 09:08

The memos and minutes that confirm Israel's nuclear stockpile

Documents reveal how then-defence minister Shimon Perez tried to sell South Africa's apartheid government the bomb

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no longer any "ambiguity" about Israel's nuclear weapons. They have them, and indeed have so many they are looking to sell some of them off!

Israel is a nuclear power. They do not need a constant influx of American tax dollars and weapons to defend themselves, and indeed every single military adventure by Israel has been offensive in nature!

The US Government can no longer continue to pretend it does not know Israel has nuclear weapons. And that means that every single penny of American taxpayer money sent to Israel since 1976 is a theft from the American people because under both the 1976 Symington Amendment to the 1961 Foreign Appropriations act and the Glenn Act, the US Government may not send foreign aide to any nations that possess and traffic in nuclear weapons that have not signed the NNPT and submit to IAEA inspections.

At the very least, the US Congress must immediately halt all funding to Israel until Israel is in compliance with the NNPT and IAEA or answer just whose interests they serve sitting in those US Taxpayer funded offices!

Meanwhile, there is one aspect of this story that the Guardian neglected. Israel has been caught trying to sell nuclear weapons to the Apartheid regime in South Africa. The obvious question that must be asked now is, who else did Israel sell nuclear weapons to? And given that the US Nuclear secrets stolen by Jonathon Pollard and given to Israel were then given by Israel to US ENEMIES, has Israel sold nuclear weapons to nations that do not like the United States?

Please repost the above question everywhere the story about Israel trying to sell nukes to South Africa appears.

Thank you.

May 26 09:07


The National News Agency (NNA) reported on Wednesday that the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) fired anti-aircraft artillery from the town of Shebaa in South Lebanon at Israeli warplanes flying over Lebanese territory around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

May 26 09:06

Gaza Mission Activist: It's Just Like Facing Nazis

Eight ships are already making their way through the Mediterranean towards the Gaza Strip in the framework of a European aid mission - with activists aboard the vessels likening their work to the anti-Nazi effort during World War II.

"We're helping the Palestinians, just like the Greeks helped during World War II against the Nazis," a Greek activist aboard one of the ships told Ynet Tuesday.

May 26 09:03

The Voice of the White House

In short, this strange and unpleasant character wants to clamp down on the American internet to prevent any opinions aired that might offend his Jewish sensibilities (and many friends) as well as a sitting administration. Sunstein said that if this system couldn’t be implemented voluntarily, “Congress should hold hearings about mandates,” which would legally force people to dilute their own free speech, and that blogs should be forced to list a random draw of 25 popular websites, such as CNN.com. “The best would be for this to be done voluntarily,” said Sunstein, “But the word voluntary is a little complicated and people sometimes don’t do what’s best for our society,” he added. “The idea would be to have a legal mandate as the last resort. . .

May 26 09:01


The DEEPWATER HORIZON sinking caused twisted 21 inch riser piping to start leaking in three places at 5,000 feet in the Gulf Seabed. Sadly the proven methods to STOP THE LEAK still have not been used since 042010 until today at 052010 for reasons unknown. BP, Governor of Florida and Governor of LA were all given, along with the President, the Counter Pressure Plug information from a UK inventor Branko R. Babic as he invented same in 1991 for Kuwait Oil Fires above the ground and they will work underwater with ROV welding special thick steel tubes with washers to be welded to the interior while the tubes allow full flow of gas, oil, water through tubes into the gulf.

May 26 09:01

Kids Attack President Obama

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These kids are smarter than most grown-ups! :)

May 26 08:56

New World Currency, the "Wocu," Quietly Launched on September 10th, 2009

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See also What is the Wocu™?

and apparently the WOCU is already an accepted currency.


May 26 08:55

'Emergency' Spending for the Traitorous Few

For the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, the Obama administration has requested $33 billion for the Pentagon for war efforts; $5.1 billion for FEMA; $4.5 billion for the State Department’s work in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq; and $2.8 billion for Haiti. These funds have been requested as an emergency, which means their cost would not count against the annual cap on discretionary funding.

The game of stealing more than we have and more than our children's children's children can ever hope to have continues. No U.S. government budget, no matter how insane, is ever going to be enough.

May 26 08:52

Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent: "Here's what may have REALLY happened on 9/11"!

Regarding 9/11, Hart suggested that while there may have been some original terrorist plot conceived by fellow-travelers of Osama Bin Laden, the Israeli Mossad, with its near-total penetration of Middle Eastern governments and terrorist groups alike, would have quickly detected and hijacked the operation to its own ends, orchestrating a spectacularly successful attack on America designed to be blamed on its Arab and Muslim enemies. Hart added that the Mossad operation that became 9/11 would have been aided and abetted by certain corrupt American leaders.

May 26 08:51

The Hire, Fire, Hire Census Game, Or Why the Unemployment Numbers Are Improving

You know the old saying: "Everyone loves a charade." Well, it seems that the Census Bureau may be playing games.
Last week, one of the millions of workers hired by Census 2010 to parade around the country counting Americans blew the whistle on some statistical tricks.

The worker, Naomi Cohn, told The Post that she was hired and fired a number of times by Census. Each time she was hired back, it seems, Census was able to report the creation of a new job to the Labor Department.

May 26 08:49

BP Oil Spill: “Top Kill” Remains Uncertain

While the method has a good track record on land, it has never before been attempted offshore at a depth of 5,000 feet. Engineers are still trying to determine how the extreme water pressure at that depth will affect the process.

In the pre-dawn hours, BP was still conducting tests on the failed Blowout Preventer (BOP) on top of the well to determine whether the company could successfully execute a top kill.

May 26 08:28

Pope Catholic; night follows day; IPCC found telling pack of lies about sea level rises

IPCC lies, cheats, distorts again. Yes, all right, it is a bit of a “dog bites man” or “pizza found to contain mozzarella and tomato resting on dough base” kind of story. But on the day in which Britain’s new Prime Minister announced in the Queen’s speech that one of his government’s main goals is to “combat climate change”, it’s perhaps just as well to remind ourselves of the kind of junk science and misinformation that is inspiring his green policies.

May 26 08:18

Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video

Two former CIA officials have admitted to creating a fake video in which intelligence officers dressed up as Osama Bin Laden and his cronies in an effort to defame the terrorist leader throughout the middle east.

The details are outlined in a Washington Post article by investigative reporter and former Army Intelligence case officer Jeff Stein.

May 26 07:22

Who Is Free to Discriminate?

In the US, however, some features of the civil rights law have made discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, etc., illegal for most people though by no means all. A clear case in point is that customers may indulge their racial and similar irrational prejudices with complete impunity.

May 26 07:00

Are We About To Witness The Greatest Banking Consolidation In U.S. History?

The truth is that the game is rigged to benefit the largest financial institutions, and they are slowly but surely gobbling up the entire U.S. banking market.

May 26 04:25

Predictions For The Rest Of 2010

Top financial forecasters give predictions for the second half of 2010.

May 26 02:26

Pressures Force Obama To Take Border Action

1200 Soldiers? That sure isnt much of an Army

May 26 00:35

Fox News Video Omits Applause During Obama's West Point Speech

Fox News video of President Obama's speech this weekend at West Point omits cadets' applause after the President discussed ending the Iraq War.

In the official video, seen at bottom, cadets applaud after Obama says, "through their competence and creativity and courage, we are poised to end our combat mission in Iraq this summer."

In the Fox News version of the video, seen below, there is no applause but rather an awkward pause.

Why does Fox News hate our troops?

May 25, 2010

May 25 23:38

Iran renews offer to help on US oil spill

Iran renews offer to help on US oil spill
Sun, 23 May 2010 16:16:25 GMT
The National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) has renewed its offer to assist the US in reining in an ecologically disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Mehran Alinejad, the head of special drilling operations at NIDC, pointed to the experience gained by Iranian experts in containing huge oil leaks during the eight-year Iraqi-imposed war in the 1980s, and said, "Iranian technical teams have had major achievements in oil well capping and the Gulf of Mexico oil rig is not a great feat in comparison."
BP officials say that the ruptured undersea well is spewing some 5,000 barrels of crude oil a day. However, analysts believe that at least 70,000 barrels of oil is spewed every day.

May 25 22:55

Congress allowed to do insider trading


Did you know that insider trading is perfectly legal in the United States? Well, not for 99.9% of the population. It is actually only a very small percentage of the population that can legally indulge in insider trading - the members of the United States Congress. In fact, a law that would ban insider trading by members of Congress has been stalled for years on Capitol Hill......

......Well, there is at least one study that seems to indicate that members of the U.S. Congress have been much more successful in the stock market than members of the general public....

May 25 21:14

Israel’s Growing Insanity

By Avigail Abarbanel

I wrote this on 9th February 2009, the day before Israel’s election, after seeing an interview with Benjamin Netanyahu’s father on Israeli TV. Benjamin Netanyahu’s father—described as “sharp as a razor” at the ripe old age of 99—gave a rare interview to Amit Segel of Israel’s Channel 2 to support his son’s election campaign (Channel 2 website. 7 Feb. 2009).

At some point in the interview Professor Ben-Zion Netanyahu said, “Today we are facing plain and simple, a danger of annihilation. This is not only the ongoing existential danger to Israel, but a real danger of complete annihilation. People think that the Shoah (Holocaust) is over — but it is not, it is continuing all the time” (My translation from the Hebrew).

May 25 21:09



This week, newspapers around the world received reports and signed documents from South Africa. The reports said that, in 1975, Israel agreed to sell South Africa nuclear weapons. South Africa then released an arms agreement signed by current Israeli President Shimon Peres. This is the document “heard round the world.”

May 25 21:02

The front fell off!!

This is what government is paid to do...

May 25 20:10

Dolton Teens Sold Teen Girls Into Sex Slavery: Cops

A pair of twin brothers from Dolton have been arrested and charged with multiple felonies, including trafficking in persons for forced labor services and involuntary sexual servitude of a minor, for forcing girls to have sex with strangers.

May 25 20:06

Obama administration backs Vatican in pedophile case

The Obama administration in a brief to the Supreme Court has backed the Vatican's claim of immunity from lawsuits arising from cases of sexual abuse by priests in the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for separation of church and state! And for all the talk about "for the children" it seems our government is pretty much okay with them being screwed in the ass by the clergy!

May 25 20:05

Winfield Cop Busted Buying Cocaine; Claims He Was Replacing Damaged Police Evidence

Winfield police officer Bud Chrum was arrested Friday on charges of purchasing $160 worth of cocaine. As the Post-Dispatch reports today, Chrum told narcotics officers that he was buying the drugs to substitute for police evidence he inadvertently damaged.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


May 25 20:04

Private pay shrinks to historic lows as gov't payouts rise

Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history during the first quarter of this year, a USA TODAY analysis of government data finds.

At the same time, government-provided benefits — from Social Security, unemployment insurance, food stamps and other programs — rose to a record high during the first three months of 2010.

Those records reflect a long-term trend accelerated by the recession and the federal stimulus program to counteract the downturn. The result is a major shift in the source of personal income from private wages to government programs.

May 25 19:51

The Army Corps of Clowns and Fools

The governor of Louisiana is begging the Obammunists to give him permission to build up sand bars to protect his state from the oil spill. The response he’s gotten is that he has to wait until the Army Corps of Engineers conducts and ecological “study” of the effects of sand bars.

May 25 19:37

BP Stikes Again!

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline, partly owned by BP, shut down on Tuesday after spilling several thousand barrels of crude oil, drastically cutting supply out of Alaska's oilfields...

May 25 17:04

BP had 3 indications of trouble in hour before blast

BP had three indications of trouble aboard the doomed drill rig Deepwater Horizon in the hour before the April 20 explosion that sank the offshore platform, congressional investigators reported Tuesday.

May 25 16:45

Inhofe: Al Gore, Global Warming Alarmists Running for Cover After Climategate

May 25 16:44

The Underlying Politics of 9/11 (Part II)

An excerpt from a Ralph Schoenman speech on the false flag aspects of the events of September 11, 2001.

May 25 16:43

Chemist Kevin Ryan - 9/11 - A Closer Look

A Whistleblower examines the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) of 9/11 and why it is critical to assess and evaluate its validity. Recorded on 15th March 2006, Monroe County Public Library, Bloomington Indiana
This is a very well done video that would convince even a skeptic that the official 9/11 conspiracy is bogus.

May 25 16:42

Even picnics in Israel are political

Neve Gordon describes the growing criminalization in Israel of civil disobedience and the restriction of peaceful resistance to extremely passive modes of protest, such as “standing on the side of the road with some kind of placard”.

May 25 16:16

THC is anticarcinogenic: US government, 1996

"Thus, in our studies, rats and mice that received THC for 2 years exhibited body weight reductions, enhanced survival rates, and decreased tumor incidences in several sites, mainly organs under hormonal control. These earlier experimental carcinogenesis results on THC clearly lend further validity to the notion that cannabinoids may indeed be anticarcinogenic."

May 25 15:54

US/Israel Challenged on Iran

-The times may be a-changin’ – at least a bit – with the United States and Israel no longer able to dictate to the rest of the world how crises in the Middle East must be handled, though the new reality has been slow to dawn on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her neocon friends in Congress and the U.S. media.

They may think they are still in control, still the smart ones looking down at upstarts like the leaders of Turkey and Brazil who had the audacity to ignore U.S. warnings and press ahead with diplomacy to head off a possible new war, this one over Iran.

May 25 15:42

Lord Monckton wins global warming debate at Oxford Union

For those who don’t know, the Oxford Union is the top of the food chain for scholarly debate. This is a significant win.

May 25 15:38

CLIMATEGATE - Persistent cold, wet weather delays crop harvests, worries farmers

On Friday the state Department of Water Resources boosted the delivery forecast for its customers to 45 percent of contract amounts, reflecting a snowpack that's at 167 percent of normal.

May 25 15:35

CLIMATEGATE - Record low of 32 set at Spokane airport today

Cool spring weather continues across the Inland Northwest with a record low of 32 at Spokane International Airport this morning.

May 25 15:20

Going Long, Going Deep, and Going Broke: ZIRP and the Imploding Speculative Economy

Governments around the world have attempted to replace the real economy of value produced with a financial model based on credit growth and speculation. They have failed, and their constructs are imploding before our eyes.

May 25 14:44

Belief In Man-Made Climate Change Collapses In Britain & Germany

A survey in February by the BBC found that only 26 percent of Britons believed that “climate change is happening and is now established as largely manmade,” down from 41 percent in November 2009. A poll conducted for the German magazine Der Spiegel found that 42 percent of Germans feared global warming, down from 62 percent four years earlier.?

May 25 14:43

BP's "top kill" on leaking well could be delayed

BP Plc (BP.L) will begin a process to plug a leaking undersea oil well on Wednesday at the earliest, but it could be delayed or even abandoned if tests show it would not work, a company executive said on Tuesday.

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This is the US Government's Chernobyl.

May 25 14:42

Climate Fears Turn to Doubts Among Britons

Last month hundreds of environmental activists crammed into an auditorium here to ponder an anguished question: If the scientific consensus on climate change has not changed, why have so many people turned away from the idea that human activity is warming the planet?

Nowhere has this shift in public opinion been more striking than in Britain, where climate change was until this year such a popular priority that in 2008 Parliament enshrined targets for emissions cuts as national law. But since then, the country has evolved into a home base for a thriving group of climate skeptics who have dominated news reports in recent months, apparently convincing many that the threat of warming is vastly exaggerated.

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May 25 13:45


In short, the torpedo recovered from the ocean where Cheosan was attacked is NOT the same torpedo shown in the North Korean plans. As I stated above, there are additional differences as well between the blueprints and the actual torpedo, but the actuators are the clincher.

The torpedo recovered fronm the oceasn where the Cheosan was sunk is not the North Korean torpedo shown in the blueprints.

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Please repost

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May 25 13:32

Louisiana Fishermen Helping in Spill Cleanup Report Getting Sick

Some Louisiana fishermen affected by the massive oil spill in the Gulf — including some hired by BP to help in the cleanup — are reporting cases of debilitating headaches, burning eyes and nausea, and some industry and public officials are pointing the finger at chemical dispersants as the cause.

May 25 12:54

Resistance and Liberation Day 2010

On the 25th of May 2010, we observe the ten-year anniversary of the Lebanese Resistance and Liberation Day. A full decade has passed since the victory that baffled the Western world. A twenty-two year military occupation was virtually uprooted and expelled. The balance of global power was unhinged.

May 25 12:39

Pathetic attempt to link climate realists with holocaust deniers.

I would like to say we're at a point where global warming is impossible to deny. Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future.

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May 25 12:38

How Dare They Make a Deal With Iran?

“I think this announcement is as convincing an answer to the efforts undertaken in Tehran over the last few days as any we could provide,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on START (strategic arms reduction treaty) on May 18, announcing the introduction of a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council and thus sharply rebuking the nuclear fuel agreement announced by Turkey, Iran, and Brazil in Tehran a day earlier. In essence, she was telling Turkey and Brazil, “How dare you make a deal with Iran?”

May 25 11:59

FLASHBACK - US and S Korea accused of war atrocities

South Korean troops attacked the North a year before the Korean war broke out, researchers have claimed in the latest disturbing revelation about the conflict which almost led to global war.

More than 250 guerrillas from the South are said to have launched an attack on North Korean villages along the east coast in June 1949. Some reached the town of Wonsan, although all but 50 were killed in two weeks. The incident has been confirmed by a South Korean army official

May 25 11:57

FLASHBACK - Ex-Prostitutes Say South Korea and U.S. Enabled Sex Trade Near Bases

South Korea has railed for years against the Japanese government’s waffling over how much responsibility it bears for one of the ugliest chapters in its wartime history: the enslavement of women from Korea and elsewhere to work in brothels serving Japan’s imperial army.

Now, a group of former prostitutes in South Korea have accused some of their country’s former leaders of a different kind of abuse: encouraging them to have sex with the American soldiers who protected South Korea from North Korea. They also accuse past South Korean governments, and the United States military, of taking a direct hand in the sex trade from the 1960s through the 1980s, working together to build a testing and treatment system to ensure that prostitutes were disease-free for American troops.

May 25 11:56

U.S. declares fisheries disaster in oily Gulf

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke on Monday declared a fishery disaster in the Gulf of Mexico because of the economic impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on fisheries in the region.

May 25 11:54

U.S. troops in South Korea put on alert as tensions rise over sinking ship

Barack Obama yesterday ordered that the 28,000 U.S. troops in South Korea be put on alert as tensions with North Korea escalated.

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"When the DOW dips below 9900, ATTACK!" -- Official White Horse Souse

May 25 11:53

FLASHBACK - South Korea let off for nuclear deceptions

In 2004, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealed that a member state had violated its Safeguards Agreement by carrying out covert uranium conversion and enrichment activities and plutonium experiments for more than two decades. The nature of some of those enrichment activities, moreover, raised legitimate suspicions of interest in a nuclear weapons program.

The state was found to have lied to the IAEA even when the authority began investigating these suspicious activities, with the country concerned claiming that its laser enrichment research did not involve any use of nuclear material.

May 25 11:52

North Korea Severs All Ties With South Korea

North Korea declared Tuesday that it would sever all communication and relations with Seoul as punishment for blaming the North for the sinking of a South Korean warship two months ago.

May 25 11:51


I received comments on THIS post from an Australian zionist stating that Israel is not guilty of ethnic cleansing….
If the following isn’t ethnic cleansing, then what would YOU call it?

May 25 11:51

Stealth IRS changes mean millions of new tax forms

The massive expansion of requirements for businesses to file 1099 tax forms that was hidden in the 2,409-page health reform bill took many by surprise when it came to light last month. But it's just one piece of a years-long legislative stealth campaign to create ways for the federal government to track down unreported income.

The result: A blizzard of new tax forms that the Internal Revenue Service will begin rolling out next year.

May 25 11:34

Iran's letter to IAEA has 'deficiencies': Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday Iran's letter of notification to the UN atomic watchdog on a nuclear fuel swap deal brokered by Turkey and Brazil had "a number of deficiencies."

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The US does not want a deal; they want and NEED a new war!

May 25 11:32

Obama to snatch up to 75% of your income

If President Obama repeals the Bush tax cuts and imposes a 20 percent value added tax, or VAT, on the U.S., Americans may be facing tax rates where more than half of everything earned is confiscated by the federal government in the form of income taxes, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports.

Add Social Security taxes and the tax burden quickly advances to more than 60 percent.

"Adding state property and income taxes to the burden, the amount government confiscates could be in the 75 percent range before Americans have a chance to vote Obama out of office in 2012," Corsi wrote. "Are Americans willing to be taxed 75 percent of every dollar earned?"