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"Today in America [is]... the development of a permanent war establishment by a privately incorporated economy inside a political vacuum." -- C. Wright Mills - The Power Elite



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Sep 12 10:16

Big Trump Admin Win: Supreme Court Slaps Down Rogue Federal Judge, Blocks Nationwide Injunction On New Asylum Rules

The Supreme Court handed the Trump administration a big win on controlling mass illegal immigration with a ruling temporarily blocking enforcement of a nationwide injunction issued by rogue federal Judge Jon Tigar against new Trump administration rules on applicants for the much abused asylum process.

Sep 12 10:10

Parents shocked as UK school asks kids to write ‘SUICIDE LETTER’ as part of English exercise

A school in the UK gave their teenage English students the task of writing a suicide note in the context of an exercise to explore suicidal feelings, prompting one “genuinely shocked” parent to complain.

Sep 12 10:08

Some airplanes did something?! New York Times article ‘de-terrorizes’ 9/11 attacks

On the anniversary of the most devastating terrorist attack on US soil, a story by the New York Times suggested that “airplanes” brought down the twin towers. The seeming shift of responsibility did not sit well with readers.

“18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center,” read a tweet from the New York Times on Wednesday. “Today families will once again gather and grieve at the site where more than 2000 people died.” Inside an accompanying article, the same bizarre sentence was repeated.

Though technological dystopia was all the rage in 2001, what with the success of ‘The Matrix’ two years earlier and the passing of Y2K after that, the 9/11 attacks were not carried out by sentient airplanes, but by terrorist hijackers.

Sep 12 09:59

On Anniversary Of 9-11, CNN Says ‘Right-Wingers Are America’s Deadliest Terrorists’

On the anniversary of 9-11 attacks where Islamic terrorists hijacked airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and into a field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 Americans, CNN is attacking ‘right wingers.’

Sep 12 09:57

Ilhan Omar Releases Somber Video Describing The 'Complete Horror' She Felt During 9/11 - Just Hours After A Victim's Son Wore A T-Shirt At Ground Zero Criticizing Her For Saying 'Some People Did Something' When Discussing The Attacks In April

Ilhan Omar has released a video describing the 'complete horror' of 9/11 after a victim's son wore a 'some people did something' t-shirt to the memorial.
The Minnesota Democrat shared a near-minute-long clip of her experiences before being critiqued during the remembrance service in New York, for nearly 3,000 people who died and thousands who were injured in 2001.

Sep 12 09:52

US counterintelligence officials reportedly say Israel probably planted surveillance devices near the White House; Israeli government issues strong denial

Sep 12 09:49

Hani Hanjour: 9/11 Pilot Extraordinaire

Federal Aviation Administration records show [Hanjour] obtained a commercial pilot's license in April 1999, but how and where he did so remains a lingering question that FAA officials refuse to discuss. His limited flying abilities do afford an insight into one feature of the attacks: The conspiracy apparently did not include a surplus of skilled pilots. [Cape Cod Times]

[Flight Academy] Staff members characterized Mr. Hanjour as polite, meek and very quiet. But most of all, the former employee said, they considered him a very bad pilot. "I'm still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the Pentagon," the former employee said. "He could not fly at all." [New York Times]

Sep 12 09:34

The Secret Service arrested one of the El Paso survivors that President Trump invited to the White House

The Secret Service arrested one of the El Paso, Texas, survivors that President Donald Trump intended to honor when he arrived at the White House.

Sep 12 09:34

Man allegedly follows teen girl from school bus stop, enters house. But her Army vet dad also is home — and he takes care of business.

Mike Oliver — an Army veteran and father of 15 — was none too pleased when he saw a man in his Livonia, Michigan, home on Monday afternoon who followed Oliver's teen daughter from the school bus stop, WJBK-TV reported.

Sep 12 09:28

Payroll company MyPayrollHR closes without warning and tens of thousands of employees from 4,000 companies have their paychecks totaling up to $26 MILLION withdrawn - leaving many unable to pay bills or feed their families

The sudden closure of a payroll company has caused about $26 million worth of paychecks to vanish from the personal bank accounts of thousands of workers across the country.

Sep 12 09:09

How Useful is the “Unemployment Rate”? Five Humans Who Don’t “Count”

By Laura Williams

The official “unemployment rate” in the US is nearing historic lows, according to a recent announcement. For young readers, especially, this may come as a surprise. You may see your friends and family struggling to find enough well-paying work to make ends meet, and you may have personally experienced the frustration of wanting a job but not finding one.

Your experience may not be as out of the ordinary as the official numbers indicate...

To illustrate the kind of human diversity behind the sterile statistics, consider the following employment situations. These individuals may not “count” in the column our intuition would predict...

Sep 12 09:08

Koch family launches ad campaign defending Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook against the mounting antitrust probes that they say are a 'political spectacle'

The Koch family is launching an ad campaign defending Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook from antitrust probes led by attorneys general.

Sep 12 09:07

ISIS-infested island burns after US carpet-bombing: Satellite image show smoking craters left by warplanes that dropped 40 TONS of laser-guided explosives and decimated a terrorist stronghold in northern Iraq

The destructive power of 40 tons of laser-guided bombs dropped by the US Air Force on what it termed an 'ISIS infested island' in Iraq has been captured by satellite images.

Sep 12 08:51

Drag Queen Story Time protesters get pushback from mayor, council member — who join counterprotest: 'They want us to get angry'

Outside a public library in Chula Vista, California — which was hosting a pair of drag queens reading books to children and parents — two groups with polar-opposite beliefs about Tuesday's event squared off, yelling and chanting at each other.

Sep 12 08:51

'Hope is contagious': New movie details how one Canadian town changed the world for thousands of people on 9/11. And you've likely never heard about it before.

A new documentary tells a powerful 9/11 story that many Americans have likely never heard before. Unlike the horrific events that terrorists ushered in on Sept. 11, 2001, this story is one of love, compassion, hospitality and care.

Sep 12 08:44

This 9-11 Never Forget that Fear is the Road to Tyranny

Sep 12 08:42

New Jersey fertility clinic is ordered to hand over list of sperm donors after white couple gave birth to an Asian baby in a 'nightmare scenario' that ultimately led to them getting a divorce

A white New Jersey couple's family has been ripped apart after they gave birth to an Asian baby due to a mishap at their fertility clinic, according to a lawsuit filed in the state.

Sep 12 08:40

Colorado State University says it won't punish students wearing blackface in social media photo because it violates their First Amendment rights

Colorado State University (CSU) revealed it will not punish students pictured on social media wearing blackface because it allegedly violates their First Amendment rights.

Sep 12 08:33

‘This is pretty psycho’: Nicolle Wallace says Donald Trump calling the media ‘enemy of the people’ always makes her think of 9/11

Sep 12 08:31

Fifty Questions On 9/11 By Pepe Escobar

Sep 12 08:26

DNC Official May Have Violated Neutrality Rules to Help Joe Biden

A top official of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) may have violated his organization’s neutrality standards in order to save former Vice President Joe Biden from an embarrassing incident.
Ken Martin, the DNC’s vice chair and the president of the Association of State Democratic Committees, allegedly “bawled” out a liberal activist at the New Hampshire Democrats State Convention last week for handing out fliers critical of Biden. The incident was first recounted by Norman Solomon, the activist on the receiving end of the Martin’s animosity, for the liberal blog Common Dreams.

Sep 12 08:16

All Hell Broke Loose When William Barr Announced This Big Change

Donald Trump finally thought he had an Attorney General he could count on.

Now all hell is breaking loose after William Barr announced this big change.

Donald Trump was furious when the Justice Department surrendered in the face of Chief Justice John Roberts’ betrayal over the Trump administration including a question about citizenship in the 2020 census.

Roberts decision left open an avenue for the Trump administration to achieve victory, but the career lawyers in the Justice Department waved the white flag of surrender.

Sep 12 08:14

In Secretive Court Hearing, NYPD Cops Who Raped Brooklyn Teen in Custody Get No Jail Time

THE YOUNG WOMAN who goes by Anna Chambers on social media had just a few short words for the public on Thursday evening. “Fuck the criminal justice system,” she tweeted. Earlier that day, through a call from her lawyer, Chambers learned that the two former New York Police Department officers who had raped her while on duty would serve no jail time.

Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, the cops who resigned after the incident involving the then-18-year-old Chambers, were sentenced to five years of probation after they pleaded guilty to 11 charges, including bribery and misconduct. Both men admitted to having sex with the teenage girl while she was held in their custody in 2017, an act that, thanks to Chambers’s case, now constitutes rape under the law (and always constituted rape under any moral reading of the word).

Sep 12 08:13


TWITTER HELPED TO promote Chinese government propaganda and disinformation about the country’s controversial internment camps in the Xinjiang region, a review of the company’s advertising records reveals.

The social media company today announced a policy change that would bar such promotion following an inquiry from The Intercept and an earlier controversy over similar propaganda related to demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Sep 12 08:12

The Alleged Cell Phone Calls from the 9/11 Flights

“The telephone data contained more bombshells of which Moussaoui’s prosecutors apparently were unaware:

The world-famous 9/11 telephone calls from TV-pundit Barbara Olson to her husband Theodore Olson at his office in the Department of Justice had never occurred. The U.S government’s call data said she made a call but did not get through. This meant that the U.S. Solicitor-General, a key member of the Bush administration, had connived at, or been deluded about, a crucial deception, one that had placed “hijackers” armed with “cardboard-cutters” aboard Flight 77 ostensibly speeding towards the Pentagon.
The world-famous 9/11 in-flight telephone call from Todd Beamer, the one in which an Airfone operator heard him shout the Pentagon’s recruitment slogan “Let’s Roll”, had never occurred. The U.S. government’s fudged data said Beamer had made separate calls in the same second.

Sep 12 08:11

OOF! Gun-control activist makes one HELL of an argument AGAINST red flag laws with unhinged attack on Adam Baldwin

Sep 12 08:10

Bush Sr. And 9/11

Sep 12 08:09

‘Way Too Far To The Left’: Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Skewers Democrats On Immigration

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson cautioned Democrats on pivoting too far to the left on immigration issues, warning that it could cost them in the 2020 election.

“Look, most Americans want to be fair and treated in a humane way, those who have migrated here who are desperate, who are fleeing really bad conditions … We want to take care of the Dreamers, but Americans also want secure borders. They want to get control of illegal migration,” Johnson, who served as DHS secretary during the Obama administration, said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Sep 12 08:08

Johnson’s Brexit Mess Now a “Constitutional Crisis”

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to undermine parliament and the Brexit process by temporarily suspending parliament, but now a court has ruled that the suspension is unlawful and a constitutional crisis unfolds, says Grace Blakeley

Sep 12 08:07

It snowed in the Lake Tahoe Basin last night

It snowed in the Tahoe Basin Tuesday evening, but don't pull out your skis yet: This was a light dusting with about an inch recorded at elevations above 8,000 feet.

Sep 12 08:06

Ryan Dawson on Judy Wood

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Sep 12 07:45

Wildlife Waystation Tigers, Cougars And Lions Relocated To Indiana Sanctuary

A group of tigers and cougars who once lived at the shuttering Wildlife Waystation in Sylmar took a cross country trip to their new home in Indiana this week.

Tigers, lions and cougars are relocated from the Wildlife Waystation in Sylmar, Calif., to their new home at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Ind. September 2019.

The animals were driven 45 hours to their new digs at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Ind.

Sep 12 07:44

Terry Cohen Pentagon Witness

Sep 12 07:29

Netanyahu tells voters: If you don’t vote Likud, Arabs will ‘annihilate us all’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming under fire again for anti-Arab comments made by his campaign, this time for a message on his official Facebook page telling voters “Arabs want to annihilate us all – women, children and men.”

Israeli media reported that upon accessing Netanyahu’s official page, viewers are greeted with an automated popup message in Hebrew with a message to voters, imploring them to “make sure” their friends and family vote Likud.

The preset message is written from the perspective of a volunteer with Netanyahu’s campaign, who tells voters “I am donating my time because we cannot have a dangerous left-wing government… in a week’s time,” according to Haaretz’s translation of the message.

Sep 12 07:28

Opposing Netanyahu, liberal Zionist group says: ‘Say Yes to Separation’ of Palestinians and Jews

Benjamin Netanyahu’s last-ditch campaign announcement yesterday that if he reelected he will annex West Bank settlements and the Jordan Valley has brought a divided response from American Jewish groups.

Right and center Zionist orgs have said nothing. AIPAC’s twitter feed doesn’t mention the big plan. The American Jewish Committee is praising John Bolton. Even the Democratic Majority for Israel group is quiet about annexation. They all surely approve the policy and don’t want to contribute to the divisiveness over Israel in U.S. politics.

But liberal Zionist groups are very upset about the announcement, as a threat to the “two state solution,” the Oslo dream of establishing a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Liberal Zionists believe they can only preserve Israel by separating Jewish and Palestinian majorities in adjacent states.

Sep 12 07:26

On the Morning of 9/11 - The Truth In 5 Minutes - James Corbett

Sep 12 07:25

White Guilt: Where Does It Originate & How to Fight It

Is white guilt a Christian affliction? Edward Gibbon would probably say so.

Gibbon was the genius who wrote, in 1776, the 12 volumes that comprise “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” wherein he saddled nascent Christianity with the downfall of the Roman Empire, no less. (I read the 1943 version, which was “condensed for modern reading.”)

By so surmising, Gibbon brought upon himself the wrath of “bishops, deans and dons”—not to mention that of the great Dr. Johnson’s biographer, James Boswell. Boswell called Gibbon an “infidel wasp” for “the chapter in which he showed that the fall of Rome was hastened by the rise of Christianity.”

And indeed, Gibbon seems to point toward Christianity’s self-immolating, progressive, pathologically inclusive nature, remarking on the courting by early Christians of “criminals and women.” [Not my words.]

Sep 12 07:23

FBI Ordered to Expunge Threat Assessment of Anti-War Reporter

The FBI must expunge one of two threat assessment memos tied to the editors of Antiwar.com, the Ninth Circuit ruled Wednesday, following the death of one of the men.

Journalists Dennis Raimondo aka Justin Raimondo and Eric Garris sued the agency in San Francisco federal court in 2013, claiming they learned from a Freedom of Information Act request that the FBI conducted a “threat assessment” of them but wouldn’t tell them any more about it.

Garris and Raimondo described Antiwar.com, launched in 1995 to oppose U.S. intervention in the Balkans, as an “an anti-interventionist, pro-peace website with a purely journalistic mission: revealing the truth about America’s foreign policy.”

Sep 12 07:22

Democrats Somehow Frame Bolton’s Exit As A Bad Thing

John Bolton is out as President Trump’s National Security Advisor. Trump says he fired Bolton, Bolton says he offered to resign first. Both suggested that the departure was due to disagreements over foreign policy, which independent reports seem to confirm.

Personally, I do not care. I don’t care if Trump fired Bolton over an argument about which Sesame Street characters would win in a bare knuckle boxing match. I don’t care if Bolton was carried bodily out of the White House by a strong gust of wind. Trying to sort out the specifics of the drama in an administration packed with lying sociopaths is always an exercise in futility, and in this case it’s even more pointless, because all that matters is that John Bolton is gone now. That is an intrinsically good thing, by itself, regardless of what events led up to it.

Sep 12 07:20

Americans Are Starting to Favor a Major Break With the DC Foreign Policy Consensus

A new poll shows that American voters favor a series of policies which, if enacted, would radically reshape U.S. foreign policy around the world–especially when it comes to the use of military force.

The poll, from progressive group Data for Progress and YouGov, shows that nearly half of Americans voters want to change the Authorization of Use of Military Force, Congress’s 2001 decision to authorize the president to use military force against those responsible for the September 11 attacks. Only 33 percent want to keep it in place.

It also shows that 62 percent of American voters strongly or somewhat support reducing U.S. aid to alleged human rights abusers, and that 52 percent of voters support or strongly support ending weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, which has used U.S. weapons and support to inflict thousands of civilian casualties in Yemen.

Sep 12 07:18

Democrats threaten to withhold defense votes over wall

Senate Democrats are threatening to withhold their votes on a spending bill for the Pentagon unless Republicans agree to block President Trump from repurposing defense funds for his wall on the Mexican border, a tactic he’s employed in recent months.

Democrats on Thursday will offer an amendment in committee to block Trump from reprogramming defense funds for his wall.

Sep 12 07:17

Water found on a potentially life-friendly alien planet

In a first for astronomers studying worlds beyond our solar system, data from the Hubble Space Telescope have revealed water vapor in the atmosphere of an Earth-size planet. Although this exoplanet orbits a star that is smaller than our sun, it falls within what’s known as the star’s habitable zone, the range of orbital distances where it would be warm enough for liquid water to exist on a planet’s surface.

Sep 12 07:16

How 775,000 U.S. troops fought in one war: Afghanistan military deployments by the numbers

The U.S. war in Afghanistan has led to the deaths of about 2,400 American service members, including 16 in combat action this year. Some 20,000 more have been wounded, many grievously.

But there’s another set of revealing numbers about the war that exposes its sprawling nature. Data provided by the Pentagon shows that more than 775,000 U.S. service members have deployed to Afghanistan at least once. The numbers detail the story of a war that has persisted for an entire generation.

Sep 12 06:57

Recessions in the eurozone.

Sep 12 06:44

Raytheon anticipates international boom in counterdrone sales

Raytheon is expecting a boom in international sales of its counter-UAS system already battle-tested with the U.S. Army.

The Howler system, which includes a Ku-Band Radio Frequency Sensor (KURFS), a command and control system and its Coyote unmanned aircraft system designed to take out enemy drones, should see an abundance of buyers soon. The system could also include a high energy laser defeat solution and a high-powered microwave capability to provide a non-kinetic approach to knocking drone threats out of commission, according to company officials.