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September 5, 2009

Sep 05 20:43

Microsoft attacking Linux at the retail level

A forum poster at Overclock.net posted screenshots from the Microsoft ExpertZone training for BestBuy employees titled "Comparing Windows 7 to Linux." After completing the course, BestBuy employees are eligible for a $10 copy of Windows 7. While Microsoft's claims are far fetched at best, one has to wonder what their endgame is.

Sep 05 18:52

One giant slip in Bangladesh news

Two Bangladeshi newspapers have apologised after publishing an article taken from a satirical US website which claimed the Moon landings were faked.

The Daily Manab Zamin said US astronaut Neil Armstrong had shocked a news conference by saying he now knew it had been an "elaborate hoax".

Neither they nor the New Nation, which later picked up the story, realised the Onion was not a genuine news site.

Sep 05 15:06

Nanothermite explosives evidence in video of WTC 2 collapse

More evidence of nanothermite reacting during the collapse of WTC 2
Posted on August 22, 2009
Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe
Global Research, April 3, 2009
Based on these observations, we conclude that the red layer of the red/gray chips we have discovered in the WTC dust is active, unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology, and is a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material.

Sep 05 15:06

Judge Napolitano: Revolution is Duty of the People

Sep 05 15:04

MARC FABER - War After Inflation

Sep 05 15:03

Ayn Rand Phil Donahue Interview

Sep 05 14:36


This morning a new light shines across Canada. The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) has had its fangs trimmed. Section 13, the law that prohibits speaking openly about uncomfortable truths has finally been defeated. Commonly referred to as the anti hate law it has been used to stifle criticism of policy and ideology on almost every medium.

Sep 05 14:33


Sep 05 14:21

"Dollar's future unstable"

Sep 05 14:01

The Second Wave Of The Depression - Hyperinflation Likely

Washington DC – The second wave of the world economic depression is coming soon. Larry
Summers, the economics czar of the Wall Street puppet regime currently in power in Washington,
recently confessed to the Financial Times in an unguarded moment: “I don't think the worst is over
....” A few weeks earlier, Jacques Attali, who served in the 1980s as the main economics adviser to
French President Mitterrand, told an audience at the International Economic and Financial Forum
(FIEF) in Paris that the world might well soon face a “planetary Weimar” in the form of a
hyperinflationary depression similar to the German events of 1922 to 1923.

Sep 05 13:56

Mondragón Worker-Cooperatives Decide How to Ride Out a Downturn

The Mondragón Cooperative Corporation (MCC), the largest consortium of worker-owned companies, has developed a different way of doing business—a way that puts workers, not shareholders, first.

Here’s how it played out when one of the Mondragón cooperatives fell on hard times. The worker/owners and the managers met to review their options. After three days of meetings, the worker/owners agreed that 20 percent of the workforce would leave their jobs for a year, during which they would continue to receive 80 percent of their pay and, if they wished, free training for other work. This group would be chosen by lottery, and if the company was still in trouble a year later, the first group would return to work and a second would take a year off.

Sep 05 13:50


The health care controversy in this summer’s congressional town hall meetings is unreal. Obama and the
Republicans are both hiding the obvious fact that, in this world depression, most US health insurance
companies are bankrupt because of derivatives – the toxic assets you’ve heard so much about. AIG is the
largest insurance company, and it is bankrupt. The Hartford just took $3.5 billion from the Treasury and is
bankrupt. MetLife just lost $1.5 billion in three months, all because of derivatives. The other insurers are in

Sep 05 13:50

Video: Corbett Report talks to Nathan Moulton about Activist Movie

The Corbett Report sits down with Nathan Moulton of Moulton Steel Productions about his new feature-length DVD, Activist. We discuss his background and some of the highlights of the documentary.

To view interview click link above. To learn more about the documentary "Activist" go here: http://www.activistmovie.com/

Sep 05 12:31

U.S. Recovery Leaving Workers Jobless May Spur Company Profits

Employers kept Americans’ working hours near a record low in August, signaling that economic growth is poised to reward companies with added profits while postponing any recovery in the job market.

The average workweek held at 33.1 hours, six minutes from the 33 hours in June that was the lowest since records began in 1964, the Labor Department said yesterday.

Sep 05 12:31

Arbitration hearing begins; media barred

HONOLULU - The first in a series of binding arbitration hearings over a new labor contract between the state and its largest public employee union began Friday after journalists were told they could not observe.

Dozens of people remained in the audience, such as rank-and-file members of the Hawaii Government Employees Association and top state agency heads.

They were joined by lawyers for HGEA and the state who will present their arguments to the three-member arbitration panel.

But Philip Tamoush, the neutral member of the panel, said it decided in executive session that journalists could not stay because the hearings are a continuation of private negotiations. The panel also includes one representative each from HGEA and the state.

Sep 05 12:14

Agricultural inspector layoffs slammed

KAHULUI - Environmentalists and farmers lashed out Thursday night at the announced layoffs of state agricultural inspectors, arguing that the move planned by the Lingle administration would uproot efforts to preserve the island's agricultural industry and pristine environment.

Close to 100 people turned out at a Senate Ad Hoc Committee meeting held in the Maui Waena Intermediate School cafeteria. The crowd applauded those who spoke against the layoffs, some even attacking Gov. Linda Lingle.

Sep 05 11:42

Carry on grasping: Greedy MPs are pocketing up to £5,000 an hour during their 82-day summer holiday

MPs are pocketing up to £5,000 an hour in outside earnings during their 82-day summer break, it was revealed yesterday.

Figures slipped out by the Parliamentary authorities reveal for the first time that dozens of MPs have registered huge sums in private earnings since the Commons broke up for the summer on July 21.

Sep 05 11:41

Jack Straw comes clean: Oil was a big part of Lockerbie deal

Jack Straw has admitted for the first time that trade and oil deals with Libya played 'a very big part' in the handling of the Lockerbie bomber's case.

The Justice Secretary said trade was a major influence on his decision to include Abdelbaset Al Megrahi in a prisoner transfer agreement with Libya signed two years ago, just as BP was seeking a multi-billion pound deal there.

The admission casts grave doubt on Gordon Brown's claim this week that there had been 'no conspiracy, no cover-up, no double-dealing, no deal on oil'.

Sep 05 11:20

More toys added to the Truther Toy page

Sep 05 11:15

FLASHBACK - The New McCarthyism

Hoover's desire to remake Hollywood into a gigantic propaganda machine had started at the end of WW1 when Hoover tried to persuade Charlie Chaplin to cease making films that portrayed authority figures as oafish buffoons. Chaplin refused, laughed at Hoover. Years later, as head of the FBI, Hoover was instrumental in having Charlie Chaplin's citizenship revoked in retaliation.

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WRH Exclusive
Sep 05 11:06

'Dozens killed and wounded' as Yemen ceasefire cracks: army

A Yemeni military source says dozens of people have been killed or wounded in clashes between Shi'ite rebels and the army after a ceasefire broke down after just four hours.

"The armed forces and rebels engaged in violent clashes overnight which continued until dawn on Saturday in Malaheez and Hafr Sufyan" in Saada province, the source said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, the US has been propping up yet another tin-pot dictator in that country for years with financial support. He's "our thug", as was Noriega in Panama, as was the Shaw of Iran, etc.,

We may well be about to reap what we have sown by continuing to support this guy. When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.

Sep 05 10:57

Predicting Worse Ahead from America's Economic Crisis

Growing millions with no jobs, incomes, savings, or safety net protections will create "a disaster of unimaginable consequences that will affect the whole fabric of American society" to a degree far greater than in the Great Depression.

If von Greyerz, Panarin, Todd, and others with similar views are right, a deepening, protracted, unprecedented global catastrophe approaches that "will be life changing for most people in the world."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Traditionally, the US has managed, in previous decades, to get out of its financial woes by getting into some kind of war.

One has to wonder just what kind of war the US government is "cooking up" for the American people to swallow whole in the near term.

Sep 05 10:45

Big banks grow more powerful under Obama

The Washington Post carried an article last week outlining the immense consolidation that has taken place in the US banking system as a result of the policies of the Bush and Obama administrations in response to the financial crisis.

The article, entitled "Banks 'Too Big to Fail’ Have Grown Even Bigger," reports how the largest banks have consolidated control over a greater share of financial markets and are using their monopolistic position to increase their profits by raising fees and interest on consumers and small businesses.

"The oligopoly has tightened," said Mark Zandi of Moody’s Economy.com, who is quoted in the Post article. "There’s been a significant consolidation among the big banks, and it’s kind of hollowing out the banking system," he added.

Sep 05 10:42

Labor Day Protest: Citizens Protest Police DUI Checkpoints

On each side of the Holiday DUI Checkpoint, the protesters held signs - In Espanol - That said "Return (Go Back) - Police Checkpoint".

Sep 05 10:40

Chickens Not Fooled by GM Crops

Chickens refusing to eat the maize they had been fed has led to the discovery that their feed had been genetically modified to include a well-known weed and insect killer.

Strilli Oppenheimer’s indigenous African chickens were refusing to eat the mealies in the chicken feed bought from a large supplier. Concerned that the birds may be ingesting genetically modified maize, she had the maize tested.

The results confirmed Oppenheimer's initial suspicion -- the maize had been genetically engineered to produce proteins that are toxic to certain insects and weeds.

About her chickens' refusal to eat their maize, Oppenheimer said: "They're smart."

Sep 05 10:40

End the Fed Wars

Since World War I the Federal Reserve Bank and its monopoly control of the money supply has hidden the costs of war by allowing big government to function by inflation, deficits and debt. Before the Federal Reserve Bank was created government had to go off the gold standard and inflate the money supply to fight a war. So long as sound money was king the government had to respect its power to discipline its most martial impulses.

Sep 05 10:38

Swine Flu: Biggest Scam of 2009 Begins, Millions Prepare to “Protect Their Health”

The “pandemic” is nothing but a combination of very good marketing on the part of Drug companies, and the fear-mongering of a bunch of lemmings, the media, who maintain their station in our society by spreading fear, misinformation and half-truths.

Most people in the mainstream media are most likely just stupid, or irresponsible at worst. On the other hand, the drug companies are downright profit-hungry murderers, a plague on their fellow human beings (if they can be called humans at all).

They use us as guinea pigs for profit.

Sep 05 10:34

Swat operation to continue, says COAS

Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has said the military operation in Swat would continue till all terrorists were eliminated and peace restored to the valley.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Isn't this the same guy who was claiming that the Pakistani military had achieved a "victory" in the Swat Valley operations some months ago?!?

Sep 05 10:34

Could George W. Bush end up behind bars?

The American Civil Liberties Union, an activist organization that campaigns against prisoner abuse, says "any investigation that truly follows the facts where they lead would inevitably lead to prosecutions of high government officials,"

Does it sound far-fetched?

One Bush administration legal advisor, Jack Goldsmith, says his colleagues were acutely conscious that the president or his advisors could someday be investigated for the steps they took or approved after 9/11.

And remember that Bill Clinton was impeached for just lying about sex.

Sep 05 10:31

US probes USAID funds in Afghanistan

The State Department said Thursday that an investigation has begun into whether U.S. development funding for Afghanistan is being diverted to local warlords and extremists following allegations that road and bridge contractors were paying "protection" money to the Taliban.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your tax dollars at work in Afghanistan, folks.

Sep 05 10:29

Afghanistan Isn’t Worth One More American Life

Gen. Colin Powell, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said these questions all must be answered with a loud YES before the United States takes military action.

1. Is a vital national security interest threatened? 2. Do we have a clear, attainable objective? 3. Have the risks and costs been fully and frankly analyzed? 4. Have all non-violent policy means been exhausted? 5. Is there a plausible exit strategy to avoid endless entanglement? 6. Have all the consequences of our action been fully considered? 7. Is the action supported by the American people? 8. Do we have broad international support?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rumsfeld didn't want these questions even considered before we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. As a man with a at least some intelligence, he knew where the questions posed in the Powell Doctrine would have had to have been answered with an emphatic "no"!

Apparently, Rumsfeld experienced a catastrophic episode of "selective memory lapse" in terms of which country successfully armed and trained the Taliban against the Soviet Union's occupation of Afghanistan. That has come back back to haunt the white house and the pentagon in this current military misadventure.

It was sheer and utter hubris, coupled with a very special kind of lunacy, thinking that the US could manage to hold by force a country which has only been successfully conquered (for a brief period of time) by Alexander the Great.

Sep 05 10:22

Iran dismisses bomb studies intelligence as forged

A senior Iranian official has accused the United States of feeding "forged" intelligence to the U.N. nuclear watchdog that says Iran had studied ways to make atomic bombs.

Sep 05 10:20

Diss the Cops, Get Shot in Court

It was just too much, having to return to court twice on the same day to contest yet another traffic ticket, and Fire Chief Don Payne didn’t hesitate to tell the judge what he thought of the police and their speed traps. The response from cops? They shot him. Right there in court.

Sep 05 10:18

Iraq Masses Security Forces Along Syria Border as Tensions Mount

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has ordered thousands of additional national police deployed to the border with Syria, saying it was needed to prevent insurgents from infiltrating into the nation. Tensions between Iraq and Syria have been rising in recent weeks as Iraq has sought to implicated Syria in last month’s major Baghdad suicide bombings.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could flame out of control in a heartbeat.

One has to wonder precisely what the US's "marching orders" have been to Iraqi Prim Minister Maliki on this.

And what will be orders for US troops if and when there is a military confrontation between Syria and Iraq?

Sep 05 10:18

Herbs 'can be natural pesticides'

Common herbs and spices show promise as an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional pesticides, scientists have told a major US conference.

They have spent a decade researching the insecticidal properties of rosemary, thyme, clove and mint.

They could become a key weapon against insect pests in organic agriculture, the researchers say, as the industry attempts to satisfy demand.

The "plant essential oils" have a broad range of action against bugs.

Some kill them outright while others repel them.

Sep 05 10:14

US harshly rebukes Israel on settlement plans

Alarmed by Israeli plans to build new housing units in settlements and dimming prospects for American peace efforts, the Obama administration on Friday put out a rare and harsh public rebuke of its main Mideast ally.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh, that's going to make the Netanyahu government shudder with fear; a harsh rebuke, oh my!

A memo to President Obama and his administration; if you haven't gotten it by now that for Israel, territory trumps peace any day, you are suffering from absolutely delusional thinking.

Sep 05 10:10

Massive US Air Strike Damages Claim of ‘New’ Strategy

Despite General Stanley McChrystal’s claims that the military would stop emphasizing attacks on the Taliban in favor of improving the lives of the nation’s civilians and protecting them from harm, the temptation to lob a missile into a village, even knowing it would cause a massive fireball when it hit the fuel tankers, was too great to resist.

NATO confirmed the strike but insisted steps were taken to ensure that no civilians were in the area before the attack. Yet local officials say mostly civilians were slain in the strike, and NATO is promising an investigation into the incident. Likewise, the White House failed to concede anything about the strike, but express “regret” in the event civilians had been killed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently,for General Mc Chrystal, "improving the lives of the nation’s civilians and protecting them from harm" means using collective euthanasia.

Sep 05 10:09

Ahmadinejad, Chavez Vow to Back ‘Revolutionary’ Nations

ranian President Mahmoud Ahmadineajd and his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez vowed on Saturday to back revolutionary nations and form anti-imperialist fronts, the official IRNA news agency said. “Helping the oppressed and revolutionary nations and expanding anti-imperialist fronts are the main missions of Iran and Venezuela,” Ahmadinejad said after meeting Chavez who is on a two-day visit to Tehran.

Sep 05 10:02

Over 400 militants in Pakistan killed in U.S. drone attacks in 9 months

At least 443 militants in northwest Pakistan have been killed in 37 U.S. drone attacks during the last 9 months in which the name of the Pakistan Taliban chief Baitullah Masood was on the top of the hit list, the local NNI news agency reported Friday.

U.S. drones regularly fire missile in the Pakistani tribal regions to target the militants and opposition parties said Pakistani government permitted such attacks. But Pakistan denied the charges.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US has to have permission for these drone attacks from the Pakistani government, at least covertly; otherwise, they wouldn't be happening.

These aerial bombardments are guaranteed to do two things, and two things only; kill a lot of innocent people, and radicalize those left standing even further against the current Pakistani government and the US.

It almost seems that what the US is trying to do is to create an even further destabilization of Pakistan, but to what end?

The only thing that makes sense is to create a situation on the ground here which would make it virtually impossible for Russia to re-supply Iran by land if there is a US/Israeli military strike against Iran.

Sep 05 09:54

Analysis: High court to revisit potential election law changes

Money and politics are often equated as the fuel and engine of American democracy, but thanks to the Supreme Court, century-old government speed bumps on the campaign speech superhighway may soon be a thing of the past.

Sep 05 09:51

Bread can be used as contraceptives

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Woman just need to hold a slice between their knees.

Sep 05 09:49

China agrees to buy 50-billion-dollar IMF bonds

The International Monetary Fund(IMF) said on Wednesday that China has agreed to buy the first bonds issued by the agency for about 50 billion dollars.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though China is walking away from the US dollar just as fast as it thinks it can.

Sep 05 09:41

US families turn to food stamps as wages drop

The number of working Americans turning to free government food stamps has surged as their hours and wages erode, in a stark sign that the recession is inflicting pain on the employed as well as the newly jobless.

While the increase in take-up is often attributed to the sharp rise in unemployment – which on Friday hit 9.7 per cent – the Financial Times has learnt that some 40 per cent of the families now on food stamps have “earned income”, up from 25 per cent two years ago.

Sep 05 09:37

Fort Lee training exercise deals with mock protesters

"What's going on?" asked a passing driver.

Fort Lee law-enforcement, civilian and military personnel were simulating a protest as part of a three-day anti-terrorism and force-protection exercise at the Army base.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What's going on is that this government is preparing for a war against We the People.

You're seeing exercises like this taking place around the country.

The government is getting ready for some nasty confrontations against the very people it allegedly represents in the not too distant future.

Sep 05 09:30

US, SKorea in top-level talks on NKorea

The United States and South Korea on Saturday held top-level talks to discuss ways to press North Korea to return to disarmament talks, a day after the communist state's renewed nuclear sabre-rattling.

In a defiant response to tougher UN sanctions imposed after the nuclear test, North Korea said Friday it was building more plutonium-based atomic weapons and had made progress on enriching uranium.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the immortal words of my late grandmother, "the horse is already out of the barn" on this issue, assuming that what the Korean Central News Agency said the other day is correct.

What the US achieved, by giving North Korea and the world an object lesson in what can happen to a nation which does not have a nuclear deterrent through its invasion and occupation of Iraq, has been to start a nuclear arms race.

Sep 05 09:27

World's climate could cool first, warm later

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The short version is that the people who have heavily invested in using global warming to scare you out of your money and obedience are facing a crisis. All their carefully laid schemes and scams are for naught because the Earth is actually getting cooler in direct contradiction of the much-touted computer models waved at us by scare-mongering former VPs, and having the head of Greenpeace admit on TV they just made up that crap about an iceless Greenland didn't help.

But money is money and the people who ponied up the hundreds of millions of dollars spent so far to scare you into letting them take billions of dollars from you in carbon taxes didn't get where they are today by letting things like the truth get in their way.

So now they have NEW computer models that are saying that, yeah, well, okay, the Earth is getting cooler now and probably will for the next couple decades, but trust us; the world WILL eventually start to get warmer (that I agree with) and it's all your fault (that I don't agree with) and you can atone by buying carbon credits today.

Same snake oil. Slightly different bottle.

Sep 05 08:43

War News for Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard is tended to by fellow U.S. Marines on Aug. 14 after being hit by a rocket-propelled grenade during a firefight against the Taliban in the village of Dahaneh in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Bernard was transported by helicopter to Camp Leatherneck where he later died of his wounds.

Sep 05 08:42


Jane Fonda, Danny Glover and Eve Ensler have joined the growing list of artists who are boycotting the Toronto film festival over a program honoring Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary, gossip blogger Perez Hilton reported on Friday.

The three have added their names to a letter aimed at festival officials claiming that Tel Aviv was built on violence, ignoring the “suffering of thousands of former residents and descendants,” Hilton reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Sep 05 08:41


But 1949’s concert was to be different. Guthrie, Seeger and Hays were all prominent leftists. So, famously, was Robeson. In the years following World War Two, his politics had moved farther to the left, as he used his considerable public voice to protest fascism, as well as the American failure to fully integrate its society in the aftermath of the war in which so many black servicemen had given their lives. Two months before the concert, Robeson had said at the Paris Peace Conference: “It is unthinkable that the Negro people of America or elsewhere…would be drawn into war with the Soviet Union,” because it was the only nation in the world to outlaw race discrimination. As anti-Communist agitation grew in America, so, too, did the rage against Robeson’s perceived Communist loyalties.

Sep 05 08:37

Hot Topic: Israel's Nukes and Iran's Nukes

The way that the nuclear weapons world works today is that if you are "trusted" by the US and Europe -- you can overtly or covertly hold on to your nukes, particularly if a nation is not part of the non-proliferation regime.

But if you aren't trusted, you can't have them under any circumstances.

But Israel is a complicated case -- and a provocative Al Jazeera show is going to delve into this

Sep 05 08:35

Doctor accused of sex abuse has licence revoked

Dr. Sazant did not respond Friday to a request for comment, but two years ago he told The Globe and Mail that the complainants were motivated by greed and perhaps anti-Semitism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 05 08:34

2,000 sick with swine flu at Washington State University

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Did someone drop a beaker over at the vaccine lab up-wind of the campus?

You know, "stimulate" market demand for their product kind of thing?

Sep 05 08:31

Five more banks fail -- 89 so far in 2009

Five small regional banks were closed by regulators on Friday evening, pushing 2009's tally so far to 89 institutions. Of the five failures, two were in Illinois, and there was one each in Arizona, Iowa and Missouri.

Sep 05 08:30

2 radio towers in Washington state toppled

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The Polish did it! We MUST ATTACK NOW!!!" -- Adolf Hitler

Sep 05 08:22

Libya told to drop al-Megrahi's Appeal to guarantee release

WPN has been reliably told that Libya was explicitly told that unless al-Megrahi's appeal was dropped, then al-Megrahi's release could not be guaranteed. Whether the person conveying this information could deliver on the promise is academic as long as Libya believed it was from a source well connected to the British government. This is intimidation which perverted the course of justice, and which the judges, politicians and mass media were all too happy to turn a blind eye to.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In a nutshell, al-Megrahi's appeal was a major headache for the Americans because the evidence and testimony on which al-Megrahi's was convicted had all fallen apart, and fingers of actual blame for the bombing were starting to point at CIA. Had the appeal gone forward it is likely that al-Megrahi would have been freed anyway. Offering a "compassionate" release in exchange for dropping the appeal gets the US Government out of an embarrassing situation.

Sep 05 08:20

Attorney Representing Amerivet Securities Makes Claim FINRA Insider Confirms Investment in Madoff

There were a few bombshells that came out of our discussion, including a claim by Mr. Greenfield, the Amerivet Securities attorney, that “somebody well-placed within the organization (FINRA) that told us, in no uncertain terms, there was an investment with Madoff.”

Additionally, former SEC chairman Harvey Pitt provided a qualified endorsement of FINRA opening its books and records in an acknowledgement of the need for greater transparency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And here the SEC, even as it admitted that 5 investigations of Madoff failed to find any wrongdoing, assured the taxpayers there were no compromising links between Madoff and the regulatory agencies.

Sep 05 08:14

Excellent interview with former CIA field officer Philip Giraldi about coming war with Iran which will be for Israel as well

Sep 05 08:07

Appeals court rules against Ashcroft in 9/11 case

A federal appeals court has ruled that former attorney general John Ashcroft may be held liable for people who were wrongfully detained as material witnesses after the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks.

In a harshly worded ruling handed down today, a three-judge panel of the 9th US circuit court of appeals called the US government's use of material witnesses after September 11 "repugnant to the Constitution and a painful reminder of some of the most ignominious chapters of our national history".

Sep 05 08:04

The Best Enemies Money can buy

Late professor Antony C Sutton gives an interview about the unprecedented financial and technological aid which the US provided to the USSR since the birth of the marxist regime in 1917. The aid extends to WWII under the Lend Lease and most disturbingly of all, continued throughout the Cold War where the US provided the USSR with industrial material to fund the Soviet war machine which were killing South Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, Israelis during the various Arab-Israeli conflict as well as American soldiers. The Cold War was the greatest geopolitical hoax of the 20th Century, all to create an enemy to scare the American people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The video is poor quality, but a must watch to understand why the world is the way it is.

Sep 05 08:00


Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a fine line between being persistent and looking like a fool and Orly Taitz has just stepped over it.

The British (as did all the Commonwealth nations and British protectorates) always listed - and still do list - their dates as day/month/year, not month/day/year.

This means the Supervisor of Obstetrics dated his signature as July 8, 1961 ["8-7-1961"] and not August 7, 1961... nearly a month before the written date of birth which says "4th day of AUGUST, 1961".

Additionally, the DOB listed for the mother, Stanley Ann Obama (Dunham), would have been legally and properly shown as 29/11/1942, NOT as 11/29/1942.

In 1961, it was improper Queen's English grammar to use all capital letters for a proper name or place... upper and lower case letters were always used.

For these facts, this alleged Certificate of Birth is obviously a fraud.

Sep 05 07:46

Candidate for New Jersey governor calls for second 9/11 Commission

David Meiswinkle, one of the independent candidates for governor, called for a new 9/11 Commission on Friday, saying the original commission was flawed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So let's all give the government another chance to waste taxpayers money dumping another load of bovine excrement all over us!

It is a waste of time waiting for the government to admit wrongdoing, and I refuse to give the government the authority to tell me what I have concluded is correct or not.

We do not need another Government commission to investigate. We know we were lied to the first time, will be lied to a second time, and that is all we need to know. Fine details do not matter. Now we must decide what to do with a government that lies to us.

Sep 05 07:43

'Toronto film festival tool for Israeli propaganda'

Some 50 intellectuals and filmmakers including Briton Ken Loach have accused the Toronto film festival of complicity with an 'Israeli propaganda campaign'.

The Toronto International Film Festival chose this year to present 10 films by local filmmakers on the Israeli metropolis for its 'City to City' program, which each year focuses its lens on a different city.

This year's program was devoted to Tel Aviv and the Jaffa area. However, the choice led to protests that the film festival was 'staging a propaganda campaign' on Israel's behalf, given 'the absence of Palestinian filmmakers in the program', said an open letter to festival organizers.

Sep 05 07:42


The war in Afghanistan today hangs like some cloud of poison gas over Washington that won’t blow away. It sickens everything as it spreads. It continues to suck precious tax dollars out of the Treasury, money this country cannot afford to squander, especially as millions of Americans are sinking into poverty and joblessness exceeds ten percent. Writing in USA Today last March 10th, Susan Page reported, “In one year, 24 million slide from ‘thriving’ to ‘struggling’ and “Some fear that the American dream may be in peril as well.” Worse, the U.S. is turning poverty-plagued Afghanistan, a long-suffering nation of 25 million souls into another Iraq, perhaps even another Viet Nam. Afghanistan has already been under illegal U.S.

Sep 05 07:34

The 9/11 Commission

The co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission (Thomas Keane and Lee Hamilton) said that the CIA (and likely the White House) "obstructed our investigation".

The co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission also said that the 9/11 Commissioners knew that military officials misrepresented the facts to the Commission, and the Commission considered recommending criminal charges for such false statements, yet didn't bother to tell the American people.

Indeed, the co-chairs of the Commission now admit that the Commission largely operated based upon political considerations.

9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton says "I don't believe for a minute we got everything right", that the Commission was set up to fail, that people should keep asking questions about 9/11, that the 9/11 debate should continue, and that the 9/11 Commission report was only "the first draft" of history.

Sep 05 07:18

Georgia Cops kill Pastor

Sep 05 06:44

We Shall Prevail

The Cook Plan.

Sep 05 06:30

An Iranian Kurd Hearts Paul Craig Roberts

Article about the Military Industrial Complex. Enough is enough!

Sep 05 06:22

Gold Is Speaking

So is silver! Do you have gold and silver.What about canned goods and shotguns.Get ready. Bad times are here for the foreseeable future.

Sep 05 06:11

We Need a Special Prosecutor for Blackwater and Other CIA ‘Contractors’

Blackwater’s clandestine work for the CIA have begun to leak out from behind the iron curtain of secrecy. The company’s role in the secret assassination program and its continued involvement in the CIA drone attacks that occur regularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan have become front-page material in the Washington Post and New York Times. There is much more to this story than has been reported publicly, and details will continue to emerge, particularly about Blackwater’s aviation division(s).

Sep 05 05:54

More 9/11 Unanswered Questions

Bobcats Over Washington on 9/11: What Were Two Mystery Aircraft Doing Overhead at the Time of the Pentagon Attack?

Two military aircraft were flying at high altitude near the Pentagon around the time it was hit on 9/11, but the identities of these aircraft and what they were doing over the Pentagon are unknown.

Sep 05 05:32

Did Hitler Want War?

Did Hitler Want War?

by Patrick J. Buchanan

If Hitler was out to conquer the world — Britain, Africa, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, South America, India, Asia, Australia — why did he spend three years building that hugely expensive Siegfried Line to protect Germany from France? Why did he start the war with no surface fleet, no troop transports and only 29 oceangoing submarines? How do you conquer the world with a navy that can’t get out of the Baltic Sea?

If Hitler wanted the world, why did he not build strategic bombers, instead of two-engine Dorniers and Heinkels that could not even reach Britain from Germany?

Why did he let the British army go at Dunkirk?

Why did he offer the British peace, twice, after Poland fell, and again after France fell?

Why, when Paris fell, did Hitler not demand the French fleet, as the Allies demanded and got the Kaiser’s fleet? Why did he not demand bases in French-controlled Syria to attack Suez? Why did he beg Benito Mussolini not to attack Greece?

Sep 05 05:04

Panel Rules Against Ashcroft

Panel Rules Against Ashcroft in Detention Case
Former Attorney General John Ashcroft may face personal liability for the decisions that led to the detention of an American citizen as a material witness after the Sept. 11 attacks, a federal appeals court panel ruled on Friday.

In the decision, a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, was sharply critical of the Bush administration’s practice of holding people it suspected of terrorism without charges, as material witnesses.

“We find this to be repugnant to the Constitution, and a painful reminder of some of the most ignominious chapters of our national history.”

Sep 05 04:45

GOP Congressman fears Democratic totalitarian state

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) believes that President Obama is bent on turning the United States into a totalitarian state and already has all the tools he needs for the purpose.

“He has the three things that are necessary to establish an authoritarian government,” Broun told a meeting of local Georgia Republicans on Wednesday, citing the creation of a private army, a ban on gun ownership, and complete control of the press.

Sep 05 02:38

One Man in a Million

In 1919 a book was written that contained a brief passage about how to bring any modern society to its knees without firing a shot.

There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.

Sep 05 01:50

Stench of death hangs over Afghan riverbank

The stench of burnt flesh hung over the banks of the Kunduz river in the early hours of Friday, the ground scattered with the body parts of villagers who just wanted something for free.

Helping yourself to the spoils of hijacked military convoys is nothing new in Afghanistan and the payload of two fuel tankers destined for Nato-led forces seemed as good as any.

But the overnight bonanza soon turned to horror when Nato jets launched an airstrike before 3am (22.30GMT), strafing the tankers and igniting an inferno that officials said killed between 50 and 90 people.

"Nobody was in one piece. Hands, legs and body parts were scattered everywhere. Those who were away from the fuel tanker were badly burnt," said 32-year-old Mohammad Daud, depicting a scene from hell.

September 4, 2009

Sep 04 22:34

Obama, DOE To Violate Federal Law

Parents Get Out of the Way -- We Want Your Children
Obama and DOE Violate Federal Law Enlisting Kids in Schools to Push Agenda
WASHINGTON, Sept. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- In what is an unprecedented and an illegal political move, President Obama has announced that on Tuesday, September 8, he will bypass parents and directly target their children in an effort to implement his political agenda. Millions of parents are justifiably outraged. Federal law expressly forbids the Secretary of Education or any officer from exercising "any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system." 20 U.S.C. § 3403. The President must cease this illegal activity.

Sep 04 22:26

Before Obama's speech, required reading of his own radical books

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009
CONTROLLING THE MINDS OF THE YOUTH is the prime agenda of all elitist political systems.
PRIOR TO OBAMA’S SPEECH, students are instructed to read books about Barack Obama. The first book, Barack Obama: Son Of Promise, Child Of Hope, portrays Obama on the front cover and in its text as a defiant young militant black. Why? To indoctrinate our youth against a white middle class status quo. A central feature of Obama’s masters is to keep the American people so fragmented so as to guarantee their elitist rule.

Sep 04 19:24

Solvency: how state-owned banks end interest costs on state debt ($5 billion/year for CA)

Intelligent state legislators can immediately authorize their own bank, issue credit to themselves at 0% interest to purchase their outstanding debt, and immediately save themselves borrowing costs.

Whoa. That’s important.

For California, that means saving $5 billion every year. Reality check: ~20,000 teachers were laid-off this year in California (I am one, creatively trying to earn income as a writer). All could be re-hired at $70,000 per year and the state would still have $3.4 billion left over in savings!

Hey, how much is your state paying on interest for state debt? If you’re willing to contact a state legislator, I’ll help you with the information. Contact me at my bio info.

Sep 04 18:52

Gates: AP decision 'appalling'

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is objecting “in the strongest terms” to an Associated Press decision to transmit a photograph showing a mortally wounded 21-year-old Marine in his final moments of life, calling the decision “appalling” and a breach of “common decency.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am reminded that Hitler used to allow many American films into Germany to show the German people how "debauched" the Americans were.

But there was one film, however, he would never allow into Germany, and that was the classic "Gone with the Wind", because it depicted the ugliest and most brutal aspects of the Civil War, something Hitler didn't want his people to see.

Gate's request had infinitely less to do with the wishes of this young man's family, and infinitely more to do with the gradual waking up of the American people to the reality that the war in Afghanistan is about to become Obama's Viet Nam.

We have very brave, and very conscientious, young men and women serving fighting in Afghanistan; they are desperately trying to fulfill a mission which was doomed from the start with grossly mismanaged planning, magical thinking, and a complete ignorance of the region's history by the alleged "planners" of this military misadventure.

But their fighting, dying, and getting maimed for life has nothing to do with protecting either the Afghans or the safety and security of American citizens back home.

And that is the terrible, ghastly reality here.

Sep 04 18:34

A Little Girl in Kabul

If rhetoric were reality, this would be a war that's about upholding humane values. But rhetoric is not reality.

Is the U.S. government willing to really help Guljumma, who now lives each day and night in the squalor of a refugee camp? Is the government willing to spend the equivalent of the cost of a single warhead to assist her?

So far, the answer is obscenely clear. But maybe we can force a change by contacting representatives and senators in Washington and demanding action -- for Guljumma, for Wakil Tawos Khan, for all the other long-suffering residents of Helmand Refugee Camp District 5 and for all the victims of war in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What Norman Solomon misses, as terrible as things are for this family and for potentially millions of other Afghans, is that the American government doesn't give a damn about these people,Mc Chrystal's protestations to the contrary.

This military campaign is all about installing the pipelines to control Eurasian oil, and protecting the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

Sep 04 18:26

US vows strong implementation of NKorea sanctions

The United States on Friday vowed to keep up its tough sanctions regime on North Korea after Pyongyang said it had reached the final stage of enriching uranium.

"We continue to be committed to ensuring that North Korea upholds its international obligations and we continue to strongly implement the sanctions that were approved," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs; if in fact North Korea has reached the final stage of enriching uranium, the horse, as it were, is out of the barn.

Unfortunately, the US did a magnificent job of teaching both North Korea and the world a very compelling object lesson of what happens to a country which does not have a nuclear deterrent with the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Sep 04 18:21

Job market unlikely to recover until 2014

Unemployment for teenagers stands at nearly 26 percent. More than 758,000 workers are so discouraged they quit looking for jobs altogether, by far the biggest such number since the Department of Labor started tracking it in 1994. Damage continues to mount in the manufacturing, financial and construction sectors.

In all, some 14.9 million people are out of work and looking for a job.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is government and corporate media double-talk. There is no economic recovery without job recovery. The wealthy and connected may grab a lot of loot to themselves and their own situations improve, but that is not recovery, that is looting the populace.

Claiming that the economy is recovering while more Americans go hungry and lose their homes is pure US Government bovine excrement! The agenda is to trick you into thinking your poverty is all your own fault, so that you will hate yourself rather than hate the government that created this mess.

A large segement of this country's citizens, out of work and desperate, do not have until 2014 to begin working again.

Sep 04 16:51

Understanding corruption and our appropriate response through a Pingu cartoon

In the cartoon, consider our human condition of recognizing corruption when it is not readily apparent, appropriate outrage, intelligent action to isolate the criminal, and the ideal outcome of Truth and Reconciliation.

Sep 04 16:12

911truth.org Statement to the Press

Numerous media outlets have contacted 911truth.org, asking us to "make sense" of Van Jones' "strange" behavior. We have issued the following statement:

As the eighth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, what doesn't make sense to us is that media outlets choose to impugn the character of the signatories rather than carry out your responsibility as watchdogs to call attention to the as yet unanswered questions raised in the 2004 statement. Five years later, we challenge you to finally print those same unanswered questions and pursue their answers with the same vigor with which you pursue the signatories.

We are overwhelmed by all the messages of support that we have received in the last 24 hours. We apologize that we can not possibly respond to each individual message, but please know we do read each one and are grateful for your support. For those of you asking what you can do to help, we encourage you to use the questions of this 2004 Statement as talking points for calls to your local media outlets and national call-in programs, and letters to the editors. Perhaps with your help, we can finally get answers to these lingering questions. Thank you.

For readers' convenience, following is the actual Truth Statement signed onto by Van Jones in 2004, currently being discussed in the media.

Sep 04 15:50

It's official! Why chatting to a pretty woman is 'bad for a man's brain'

It is an experience that turns many chaps into an awkward, mumbling wreck.

Now scientists have confirmed that being in the presence of a pretty woman really does scramble the male brain.

A study has revealed that men who spend just a few minutes in the company of an attractive female perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function.

Researchers suggest that men use up so much of their brain function - or 'cognitive resources' - trying to impress beautiful women, they have little left for other tasks.

Sep 04 15:34

Bride Can't Stop Laughing During Vows

Sep 04 15:14

IMF cuts Britain's growth forecast

The International Monetary Fund has reportedly slashed its forecast for the UK economy this year, even as it raises predictions for global growth.

Just days after a damning diagnosis from the OECD, leaked revisions show the IMF expects Britain's economy to shrink by 4.5pc this year compared with previous forecasts of a 4.2pc contraction.

By contrast, the IMF expects global GDP to fall by just 1.3pc in 2009, better than earlier predictions of a 1.4pc decline.

Sep 04 15:08

Gordon Brown to attempt to convince public Afghanistan merits British deaths

The Prime Minister will also deny that troops are under-resourced. He will argue that each fighting soldier now costs £390,000, compared to £180,000 three years ago.

Sep 04 15:00

Israeli Organ Donation Law

In contrast to countries in which the expressed consent policy is anchored in legislation, in Israel the situation is completely different. The law relating to the organ donation issue is the Law of Anatomy and Pathology. Section 6 of that law states that a doctor is allowed to operate on a body and use any part of it in order to save life. This is subject to one condition: namely, three doctors qualified for this task must sign a document declaring that the operation is indeed being performed for the purpose of saving a life.
The law states that, by definition, cornea, kidney and skin transplantations are also considered life-saving procedures.

Sep 04 14:52

The Autopsy Surgeon Aftonbladet Forgot

In 1992, the year in question, Bostrom says, the Israeli army admitted to him that it took away for autopsy 69 of the 133 Palestinians who died of unnatural causes. The army has not denied this part of his report.

A justifiable question from the families relayed by Bostrom is: why did the army want the autopsies carried out? Unless it can be shown that the army intended to conduct investigations into the deaths -- and there is apparently no suggestion that it did -- the autopsies were unnecessary.

Sep 04 14:47

FLASHBACK - Iran Nuke Laptop Data Came from Terror Group

The George W. Bush administration has long pushed the "laptop documents" - 1,000 pages of technical documents supposedly from a stolen Iranian laptop - as hard evidence of Iranian intentions to build a nuclear weapon. Now charges based on those documents pose the only remaining obstacles to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) declaring that Iran has resolved all unanswered questions about its nuclear programme.

But those documents have long been regarded with great suspicion by U.S. and foreign analysts. German officials have identified the source of the laptop documents in November 2004 as the Mujahideen e Khalq (MEK), which along with its political arm, the National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI), is listed by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organisation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A reminder that those pointing the nuclear finger at Iran have a prior track record of fraud.

Sep 04 14:44

Who Is The Boss?

The bailouts were done to save the big corporations. The citizens paid taxes, or money was borrowed in our name, and the money went to the big corporations. The big corporations then gave out huge bonuses. Some of the corporations actually gave out the exact amount they received from bailouts as bonuses.

Health care reform is something that is for the citizens. So do we ask big corporations to pay taxes, so citizens can have health insurance? No, instead our government is about to pass a low requiring citizens to cough up tons of money, to give to big insurance corporations. That is "reform.

Sep 04 14:41

Pastor, Father-to-Be Killed in Drug Sting

Plainclothes officers shot and killed a small-town pastor when the 28-year-old father-to-be resisted efforts to question him about a passenger in his car who was the target of a drug sting, authorities said.

Jonathan Paul Ayers of Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Lavonia wasn't targeted in the probe that ended in gunfire at a gas station Tuesday, Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokesman John Bankhead said. But drug task-force agents opened fire on him after he tried to avoid them, putting his car in reverse and striking one of the officers.

Sep 04 14:36

AfPak: Escalating War of Aggression

The US invasion of Afghanistan can be best legally understood as a “War of Aggression.” This label is appropriate because Afghanistan did not attack the US, the UN Security Council did not authorize use of force, and the US rejected the Afghan government’s offer of cooperation to capture Osama bin Laden if the US could provide any evidence of his involvement in a crime. I document this important story here with additional comments here, in as far as I know, uncontested fact because the key information comes from our own government’s admissions.

Sep 04 14:36

A Walk in the Park means Watch your Step.

Civilization, you gotta love it. Some say it’s been here for some time. I’m with the group that’s waiting for it to arrive. The other day someone bit off a man’s finger at MoveOn health rally. Half a day later the missing digit was at a Tel Aviv hospital awaiting transplant to a settler who had spent so much time giving the finger to Palestinians trying to cross a checkpoint that it had frozen in place. Doctor’s at the hospital said that the frozen finger was the result of anti-Semitism.