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August 29, 2009

Aug 29 15:29

Democracy is Not Liberty

On the contrary, it was through democracy that the power elite was born, and it is through democracy that the power elite maintains its position of dominance which subsumes the peaceful transactions of the market, transforming them into something ignoble.

Aug 29 15:28

Your Lies Aren't Working Any More

By now, the insults, injuries, injustices, and confiscations of personal property have reached such proportions that either we have been personally violated, or we know someone how has been. We know someone whose dog was killed, whose home was trashed, whose property was seized, who went to prison, or we have had our own life viciously torn apart by the armed robbers and malicious sadists who serve their masters in government offices.

Aug 29 15:12

Expand Medicare for all Americans, NOT illegals

August 27, 2009
Expanding Medicare
We Already Have a Public Option

Aug 29 14:51

The Largest Street Gang in America

Aug 29 14:43


Aug 29 14:40


Homeless families are distressed at the lack of progress in providing adequate and safe shelter, despite pledges made by international donors at a conference held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in early March.

Aug 29 12:48

Trading Spaces:Shalit,Hamas & 11,000 Prisoners

Israel’s systemic abuses have long been documented by human rights groups which includes the deaths of at least 196 Palestinians who were killed while in Israeli custody.

“Some of them were killed by torture, some were shot after they were arrested, while others died because they were denied necessary medication.”

The media is obviously showing extreme bias when it comes to Gilad Shalit,where no mention has been made by any mainstream media outlet as to the number of Palestinian prisoners being held captive by the state of Israel or the fact that they even exist. These growing number of prisoners remain nameless and unknown,having been refused one of the most pivotal factions of human dignity – having an identity.

Aug 29 11:22

Court orders Christian child into government education

A 10-year-old homeschool girl described as "well liked, social and interactive with her peers, academically promising and intellectually at or superior to grade level" has been told by a New Hampshire court official to attend a government school because she was too "vigorous" in defense of her Christian faith.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Can you imagine the media outrage if the girl had been raised Jewish?

Aug 29 11:10

Israel has Iran in its sights

Iran has until late September to respond to the latest international proposal aimed at stopping the Islamic Republic from developing a nuclear weapon. Under the proposal, Iran would suspend its uranium enrichment program in exchange for a U.N. Security Council commitment to forgo a fourth round of economic and diplomatic sanctions.

But if diplomacy fails, the world should be prepared for an Israeli attack on Iran's suspected nuclear weapons facilities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel bombed Iraq's power station at Osirik, claiming that it was a clandestine weapons laboratory. Inspections following the 2003 invasion of Iraq confirmed that there was no such weapons laboratory.

So, why should anybody believe Israel now when they are batting zero in their accusations against other nations?

Aug 29 11:08

UN: Iran nuclear program may have 'military dimensions'

A new report commissioned by the International Atomic Energy Agency says that Iran's nuclear energy program may contain "military dimensions."

In addition, Iran is believed to be proceeding with it uranium enrichment program. According to the IAEA, it has amassed over 1,000 kilograms of low-grade enriched uranium (up to five percent).

Should this quantity undergo an enrichment process that would raise its level to 90 percent, it would be sufficient in order to manufacture over 30 kilograms of fissionable material, enough to produce at least one atomic bomb.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No matter the degree to which Iran has cooperated with the IAEA, apparently, it can never be enough to ultimately prevent a military strike against it by the US and/ or Israel.

One has to wonder what forces were pressing upon ElBaradei to word his final report so ambiguously as to create major questions as to Iran's transparency which could be exploited to Israel's and the US's geopolitical ends.

And notice the timing: "The report was issued just prior to the annual meeting of IAEA member states which is scheduled to convene next month in Vienna."

President Obama has given Iran just until the end of September to comply with his demands. He and Netanyahu understand, without a doubt, that they will not get any more sanctions at the UN in September, when the General Assembly meets, because both China and Russia will veto any further sanctions.

It will then just be a question as to how long before the UN gets characterized as "irrelevant" by the US and Israel, and the bombs start flying.

Aug 29 11:04

9/11 Radio Transmissions of WTC 2 Firefighters

This wma file is an extract from the The Complete Firefighters Tape and it contains the final transmissions made by firefighters located in the aircraft impact area of WTC 2 (floors 77 and 78). Floor 78 was officially being ravaged by an 800ºC inferno at this time.

The transmissions document that only isolated pockets of fire were reported by the firefighters, so where was the all-consuming inferno?

Aug 29 10:53

Crime expert backs calls for 'licence to compute'

Australia's leading criminologist thinks online scams have escalated to such a point that first-time users of computers should have to earn a licence to surf the web.

Russel Smith, principal criminologist at the Australian Institute of Criminology said the concept of a "computer drivers licence" should be taken seriously as an option for combating internet-related crime.

Aug 29 10:53

Damaging Israel's priceless assets

The current government seems bent on making Israel a more illiberal society by undermining freedom of speech, condoning public expressions of racism and threatening mass deportation of refugees. So it's not surprising that Netanyahu cannot understand just how priceless an asset the country's human rights organisations are. It's absurd to trumpet Israel as the "only democracy in the Middle East" and in the same breath attack the very organisations that any democracy must cherish. Their very aims are to strengthen democracy and the rule of law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israeli human rights groups are to be commended for their courage and responsibility in attempting to focus on what has been going on with Israeli persecution of Palestinians, and deserve the world's respect in their efforts.

Aug 29 10:47

Virtual banks sunk in deficits, Bernanke twiddles thumbs

Surprise! It turns out that massive embezzlement and defaulted loans are just as bad for virtual banks in computer games as they are for banks in the real world.

Aug 29 10:38

Reproducing failure

Having utterly failed to get Israel to freeze Jewish settlement expansion in the West Bank, especially in East Jerusalem, the Obama administration is now asking Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to resume peace talks as soon as possible.

At the same time, the PA is backed against a wall, as initiating a new round of open-ended talks with Israel would be deeply unpopular amongst Palestinians. Fatah, the backbone of the PA, risks losing its recently enhanced popularity if another exhausting round of peace talks with Israel proves fruitless, as most Palestinians and Arabs believe it will be, barring decisive US interference that would force Israel to take a strategic decision to give up the spoils of occupation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama has utterly caved in to Netanyahu on the settlements issue, allegedly to "buy time" for his strategy with Iran.

Obama is about to experience the harsh reality that Israel never keeps its promises, except to itself in terms of acquiring more and more territory - by any means necessary.

Aug 29 10:36

Sunspots Do Really Affect Weather Patterns, Say Scientists

A recent paper in Eos considers the evidence that we could be in for an extended period with few sunspots:

Why is a lack of sunspot activity interesting? During the period from 1645 to 1715, the Sun entered a period of low activity now known as the Maunder Minimum, when through several 11- year periods the Sun displayed few if any sunspots. Models of the Sun’s irradiance suggest that the solar energy input to the Earth decreased during that time and that this change in solar activity could explain the low temperatures recorded in Europe during the Little Ice Age.

Realtime sun photo. Note the lack of sunspots.

Aug 29 10:29

Revealed: Docs Describe in Extraordinary Detail Process of ‘Rendition,’ Torture

The background paper clearly illustrates that the torture of detainees was systematic and micromanaged by the top officials at the CIA, the Justice Department, medical professionals, and likely the White House. Previously, the CIA has refused to disclose any details of its rendition program citing state secrets.

That the torture was overseen by medical professionals is a violation of international laws and treaties, and additionally, a breach of numerous professional ethical codes, including the United Nations Principles of Medical Ethics and the Declaration of Toyko.

Aug 29 10:25

Obama’s AfPak war intensifies on both sides of border

As low voter turnout in Afghanistan’s presidential election last week provided further evidence of broad hostility to the US-led occupation, the armed insurgency has continued to escalate. The number of US and NATO troops killed in the country during 2009 reached 301 yesterday—already the highest annual toll of the eight-year occupation.

Aug 29 10:24

In a Rotten State: Israel’s siege killed Gaza’s economy

With crossings closed or barely functioning, most of Gaza’s goods are brought in at steep prices via the tunnels. Last week Egyptian authorities announced a seizure of such goods bound for Gaza before the start of Ramadan. Among the millions of dollars worth of goods seized were wood, glass, electronic equipment and appliances, tyres, carpets, and large quantities of sweets, nuts, and foodstuffs used during Ramadan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The siege of Gaza is crime of monumental proportions, but the world turns essentially a blind eye to the everyday destruction Israel wreaks on Gaza.

And the really sick irony of this situation is that many of the people in Israel's government who decided the siege was a terrific idea are themselves children and grandchildren of Holocaust.

Aug 29 10:04

From dust to bust, America's poor take on a new type of monster

Tulsa has seen its share of poverty and desperation over the years. In the 1930s, it saw a tide of hundreds of thousands struggling west along Route 66 to escape economic collapse in the north and the notorious dustbowl of drought and wind across the Midwest. Whether they had lost their land or their jobs, that flow of desperate humanity – chronicled so devastatingly through the fictional Joad family in John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath – struggled hard to find enough to feed and clothe their children as they trekked towards an illusory dream of prosperity in distant California.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a very gritty, but real, picture, of what is happening to American's poor you will never see on the US corporate media.

Aug 29 09:56

Scientist Warning of Health Hazards of Monsanto's Herbicide Receives Threats

According to an article in the Argentine press, after news about the study broke, Dr. Carrasco was the victim of an act of intimidation, when four men arrived at his laboratory in the Faculty of Medicine and acted extremely aggressively.

Two of the men were said to be members of an agrochemical industry body but refused to give their names. The other two claimed to be a lawyer and notary. They apparently interrogated Dr. Carrasco and demanded to see details of the experiments. They left a card Basílico, Andrada & Santurio, attorneys on behalf of Felipe Alejandro Noël.

Aug 29 09:50

AFGHANISTAN: Seven years after CIA abduction, prisoner still held without charge

Wazir is one of hundreds of Afghans and others who have been held as "enemy combatants" at Bagram, a former Soviet air base that has has been plagued by allegations of torture since the start of the U.S. war in Afghanistan. The same judge who ultimately dismissed Wazir's petition wrote in an earlier ruling that conditions at Bagram "fall well short of what the Supreme Court found inadequate at Guantanamo."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not much "change" here, when it comes to the US treatment of prisoners of war in Afghanistan.

And ans small restoration of US credibility on the issue of human rights?!?

In the immortal words of Tony Soprano, "fuggetaboutit!"

Aug 29 09:45

Holder Appoints Torture Prosecutor, Rejects Nuremberg Principle

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder appointed Assistant United States Attorney John Durham to investigate torture by U.S. officials since President Bush commenced the “war on terror,” but in the same act also gave political cover from that prosecutor to anyone who actually committed torture.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Attorney General Holder, why didn't you hold a copy of the Geneva accords and light it on fire when you made that announcement about appointing John Durham, as a signal to the world that the US has completely withdrawn as a signatory of the Geneva Conventions?

You've just given the real perpetrators of these atrocities the privilege of never having to be responsible for their own actions in the matter of torture of US-held prisoners of war.

What a marvelously sweet deal for that unholy trinity of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld!

Aug 29 09:37

US Denies Combat Operations in Philippines

US officials today say that in spite of previous claims from a retired Philippine Navy lieutenant, the hundreds of US troops on the ground in the Southern Philippines are not actually involved in combat operations, but are merely there for temporary training of the Philippine soldiers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wasn't this precisely the way the US began in Viet Nam; as "advisors and trainers"?!?

Aug 29 09:35

DOJ May Skirt Court Order on Interrogation Documents

The Obama administration may circumvent the spirit of a judge’s order to disclose hundreds of documents relating to the CIA’s Bush-era interrogation program, delivering instead generic descriptions of the documents and legal arguments for continued nondisclosure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Attorney General Holder: if the American Republic is to continue, these documents cannot be covered up, or slathered with a vanilla "interpretation" of what the documents actually say.

Doing this means we are no longer a nation ruled by law, but a nation ruled by men, and puts this country on a very slippery moral slope, and we may never recover from the ride down that slope, as a country.

Aug 29 09:29

Taliban's growth in Afghanistan's north threatens to expand war

Taliban insurgents have taken over parts of two northern provinces from which they were driven in 2001, threatening to disrupt NATO's new supply route from Central Asia and expand a war that's largely been confined to Afghanistan's southern half, U.S. and Afghan officials said.

Insurgents operating out of Baghlan district along the highway from Tajikistan launched coordinated attacks during the Aug. 20 presidential elections, killing the district police chief and a civilian, while losing a dozen of their own men, local officials said. It was the worst bloodshed reported in the country that day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is very odd, that aspect of "selective memory", which seems to inform the actions taken by the US white house and pentagon when it comes to Afghanistan.

The great lesson of Viet Nam should have been, you cannot, absolutely cannot, win what is essentially a land war from the air.

And yet, that appears to be precisely what the US and NATO are attempting to do in Afghanistan, because neither the US nor NATO countries have either the stomach, or national backing for, utilizing the overwhelming and lethal ground necessary for winning this war.

The US and NATO are losing this war, and the only folks winning are the military contractors, and the drug dealers.

Aug 29 09:18

Judge puts Fed's bailout revelations on hold

The U.S. Federal Reserve won a delay of a federal judge's order that it reveal the names of the banks that have participated in its emergency lending programs and the sums they received.

The Fed's board of governors has worried that disclosure would stigmatize the participating banks, threatening both them and the U.S. economy.

It argued disclosure threatened "irreparable harm to these institutions and to the board's ability to effectively manage the current, and any future, financial crisis."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This has nothing to do with do with any possibility that this would "...stigmatize the participating banks, threatening both them and the U.S. economy."

This has everything to do with We the People's right to know just how and were our tax dollars are used.

Apparently, Judge Preska doesn't believe that the American people have that right, and that it is perfectly acceptable for this government to throw money at institutions which may well have deserved to fail, because of poor financial governance.

I hope Bloomberg News challenges this ruling in a higher court.

Aug 29 09:14


Israel’s very first, historic heart transplant used a heart removed from a living patient without consent or consulting his family.

Aug 29 09:13


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sat in front of the Israeli press for 45 minutes here on Wednesday, just a few hours after meeting US envoy George Mitchell in London and deflected with great acumen the journalists’ repeated attempts to pry out of him any real piece of information about what happened during their four-hour meeting.

Aug 29 09:12


According to news reports, Israel arrested several people praying at Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. One of those was “a Gaza man was detained for being in the area without a permit.” (and yet Zionist propaganda still regurgitates the myth that the apartheid walls are for security!). Jimmy Carter joins the fast for Gaza.

Aug 29 09:11


- Rep. Charles Rangel failed to report as much as $1.3 million in outside income -- including up to $1 million for a Harlem building sale -- on financial-disclosure forms he filed between 2002 and 2006, according to newly amended records.

The documents also show the embattled chairman of the Ways and Means Committee -- who is being probed by the House Ethics Committee -- failed to reveal a staggering $3 million in various business transactions over the same period.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For folks like Rangel, apparently, taxes are only for the "little people" who are not riding the gravy train of a career in congress.

Aug 29 09:11

Swine flu spreading at ‘unbelievable’ rate: WHO chief

“This virus travels at an unbelievable, almost unheard of speed,” World Health Organisation Director General Margaret Chan told France’s Le Monde daily in an interview.

“In six weeks it travels the same distance that other viruses take six months to cover,” Chan said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is pure media hype, because the speed at which a virus spreads is determined by the speed of human travel.

WHO is apparently convinced that the "When Pigs Fly" flu is the key to massive funding increases.

Aug 29 09:00

UAE 'seizes N Korea arms cargo'

The United Arab Emirates has seized a ship illegally carrying embargoed North Korean weapons bound for Iran, diplomatic sources at the UN have said.

The UK-based Financial Times reported earlier on Friday that the ship was seized "some weeks ago".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that this BBC article is completely unsourced.

Just who are those "diplomatic sources" at the UN, guys? Do they actually exist?

Aug 29 08:57

Bank failure tally tops 84

Regional banks in Maryland, Minnesota and California were closed by regulators Friday, bringing the total number of failed banks this year to 84, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

California banks are especially in trouble.

Aug 29 08:56

Karzai widens lead in Afghan election race

Incumbent Hamid Karzai on Saturday pulled further ahead of his main rival in the race for the Afghan presidency, based on the latest results unveiled by the country's election commission.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (complete absence of) surprise!

Aug 29 08:55

Dwight David Eisenhower starved to death 1.7 MIILION POW's in his concentration camps

Aug 29 08:54

U.S. Farm Profit Plunging on Lower Crop, Dairy Prices

Profits for U.S. farmers will plunge more than expected this year, dropping 38 percent from 2008 as the recession erodes demand for crops, livestock and dairy products, the government said.

Aug 29 08:53

3rd District Congressman Mark Souder's Townhall meeting Fort Wayne

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Polite, restrained, but still adversarial.

Aug 29 08:53

Cheney ‘OK’ with violating felony torture statute

In an interview with Fox News to be aired this Sunday, former Vice President Dick Cheney said he is “OK” with CIA interrogations that violated Justice Department guidelines and condemned the prospect of any investigation of abuses as potentially “devastating” to morale.

The 2004 Inspector General’s report released on Monday cited numerous cases of possible violations of the felony torture statute, which prohibits both “the intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering” and “the threat of imminent death.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Deadeye Dick "shoot my friend in the face, and make him apologize for the incident" Cheney: what you and the other knuckleheads did, by institutionalizing torture, has created three catastrophically ugly outcomes for this country.

First, by torturing prisoners of war (which is precisely what these guys were), you effectively pulled the US out of any human rights treaty to which this country has ever been a signatory.

Second, no American official of any stripe can ever talk about human rights, human dignity, and democracy with a straight face ever again, when agents of this country torture. Additionally, those officials cannot do that until the unholy trinity of you, Bush, and Rumsfeld stand in a court of law to confront war crimes trials.

And third, having institutionalized torture as normal, now any American, military or civilian, should they get captured, can expect no better than we meted out at Abu Ghraib.

And having had that outcome as a very real potential consequence of the choices which led to torture, it is obvious to thinking Americans, and particularly our military, that you very much ascribe to Henry Kissinger's attitude, expressed by his quote that our soldiers are "dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns" to achieve whatever geopolitical outcome you wanted, no matter what the price.

For you, and others like you, it's always other people's kids getting maimed and dying to achieve those objectives.

Aug 29 08:43

Flechette Shells: An illegal weapon

These claims cannot justify the use of flechette shells by the IDF in the Gaza Strip. While flechettes are not expressly forbidden under international humanitarian law in all circumstances, other rules of humanitarian law render their use in the Gaza Strip illegal. One of the most fundamental principles is the obligation to distinguish between those who are involved and those who are not involved in the fighting, and to avoid to the extent possible injury to those who are not involved. Deriving from this principle is the prohibition of the use of an imprecise weapon which is likely to result in civilian injuries.

Aug 29 08:41

Police baffled as dozens of 'suicidal' cows throw themselves off cliff in the Alps

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Uncovering the cruel secret behind "whipped cream."

Aug 29 08:40

Taking something for nothing is wrong . . .

Ultimately the answer to combating digital piracy lies in the hands of those who own content and those who control access to the internet. Rights holders already have to take risks, and will have to take more — for example, by developing new online services such as Spotify that make much more of their back catalogue available in a way and at a price that makes sense to today’s consumers. The age of flogging a CD in HMV for £20 is well and truly over. Ask me what I think will finish off piracy as a real threat to our creators and creative businesses and the answer is obvious — it is the market.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ultimately, as a creative person myself, my sympathies are with the copyright holders.

But I do not think technology is the answer.

Content theft is a moral issue, and in nations where the leaders are seen to lie about foreign countries in order to steal the wealth of those countries, convincing young people that copying a file is wrong is a tough sell.

If we want a moral people we must start with moral leaders and by that I do not mean postured morality for the cameras but real morality that exists even when the cameras and public are not watching.

I agree with this article that prices for entertainment need to come down, but right now, the lion's share of the price of a CD or DVD goes government. How much less must we who make the products make do with less so that the government may have more?

Aug 29 08:35

The swine flu call centres where staff have nothing to do but play cards and Trivial Pursuit

Two swine flu call centres are to close just weeks after opening because staff have been spending most of their time playing cards and board games.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money has been 'squandered' after around 1,200 workers were employed to deal with the expected deluge of anxious calls.

But staff said far fewer calls were made than predicted and supervisors allowed them to play cards and games such as Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly to help pass the long hours between calls.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: The fear-mongering has not worked.

Aug 29 08:24

Study Says World's Stocks Controlled by Select Few

A recent analysis of the 2007 financial markets of 48 countries has revealed that the world's finances are in the hands of just a few mutual funds, banks, and corporations. This is the first clear picture of the global concentration of financial power, and point out the worldwide financial system's vulnerability as it stood on the brink of the current economic crisis.

Aug 29 08:23

Master hacker admits guilt, gets 15-25 years in prison

Albert Gonzalez will spend 15 to 25 years in prison for masterminding one of the two largest identity thefts in U.S. history.

According to a plea agreement announced today, he will plead guilty by Sept. 11 to 19 counts in Massachusetts related to the theft of 41 million credit-card numbers from retailers TJX Cos, BJ's Wholesale Club, OfficeMax, Boston Market, Barnes & Noble, Sports Authority, Forever 21 and DSW.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Aug 29 08:23

Palestinian MPs and Cabinet members STILL in Israeli jails after illegal abduction

Among these prisoners are 21 Palestinian Members of Parliament (Palestinian Legislative Council) and 8 Cabinet Ministers. Shocking but true, these people are still locked away in prison cells three years after their night-time abduction as if they were criminals!

Aug 29 08:03

Norway's Knut Storberget tells ISPs to deploy secret censorship lists, 29 Aug 2008

The file contains a letter from the Norwegian Minister for Justice, Knut Storberget, asking all Norwegian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to create a nation wide censorship system on a "voluntary basis" or face the passage of laws compelling them to do so.

The letter was sent to internet providers in Norway.

Aug 29 07:14

AIPAC to go on mourning for Ted Kennedy

According to one tally, Ted Kennedy voted 100 percent in concert with positions taken by Aipac, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Tom Dine, who served as Aipac’s executive director from 1980-93, was a defense and foreign policy advisor to Kennedy.

In the run-up to his tough 1994 Senate campaign against Mitt Romney, Kennedy accumulated some $45,000 from pro-Israel political action committees over the years, according to former Aipac legislative director Doug Bloomfield, “and presumably a lot more from individual pro-Israel donors, considering his long record of support for U.S. taxpayer aid for Israel.”

Aug 29 07:08

Rep. Frank: House will pass Ron Paul’s ‘audit the Fed’ bill this year

Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), one of the most unabashed liberals in the U.S. House of Representatives, told a Massachusetts town hall recently that Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve will clear his chamber by October.

Over half of the House members, most of them Republican, have signed on to the bill, H.R. 1207.

Though Frank disagrees — as many proponents of the bill contend — that the Fed is the cause of the U.S. dollar’s shrinking value, he told a Massachusetts audience that he’s been a proponent of greater transparency at the nation’s central bank for some time.

Aug 29 06:59

Israeli Organ Harvesting

Last week Sweden’s largest daily newspaper published an article containing shocking material: testimony and circumstantial evidence indicating that Israelis may have been harvesting internal organs from Palestinian prisoners without consent for many years.

Worse yet, some of the information reported in the article suggests that in some instances Palestinians may have been captured with this macabre purpose in mind.

Aug 29 06:23

Video: news broadcasts from 9/11, 9/12 and 9/13, the film shows the media lies that stuck with the public & the truths that were forgotten

Composed almost entirely of news broadcasts from 9/11, 9/12 and 9/13, the film shows the media lies that stuck with the public and more importantly, the truths that were quickly forgotten.
In the embedded player, choose the 4th item(bottom).
Please download the DVD ISO or the DivX file. These
have the best quality of all the listed formats.

Aug 29 06:11

America's deepening inferiority complex begins to bite Russia

In July, US Vice President Joe Biden, just days after his Commander-in-Speech’s successful trip to Moscow, fired the starting pistol for the latest wave of anti-Russian rhetoric when he lamented that, “Russia has some very difficult decisions to make.”

“They have a shrinking population base,” Biden started. “They have a withering economy, they have a banking sector that is not likely to be able to withstand the next 15 years.”

Biden’s gratuitous tirade against Russia, besides betraying a disturbing level of disunity in America’s foreign policy sector, was in many ways a paranoid’s mirror reflection of the very problems now facing the United States. After all, the entire world is now slogging its way through an economic swamp of dinosaur proportions, and most countries have “difficult decisions” to make.

Aug 29 05:07

Closing In on the Torturers

Do you think the wardens will let George Tenet wear his Presidential Medal of Freedom over the orange coverall?

Perhaps he and Donald Rumsfeld will end up doing time together in one of the prisons also slated to host what Rumsfeld called "the worst of the worst" from Guantanamo.

That would be poetic justice of a most ironic kind. And if the two former leaders do end up in prison they can count themselves fortunate for having dodged execution for their roles in a slew of capital offenses.

You see, punishments for violations of the War Crimes Act (18 U.S.C. 2441), applicable in their case, include the death penalty-often the sentence of choice if detainees die in their custody. And countless have.

Aug 29 05:03

Cindy Sheehan's Lonely Vigil in Obamaland

Cindy Sheehan will be at Martha’s Vineyard beginning August 25 a short way from Obama’s vacation paradise of the celebrity elite but very far from the Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iraq where the body bags and cemeteries fill up each day as Obama’s wars rage on. She will remain there from August 25 through August 29 and has issued a call for all peace activists to join her there. For those of us close by in the New England states and in New York City, there would seem to be a special obligation to get to Martha’s Vineyard as soon as we can.

Aug 29 04:19

New Documents Describe in Extraordinary Detail Process of "Rendition," Torture

Among the treasure trove of documents released on Monday related to the CIA's detention and torture program is a 20-page background paper that, for the first time, describes in extraordinary detail the process of "rendition" and the torture prisoners are then subjected to when they are flown to "black site" prisons.

Aug 29 04:15

US Interrogators Back Torture Probe

Support for a wide-ranging criminal investigation into the Bush administration's use of torture has grown to include a former top FBI interrogator and a career military intelligence officer with more than two decades of experience conducting interrogations.

Aug 29 03:23

Early and Current Fears about Vaccine Dangers

Calling compulsory vaccinations "medical barbarism," Higgins petitioned President Woodrow Wilson to stop mandating them for army and navy personnel. He cited facts he called shocking, including death certificates of primary school aged children "all killed in one week in September, 1915, from vaccination resulting in lockjaw and septicemia" and numerous others dead from "vaccine infection." Yet throughout 1915, only three people died from smallpox.

Aug 29 02:34

The IG Report Chronology

I wanted to make some observations about the chronology included in the CIA IG Report***

***note the way the chronology tries to fudge or mis-represent details.

Aug 29 01:41


Investigate the Entire Torture Team

(*2,673 Packs of Cards Ordered So Far! http://act.credoaction.com/tortureteam/ )

August 28, 2009

Aug 28 22:41

Martha’s Vineyard, retreat of upwardly mobile black America

August 25, 2009
Martha’s Vineyard becomes capital of upwardly mobile black America
President Obama’s holiday in Martha’s Vineyard has confirmed the racially mixed resort as the capital of upwardly mobile black America. African-American celebrities, executives and academics who have long vacationed on the island are celebrating the arrival of America’s first black President.
The town is now home to a prosperous black community that includes Henry Louis Gates, the Harvard professor and Obama friend who clashed with a white policeman who checked his Boston-area home, and the Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree, another Obama friend.

Aug 28 21:52

Debt Slave

Debt Slave is a wake up call for all Americans to break out of the corporate control of the mainstream media and prepare for the real economic collapse that is ahead.

Aug 28 20:42

Fluoride Linked to Arthritis, Study Shows

A 2009 Brazilian study shows that, after brushing with a fluoridated dentifrice, a substantial amount of fluoride is ingested by children. (7)

“Fluoride at any level accumulates in the body,” says Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation. “So even water fluoridation will cause arthritic-like symptoms in susceptible individuals which is compounded by U.S. physicians’and dentists' lack of training to diagnose fluoride toxicity.” (See: http://tinyurl.com/Susheela

“We know US schoolchildren are fluoride-overdosed (5). What’s it doing to their bones?” asks Beeber.

Aug 28 20:29

US wants 20,000 more troops to fight Taliban

The commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan will ask for 20,000 more international troops as part of his new strategic plan for the alliance's war against a resurgent Taliban, The Independent has learned.

Aug 28 20:23

The truth never dies: Megrahi demands Lockerbie inquiry

The man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing has backed demands for a far-reaching public inquiry into the atrocity, saying the international community owes that to the families of the 270 victims.

In his first full-length interview since being released last week, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi told The Herald: “We all want to know the truth. The truth never dies.”

Speaking from a hospital bed at his home in Tripoli, Megrahi talked extensively about his 10-year battle with the Scottish legal system and insisted he did not commit the worst terrorist act on mainland Britain.

Aug 28 20:20

IBM Takes First 3D Image of Atomic Bonds

That B&W structure is an actual image of a molecule and its atomic bonds. The first of its kind, in fact, and a breakthrough for the crazy IBM scientists in Zurich who spent 20 straight hours staring at the "specimen"—which in this case was a 1.4 nanometer-long pentacene molecule comprised of 22 carbon atoms and 14 hydrogen atoms.

Aug 28 20:17

Tenants fuming as flats turned into 'Big Brother house' with 112 CCTV cameras installed inside

Furious tenants say security cameras have turned their flats into a huge Big Brother house.

It comes after a housing trust installed up to 112 CCTV cameras in their eight three-storey blocks and pointing towards residents' front doors.

People living there say the move is an invasion of their privacy and fear they will be spied on 24 hours a day.

Aug 28 20:11

Mother of son serving in Afghanistan shells out £3,000 buying kit for him because he's so poorly equipped by Army

The mother of a soldier serving in Afghanistan today revealed he is so poorly equipped she has had to shell out £3,000 - on sending him kit.

Proud mum Lorna Daniel, 52, has sent son Paul vests, gloves, a sleeping bag costing £300, socks at £14 a pair, torches and T-shirts.

She buys the kit from a surplus store at home and once spent £280 on new boots because his Army issue pair melted in the desert heat.

Aug 28 20:01

Startling New Evidence That The ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic Is Man-Made

In 2005, this “jobbing” of separate ingredients by multiple companies would never have been allowed because of the legal liability issues involved. However, in 2009, all liabilities for death and disability from faulty or contaminated vaccines have been stripped away. Any wrongful death or disability lawsuits against Novartis or any other company will today be summarily dismissed.

Novartis today has carte blanche blanket immunity for their actions and any large pharmaceutical company who so desires, can join them at the feeding troughs just by paying millions for their “kits”.

If this isn’t the pinnacle of criminality, then I don’t know what is.

Aug 28 19:12

2010 Census to include illegals to shift balance of power

Census Bureau: We’ll Work with ‘Community Organizations’ to Count All Illegal Aliens in 2010
By Nicholas Ballasy,April 02, 2009
The Census is used to apportion the seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. There are 435 House seats that are divided among the states in proportion to their population, which is determined by the decennial census. States with more people get more seats in the U.S. House.
Our Unconstitutional Census AUGUST 9, 2009

Aug 28 18:02

Liar Rep.Markey says "We", means "You" must lose benefits

Markey: Medicare will take hit
BY ROBERT MOORE August 27, 2009
Some people, including Medicare recipients, will have to give up some current benefits to truly reform the nation's health-care system, Rep. Betsy Markey told a gathering of constituents in Fort Collins on Wednesday.
"There's going to be some people who are going to have to give up some things, honestly, for all of this to work," Markey said at a Congress on Your Corner event at CSU. "But we have to do this because we're Americans."

Aug 28 17:27

Video: Think of This Every Time Your Congressperson Screws You (Again)

"...because the entire house, this Congressional-woman's house was bugged..."

Aug 28 16:39

Tyler Durden: Did The Fed Secretly Open Trading Accounts To Boost The Markets?

It is no surprise that in order to incite a return to pre-Lehman economic levels (the administration's #1 goal bar none), not only the stock market would have to much higher from its March lows (a task largely accomplished through market increases on disappearing breadth, liquidity extraction by the likes of Goldman Sachs, and assorted last minute inexplicalbe ramp ups in the various futures and ETF markets), but also the shadow system would have to be back with a vengeance. And while new mechanisms to achieve this such as securitization replacement alphabet soups have yet to prove their efficacy, the real heart of the shadow banking system Frankenstein is and has always been the repo market.

Aug 28 15:39

Jay Rockefeller - Internet should have never existed

"It really almost makes you ask the question would it have been better if we had never invented the internet,” Rockefeller mused during the confirmation hearing of Gary Locke (see video), Obama’s choice for Commerce Secretary.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I can imagine that various rulers, seeing their power on the wane, made the same comment about Gutenberg's movable-type printing!

Aug 28 15:35

New Hampshire brewing company mentions Building 7 on their lable

The Conspiracy Theory Oatmeal Stout features two men, one of whom is saying "Did you hear about Building 7?" to the other. Of course, Building 7 is the third World Trade Center tower to collapse on September 11, 2001. It fell down even though it hadn't been hit by a plane. It might have been on fire, or maybe not. There are videos showing police telling bystanders that the building was going to come down, and moving them away from the building. Building 7 was ignored by the 911 Commission. See 911truth.org for more details. Oddly, everyone believes there was a conspiracy that led to 911. The only disagreement is who, exactly, was responsible.

Aug 28 15:35

Trying to Inflate Our Way Out of Debt Is Like a Monkey Trying To Outrun a Lion

Commonly-accepted wisdom says that we can inflate our way out of our debt crisis.

Ben Bernanke and Paul Krugman apparently think we should force inflation on the economy. University of Oregon economics professor Tim Duy thinks the U.S. will ultimately try to inflate its way out of debt.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Wiemar Republic tried that. It didn't work.

Kicking out the private central bank and returning money creation to the government is what worked back then and the only thing that will work now.

It worked for Lincoln.

It worked the John F. Kennedy.

Too bad Obama is a pussy.

Aug 28 14:53

NH plan for parks may spell closings

A new plan for the future of the state parks will focus more on solving the crippling financial situation facing the system and could include closing some parks, rather than a vague call for finding new management of 29 state properties.

(*Would one be wrong to assume , first : they close the parks , second they develop the land for commercial , or more assumably high end residential sale ?)

Aug 28 14:50

Texas man's Taser death ruled homicide

A mentally ill man's death after he was shocked twice by a police Taser was a homicide, a medical examiner's office ruled Thursday.

Aug 28 14:49

More Americans are having their power shut off as the weak economy makes it harder to pay bills.

More Americans are having their power shut off as the weak economy makes it harder to pay bills.

"We see record numbers of households becoming disconnected or in danger of disconnection," says Mark Bixby, energy director of Rockford, Ill. Five years ago, his office distributed federal funds annually to about 300 households that had their power cut off. Last year, it was 1,834 households, and the number is likely to go up this year, he says: "It's families that can't find work."

Aug 28 14:48

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.

They're not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors. CNET News has obtained a copy of the 55-page draft of S.773 (excerpt), which still appears to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency.

Aug 28 14:47

Who Put Super-Thermite in the Twin Towers?

The discovery of chips of highly-explosive super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center is an essential key to unraveling the entire 9-11 hoax.

Understanding the lies about 9-11 reveals in turn the mass deception behind the wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq and the utterly fraudulent "War on Terror." One soon realizes that the whole anti-terrorism Zeitgeist of the past 8 years is nothing but a pack of lies.

Aug 28 14:45

Tutu to Haaretz: Arabs paying the price of the Holocaust

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Odd. I don't recall the Arabs having anything to do with the Holocaust!

Aug 28 14:42

Honduras regime breaks ties with Argentina. Israeli Embassey to Handle Honduran Diplomacy

TEGUCIGALPA — Interim leaders in Honduras who backed the June 28 ouster of President Manuel Zelaya on Tuesday broke off diplomatic ties with Argentina, which has made a strong push to return the deposed leader.

Aug 28 14:35

Hawaii tax picture is worse than expected

HONOLULU - A lack of construction and worries about swine flu caused Hawaii's economic seers to forecast that tax revenues will continue to drop before bouncing back next year.

The Council on Revenues predicted Thursday that revenues will decline through June, but the islands are set for a sharp rebound afterward.

''We're taking notice of some improvement,'' said Paul Brewbaker, the council's chairman. ''But at the same time, there are lingering challenges, primarily in the form of construction.''

Aug 28 14:17

TSA worker gets jail, probation for luggage thefts

WAILUKU - A 30-year-old former Transportation Security Administration worker was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years' probation Thursday for stealing jewelry, gift cards and other things out of tourists' bags as the items were undergoing security screening at Kahului Airport.

Aug 28 14:12

Global Warming? Upper Northeast Temps Drop to Mid-30s

Aug 28 14:11

Stanford group finance officer admits huge fraud

The chief financial officer of the investment company owned by Texas cricket mogul Allen Stanford Thursday pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a complex seven-billion-dollar fraud.

Aug 28 14:08

Attorney General Holder: What Happened to KSM’s Children? Release All of Paragraph 95

Since Yoo authored some of the legal "justifications" for the interrogation processes and likely was aware of what was done with and to KSM's children, this statement becomes even more chilling. What is in the rest of the paragraph? Were the children hurt in any way? Was KSM forced to watch real or falsified mistreatment of them?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Would you confess to 9-11 rather than see your children tortured?

Then none of the confessions the US Government uses to justify their wars of conquest can be valid.

Aug 28 14:05


The US is insisting on restarting talks between the Palestinians and Israel, but to what end, asks Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

Having utterly failed to get Israel to freeze Jewish settlement expansion in the West Bank, especially in East Jerusalem, the Obama administration is now asking Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to resume peace talks as soon as possible.

Aug 28 14:02

FBI loses appeal of $101.7m verdict

In a dramatic ruling on July 26, 2007, Gertner found the FBI “responsible for the framing of four innocent men’’ in the murder of a small-time criminal, Edward “Teddy’’ Deegan, in a Chelsea alley.

Webmaster's Commentary: 









Just ask Leonard Peltier

Aug 28 14:01

Bisexual Congresswoman Blackmailed, House Bugged

12 The reason there's a question mark is I lacked
13 -- I was terminated by April 2002, but this
14 particular Congresswoman -- the Turkish --
15 these Turkish organizations and operatives, if
16 they can't do it by money, they do by
17 blackmail. So they collect information on
18 sexual lives and other information like that,
19 and with this particular Congresswoman, it
20 being 2000 until I left, they -- this
21 individual, this Congresswoman's married with
22 children, grown children, but she is bisexual.

1 So they have sent Turkish female agents, and
2 that Turkish female agents work for Turkish
3 government, and have sexual relationship with
4 this Congresswoman in her townhouse actually
5 in this area, and the entire episodes of their

Aug 28 14:00

Officials: Swine flu reports may be overblown

U.S. health officials are taking the spread of the new swine flu seriously, but they don't expect up to half the nation to be infected or up to 90,000 deaths — statistics that were reported by much of the nation's media earlier this week.

Aug 28 13:59

WHO Warns Of Severe Form Of Swine Flu

Doctors are reporting a severe form of swine flu that goes straight to the lungs, causing severe illness in otherwise healthy young people and requiring expensive hospital treatment, the World Health Organisation said on Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Will someone please make up their @#%ing mind about the "When Pigs Fly" flu?

Aug 28 12:31

Kseniya Simonova's Amazing Sand Drawing

A good friend of mine sent this to me, and I felt compelled to share. If more and more people use such beautiful and moving mediums to convey their disgust for war and conquest, maybe we can wake up enough people to bring it to a screeching halt..

Aug 28 12:04

Tim Hawkins - The Government Can