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August 28, 2009

Aug 28 12:02

The Spend-And-Borrow Economy

When governments reach the point where they are borrowing to pay the interest on their borrowing they are coming dangerously close to running a sovereign Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes have a way of ending unhappily. To get out of the Ponzi trap, governments will have to raise taxes, or cut spending, or monetize the debt--or most likely do some combination of all three.

Aug 28 12:01

From the same government which claims it can manage your health care!

Aug 28 11:59

Night of Israeli Horror in Jerusalem Hospital

A copy of my report, which was censored back then, can be seen in the scan of the article, which is stamped in Hebrew by the military censor as “publication not allowed”.

Aug 28 11:14

1,000 Banks to Fail In Next Two Years: Bank CEO

The US banking system will lose some 1,000 institutions over the next two years, said John Kanas, whose private equity firm bought BankUnited of Florida in May.

Aug 28 10:47

Thousands flee Burma as army clashes with Kokang militias

Thousands of people have fled from northern Burma into China after fighting erupted between government troops and an armed ethnic group yesterday, breaking a 20-year ceasefire.

The government signed a ceasefire with ethnic groups in the Shan state in 1989, allowing them to hold on to their arms. Several fused their political aims with vast drug operations and have grown increasingly powerful, enjoying considerable autonomy. But the Burmese army has gradually increased its presence and the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), the official name of the ruling military junta, recently began pressing the militias to be incorporated into an official border force.

Aug 28 10:42

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.

They're not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors. CNET News has obtained a copy of the 55-page draft of S.773 (excerpt), which still appears to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jay Rockefeller's commentary on the internet can be seen here:


What Rockefeller is infinitely more afraid of than any kind of terror attack against this country is the capability of the internet to spread the truth about what is going on in the world.

And that scares the excrement out of most politicians, as well it should!

Aug 28 10:33

Whirlpool to close Evansville plant

Whirlpool Corp. announced Friday that it will close its manufacturing plant in Evansville, Ind., eliminating about 1,100 full-time jobs by mid-2010.

Whirlpool (NYSE: WHR), based in Benton Harbor, Mich., said in a news release that production of top freezer refrigerators made at Evansville will be transferred to one of the company's existing plants in Mexico.

Aug 28 10:29

Tutu to Haaretz: Arabs paying the price of the Holocaust

"The lesson that Israel must learn from the Holocaust is that it can never get security through fences, walls and guns," Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu of South Africa told Haaretz Thursday.

Commenting on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement in Germany Thursday that the lesson of the Holocaust is that Israel should always defend itself, Tutu noted that "in South Africa, they tried to get security from the barrel of a gun. They never got it. They got security when the human rights of all were recognized and respected."

Aug 28 10:26

Lefrak: Commercial Real Estate Will Kill 500 Small Banks

The Real Deal passes along this video of Harrison Lefrak predicting 500 bank failures resulting from commercial real estate problems. He predicts that things will really start getting bad in 2010 and beyond, as the five-year loans that started up in 2005 go sour.

Aug 28 10:20

Water shortage threatens two million people in southern Iraq

A water shortage described as the most critical since the earliest days of Iraq's civilisation is threatening to leave up to 2 million people in the south of the country without electricity and almost as many without drinking water.

An already meagre supply of electricity to Iraq's fourth-largest city of Nasiriyah has fallen by 50% during the last three weeks because of the rapidly falling levels of the Euphrates river, which has only two of four power-generating turbines left working.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More "progress" in Iraq, I see!

Aug 28 10:17

In Kandahar, fears of Taliban takeover

Southern Afghanistan's largest city, Kandahar, is slipping back under Taliban control as overstretched U.S. troops focus on clearing insurgents from the countryside — a potentially alarming setback for President Barack Obama's war strategy.

Losing Kandahar, a city of nearly 1 million and the Taliban's former headquarters, would be a huge symbolic blow because it is effectively the capital of the ethnic Pashtun-dominated south, the main battlefield of the Afghan war.

Aug 28 10:13

Afghanistan’s Next Likely Vice President Linked to Drug Trafficking

Now, the Obama administration faces the prospect of a known drug trafficker becoming Vice President of Afghanistan. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton issued a warning to President Karzai before the election saying, that his alliance with Marshal Fahim would damage his standing with the U.S. and the international community.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only reason the Obama administration is "sweating" this is that that Marshal Fahim is so publicly allied with the drug trade.

At the end of the day, however, I would almost be willing to bet that the US will simply deal with him, and not try to circumvent his term as vice-president.

After all, one of the (unstated) goals of US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan is the protection of the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

As reported in the Tehran Times, 11 May 2009:


"Iranian police officials say drug production in Afghanistan has had a 40-fold increase since the U.S. led invasion of the country in 2001. Afghanistan's opium poppy crop is set to break all records this year, as grim reports by Iranian sources showed that drug production has reached a new height in the land-locked country. Instability in the wake of the U.S. invasion is widely believed to be the main reason behind Afghanistan's booming market for drug production and opium trade. According to official statistics, two thirds of the world's heroin supply reportedly comes from the southern provinces of Helmand and Kandahar. While Afghanistan produced only 185 tons of opium under the Taliban, following the U.S. invasion drug production, according to UN statistics, surged to 3,400 tons and by 2007, opium trade reached all-time high of 8,200 tons."

Also note that when the Taliban were in control of Afghanistan, the opium poppy trade was nearly eradicated.

Is it just coincidence that drug production in Afghanistan soared after the US invasion and occupation?

I think, not.

Aug 28 10:12

All Fall Down

The basis for the depopulation agenda is a standard all elitists hold dear. This standard is called the Hegelian Dialect that uses the strategy of Problem-Reaction-Solution (PRS). By creating the problem (false global warming for example), they acknowledged said problem (Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth =reaction) then they create the solution (carbon credits, depopulation). 9/11 as another example with the same PRS being used also works across many different situations encompassing all ecological standards and many other less obvious but as equally sinister agendas. Simply put, the power brokers want up to a 95% reduction in population and yesterday was too late.

Aug 28 10:01

Picasso painting found in Iraq 'is fake'

Officers had said that the painting was stolen during Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, but a source at the museum in the oil-rich emirate said they had never housed such a work.

"The national museum had no Picasso paintings before the Iraqi invasion," the official said on condition of anonymity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another piece of pro-war propaganda exposed.

Aug 28 09:58

International Paper Treads Monsanto’s Path to ‘Frankenforests’

Engineered eucalyptus trees could be an ecological disaster, bringing increased fire risk and extraordinary water consumption to a new environment, said Neil J. Carman, an Austin, Texas-based member of the Sierra Club’s genetic engineering committee. Easier-to-pulp trees will be weak, and hurricanes will spread their pollen and contaminate native forests, he said.

“These are Frankenforests,” Carman said. “You are tampering with Mother Nature in a big way by putting genetically engineered trees out there.”

Aug 28 09:55

Economic Collapse: Bank Runs, China, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Max Keiser

Max Kaiser speaks about the predicted bank run and currency destruction of the US economy. He also speaks about how China will be on top of the depression because they are spending their stimulus on domestic growth. Peter Schiff makes a guest appearance, as well as Gerald Celente.

Aug 28 09:52

Israel not to attack Iran ‘in near term’

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East Colin Kahl said in an interview with al-Hayat published on Friday that Israel was ‘concerned’ about Iran’s nuclear program but was unlikely to unilaterally strike Tehran before the end of the year if negotiations don’t start.

“..They are very concerned about Iran’s nuclear program, they see it as a significant and some would argue as an existential threat. They show reservations on whether diplomacy can solve the impasse. But they are not threatening to launch military attacks in the near term as far as I can tell.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported here:


"President Obama said Friday that Iran faces a September deadline to show good-faith efforts to halt its nuclear weapons program, and said the statement issued by the world's leading industrial nations meeting here this week means the international community is ready to act."

So this gives Iran until the end of September - barely one month away - to accede to his demands, which it won't, because Iran is perfectly within its right, as a signatory to the NPT, to use nuclear energy peacefully, i. e., as in the building of a power station.

The reports continuing to come from the IAEA state that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program, that there is no missing nuclear material, and the level of enrichment of uranium is what completely consistent with that necessary for a power station, and not a bomb.

But of course, these are the facts. And every time Israel has an "existential threat" from one of its neighbors, the US is called in to "neutralize" that threat militarily, as happened with Iraq.

Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Our kids were sent to kill, be killed, and maimed, on a pack of lies.

I've got this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, in the immortal words of the baseball great, Yogi Berra, that we're looking at "deja vu, all over again", coming soon with Iran. I

Israel may well start some kind of an attack on Iran, but cannot finish it without US military assistance, and the US/Israeli military has become very highly integrated, as recent war-games in the US have demonstrated.

Aug 28 09:52

US army chief: We'll always stand by Israel's side

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Didn't Mussolini say something similar to Hitler?

Aug 28 09:51


Hundreds of thousands of homes have been constructed by Israel despite international condemnation and in contravention of international law.

Aug 28 09:50


“And when this happens, When we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

But…what I see in every day life in Israel reminds me that those words are still just a dream. We have a long way to go before it becomes a reality.

Aug 28 09:49


Despite rhetorical denials, the PLO and Palestinian Authority (PA), which Fatah constitutes the backbone of both, are moving steadily toward adopting positions that would effectively compromise inalienable Palestinian rights and might even lead to the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.

Aug 28 09:48

U.S to Israel: “Signed,Sealed,Delivered -We’re yours!”

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen has promised the regime in Tel Aviv more of Washington’s unconditional support,one which was reiterated previously by the then presidential hopeful Barack Obama in 2008.

Mullen said that the US would “always stand by Israel”, while attending a farewell party for Tel Aviv’s military attaché Major-General Benny Gantz, Ynet news reported.

Mullen stated that ”the attendance of top US military officials showed that Tel Aviv and Washington shared strong ties.”

"...Here I am baby
Oh, youve got the future in your hand
(signed, sealed delivered, Im yours)"

Aug 28 09:44

Healthy food obsession sparks rise in new eating disorder

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Aug 28 09:43

US Copter Opens Fire on Afghan Medical Clinic

US and Afghan forces, backed by a US Apache helicopter attacked a medical clinic in the Paktika Province of Afghanistan yesterday after receiving reports that a wounded Taliban commander had “sought treatment” at the facility.

The attack sparked a gunbattle which according to provincial officials left at least 12 militants and two policemen killed. The US denied that anyone had died in the attack but claimed to have injured their target, though since he was already injured in the first place it’s probably hard to be sure about that.

The US defended the attack on the clinic, insisting that it had ensured the building was cleared of civilians before the helicopter began firing and that since the clinic was occupied by Taliban it lost “its protected status” as a civilian location.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US is starting to sound just like Israel!

Aug 28 09:28

US envoy in 'explosive' meeting with Karzai

The BBC is reporting that Richard Holbrooke raised concerns about ballot-stuffing and fraud, and said that a second-round run off could make the process more credible.

Aug 28 09:25

FDIC List of Problem Banks Surges, Putting Reserve Fund at Risk

The U.S. added 111 lenders to its list of “problem banks,” a jump that suggests rising bank failures may force the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to deplete a reserve fund that shrank 40 percent this year.

A total of 416 banks with combined assets of $299.8 billion failed the FDIC’s grading system for asset quality, liquidity and earnings in the second quarter, the most since June 1994, the Washington-based FDIC said in a report today. Regulators didn’t identify companies deemed “problem” banks.

Aug 28 09:21

21 Year Old Youth Executed By San Bernardino Police

A 21 year old man by the name Cedric May was executed by San Bernardino Police on Monday, August 24, 2009. It happened on Wall Ave., a small alley in San Bernardino, right next to his family member’s home the day after he was released from incarceration for marijuana sales. He was picking up a piece of a barbecue to celebrate his release from incarceration and his decision to clean up his act.

Aug 28 09:19

Killing of China steel plant boss halts sale

The privatisation of a state steel group has been scrapped after an executive was beaten to death by workers angry at the threat to their jobs from a takeover of their company, according to a Hong Kong rights group.

The violent riot in north-east China late last week involved up to 30,000 workers, a reminder of the ongoing sensitivity about lay-offs from state companies in industries targeted for consolidation.

Aug 28 09:17

Moon Mission Accidentally Burns Up Fuel Reserves

If all goes well, LCROSS will release its Centaur rocket on October 9, 2009, sending the projectile hurtling at the south pole of the moon at 1.55 miles per second, about twice the speed of a bullet. Scientists hope the impact will send up a huge plume of moon debris, possibly containing ice, vapor or traces of hydrated materials that prove the existence of water on the moon.

Four minutes later, the rest of the spacecraft will follow the rocket’s path through the cloud of lunar dust, analyzing its contents and transmitting data back to Earth before the entire spacecraft crashes into the moon’s surface. NASA says the impact will generate a cloud of dust so big that we may be able to see it from Earth using an amateur telescope.

Aug 28 09:15


Aug 28 09:14

The more they scream 'anti-Semite' the more guilty they appear

Israel and her rabid band of Zionist backers are howling like a dog scalded with hot water that the stories coming out about illegal harvesting of human organs is 'anti-Semitic,' the ploy they always use when sordid truths come out about the Zionist entity.

Aug 28 09:14

U.S. eyes 12 giant "bunker buster" bombs

The Defense Department asked Congress last month to shift $68 million in the fiscal 2009 budget to speed output of the non-nuclear, 30,000-pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator and its integration aboard a long-range bomber.

Assuming Congress approves the accelerated funding as expected, the Northrop Grumman Corp-built radar-evading B-2 bomber, "would be capable of carrying the bomb by July 2010," Andy Bourland, an Air Force spokesman, said this month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone who truly believes that Israel will sit back and patiently wait a year before somehow goading to US into attacking Iran is dreaming.

Aug 28 09:12

Yeah, they are waving "Holocaust" at us pretty hard. That means Israel is about to do something really bad!

Aug 28 09:10

Why Most (Successful) Politicians Value Staying in Power More than the Public Good

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A study in foregone conclusions.

Aug 28 09:09

Glenn Beck waves "Commies" at us all!

Aug 28 09:05

Israel Turns Up The Heat To Evict Bedouin From Desert Lands

The inhabitants of the Bedouin village of Amra have good reason to fear that the harsh tactics used by the Israeli army against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have been imported to their small corner of Israel’s Negev desert.

Aug 28 09:05

'Fake trees' could fight climate change

With the exception of painting buildings in light colors to reduce absorption, these ideas are not at all well thought out. Left out of the equation is the carbon added back to the atmosphere by building and installing the artificial trees, not to mention trucking a ten-ton block of carbon-soaked synthetic material away from each and every tree each and every day and then transporting it down the shafts drilled into the aforesaid depleted oil and gas reserve chambers (more carbon dioxide produced by the mining) for storage.

They mention that each tree costs "only" £15,000 but fail to estimate the cost of manufacturing (more carbon) and installing the synthetic material in each and every tree each and every day.

Aug 28 09:04

Report: Obama Poised to Scrap Eastern Europe Missile Shield

Since taking office the Obama Administration has wavered on the shield, citing its considerable cost and dubious effectiveness. The Polish government expressed outrage at the notion the project might be abandoned, which prompted the administration to promise a “commitment.” More recently the president has sought to trade the shield to the Russian government in return for Russian support for harsh measures against Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The system's effectiveness is completely flawed, which both Obama and Medvedev know.

This apparent abandonment of the installation of the missile shield is more symbolic than real, in terms of not having the project stationed in Poland.

Aug 28 08:57

Afghans in greatest danger since Taliban fell: Amnesty

"With the outcome of voting in Afghanistan unclear, the danger and insecurity facing millions of Afghans continues and in fact is higher now than ever," said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty's Asia-Pacific director.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More US/NATO "progress" in Afghanistan, I see.

Aug 28 08:54

Fox News Poll: Majority Think Swine Flu Vaccine Deadlier Than Virus

According to a Fox News poll, the majority of respondents think that the swine flu vaccine is deadlier than the actual virus itself, emphasizing the growing momentum in the revolt against government plans to institute mass H1N1 vaccination programs.

Despite attempts on behalf of governments and their lapdog corporate media allies to push the necessity of the H1N1 vaccination, large numbers of the general public along with health workers have made it known that they will refuse to take the shot.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a fundamental truth underneath the issue of the vaccine.

The popular revolt against government-mandated shots reveals a basic lack of trust in government by the people.

A government that has lost the trust of the people is a government which can no longer function.

And a government that cannot function and that cannot be trusted is a government that is useless and a waste of money.

The US Federal government has outlived its usefulness to the people.

And waving flu or terrorists or Iranians at us will not create the illusion that continuing to support such a useless government is necessary.

Aug 28 08:46

University urges lecturer who endorsed boycott to resign

Ben-Gurion rector says status of lecturer who spoke in favor of boycott of Israel won't be compromised, but urges him to reach conclusions. University president: Demand for resignation legitimate

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aren't these the people who only 2 days ago were screaming for a boycott of Sweden??????

Aug 28 08:45

Pakistan Bomb Attack At NATO Border Crossing Kills At Least 19

Pakistan's lawless border with Afghanistan is a main front in the battle against al-Qaida and the Taliban, who are destabilizing both countries. Under heavy U.S. pressure, the Pakistani military has launched ground offensives and air attacks on the insurgents in recent months, but much of the region remains under militant control.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pakistan may well be the next major escalation of fighting in the region, and it most probably won't be with aerial drone attacks.

If the Pakistani military proves unable to quell the violence here, we may well see US and NATO ground troops pushing into the region in the not too distant future, because you cannot win what is essentially a ground war from the air.

One has to wonder just where all these additional troops are supposed to come from to fight these battles, with the US military being stressed to the breaking point. Without a draft, the only possibility (albeit an extraordinary expensive one) is to use private mercenaries.

Aug 28 08:37

Russia and Ukraine in Intensifying Standoff

President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia denounced Ukraine this month for “anti-Russian” policies, citing in particular its “incessant attempts” to harass Russia’s naval base in Sevastopol. Mr. Medvedev condemned Ukraine’s bid for NATO membership and its support for Georgia, and said he would not send an ambassador to Ukraine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could get very ugly, very quickly, particularly in light of the fact that the West is goading the Ukraine against Russia.

Aug 28 08:32

Netanyahu calls for 'crippling sanctions' against Iran

"There is not much time" to halt Tehran's nuclear ambitions, he told reporters.

"I think the most important thing that can be put in place is what the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called crippling sanctions. It is possible to put real pressure, real economic pressure, on this regime if the major powers of the world unite."

He said that even if the UN Security Council failed to approve tougher sanctions against Tehran over its sensitive nuclear work due to opposition from Russia or China, a "coalition of the willing" could enact its own measures.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Netanyahu knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is not going to get the level of punitive sanctions he wants from the UN, because Russia and China will veto.

The UN will, again, as happened with Iraq, become "irrelevant". At the end of the day, the US will have been "groomed" for some military confrontation against Iran, possibly by some kind of false flag event, and we'll be off and running in yet another military misadventure.

And remember, before the US "neutralized" Iraq through military intervention, Iraq was considered to be Israel's primary existential threat, accused of having weapons of mass destruction.

We know that was a lie.

Aug 28 08:29

Bush Tortured

It seems almost trivial to accuse someone who launched an illegal war that has killed over a million people of torture. But if we are going to prosecute the lowest ranked torturers, it makes sense to look up the chain of command.

There is no doubt that George W. Bush conspired to commit torture, cruel and inhuman treatment, and murder. How do I know? He said so.

Aug 28 08:22

FLASHBACK - Israel learns of a hidden shame in its early years

For 54 years the fate of a young Bedouin girl who disappeared in the Negev desert was relegated to rumour and a single entry in the diary of David Ben-Gurion, the prime minister of the fledgling Israeli state.
"It was decided and carried out: they washed her, cut her hair, raped her and killed her," he wrote.

After that the case became one of the state's earliest secrets, and no more than hearsay passed between soldiers.

Now the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz has used previously classified army documents to reveal the full story of what Mr Ben-Gurion called a "horrific atrocity".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If these are God's chosen, then God is a sick, psychotic bastard!

Aug 28 08:20

US envoy 'in angry Karzai talks'

Richard Holbrooke raised concerns about ballot-stuffing and fraud, by a number of candidates' teams, sources say.

The US envoy also said a second-round run-off could make the election process more credible, the sources said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even if there is an alleged "second round", the Afghans and the world know that these elections were simply a sham; large swathes of potential candidates were banned from even being on the ballot.

It's just a question as to which of Washington's puppets will be installed as President to do precisely as his masters order him to do. There is no legitimacy to this process whatsoever.

Aug 28 08:15

Bush's Search Policy For Travelers Is Kept

The Obama administration will largely preserve Bush-era procedures allowing the government to search -- without suspicion of wrongdoing -- the contents of a traveler's laptop computer, cellphone or other electronic device, although officials said new policies would expand oversight of such inspections.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Simple remedy: just don't travel using any kind of public transportation if you can possibly help it.

Use video conferences instead: they are far less expensive.

Aug 28 08:09

Taxpayers will foot bill to defend CIA interrogators

Who’s paying to defend CIA employees alleged to have tortured detainees abroad?

You are.

According to a report Friday, CIA Director Leon Panetta — who has reportedly clashed vehemently with the Justice Department over a probe of the CIA’s harsh interrogation practices — has decided that the agency will foot the bill to defend CIA interrogators who are accused of torturing detainees.

In other words, taxpayers will pay.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the taxpayers - whose government for all practical intents and purposes abandoned the Geneva Accords, which prevents torture on prisoners of war (which is what these people actually are) get yet another financial punch in the gut in terms of defending the torturers.

Unflipping believable.


Aug 28 07:16

"Your government and our government knows what happened at Lockerbie. But they are not going to tell you"

Lockerbie evidence shows grave miscarriage of justice

by Simon Basketter

Abdelbaset Ali al?Megrahi was released from prison in Scotland and returned to Libya last week.

He was convicted in 2001 of murdering 270 people when Pan Am Flight 103 exploded above the Scottish town of Lockerbie 13 years earlier.

Yet there is a huge amount of evidence to support Megrahi’s contention that he is innocent.

Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora was killed on Flight 103, has branded Megrahi’s conviction “one of the gravest miscarriages of justice in history”.

Evidence uncovered by the victims’ families, and the journalists John Ashton, Ian Ferguson and Paul Foot, has consistently shown that Megrahi was innocent and that he was framed to cover up what really happened.

Aug 28 06:55

VIDEO: US to attack Venezuela

A military agreement between the United States and Columbia has led to widespread concern in South America. Leaders want to know why the United States is trying to increase its military presence in the region. The Colombian government says that having more US troops in the country will help fight drug trafficking and combat terrorism. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, however, ardently opposes these plans. He says that the military bases in Columbia will provoke conflict in Latin America. Venezuelan-American Attorney and Author Eva Golinger joins RT's Dina Gusovsky from Caracas via skype to discuss this matter.

Aug 28 06:42

Swine flu vaccine plan in disarray

THE Federal Government's plan to immunise the population against swine flu is in chaos because insurers may not cover doctors who administer the jab.

Inadequate testing and the possibility of spreading other infections means there is too high a risk patients will sue, the insurers say.

Despite weeks of crisis talks, the Government has refused to underwrite doctors' liability for the vaccinations and medical groups say the program - due to start as early as mid-September - cannot proceed unless doctors are insured.

Aug 28 06:31

How to Make Using the Restroom as Expensive and Inconvenient as Getting a Physical

I don't think healthcare is too expensive, I think other goods and services are priced too low. If using the toilet cost as much as a physical, then people would remark on the reasonable cost of healthcare. Therefore, we should create a system that vastly raises the price of going to the restroom. Here is my plan:

Aug 28 06:11

Hudson: The Financial Parasites Have Killed the American Economy

The problem with parasites is not merely that they siphon off the food and nourishment of their host, crippling its reproductive power, but that they take over the host’s brain as well. The parasite tricks the host into thinking that it is feeding itself.

Something like this is happening today as the financial sector is devouring the industrial sector. Finance capital pretends that its growth is that of industrial capital formation. That is why the financial bubble is called “wealth creation,” as if it were what progressive economic reformers envisioned a century ago. They condemned rent and monopoly profit, but never dreamed that the financiers would end up devouring landlord and industrialist alike. Emperors of Finance have trumped Barons of Property and Captains of Industry.

Aug 28 05:58

Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America

And I always thought John Birchers were some kind of nutz.

August 27, 2009

Aug 27 22:34

Anger? "He ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

“I’ve never seen anything like this!”: He ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

We will not disarm.
You cannot convince us.
You cannot intimidate us.
You can try to kill us, if you think you can.
But remember, we’ll shoot back.
Your move.
- The doctrine of the Three Percent, Mike Vanderboegh.

Aug 27 22:29

Obama's Redistribution of Lunches Cartoon

MedicLunch: Oh, Why Not!

Aug 27 22:08

Independent Jewish Voices (Canada) submission to the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism

What is unprecedented is not the level of anti-Semitism in the world, but rather the rising level of international outrage over Israel’s actions. To reiterate, this is not anti-Semitism, but rather a legitimate, growing expression of concern and moral outrage.

According to the drafters of this initiative, there is a pressing need to respond to what they characterize as the "new anti-Semitism," in which "anti-Zionism is being used as a cover for anti-Semitism." IJV believes that it is legitimate for critics of Israel’s behaviour to describe it as a system of apartheid and to deny the legitimacy of any state that engages in such practices. This is not anti-Semitism of any kind, new or old.

Aug 27 21:59

Argentina Legalizes Marijuana For Personal Use

The supreme court in Argentina has ruled that it is unconstitutional to punish people for using marijuana for personal consumption.

The decision follows a case of five young men who were arrested with a few marijuana cigarettes in their pockets.

Aug 27 21:53

Nevada cop who killed ice cream truck driver is accused of raping sister-in-law since she was 15

A Henderson police officer is being accused of carrying on an inappropriate relationship with his sister-in-law since she was 15, according to court documents filed by the girl’s father.

The officer, Luke Morrison, 24, is the same officer who shot and killed an ice cream truck driver in 2008 after a traffic stop. Morrison and other officers said the woman driving the truck threatened them and one of her children with a knife, and though some witnesses disputed aspects of their account, a Clark County coroner's jury ruled the shooting was justified.

Aug 27 20:50

Embarrassment as 'moon rock' in museum turns out to be just a piece of petrified wood

It's not green cheese, but it might as well be.

The Dutch national museum said today that one of its most prized possessions, a rock supposedly brought back from the moon by U.S. astronauts, is just a piece of petrified wood.

Aug 27 20:46

Climate Change

Generally, the pitch, beyond underlying prejudices about "too many people", is that personal anxieties about man-caused global warming can only be relieved through massive increases in taxation and regulation. This is distinctive from Communist theories that were intended to improve mankind, rather than the planet. That some 100 million were murdered by their own governments in the quest to create the "new man" is no longer a politically acceptable movement.

Aug 27 20:42

UK police ’steal’ from cars for your own good

Police in the UK capital of London have started taking valuable items from unlocked cars in a bid to help motorists discourage theft.

The new measure allows police officers to sneak into unlocked parked vehicles and take away objects of value left incautiously in the cars, British media quoted a new Scotland Yard statement as saying.

Car owners in the Richmond upon Thames area of South-West London, where the measure has been introduced, have found their valuables including handbags, laptops and satellite navigation devices gone missing after returning to their automobiles.

Aug 27 20:36

Police officer said that he planted the Lockerbie bomb timer fragment

There is evidence supporting the idea that the CIA carried out the Lockerbie bombing.

"An unnamed former senior Scottish police officer said that he had planted the (bomb timer) fragment at the crash site by order of the CIA." - Lockerbie: The Real Cover Up

A former Scottish police chief has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated. CIA Involvement: Police chief: Lockerbie evidence was faked

Ulrich Lumpert a Swiss engineer who was "a crucial witness" has now confessed that he lied about the origins of a timer switch.

Aug 27 20:33

Elitist Teddy demanded illegals' Amnesty in Iraq War Funding Bill

Bordering On Insanity
National Review Online: Bush, McCain Let Ted Kennedy Have It His Way On Immigration
By David L Miller May 19, 2007
Kennedy On Immigration Bill May 19, 2007
Hannah Storm speaks with Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., who played a key role to increase bipartisan support for the immigration reform bill.
Stealth Amnesty
By Nancy Matthis Friday, May 16th, 2008
A supplemental appropriations bill intended to provide funding for the war effort in Iraq is being used to promote amnesty for illegal aliens and more low-wage guest workers for powerful business interests.

Aug 27 20:17

2 Va. Tech students found slain in Va. forest

The latest killings are hitting a campus still reeling from the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history and the beheading of a student earlier this year.

Aug 27 19:47

86,000 degrading videos of homeless people were posted on YouTube

In July, nearly 86,000 degrading videos of homeless people were posted on YouTube --- 15,000 more than a year earlier -- according to an NCH count.

No less than 5,700 of the posts -- 1,400 more than in April 2008 -- showed self-proclaimed "bum fights," where the homeless were pushed to battle each order in return for a pack of beers or a few dollars, but also to the amusement of those shooting the videos or watching them.

"This is exploiting people when they are at their lowest point," said Andrew Davis, who used to live on the streets in the nation's capital, Washington.

Aug 27 18:55

Hummel: The US Will Default On Its Debt

The flood of debt that the US is taking on in its efforts rescue to economy will combine with huge social insurance obligations--Medicare, MedicaidSocial Security--to create an unsustainable level of public indebtedness, economist Jeffrey Rogers Hummel argues in at length here.

Faced with this mountain of debt, policy makers will have just two choices: repudiate the debt or engage in hyper inflation to monetize it, Hummel writes. And faced with that choice the Treasury will likely protect the currency and default on Treasuries.

Aug 27 18:53

Nazi death camp blueprints given to Israel

"There are those who deny that the Holocaust happened," Benjamin Netanyahu said as he accepted the documents as a gift to Israel's Holocaust memorial, where they will go on display next year.

"Let them come to Jerusalem and look at these plans, these plans for the factory of death."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Except that an Auschwitz expert has already concluded that the plans are for a labor camp, not an extermination center.

In any event, when Israel starts waving "Holocaust" around like a flag, it means they are about to do something really icky, like white phosphorus on Gazan children, bombing Iran's power stations, or re-invading Lebanon.

Aug 27 18:39

FLASHBACK - Auschwitz expert: Blueprints found in Berlin not of death camp

A leading expert on Auschwitz on Sunday denigrated the importance of the finding of plans for the construction of the extermination camp, which was reported this weekend in the German tabloid Bild. He said the documents have been known to scholars for many years and that they were not plans to build the extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, but rather earlier plans for the building of a forced labor camp.

Aug 27 18:23

TSA may hand cash rewards to tipsters about crimes or security violations

TSA is considering a program under which it would give cash rewards to individuals who provide it with key information about crimes or transportation security violations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Be a snitch for cash!!!!!!!

Aug 27 17:50

No Myth: Illegal Immigrants Are Covered under Obamacare

No Myth: Illegal Immigrants Covered under Obamacare
Clarice Feldman August 26, 2009
In what he called the "first myth" being spread by critics of his proposal for a government-run health care system, Obama said they are wrong in claiming illegal immigrants will be covered: "That is not true. Illegal immigrants would not be covered. That idea has not even been on the table." Obama said.
"Under H.R. 3200, a 'Health Insurance Exchange' would begin operation in 2013 and would offer private plans alongside a public option...H.R. 3200 does not contain any restrictions on noncitzens-whether legally or illegally present, or in the United States temporarily or permanently-participating in the Exchange."

Aug 27 16:24

Racketeering 101: Bailed Out Banks Threaten Systemic Collapse If Fed Discloses Information

And so the guns come out blazing. The Clearing House Association, another name for all the banks that were bailed out over the past year with the generous contributions from all of you, dear taxpayers, are now threatening with another instance of complete systemic collapse if Bloomberg's lawsuit is allowed to proceed unchallenged, let alone if any of the "Audit The Fed" measures are actually implemented.

Aug 27 15:17

Gardasil – More alarming stories from mothers and grandmothers.

Readers tell of death, devastation, and disabilities caused to their young daughters after taking this vaccine. No one knows at this time the long term affects of this vaccine on 25,000,000 young women who have received this vaccine. Some states want to make it mandatory like DPT, polio, and chicken pox. Where has individual rights gone? Should this vaccine be taken off the market?

Aug 27 15:16

ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan

The refusal by ABC and NBC to run a national ad critical of President Obama's health care reform plan is raising questions from the group behind the spot -- particularly in light of ABC's health care special aired in prime time last June and hosted at the White House.

The 33-second ad by the League of American Voters, which features a neurosurgeon who warns that a government-run health care system will lead to the rationing of procedures and medicine, began airing two weeks ago on local affiliates of ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. On a national level, however, ABC and NBC have refused to run the spot in its present form.

Aug 27 15:15

Man dies after being Tasered at L.A. subway station

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says a man has died after a deputy shocked him three times with an electric stun gun at a subway station.

Aug 27 14:19

The Shell Game - How the Federal Reserve is Monetizing Debt

That's the scheme right now - the Federal Reserve is creating new money out of thin air to buy debt, while the US government is creating new debt at the most fantastic pace ever seen. The attempt here is to keep aggregate debt growing fast enough to prevent the system from completely seizing up.

Aug 27 14:01


Obama’s latest ‘shtick‘ is to agree to Israel’s request to remove East Jerusalem from negotiations on the impending settlement freeze. And why not? Israel will do whatever it wants to do regardless.

Aug 27 13:02

Makena reflects a global struggle

MAKENA - As Maui County Council Member Mike Victorino put it a day after news broke about the impending Makena Resort foreclosure, "it wasn't exactly a military secret, you know?"

Back in November, it was Victorino who resurrected the proposal for what was to be an 1,800-acre development with 1,100 luxury condos, apartments and homes, a new beach club and a rebuilt Maui Prince Hotel, as well as a host of other improvements that $800 million or so can buy.

Aug 27 12:26

Secretary Napolitano Announces New Directives on Border Searches of Electronic Media

Searches of electronic media, permitted by law and carried out at borders and ports of entry, are vital to detecting information that poses serious harm to the United States, including terrorist plans, or constitutes criminal activity—such as possession of child pornography and trademark or copyright infringement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Since the only terrorists out there are actors working for the governments, the TSA has been transformed into the "iPolice", searching your digital media for pirated movies and music.

They needn't bother. With crap like "Inglorious Basterds" in the theaters it's not like there is anything out there worth stealing in the first place.

Aug 27 12:23

The Great Economic Recovery of 2009 Is a Fraud

The newsletter says a better way to gauge the strength of economic activity is to look at the Baltic Dry Index, which tracks the price it costs to ship commodities overseas. This Index is still 60% below where it was a year ago. If the economy were truly in "recovery" mode, the Baltic Dry Index would be moving consistently higher and it's not.

Aug 27 12:22

A case brought by election integrity advocates in Georgia claiming that unverifiable electronic voting, or E-voting, is unconstitutional could spell trouble for the controversial practice

Aug 27 11:59


Aug 27 11:57

Tax Man Uses MySpace to Nab Deadbeats

State revenue agents have begun nabbing scofflaws by mining information posted on social-networking Web sites, from relocation announcements to professional profiles to financial boasts. ...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The government is clearly out of control here.

They are spending tax dollars to hire people to surf the social networking sites looking for indications of hidden wealth that the government has not yet managed to steal, AND NOBODY AT THE IRS UNDERSTANDS THAT PEOPLE LIE ON MYSPACE AND FACEBOOK?!?!?!?!?

Aug 27 11:53

Suspect accuses Broward Sheriff's Office of anti-Semitism

A wealthy businessman active in Jewish philanthropy and Israeli sports says he was beaten up by `anti-Semitic' BSO deputies after he was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana.

Aug 27 11:51

“US soldiers find themselves being terrorists in Afghanistan”

As the US continues to step up war efforts in Afghanistan, the number of US soldiers refusing deployment to war zones is also increasing. On the ground, they find themselves being terrorists, says writer Dahr Jamail.

Aug 27 11:45

Swine flu vaccine plan in disarray

THE Federal Government's plan to immunise the population against swine flu is in chaos because insurers may not cover doctors who administer the jab.

Inadequate testing and the possibility of spreading other infections means there is too high a risk patients will sue, the insurers say.

Aug 27 11:44

Breast cancer 'wonder drug' increases risk of rare tumour by 440%

Breast cancer patients given tamoxifen are more than four times more likely to develop a more aggressive tumour than those not prescribed the drug, scientists have warned.

A study of over 1,000 patients found the oestrogen blocking drug reduced the risk of the most common, easy to treat cancer recurring by 60 per cent.

But the chances of a rarer type not sensitive to the female hormone appearing in the opposite breast increased by an alarming 440 per cent.

Aug 27 11:43


There was not, and could not have been, a “harvesting of organs”. But it is true that Ghanem’s body was taken away, restored to the family only after a week, in which it evidently was subjected to an autopsy, to which the family did not consent nor was asked for consent. (In Israel itself, an autopsy is only performed with the consent of the family or by court order, but such rules do not apply in military-ruled territory). When at last the body was given back, the family was shocked to see a scar running from his neck down to his abdomen. They were not given much time to speculate, and nobody was there to answer questions. Soldiers on the spot urged them to get on with the funeral and disperse to their homes.