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November 17, 2019

Nov 17 09:06

WATCH: CBP Head Is Challenged On How Much ‘New’ Border Wall Has Been Built

On Thursday, Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan took to the White House briefing room to speak about various issues pertaining to the southern border of the United States.

Nov 17 09:05

Trouble Ahead? S&P 500 v Top IPO's of 2019

Nov 17 08:55

NYC Mayor De Blasio Looking Into Whether He Can Remove School Board Member Who Referred To Asians As 'Yellow Folks' In An Email

A racially-charged controversy in the Brooklyn school board is coming to a head, with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio promising to look into the possibility of removing a black school board member who caused controversy by referring to "certain whites and certain yellow folks" in an email discussing a proposed school policy.

Nov 17 08:54


Nov 17 08:54

WATCH: Author Brilliantly Deconstructs 4 Arguments Made By Pro-Abortion Activists

A video was recently posted to the “Students for Life of America” Facebook page showing how easily pro-abortion arguments fall apart under scrutiny. While the video – a speech by Catholic author Trent Horn – is not itself new, it warrants examination.

Nov 17 08:40

Russia Continues De-Dollarisation as Brussels Considers Creating Pan-EU Payment System

Nov 17 08:10

Only Thing Better Than Look on Schiff's Face Is Stefanik Reading His Comments Back to Him

Some of America, it seems, has caught on to the inconsequential nature of profoundly hyped hearings which will definitely end or damage the Trump presidency.

Nov 17 08:09

Some Americans Could See Tax Rates Of Over 100 Percent Under Warren Plan, Analysis Finds

Some investors could see their rates exceed 100 percent under Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren's tax plan, according to an analysis reported by the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

Nov 17 08:09

Illinois School Board At Center Of Legal Controversy Votes To Give Transgender Students 'Unrestricted' Access To Locker Room Of Their Choice

An Illinois school district that was one of the first in the country to face a legal challenge from a transgender student seeking access to use the locker room of their choice has implemented a policy that would allow transgender students to have "unrestricted" access to the locker room of their identified gender, after a 5-2 school board vote on Thursday.

Nov 17 08:08

Texas teacher says parents 'should not have the final say' in school drag queen event, blasts their 'misguided, bigoted views'

A Texas teacher says that parents should not be able to stop schools from hosting drag queen events.

Nov 17 07:56

Punk Breaks In, Viking Weapon Collector Grabs Battleaxe and Goes Medieval

A punk stepped into a world of hurt when he broke into the apartment of a weapon collector, an encounter that left the criminal in the hospital.
Ben Ball was playing video games and watching television in his Kalamazoo, Michigan, apartment the night of Nov. 6 when a man began pounding on the door.

Nov 17 07:50

Iran is burning down their central bank…

Nov 17 07:50

As Expected, Media Move To Discredit IG Report Regarding Origins Of The Russian Collusion Narrative

It appears the Department of Justice Inspector General report into the origins of the FBI investigation into President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign may finally be released … soon.

Nov 17 07:49

‘ABUSIVE CREEP’: George Conway Blasted For Smearing Elise Stefanik With Alleged Doctored Image, Calling Her ‘Trash’

George Conway, husband of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, faced intense backlash on Saturday for calling Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (NY) “lying trash,” and then promoting a doctored image of Stefanik flipping off a camera during yesterday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing of former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Nov 17 07:12

YouTube's Coming For ALL Of Us! - It's NOW Or NEVER

Nov 17 07:06

GONE IN 30 SECONDS: GOP Rep Takes Down Dem Witness In Record Time

Rep. Chris Stewart was skeptical as former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified before the House Intelligence Committee on Friday.

Nov 17 07:06

Trump Defends Tweet About Impeachment Witness: ‘I Have The Right To Speak’

As former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was testifying Friday before the House committee conducting an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, the Twitterer in Chief took to social media.

Nov 17 06:57

Fed Says GDP Near 0% as Global Economic Slowdown Worsens! Stocks Melt Up

Nov 17 06:42

CDC caught inflating flu deaths to sell more vaccines

You know that “36,000” number the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is constantly throwing around as the number of people in the U.S. who supposedly die every year from influenza? It’s completely made up, and its purpose is to sell more flu vaccines, as evidenced by actual mortality data showing that only a few hundred people at most die from influenza annually.

Nov 17 06:40

Obama Appears To Rip Ocasio-Cortez In Warning To Democrat Presidential Candidates

Former President Barack Obama appeared to take a veiled shot at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) during a speech on Friday, warning that the party was moving too far to the left and that the average American does not agree with their views.

Nov 17 06:39

WATCH: 2020 Democrat Slams Warren And Sanders For ‘Genuflecting To The Twitter Base’

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) accused Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Saturday of bowing to the left-wing Twitter mob while crafting their single-payer health insurance proposals.

Nov 17 06:29

Hillary Clinton Triggers Transgender Rights Activists

Clinton: “There are women who’d say [to a trans woman], ‘You know what, you’ve never had the kind of life experiences that I’ve had. So I respect who you are, but don’t tell me you’re the same as me’.”

Nov 17 06:29

Cannabis Extracts Will Propel Industry’s Rise

Longtime readers will remember the first time I put cannabis investing on your radar.

That was over two years ago.

At the time, there were only a couple dozen publicly traded cannabis companies. Today, there are over 300.

New ones seem to be popping up each week. Others are merely adding “cannabis” or cannabis-related words to their company names to tap into the green gold rush.

Nov 17 06:28

The Wannsee Conference Myth

Published by the Revisionist Press. Written by Francis Dupont. A dramatic and cutting review of the actual minutes of the Wannsee Conference—a meeting of top Nazi leaders held in a villa outside Berlin in 1942 to discuss the “Final Solution” to the Jewish Question—which reveals that that meeting never discussed mass murder and actually just dealt with the logistics of deporting Jews to the Far East.

Despite the meeting’s minutes being very clear and explicit about what the conference was about, they have been deliberately misinterpreted and lied about for decades—because almost no-one actually read the originals.

This book contains a copy of the full original minutes in German, and a complete and accurate English translation.

From this complete reading of the famous “Wannsee Protocol,” the following facts emerge:

– The Wannsee meeting did not discuss a “plan to kill Jews”;

– Nowhere in the meeting’s minutes is genocide discussed, planned, proposed or even suggested;

Nov 17 06:17

Terror-Tied CAIR Vows to Get 30 Muslims Elected to Congress and Add at Least One Muslim to Supreme Court

Nov 17 06:04

Straight Pride attracts a crowd of 2

Nov 17 00:08


November 16, 2019

Nov 16 22:44

FLASHBACK: President Morales Calls Out U.S. Foreign Policy as Trump Listens in UN Security Council Meeting

If the U.S. cared, it “would not have threatened with military intervention democratically elected governments as it has done with #Venezuela,” the Bolivian president continued in his denunciation of American violations of #InternationalLaw. “The United States could not care less about human rights nor justice. If this were the case, it would have signed the international conventions and treaties for the have protection of human rights.”

President #Trump wore a small earpiece to hear the English translation while others wear larger ones at the UN Security Council meeting.

“In no way is the United States interested in upholding democracy. If such were the case it would not have financed coups d'etat and supported dictators,” said Evo Morales, President of Bolivia.

“Morales was in a position to make the statements because Bolivia is one of the nonpermanent slots on the council. ” - The Hill, Justin Wise - 09/26/18

Nov 16 18:40

Help stop the powerful from silencing Australian journalists and undermining democracy

The Kangaroo Court of Australia website has been publishing since January 2011 and it's publisher, Shane Dowling (me), has always operated without fear or favour to report the truth. Politicians and the powerful trying to silence journalists is now a global sport and Australia is not immune to it and nor am I. I have […]

Nov 16 15:12

Google Faces Antitrust Probes By 48 States And DOJ -- Use Presearch

By Aaron Kesel

Google is facing an antitrust violation investigation into its practices of its search and Android software in all 48 states, Puerto Rico and Washington DC by their respective attorneys general, CNBC reported.

The states investigating Google are preparing to expand their antitrust probe beyond the company’s advertising business to its search and Android businesses.

The attorneys general will write up subpoenas known as civil investigative demands, or CIDs, to support the ongoing investigation into Google’s practices. According to CNBC, “states will carry out the investigations of search and Android separately, the people said. It wasn’t clear which states would look at those businesses, however.”...

Nov 16 11:46

DOJ is reportedly considering criminal charges against the two prison guards on duty when Jeffrey Epstein died

The Department of Justice is reportedly considering criminal charges against the two guards who were on duty the night that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.

Nov 16 10:19

When Money Is The Problem

By Biblicism Institute

What made America great was the fact that the average joe could work hard and provide for his family.

It was called the American Dream. But somewhere along the way something went wrong, and the dream became a nightmare.


The biggest culprit in the death of the American Dream is the US Federal Government.

In general, when a government stays put and does not infringe on the personal and financial lives of its people, one can almost bet that things will remain pretty stable.

Nov 16 09:47

Anti-Semitism At Arizona State University Highlights Tense On-Campus Atmosphere For Jewish Students

According to a Chabad of Arizona State University (ASU) email forwarded along to The Daily Wire earlier today, the on-campus ASU Jewish community experienced a horrific act of anti-Semitism earlier this week. Worse still, this latest flare-up seems to be part of an ongoing troubling trend.

Nov 16 09:20

Lead ‘impeachment’ ‘witness’ reports hearsay, former Ambassador reports hurt feelings, both report ZERO CRIMES: is this a show trial, Deep State lies exposed, or dumbing-down Americans?

After secret meetings, Democrat “impeachment hearings” went public with acting Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor reporting that he heard an anonymous staff member say he heard President Trump ask about Ukraine investigating Hunter Biden's $3+ million payments (here, here) from Ukraine after Joe Biden's quid pro quo deliverance of $1,000 million US taxpayer payment to Ukraine for NOT investigating Hunter (excellent Paul Craig Roberts’ analysis, and thorough timeline). This first witness reported zero known crimes committed by President Trump.

Taylor’s testimony is hearsay: generally inadmissible evidence when first-hand witnesses should testify. In addition, Chair for the impeachment hearings had promised first-hand witness testimony and did not deliver, as he did not deliver evidence of Trump-Russia election collusion (much documentation of 2016 “election” in background below).

Nov 16 09:15

Public Educational Initiative In Arizona Instills Far-Left, ‘Social Justice’ Values

As The Daily Wire’s Hank Berrien reported yesterday, a far-left public educational initiative called Deep Equity is being increasingly adopted across the country.