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Oct 17 19:51

video - He strikes again! George Lopez gets into a FIGHT with a Trump supporter

- He strikes again! George Lopez gets into a FIGHT with a Trump supporter and tries to snatch his phone after he taunted the TV star at a Hooters.

Oct 17 16:54

Obama: Being Uninformed And Not Caring About Politics Is No 'Excuse' Not to Vote

Former President Obama released a video Wednesday saying that being "uninformed" and not "car[ing] about politics" should not be an "excuse" for not voting.

Oct 17 15:30

ACLU Is Now A Full-Time Wokeness Advocacy Org

The ACLU's main focus is no longer civil liberties, but instead attacking "white supremacy," which is apparently embodied by white people *not* being discriminated against in college admissions.

Oct 17 15:29

Secret Service Intervenes When CBS News Reporter Confronts Kushner On An Airplane

This Secret Service agent deserves a raise.

Oct 17 15:29

Beto O'Rourke's 'Lifelong Republican' Mom Voted In Dem Primaries Since 2000, Donated to Obama

Democrat Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke loves to tout how he convinced his "lifelong Republican" mother to switch over and vote for him but records show she has voted in Democrat primaries since 2000 and donated to multiple Democrats including Obama in 2007.

Oct 17 15:08

Strike back Against Alt-Media Purge, 21’st Century Inquisition

Some 800 anti-establishment accounts and pages have been yanked from Facebook in a sweeping crackdown the social media giant framed as a fight against spammers. Among the hundreds of pages and accounts Facebook and Twitter took down were those both on the political left and right, ranging from conspiracy theorists and police brutality watchers, to news outlets with non-mainstream angles, While their content could be at times described as controversial, the bulk of the banished pages boasted large followings and outreach.

Oct 17 13:54

Security Robots Invade NYC, and An Education Droid Speaks At UK Parliament

By Aaron Kesel

Security robots have invaded NYC and are now patrolling the streets, while diplomatic robots are roaming around UK parliament floors.

Robots are becoming more prevalent and relevant in society and, like it or not, the androids are here to stay. This technology will only exponentially increase as time passes, as Boston Dynamics has showcased over the years.

Now thanks to that little idea of creating robotic cretins there are security cyborgs patrolling in the tri-state area...

Oct 17 13:51

video --- The Angry Leftist Mob That Doesn't Exist