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Jan 20 07:53

Lindsey Graham: Nancy Pelosi Is Taking Trump To 'The Church Of Holy Hell'

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is orchestrating “the church of holy hell” for President Donald Trump.
Pelosi, a devout Catholic, has said several times that she prays for Trump, even as the House has moved to impeach him.

Jan 20 07:52

Trump reportedly said 'I should never have done that f---ing vaping thing,' expressing regrets over his involvement in e-cigarette policy

President Donald Trump's most prominent heath care policy thus far may be his administration's ban on flavored vapes. The move was intended to reduce teen vaping, but also spurned a vaping activism movement.

Jan 20 07:52

Virginia Democrats' gun control push backfires, results in near all-time record guns sales

Firearm sales skyrocketed in Virginia last month amid fear that Democrats who now control the commonwealth's General Assembly will restrict gun rights.

Jan 20 07:52

MADDOW GETS BURNT AGAIN: Ukrainian FM, Ukrainian President, President Trump, DOJ, Devin Nunes, Chris Keating, Viktor Shokin and MSNBC Hack All Say Lev Parnas Is Lying

On Monday Democrats released ‘notes’ by Lev Parnas, a GOP donor, that he claims show Rudy Giuliani ordered him to to call the President Zelensky of Ukraine and tell him aid would not be forthcoming if he didn’t agree to investigate the Bidens.

Jan 20 06:23

Trump Rips “Mini-Mike” Bloomberg Over His Remarks Trashing Texas Church Hero Jack Wilson

In late December two people were murdered and one person was in critical condition after a shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in northwest Texas.

Jan 20 06:19

Two dead and 15 are injured after gunman opens fire on revelers outside Kansas City nightclub before being killed by security guards as terrifying video shows gunfight erupting in parking lot

At least two people were killed and 15 left injured in a shooting outside a bar in Kansas City, celebrating the Chiefs' playoff victory last night.
The shooting took place shortly before midnight on Sunday, when a gunman opened fire on a line of people waiting to enter a bar.

Jan 20 05:43

The BIS, The G20…And Bail-Ins

Jan 20 00:37

Act supporters outraged after David Seymour calls NZ 'Aotearoa' in MAGA slogan

Several Act supporters have expressed their outrage after party leader David Seymour called New Zealand "Aotearoa" in a Waitangi Day slogan.

Seymour released a slogan adapted from Donald Trump's MAGA campaign, calling for Kiwis to "Make Aotearoa Great Again" ahead of Waitangi Day.

The 36-year-old MP told RNZ's Morning Report that the MAGA message was probably the most successful campaign slogan of the past few years.

Because America and Aotearoa both begin with A "we thought we'd have a bit of fun", Seymour said.

He's not worried that it is also proving controversial.

"It has achieved something... [it's] revealed we live in such censorious times and times where outrage is so perpetual that even an allusion to Donald Trump sends some people into conniptions.

Jan 20 00:33

NZ First MP and Minister Shane Jones takes aim at 'eco-bible-bashing' climate-change activists

Outspoken NZ First MP and Minister Shane Jones has launched a scathing attack on climate-change activists who want Kiwis to eat less meat, blasting their form of "eco bible bashing".

He has compared them to "medieval torture chamber workers" and has vowed to rally against this sort of "absolutism" as Election 2020 draws closer.

His comments come after the Government, of which he is a Minister, announced school children would be taught about climate change in class.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins said kids will be taught the role that science plays in understanding climate change, as well as how it impacts the planet both globally and locally.

They would also be taught how to contribute to reducing and adapting to its impact on everyday life.

Climate Change Minister, Green MP James Shaw, said one of the ways kids could help reduce emissions was to eat less meat.

Jan 19 23:34

Doug Casey: Tensions With Iran Can’t End Well

As you know, the US killed Iran’s top general, Qassem Soleimani, on the orders of President Trump earlier this month. And now, many people are wondering what’s next.

I wanted to get our founder Doug Casey’s thoughts on this major news. As usual, Doug didn’t hold anything back.

As you may know, I’ve always had mixed feelings about Trump. I’m pro-Trump insofar as he’s a cultural traditionalist. He’s anti-politically correct, and that’s why he has the support of Middle America. And he’s reduced regulation in a number of areas, which is great. But Trump has absolutely no philosophical core. He flies entirely by the seat of his pants.

Jan 19 23:30

Does Gangster-nomics Meet its End in the Iraqi Desert?

January 19, 2020 Author: Tom Luongo

In the aftermath of the killing of Iranian IRGC General Qassem Soleimani a lot of questions hung in the air. The big one was, in my mind, “Why now?”

Jan 19 20:24

George Washington’s Advice to Us Now

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at

U.S. President George Washington’s final words to his fellow Americans, upon leaving office, are now even more timely than when he spoke them, but have been ignored in practise for many decades; and the most recently published popular book about that speech ignores the most enduringly important part, so this part of Washington’s Farewell Address will be quoted from here, and will be placed into its historical context, so as to make clear what the central meaning in that speech is for our times, and for all times.