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Jan 20 09:39

Lara Trump Denies Mocking Biden Stutter; Pilot Sullenberger Attacks Lara in NY Times Op-Ed

Presidential daughter-in-law Lara Trump made remarks about former Vice President Joe Biden Thursday evening at a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa that have been taken as mocking his childhood stuttering–however Trump denies even knowing Biden has a history of stuttering. In response, Biden supporter ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ pilot Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger had an op-ed promptly published in the New York Times on Saturday (wonder how that happened) attacking Trump over her alleged mocking of Biden’s stutter–even though Biden himself said last month his verbal lapses on the campaign trail are not due to stuttering.

Jan 20 09:39

Meghan Markle’s Father Accuses Daughter of “Cheapening” Royal Family and “Making It Shabby”

Meghan Markle’s father spoke to reporters this week following the news that Prince Harry and Princess Meghan were stepping away from the Royal Family.

Jan 20 09:39

Dem House Candidate In NYC Supports Replacing Jail Time With Art Class

Jamaal Bowman, a hard-left candidate looking to primary New York Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel out of a seat in New York’s 16th Congressional District, is a former middle school principal.

Jan 20 09:39

The Hill Changes Article On Transgender Bill After The Western Journal Points Out Anti-GOP Narrative

If you were reading the original version of The Hill’s recent piece on South Dakota’s proposed bill on treatments for transgender youth, the first paragraph probably sounded exceptionally dire.

Jan 20 09:16

Major Antifa Website Publishes Pro-Gun Op-Ed From Virginia Resident Planning to Attend Richmond Rally

It’s Going Down, arguably the largest Antifa website on the internet, has published a lengthy op-ed in support of gun rights from a Virginia militant leftist planning to attend the Second Amendment rally in Richmond this Monday.

Jan 20 09:16

“Friday Next Week Is going to be Phenomenal. It’s Going to Be EPIC!” – General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell Promises Big News This Friday!

General Mike Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell was on Mark Levin’s show on Friday.
This was an excellent interview. Sidney Powell dropped a couple of very newsworthy quotes about the Flynn case.

Jan 20 09:15

Apple’s Siri Told iPhone Users That Israel Is A ‘Zionist Occupation State’ After A Wikipedia Hack

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, told users Sunday night that Israeli president Reuven Rivlin “is the President of the Zionist occupation state,” following a hack into Rivlin’s Wikipedia page.

Jan 20 09:15

Baltimore state's attorney lashes out at police over video showing angry mob attacking police officer

Baltimore state's attorney, Marilyn Mosby, lashed out at Baltimore police officers Saturday after a video that showed an angry mob attacking a Baltimore police officer went viral.

Jan 20 09:09

Pension Crisis: Union Pension Collapse

Jan 20 08:21

Donald Trump Jr. on Lev Parnas: “I Guarantee You My Father Could Not Pick Him Out of a Lineup” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Jr. joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.
During his appearance Maria asked Don Jr. about Republican donor Les Parnas.

Jan 20 08:20

It’s On! Joe Biden Accuses Bernie’s Campaign of Doctoring Video of Him on Social Security — But It’s Not True and Not Doctored! (VIDEO)

On Saturday Joe Biden spoke with a small group of supporters at an Iowa rally.
During his speech Biden accused the Bernie Campaign of doctoring a video of him on Social Security.

Jan 20 08:20

The Genius of Trump: China Economy is Growing at Its Slowest Rate in 30 Years – Prognosis For Future Doesn’t Look Good

One month ago we reported that you can feel it in Hong Kong. The economy is sluggish. The question is – is the slowing Hong Kong Economy related to the protests which clearly have negatively impacted the local Hong Kong businesses or is the Hong Kong downturn related to a slowing China economy. We now know the answer.

Jan 20 08:19

Multiple Media Outlets Smear TN Religious Liberty Bill as 'Anti-LGBT'

When does the act of refusing to compromise the tenets of your religion become “anti-LGBT”? And when does passing a law that protects organizations that refuse to compromise those tenets become homophobic?

Jan 20 08:19

A Trump impeachment lawyer says he will defend the president by arguing that even if he did abuse his power, he hasn't committed any actual crimes

As the US Senate prepares for only the third presidential impeachment trial in history, one of the most high-profile and controversial members of President Trump's legal team has laid out the core of the argument he will use to defend the president.

Jan 20 08:19

Soros-linked political pressure group Avaaz joins forces with MSM to purge climate skeptics from YouTube

Independent mainstream media outlets are engaging in a politically-motivated campaign to force YouTube to demonetize and hide any video that denies climate change.

Published on Avaaz’s website, the left-leaning non-profit group released a report on January 16 that claims YouTube is profiting by broadcasting misinformation to millions of people by giving climate denial videos too much prominence. The report is an undisguised intimidation campaign, as not only does it list major advertizers who are running ads on videos that question the legitimacy of the threat climate change poses for humanity, but it explicitly calls for them to put pressure on the platform as a means of putting an end to the so-called disinformation.

Jan 20 08:19

Next U.S. Navy aircraft carrier to be named after African American Pearl Harbor hero

The aircraft carrier is the symbol of American power – 90,000 tons of diplomacy, the Navy likes to say. Almost all of them are named after presidents – until Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly broke with tradition.

Jan 20 08:18

This chart will get President Trump re-elected, says Fox Business host

Fox Business host Deirdre Bolton there's an economic progress chart that holds the key to President Donald Trump's re-election.

Jan 20 08:18

In hilarious self-own, Warren asks 'How could the American people want someone who lies to them?'

Politicians are known for their lack of self-awareness, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren's absence of mindfulness may have reached new heights.

Jan 20 08:10

Hacker leaks 500k passwords for servers, routers and IoT devices on Dark Web

A hacker has dumped a massive list of Telnet credentials and passwords for over 500,000 servers, routers, and so-called smart devices on the Dark Web, exposing the persistent vulnerability of cloud service providers.

The list, published on a popular hacking forum, includes IP addresses, usernames and passwords for the Telnet remote service, which is used on numerous Internet of Things (IoT) devices around the world.