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Jul 16 14:05

Trump tweets Israel on par with the USA!

"The Jewish state is apparently on a par with the United States in our president’s [Trumo's] tweets, it is just as bad to insult Israel as it is to insult the United States...">>

Jul 16 13:28

Junk Bonds Are Ringing A Bell

Jul 16 12:57

Study Finds Transgender, Non-Binary Autism Link

New research indicates that transgender and non-binary individuals are significantly more likely to have autism or display autistic traits than the wider population – a finding that has important implications for gender confirmation treatments.

It found that 14% of the transgender and non-binary group had a diagnosis of autism, while a further 28% of this group reached the cut off point for an autism diagnosis, suggesting a high number of potentially undiagnosed individuals...

Jul 16 12:36

A Top is Forming… Is is THE Top?

Jul 16 12:22

How negative can interest-rates go?