Feb 15 15:38

Joe Biden’s Two-Front Battle Against Covid and Climate Change May Trigger Severe Food Shortages for U.S. Consumers

In the United States, the local farmers, it seems, are being squeezed out of business, or paid not to grow food, while Big Agriculture is more concerned with exporting its supplies than keeping domestic food stocks safe and affordable. -- In an effort to fight two wars at the same time – against a pandemic as well as purported climate change – the Biden administration risks putting the United States on a crash course with food shortages and soaring prices as early as this year.

Feb 15 07:11

Diners will likely have to show vaccine passports to reserve a table

Those who wish to dine out in Britain may need a ‘certificate of vaccination’ soon as the Rockefeller Foundation white paper titled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development pointed out in 2010.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said in a meeting on Sunday that officials are mulling the idea of requiring a passport of a sort to reenter society.

Feb 13 08:13

CDC: Diving Into the Data Manipulation (Audio)

Listen to an interview where Dr. Scott Jensen, Minnesota state senator, and Dr. Henry Ealy delve into their work on the CDC’s role in coercing hospitals to manipulate data on death certificates.

Feb 13 08:12

Disney Silent on Revelations of Abuses in China’s Concentration Camps

Disney has taken political stances against Donald Trump, the state of Georgia, and Republican members of Congress. But when it comes to China and its human rights atrocities, the Magic Kingdom sides with the Middle Kingdom every time.

In the latest example of corporate complicity through silence, the Walt Disney Co. has refused to comment on a recent report that China is overseeing the systematic rape of ethnic minority women in the western Xinjiang region. The BBC News reported earlier this month that women in China’s concentration camps for Uyghurs have been repeatedly raped, sexually abused, and tortured.

One witness told the BBC News that women were removed from the cells “every night” and raped by one or more masked Chinese men. On Thursday, China retaliated against the BBC News by suspending the network from its airwaves, claiming that the British broadcaster has harmed China’s national interests and ethnic unity.

Feb 13 07:17

Spin Doctors Use COVID Vaccines to Promote GMO Food

With over 2 million dead, and countries as developed as the UK and the U.S. failing miserably to contain the virus, it’s understandable that many see vaccines as a silver bullet that can save the world from the illness and death, never mind the social isolation and economic collapse, that the current pandemic is leaving in its wake. It’s perhaps equally unsurprising that hard pressed promoters of genetically modified (GM) crops and animals are seeing this as an ideal marketing opportunity.

Charles hates GM. Will he spurn this vaccine? ran a headline in the Sunday Times to an article that declared, “Pfizer shows us genetic modification could protect humanity from COVID-19.” Its author Dominic Lawson, lambasts the heir to the UK throne for his well known opposition to GM crops, and claims that it is politics, rather than science, that can “obstruct or even deny society the full benefits of scientific breakthroughs. This is true of genetic modification more widely.”

Feb 11 07:11

Immunologist: Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Could Cause Long-Term Chronic Illness

In new research published in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, immunologist J. Bart Classen warns the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines could create “new potential mechanisms” of adverse events that may take years to come to light.

Back in 1999, leading U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official Dr. Peter Patriarca contended that modern advances in vaccine technology were rapidly “outpacing researchers’ ability to predict potential vaccine-related adverse events.” Patriarca mused that this could lead to “a situation of unforeseen and unpredictable vaccine outcomes.”

In a new research article published in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, veteran immunologist J. Bart Classen expresses similar concerns and writes that “RNA-based COVID vaccines have the potential to cause more disease than the epidemic of COVID-19.”

Feb 11 05:38

Japanese TV report sparks speculations in China that COVID-19 may have originated in US (2/23/20)

A report from a Japanese TV station that suspected some of the 14,000 Americans died of influenza may have unknowningly contracted the coronavirus has gone viral on Chinese social media, stoking fears and speculations in China that the novel coronavirus may have originated in the US.

Feb 11 04:49

Study finds CDC inflated COVID numbers by 1,600%

"The figures were inflated by at least 1,600%, according to the Public Health Initiative of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, which published the study, titled "COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective."

Feb 09 11:18

Costco Is Being Sued For Spying On Customers. Here's Why

If you're a Costco customer, you may have noticed. In some locations, you can buy items from Costco online and pick them up curbside (via Grocery Dive). That's no mistake. Costco's January 2021 virtual sales are up 106.7 percent compared to last year (via Progressive Grocer). Costco, it seems, is finally getting the hang of online commerce. And maybe it's dedicated itself a little too enthusiastically to taking advantage of it. As an increasing number of Costco's customers looked to online shopping, the company began, as per what executives told Digital Commerce 360, looking for "low-hanging fruit." First, its customers' emails. As of August 2020, Costco had more than 60 percent of its members' email addresses, up from around 30 percent a few years prior.

Feb 08 21:54

Police called to Mulitple Resorts as MGM fails to Pay Super Bowl Bets

Las Vegas Metro Police have been called to a number of MGM properties throughout Las Vegas as angry customers claim MGM is refusing to payout winning bets after the companies APP went down in the middle of the Super Bowl.

A tweet just before 6 p.m. indicated the BetMGM app and MGM sports books were having major problems with people Super Bowl Bets.

We are now hearing that Las Vegas Metro has been dispatched to multiple MGM properties as angry bettors are claiming MGM is refusing to pay on winning bets.

People are reporting that MGM and Metro are threatening them with arrest and permanent ban form MGM properties, simply for trying to cash their winning tickets!

Feb 07 14:42

January, 2021 Sets New Record For Gun Sales

American citizens purchased 4,137,480 firearms, which is a rise of 60% over last January. For reference, in 1999, Americans purchased 9,138,123 firearms for the entire year. Gun ownership has exploded since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil unrest that gripped the nation over the summer. Americans watched rioters burn cities and loot businesses throughout the country. This perfect storm of chaos saw the gun market explode. Last year, gun sales hit an all-time high of 39,695,315, a 40% increase over 2019.

Feb 07 11:48

U.S. stock market more overvalued now than right before the dot-com crash of 2000

Since the start of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” nearly a year ago, the United States stock market has soared much higher than many anticipated based on the circumstances. And according to the latest data, it is more overvalued right now than it was at the start of the 2000 dot-com crash.

Feb 06 13:47

Senate passes Young amendment to prevent stimulus checks for undocumented immigrants

An amendment co-authored by Indiana Sen. Todd Young would prevent undocumented immigrants from receiving stimulus checks. The Senate passed the amendment Thursday on a bipartisan 58 to 42 vote. (Updated: Feb 5, 2021)

Feb 04 05:50

More fallout from New York’s body armor confiscation bill

[Rest of article is behind a paywall]
Last month, we learned about a new bill in the New York State legislature that would not only authorize the confiscation of firearms and accessories from law-abiding gun owners but would also outlaw the possession of body armor by civilians. Anyone owning body armor under the proposed law would have a short period of time to voluntarily surrender it or it would be confiscated as well. After further analysis, it became clear that the law would also affect parents who have purchased bulletproof backpacks to protect their children in the event of a school shooting. This has manufacturers of such products up in arms, along with the parents who have already purchased them.

A New York bill aimed at confiscating body armor would also force parents to hand over safety products designed for school shootings.

Feb 02 08:37

Guess Which Side The Corporate Media Is Taking In The GameStop Story…

You would think that a plucky group of Internet rebels standing up to a bunch of notorious hedge funds and short sellers would be a story that even the mainstream media should be able to get right, but apparently that is not the case.  As you will see below, the corporate-controlled media is attempting to convince all of us that the hedge funds and the short sellers are actually “the good guys” and that the “Reddit army” that is taking them on is a bunch of dangerous insurrectionists that are a threat to the entire system.  Of course I suppose that it shouldn’t be a surprise that the corporate-controlled media is standing up for the establishment, because the establishment showers them with millions of advertising dollars.  But it really has been disgusting to watch them totally sell out like this.  If you listen to the mainstream media long enough, you would be tempted to believe that we now live in a “Bizarro World” in which everything that was once evil is now good and everything th

Feb 01 15:51

Insurance companies begin dropping policies for conservatives as blatant discrimination takes hold across corporate America

Targeting political dissidents with persecution as corporations and government officials are now doing, with cheers from the left, is the very definition of fascism. It is everything that these “progressive” hypocrites claim to be against, revealing their total lack of self-awareness about the fact that they are the totalitarians they pretend to hate.

Jan 29 16:27

Nixon Closed the Gold Window and All I Got Was This Lousy National Debt

This is clearly unsustainable. But the US isn’t about to go back onto a gold standard. And Joe Biden isn’t going to rein in the spending. In fact, he will almost certainly ramp it up. What little fiscal restraint that existed has been washed away by the tidal wave of the coronavirus pandemic. -- This is not good for the future of the US economy. At some point, the money printing game will come to its inevitable end.

Jan 29 16:06

Criminal Wall Street oligarchs stifle populist trading movement that sent GameStop stocks soaring

What is normally a Ponzi scheme that always favors the ultra-wealthy quickly became something that middle class folks could benefit from financially, so naturally it had to be stopped.

Jan 29 12:18


A recent study in the journal Cancer Discovery found that inhalation of harmful microbes can contribute to advanced stage lung cancer in adults. Long-term use of face masks may help breed these dangerous pathogens.

Jan 29 11:45


More than half of hand sanitizers imported from Mexico contain dangerous levels of toxic ingredients and should not be used by consumers, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In January alone, more than 900 accidental poisonings involving hand sanitizer were reported in the U.S., the overwhelming majority involving young children.

The FDA on Tuesday issued a countrywide import alert for alcohol-based hand sanitizers from Mexico, the agency’s latest attempt to address a pandemic-induced spike in products contaminated with methanol, or wood alcohol. The substance, which in most cases is not listed as an ingredient on the labels, can be toxic when absorbed through the skin, and life-threatening when ingested.

“Although people using these products on their hands are at risk for methanol poisoning, young children who ingest these products and adolescents and adults who drink these products as an alcohol substitute are most at risk,” the FDA noted.

Jan 29 11:21

New Study Finds Glyphosate-related Alterations in Gut Microbiome

A new animal study by a group of European researchers has found that low levels of the weed killing chemical glyphosate and the glyphosate-based Roundup product can alter the composition of the gut microbiome in ways that may be linked to adverse health outcomes.

The paper, published Wednesday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, is authored by 13 researchers, including study lead Dr. Michael Antoniou, head of the Gene Expression and Therapy Group within the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics at King’s College in London, and Dr. Robin Mesnage, a research associate in computational toxicology within the same group. Scientists from the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy, participated in the study as did scientists from France and the Netherlands.

The effects of glyphosate on the gut microbiome were found to be caused by the same mechanism of action by which glyphosate acts to kill weeds and other plants, the researchers said.

Jan 29 09:33

When Costco checks your receipt, it’s not because they think you’re stealing

ou know the drill. After paying for your three-month supply of granola bars and a decade’s worth of sandwich bags, a Costco employee will ask for your receipt. She’ll glance in your cart and — I always assumed — confirm those 90 cans of Sprite were bought and paid for. But there’s more going on here than simple theft prevention.

In fact, it might just be in your head that the trusty receipt checker thinks you’re trying to embezzle your bulk items. According to Costco’s customer service site, there are two reasons that they’re actually checking your receipt each time you exit the store (and these reasons have everything to do with keeping tabs on cashier performance and surprisingly nothing to do with the notion that you’re a shoplifter).

Jan 28 13:37

Dr. R. Buttar blasts Gates, Fauci, exposes fake pandemic numbers, as economy collapses

"He says Anthony Fauci is at the center of it all... In 2017, he [Fauci] was documented at Georgetown University, saying that there will be a pandemic; that this presidency will face that did he know that in 2017, that something was going to happen in 2018, '19 or 2020?

Jan 26 09:56

6 Natural Ibuprofen Alternatives Backed by Clinical Research

With the public's growing awareness of the deadly side effects associated with the regular use of synthetic painkillers like ibuprofen, the need for natural, evidence-based alternatives has never been greater.

Jan 25 15:37

The Secret To The Stock Market: Just Buy Tech Companies That Are Losing Money And Watch Profits Rain From The Sky

For those that can’t detect sarcasm, I am not actually sharing “investment advice” in this article.  Rather, I am pointing out how absurd our financial markets have become at this point.  While the real economy is mired in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, the stock market just keeps soaring to record high after record high.  If the underlying profits that these corporations were generating actually justified the extremely high stock prices that we have been witnessing, then I wouldn’t have anything to complain about.  Sadly, the truth is that many of the companies that are seeing their stocks soar into the stratosphere are not making any money at all.

Jan 25 15:21

Tucker Carlson warns that the Democrat Party has launched war on half of America

According to Carlson, Americans who voted for Trump are now in a whole new “threat” category alongside Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The left wants its followers to think that supporting Trump is the same as supporting Osama Bin Laden, and some are falling for it.

Jan 25 09:49

Flower And Wine Delivery Credit Card Scam Warning

Circulating message describes an incident in which a scammer, posing as a courier delivering an unexpected gift of wine and roses, captured the gift recipient’s credit card details with the use of a portable card scanning device.

Brief Analysis
The core information in the message is true. A scammer used this scheme in Sydney, Australia during November 2008 and was subsequently apprehended and charged. Similar schemes have been used by criminals in various locations around the world.

Jan 24 12:04

11,000 Pages of Evidence Filed in Landmark 5G Case Against the FCC, Hearing Set for Jan. 25

After the FCC last month found no evidence of harm caused by wireless technology, CHD and other groups sued — and included 11,000 pages of evidence refuting the FCC’s conclusion.

Jan 23 08:00

Ford finally recalls three MILLION cars as part of biggest auto recall in U.S. history over deadly airbags that have killed 27 people including 17-year-old who was hit in throat by shards of metal

Ford will recall three million cars after air bag inflators ruptured, injuring 400 people and killing at least 27 worldwide.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Tuesday ordered Ford to issue the recall, rejecting a bid by the second-largest U.S. automaker to avoid it. The recall will come at a cost of $610 million to Ford.

The defect, which in rare instances leads to air bag inflators rupturing and sending potentially deadly metal fragments flying, prompted the largest automotive recall in U.S. history affecting 41.6 million cars.

Jan 22 14:08

As Biden Became President, Medical Journal Quietly Retracted Study That Claimed Hydroxychloroquine Is Ineffective

This retraction appears to validate the claims then-President Trump made about the medication being a frontline drug in the battle in the pandemic.

Jan 21 20:51

Banking Blockade: Another Bank Just Announced They're Closing Trump's Accounts

BankUnited has followed Signature Bank in deciding to close former president Donald Trump's bank accounts in what appears to be part of a banking blockade aimed at punishing him for actions he took as our commander-in-chief.

Jan 19 22:15

A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment- PDF Booklet

AAPS - Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

Excerpt (Ch 3, para 2): "Hospital care for critical patients has a much higher death rate, and far higher risk of long-term lung, heart, neurological, and other complications for those who survive.

Jan 19 09:12

A Death and a Settlement as Bayer Continues Trying to End Roundup Litigation

Seven months after Bayer AG announced plans for a sweeping settlement of U.S. Roundup cancer litigation, the German owner of Monsanto Co. continues to work to settle tens of thousands of claims brought by people suffering from cancer they say was caused by Monsanto’s weed killing products. On Wednesday, one more case appeared to find closure, though the plaintiff did not live to see it.

Lawyers for Jaime Alvarez Calderon, agreed earlier this week to a settlement offered by Bayer after U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria on Monday denied summary judgment in favor of Monsanto, allowing the case to move closer to a trial.

The settlement will go to Alvarez’s four sons because their 65-year-old father, a longtime winery worker in Napa County, California, died just over a year ago from non-Hodgkin lymphoma he blamed on his work spraying Roundup around winery property for years.

Jan 19 07:08


Delores Cahill explains the significance of a 2012 paper on SARS immunisation which revealed subsequent deaths among animals and children that had received the vaccine.

Jan 18 15:15

De-Platforming of Gun Sites Is a Dark Harbinger

Surrendering freedoms to a few corporations to arbitrate isn’t just dangerous for the firearm industry. It erodes all of our rights as well as this nation we all dearly love.

Jan 18 01:14

WhatsApp delays privacy update over user 'confusion' and backlash about Facebook data sharing

WhatsApp has delayed a privacy policy update that caused confusion and backlash among users over fears it could mean broader data sharing with the messaging app’s owner Facebook.

“We’ve heard from so many people how much confusion there is around our recent update. There’s been a lot of misinformation causing concern and we want to help everyone understand our principles and the facts,” WhatsApp said in a blog post over the weekend.

The updates related specifically to features that allow users to message and interact with businesses on WhatsApp. Last year, Facebook announced that businesses using WhatsApp could store and manage their chats with customers using Facebook’s “secure hosting infrastructure.”

Jan 17 21:14

Ten Things You Need to Know about the Experimental COVID Vaccines

The COVID vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna are called mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines – a completely new type of vaccine that has never been licensed or used on humans before...
Experimental COVID Vaccines: mRNA Vax is an Operating System. The mRNA vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer could barely be regarded as medicine in the traditional sense. They are transhumanistic tools to synthetically alter you at the genetic level. In fact, Moderna has even admitted on their website that their new COVID vaccines are an “operating system” and the “software of life”:

Jan 17 07:46

40% of L.A. Firefighters Decline to Show Up for Coronavirus Vaccine

40% of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) firefighters have failed to turn up for voluntary vaccination against the coronavirus, following a pattern of reluctance seen among many front-line health care workers and first responders.

Jan 16 07:02

James Murdoch Lambasts Some US Media For Advancing 'Insidious' Forces Amid Capitol Riot

James Murdoch, youngest son of media oligarch Rupert Murdoch, earlier in summer resigned from his position on the board of his father's News Corp media empire, citing "disagreements over the editorial content".

James Murdoch, in an interview with The Financial Times, denounced American media, and Fox News in particular, for advancing what he described as "insidious and uncontrollable forces", and expressing hope that the deadly Capitol havoc will result in a "reckoning" for the media in the US.

“The damage is profound," Murdoch told the FT. “The sacking of the Capitol is proof positive that what we thought was dangerous is indeed very, very much so. Those outlets that propagate lies to their audience have unleashed insidious and uncontrollable forces that will be with us for years.”

Jan 16 04:16

Over 11,000 Ice Cream Cartons Recalled Due To Possible Metal Pieces

The ice cream flavor is cookies and cream. Not cookies and metal pieces. Or metal pieces and cream. Nonetheless, a piece of metal equipment is what one customer reportedly found in a container of Weis Quality Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.

Jan 16 04:08

Hot Pockets recall: Nestle recalls nearly 763K pounds due to possible glass, plastic contamination

Nestlé Prepared Foods is recalling about 762,615 pounds of pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced late Friday.

The frozen stuffed sandwiches, which were shipped to stores nationwide and produced in November, are being recalled because they “may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically pieces of glass and hard plastic,” according to a news release.

The USDA classified the announcement as a "Class I" recall, which it defines as a "health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death."

According to the USDA notice, the “problem was discovered when the firm received four consumer complaints of extraneous material in the pepperoni hot pocket product” and there has been “one report of a minor oral injury associated with consumption of this product.”

Jan 15 16:42

Big Tech’s Purge is Only Beginning… For Them

Now more than at any other point in history is there the opportunity for a real, properly-built and decentralized social media platform owned by those that hold the governance tokens and not a corporation or organization which is corruptible.

Because we’ve seen how that story ends.

Jan 15 06:17

WhatsApp Clarifies It Cannot See Your Private Messages

WhatsApp is under fire due to a change in the company's Terms of Service, effective Feb. 8, which now states that WhatsApp will share user data with parent company Facebook.

Users are leaving the platform — one indication is a massive surge of new users into competing messaging service Signal — and now, WhatsApp is mitigating the damage.

"We want to address some rumors and be 100 percent clear we continue to protect your private messages with end-to-end encryption," the company tweeted Tuesday.

In an infographic attached to the tweet, WhatsApp clarifies that it "cannot see your private messages or hear your calls and neither can Facebook." Furthermore, WhatsApp says it "does not keep logs of who everyone is messaging or calling," it "cannot see your shared location and neither can Facebook," and it "does not share your contacts with Facebook."

Jan 15 06:12

WhatsApp's changes to personal data violate users' privacy and pose a threat to national security, according to a court filing in India, the app's biggest market

After widespread backlash from users and privacy activists alike, a petition has been filed in India against WhatsApp's new privacy policy.

The petition, filed in the Delhi High Court, calls on the Indian government to ensure WhatsApp does not share user data with third parties, Bar & Bench report.

WhatsApp informed users on Wednesday that it was updating its terms of service and privacy policies from February 8, 2021.

The messaging platform announced it would start sharing some personal data, including phone numbers and locations, with its parent company, Facebook.

If users don't agree to new terms of service, they will lose access to the app.

A WhatsApp spokesperson told Ars Technica the change was to allow businesses to store WhatsApp chats using Facebook's broader infrastructure. The company says the changes do not impact users in the UK or the EU, and do not affect the privacy of conversations with friends and family.

Jan 11 16:18

Free Speech Platform Gab Reports 750% Increase in Traffic

In response to the surge in traffic, Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba gave a concise comment simply stating:

“Checkmate, Silicon Valley.”

Jan 11 15:32

Unprecedented Numbers Exercise 2nd Amendment Rights in 2020

We know from retailer reports that about 40% of buyers were first-time gun buyers, and that there were significant increases in the percentage and number of female and minority gun buyers. Forty-percent of those first-time gun buyers were women. The 2nd Amendment is not bound by race, gender, or socioeconomic status. -- It is about giving Americans a fighting chance to defend themselves and their families.

Jan 09 08:58

Convicted Pedophile Marty Weiss Meets Twitter's Standards

Twitter has standards. Many registered Republicans don't meet these standards. Convicted child rapists like Marty Weiss meet Twitter's community standards.

Jan 07 13:37


According to a peer reviewed study published in a respected journal by the world’s most authoritative vaccine scientists, Bill Gates DTP vaccine killed 10 times more African girls than the disease itself. The vaccine apparently compromised their immune systems. Although, such study was never performed before 2017, Bill Gates and the Vaccine Alliance GAVI and WHO pushed the vaccines on unsuspecting African babies.

Jan 07 05:28

Vaxxed v. Unvaxxed: Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Americans From Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status

In a federal complaint filed last month in the U.S. District Court of California, constitutional litigators Greg Glaser and Ray Flores presented results of a pilot study showing unvaccinated adults and children are healthier than their vaccinated counterparts.

Jan 06 06:40

Bill Gates Worked To End Livestock Production, Pushed Lab Grown Meat

As the United States faces unprecedented meat shortages due to processing plants going offlinein response to the coronavirus, a long-standing globalist agenda to halt meat consumption is being fulfilled.

Tyson foods recently warned that the food supply chain is “breaking.”

Lockdowns have created a situation in which farmers have nowhere to send their product, and in turn millions of animals are being slaughtered. Additionally, vegetables that would normally end up on store shelves are rotting in the field.

Despite this reality, Twitter has announced that talk of food shortages will be censored.

Jan 04 12:03

Serious Warning Issued For Apple AirPods Max Users

Apple’s upcoming AirPods 3 are tipped to be a lot more expensive, but now warnings have been issued for the most expensive AirPods of all.

Across Twitter, Reddit (1,2,3,4) and Apple site forums, owners of Apple’s $550 AirPods Max are reporting problems with condensation building up inside their ear cups after just a few hours usage. Moreover, this may be caused by an unfixable design flaw.

Jan 03 07:54

Cattle Rancher Warns About the Meat You're Buying

In the video above, American cattle rancher Shad Sullivan from North Texas is interviewed by host Patrick Bet-David about the future of the cattle and meat industry. In April 2020, Sullivan posted a YouTube video1 discussing how U.S. farmers are being forced to dump the food supply — plowing under vegetable crops, euthanizing millions of chickens, aborting sows and burying feeder pigs, and dumping milk by the hundreds of thousands of gallons.

Sullivan says officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture are also preparing farmers to depopulate cattle that are ready to harvest due to a “bottleneck created by the effects of COVID and the logistics therein.” Yet, while preparing U.S. cattle ranchers to cull their herds, the U.S. is actively importing beef from other countries.

Jan 02 12:12

Horror: Nashville Nurse Gets Bells Palsy From Vaccine!

Khalilah Mitchell, a registered nurse from Nashville, Tennessee, now suffers from bells palsy after getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

Dec 23 08:45

The Truth About Fauci—Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits

By [RFK, Jr's] Children's Health Defense - April 24, 2020

"Dr Fauci ordered Mikovits to keep her mouth shut. When she refused, he illegally confiscated her work books and hard drives, drove her from government work + blackballed her from receiving NIH grants ending her science career. XMRV remains in American vaccines."

Dec 22 08:05

Warning: Covid Vaccines! Huge Risks, Huge Injuries – Huge Compensations?

Did you know that the US Government since 1988 paid as of 1 December 2020 more than 4.4 billion dollars to vaccine-injury victims? – It’s your money – Taxpayers Money. This is Health Services and Service Administration Vaccine Injury Compensation Data

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), was set up in 1988, to compensate for the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34) which was signed into law by US President Ronald Reagan, as part of a larger health bill on November 14, 1986.

Under NCVIA nobody can sue a vaccine producing pharma-company or laboratory for injuries and / or death caused by a vaccine. NCVIA’s purpose was to eliminate the potential financial liability of vaccine manufacturers due to vaccine injury and death. The official explanation for the NCVIA is “to ensure a stable market supply of vaccines, and to provide cost-effective arbitration for vaccine injury claims.”

Dec 22 08:01

Donald Trump Administration’s Approval of “Radioactive Roads”: Lawsuit against EPA

Environmental, public health and union groups sued the Environmental Protection Agency today for approving the use of radioactive phosphogypsum in roads. The groups also petitioned the agency to reconsider its Oct. 20 approval.

The EPA has long prohibited use of phosphogypsum in roads because it contains uranium and radium that produce radionuclides linked to higher risks of cancer and genetic damage.

The agency ignored its own expert consultant, who found numerous scenarios that would expose the public — particularly road-construction workers — to a cancer risk the agency considers to be unacceptably dangerous.

Because the phosphogypsum is likely to be used in roads within 200 miles of phosphogypsum storage stacks, most of which in are Florida, the approval may also affect hundreds of protected plants and animals and their critical habitat.

Dec 22 02:02

Your Search History Could Influence Your Credit Score Under New IMF Proposal

A new working paper from the International Monetary Fund proposes that banks start using "nonfinancial data" such as people's "history of online searches and purchases" to influence credit scores.

[...] Imagine being denied credit or having your credit score tanked because you bought the "wrong" book, visited the "wrong" website or listened to a sermon online from the "wrong" Christian pastor.

Dec 21 10:42

Shoppers Beware: Scammers Are Sending Fake Shipping Notifications to Steal Your Info

With the pandemic pushing more holiday shoppers online this year, business is booming for major shippers like Amazon, FedEx, and UPS. Malls around this time are already veritable Petri dishes with crowds packing into stores and willing to elbow the ever-loving Christmas cheer out of each other over gifts. And to cash in on the wave of shoppers opting for a virtual haul this year, scammers have overwhelmingly shifted to using fake shipping notifications in their phishing schemes, per a CNBC report.

Dec 18 17:15

Media Blackout: Moderna’s FDA Report Lists 13 Deaths in Vaccine Trials — 6 in Vaccine Group, 7 in Placebo

By Spiro Skouras

In this report, we examine discrepancies in the FDA Moderna report that was voted on by an advisory panel. The panel voted 20-0 recommending EUA.

Some of the discrepancies include cherry picked trial participants to achieve the desired results to gain EUA, as well as 13 total deaths in the trials – 6 in the vaccinated group and 7 in the placebo. Something the media refuses to address.

Dec 17 12:27

Apple's AirPods have a frustrating new 'feature.' We figured out how to fix it

After upgrading to iOS 14 or MacOS 11 Big Sur you've likely experienced your AirPods randomly switching between your Apple devices. The new automatic switching feature is supposed to make your life easier, but for many -- including yours truly -- it's annoying.

In theory, the new feature would be able to identify which Apple device you want to use your AirPods with in real-time. For example, if you're streaming music on your iPhone and you start playing a video on your iPad, the AirPods should switch to your iPad. But in reality, the feature is somewhat finicky. I know I've experienced issues with my iPhone taking over my AirPods connection when I unlock it while I'm listening to music on my iPad.

Dec 16 21:45

American Medical Association Rescinds Previous Statement Against Prescription of Hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 Patients

However, on page 18 of a recent AMA memo, issued on October 30, (resolution 509, page 3) the organization officially reversed their stance on HCQ, stating that its potential for good currently may supersede the threat of any potential harmful side effects.

Dec 16 14:57

Facebook Criticizes Apple Privacy Policy in Newspaper Ads

Facebook is again pushing back on new Apple privacy rules for its mobile devices, this time saying in full page newspaper ads that the social media giant is standing up for small businesses.

In ads that ran in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other national newspapers, Facebook said Apple's new rules “limit businesses ability to run personalized ads and reach their customers effectively."

“While limiting how personalized ads can be used does impact larger companies like us, these changes will be devastating to small businesses adding to the many challenges they face right now," the ad states.

The ads come after Apple said earlier this week it would begun spelling out what kinds of personal information is being collected by the digital services displayed in its app stores for iPhones and other products made by the trendsetting company.

Dec 16 14:28

Latest iOS update shows all the ways Facebook tracks you. There are a lot.

Knowing Facebook tracks everything you do is one thing, but actually seeing it? Oof.

Apple officially launched iOS 14.3 Monday, and with it came an update to the App Store that promises to forever change the way you look at your downloads. Now, when you pull up an app, Apple offers a detailed list of "how developers may handle your data[.]" And when it comes to Facebook's family of apps, oh, man, do they ever handle it.

Facebook, of course, owns both Instagram and WhatsApp (as well as Oculus and scores of other name-brand services). But let's look at just the main Facebook app first. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is user data which Facebook confirmed to Apple its "privacy practices may include handling[.]"

Dec 14 05:12

Saw recall 2020: Fiskars 16-foot extendable pole saws and Craftsman chain saws recalled for laceration hazard

Nearly 550,000 saws sold at home improvement and hardware stores nationwide are being recalled because they pose a "laceration hazard."

Fiskars Brands Inc., of Middleton, Wisconsin, is voluntarily recalling about 467,680 of its 16-foot Extendable Pole Saw and Pruner because "the telescoping poles of the pole saw/pruner can separate, causing the poles to come apart and fall down and the saw blade and pruner head to drop, posing a laceration hazard," according to a recall notice posted on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

As part of a separate recall, Black & Decker is recalling about 82,000 Craftsman 10-inch corded chain saws because the saws "can start unexpectedly without operation of the switch when the extension cord adaptor is connected upside down."