Oct 05 06:34

The Web of Players Trying to Silence Truth

Any strategy that successfully manipulates public opinion is bound to be repeated, and we can now clearly see how the tobacco industry's playbook is being used to shape the public narrative about COVID-19 and the projected post-COVID era.

In 2011, after many years of raising awareness regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and industrial agriculture, we decided we needed a new game plan. Educating people through our newsletter was great, but we realized the best way to expose Monsanto — a leading GMO advocate and patented seed owner at the time — was to get them to engage directly and ensure national attention.

To that end, funded the signature gathering in California that initiated Proposition 37, the right to know what's in your food by ensuring proper GMO labeling. We spent more than $1 million for the Prop 37 initiative, plus several million dollars more for GMO labeling initiatives in other U.S. states in the following years.

Oct 05 06:00

Monday Night Emergency Broadcast: Video Emerges of Fauci and HHS Plotting To Stage Massive Health Scare Using "New Virus"

Oct 05 05:51

The Real Reason Facebook Should've Made Headlines:

A former Facebook employee has revealed herself as the source behind damaging leaks regarding the social media monster - and maintained it deliberately tried to stoke discontent to keep users coming back to their newsfeeds.

Frances Haugen, 37, came forward on America's top-rated news show 60 Minutes Sunday night, with the data scientist further blaming her former employer for contributing to the January 6 riots. She announced: "Facebook, over and over again, has shown it chooses profit over safety."

Haugen insisted that Facebook turned off "safeguards" designed to stop the proliferation of misinformation and rabble-rousing after Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in the November 2020 presidential election.

Oct 05 05:40

Is the Tide Finally Starting to Turn on Covid as an American Biowarfare Attack?

During the last eighteen months, I think I’ve stood nearly alone on the Internet in arguing that the late 2019 Covid outbreak that began in Wuhan, China was probably the result of an American biowarfare attack conducted by rogue elements of our own national security establishment.

The individual articles in my long series have been viewed some 350,000 times, but with rather few exceptions almost no one has publicly endorsed such an extremely controversial hypothesis, and almost as few of the multitude of readers have even been willing to acknowledged its existence.

Oct 05 05:25

My Formal Complaint Against Dr. Bonnie Henry, by Norman Grant Smith

Specifically, Dr. Henry has consistently and repeatedly appeared before the population of British Columbia, for the purpose of advocating and promoting Covid-19 vaccinations. This activity is clearly “Communication with the Public”.

These appearances have been broadcast on Provincial network television, National Network television, in digital media communications such as cable TV, and the messages have been repeated widely in social media platforms.

The public relies on Dr. Henry to provide advice that is truthful, accurate, and in compliance with the Practice Standards of the BCCPS, and the related guidance such as the CMA Code of Ethics and Professionalism, which provide the professional and regulatory guidance for the creation of the BCCPS Practice Standards.

Regarding the Covid-19 vaccines Dr. Henry has repeatedly made the misleading statement “the vaccines are safe”.

Oct 04 16:59

Study: Medicare Data Reveals Fully-Vaxxed Make Up An Est. 60% of Covid Hospitalizations

A new study from Humetrix for the Department of Defense's Project Salus examining Medicare data that's inaccessible to the general public has revealed that "fully vaccinated" Medicare patients made up an estimated 60% of hospitalizations in the week ending August 7th.

Oct 04 15:24

Why The Supreme Court SHOULDN’T Care About Public Opinion

The Court’s popularity is neither here nor there. The Constitution fixed a lifetime appointment precisely so they could be immune to public opinion. The fact that they’ve been so concerned about it over the years is especially problematic. -- All the Supreme Court should concern itself with is whether a given law is constitutional or not.

Oct 04 14:20

Biden, Pelosi, claim that massive $3.5 trillion spending package will cost “zero dollars” is a MASSIVE LIE

Biden and Pelosi are talking about his $3.5 trillion spending package that contains a left-wing liberal wish list of massive new government entitlement spending that does so in a way socialist Democrats always craft spending bills: By taking property (that would be wealth) away from people who earned a lot of it and giving it to potential voters who earned not a single penny of it. -- And by the way, where are the media’s vaunted “fact-checkers”?

Oct 04 12:28

Fauci Preps The Field To CANCEL Christmas

Guess another Christmas is going down.

Chief White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that it was "too soon to tell" whether people should abstain from meeting for Christmas this year amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Fauci told CBS "Face the Nation" host Margaret Brennan that it was "just too soon to tell" if Americans would need to curb the size and scope of their holiday celebrations as was recommended last year.

"We've just got to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we're going to do at a particular time," Fauci said.

Oct 04 11:42

College campuses have become fascism incubators, labs for testing extreme covid surveillance schemes

As bad as things have become due to all the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fascism, things are especially bad on college campuses, which have become incubators, of sorts, for testing out the worst kinds of surveillance and tracking schemes. -- Students have become certifiable prisoners at their own academic institutions, it turns out. And because they are cut off, in many ways, from the rest of society, college campuses function well as experimental Chinese Virus concentration camps.

Oct 04 11:38

Seven out of 10 new covid infections occurring in “fully vaccinated:” REPORT

The Biden regime’s claim that we are currently in the midst of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is a bald-faced lie. New data from the Department of Defense (DoD) shows that we are actually facing a pandemic of the fully vaccinated, who represent at least 70 percent of all new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) infections.

Oct 04 10:33

Media Echo Chamber Pushing Biden Regime To Back Left On Budget Amnesty Battle. Guess We’ll Find Out Who’s Right

The battle over the infrastructure and budget bills is reaching a climax. The Senate Parliamentarian has ruled twice that Democrats cannot sneak an Amnesty into the budget bill, but Leftists still refuse to compromise. Moderate Democrats are growing more agitated because this intransigence threatens passage of their prized infrastructure bill. Perhaps as a fallback, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, in a recent memorandum to the Treason Lobby bureaucrats who now run immigration policy, all but stopped deportations of illegal aliens [Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil immigration Law,, September 30, 2021]. This although another 60,000 Haitians are reportedly on their the way to the U.S.-Mexico border [Next border surge, by Stef W.

Oct 04 10:31

The Justice Department Has 58 Documents About Its New Criminal Chief that It Doesn’t Want the Public to See

We’re sorry to have to tell you this, but the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process, where the public and members of the press can request information from their government and get a meaningful response, is as dead under the Biden administration as it was under the Trump, Obama and George W. Bush administrations. In no small part, this is why the United States of America, which regularly lectures other countries on what it means to be a democracy, has lost the trust of the American people.

Oct 04 10:27

NBC reporter attempts desperate damage control as crowd chants “F Joe Biden”

Oct 04 10:27

D’oh: Twitter Fact Checkers Just Revealed Their Whole Entire Backside as Shameless Shills For Big Pharma

Fact checkers at Twitter and elsewhere furiously took to their keyboards yesterday in defense of America’s Big Pharma Covid profiteers. This time, the fact checkers circled the wagons around Pfizer, which is developing an expensive drug that serves a suspiciously similar function to the cheap, time-tested, generic drug ivermectin. This time, Twitter’s approved fact checkers trafficked in deception, misinformation, and carefully worded lies, as they so often do, in order to “debunk” an article from ZeroHedge.

Let’s dissect their work.

Here is what Twitter highlighted at the top of their “fact check”:

Oct 04 10:12

Twitter tags obituary of woman 'misleading' who reportedly died from 'vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia'

Update: Twitter later removed the "misleading" label from the tweet as it was no longer visible.

Twitter has censored a post showing an obituary for a mother who died after suffering from "COVID Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia." Jessica Berg Wilson reportedly did not want to get vaccinated but did so in order to be participate as a "Room Mom" at her young daughters' school.

Oct 04 10:08


Oct 04 09:59


Oct 04 09:55

FBI Crime Stats for 2020 Prove De-Policing is as Disastrous as it Sounds

The FBI released crime data for 2020 last week, using an amalgamation of data collected under two different systems. Nothing about 2020 was predictable and the nation experienced a 5.6% percent increase in violent crime, including a 29.4% increase in murders. Let’s explore this data and the theories behind the increase.

Oct 04 09:55


26 Coincidences Which the Media and Officials Cannot and Do Not Want to Explain at Port Arthur – Can you explain them?

Martin Bryant got the Tasmanian authorities to have a 22-body refrigerated morgue truck available for his handiwork. Specially built and the only one in Australia, advertised for sale afterwards. YEAH RIGHT !

Oct 04 08:16

Poll: Almost Half Of Voters Ready To Break Up U.S.

The deep political divides between the left and the right are inescapable these days, and as the fractures grow sharper the idea of giving up on our current form of government and starting anew is apparently becoming more appealing to many of us. According to a new poll by the University of Virginia and Project Home Fire, about half of those who voted for Donald Trump say they’re ready for red states to secede and start their own country. Biden voters aren’t far behind, with more than 40% of those who cast a ballot for the Democrat saying the same.

Oct 04 08:13

Must See: NBC Reporters Reaction To 'F-Joe Biden' Shows Just How Fake Their News Is

A curious scene unfolded on Saturday after the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

Race at Talladega concluded. An NBC reporter interviewed the winner of the race, Brandon Brown, regarding his triumph.

As Brown spoke about his victory, appreciating those who assisted with his win, the crowd can be heard in the background chanting "f*ck Joe Biden."

Although, the NBC reporter claimed that the crowd was chanting "Let's go Brandon."

Oct 04 07:44

On Top Of Everything Else, Could We Potentially See 2 Major Wars Start Before The End Of The Year?

If either of the wars that I have discussed in this article were to fully erupt before the end of this calendar year, economic activity all over the planet would be greatly affected and it would make global supply chain problems far, far worse than they are now.

Oct 04 07:38

Why "Science Denial"?

In a new book two professors of psychology, Gale Sinatra and Barbara Hofer, seek to explain why what they call "science denial" is rampant today and how dangerous it is. They also give their account in a strange conversation with Michael Shermer, the editor of Skeptic magazine, from whom we might have expected a tad more "skepticism" or at least some devil’s advocacy.

The views of all three are in some ways vague and even confused, but the condescension toward the unenlightened rubes who disagree with them on certain scientific controversies–primarily climate- and COVID-19-related–couldn’t have been more clear.

Oct 04 07:25

CDC Director Says Vaccines 'Can't Prevent Transmission'; Fauci Says 'Too Early To Tell' On Holiday Gatherings

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said last week that Covid vaccines 'can't prevent transmission' anymore despite working "exceptionally well."

"Our vaccines are working exceptionally well. They continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe illness and death - they prevent it, but what they can't do anymore is prevent transmission," she told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "So if you’re going home to someone who is not vaccinated…I would suggest you wear a mask in public indoor settings," she continued.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 04 07:19

Anti-Gun Media Panicking Over SCOTUS Decisions

Anti-Second Amendment activists were pretty happy last November. They gained the House, an effective majority in the Senate, and the new president ran on gun control. It looked as if everything were looking up for them. -- Then they ran smack into the face of reality.

Oct 04 07:13

How the MSM Covered for the Generals on Their Afghan War Testimony

Although candid at times during the congressional hearings on the Afghan war held on September 28 and 29, the three four-state generals (Lloyd Austin now Secretary of Defense; Mark Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Frank McKenzie, Jr. as Commander of Central Command) – with the complicit of the mainstream media – continued to obfuscate and deflect the Pentagon’s institutional incompetence and the Washington establishment’s responsibility for its embarrassing Vietnam war-redux in its just ended 20-year debacle in Afghanistan. (Kudos to Senator Manchin for making this apropos comparison during the Senate hearing.)

Oct 04 07:10

Satellite Imagery Contradicts Reports Of Foreign Aircraft At Bagram Air Base In Afghanistan

Over the last 48 hours, there have been growing rumors and even media reports that Bagram Air Base, once the stronghold of America's warfighting capability in Afghanistan, has come alive with mysterious aircraft arriving there overnight.

In fact, rumors and claims on social media, which have ranged from the base's lighting being activated to aircraft being heard landing there, have made it to widely read media outlets. For instance, the United Kingdom's Daily Mail newspaper, although not known for its accuracy on these matters, ran this story titled:

'Military' planes are spotted landing at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan after it was claimed China is 'considering' sending soldiers to ex US airbase to strengthen ties with Taliban

Oct 04 06:41

The Mainstream Media Says “We Can Expect To See A Shortage Of Canned Foods” During The Holiday Season

Now even the mainstream media is admitting that the shortages are going to get even worse. Earlier this year, the talking heads on television were assuring all of us that the U.S. economy would be “booming” by the end of 2021, but obviously that hasn’t happened. Instead, we are facing growing shortages and rampant inflation. In fact, one measure of inflation just hit the highest level in nearly 40 years. But of more immediate concern is the fact that shortages are intensifying all over the nation. We have never seen anything like this before, and the mainstream media is openly telling us that the worst is yet to come. For example, the following comes from an Axios article entitled “The great holiday shortage”…

Oct 04 06:39

CDC Allows Hospitals to Classify Dead Vaxxed People as “Unvaccinated”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have devised a set of rules pertaining to the classification of infectious disease and death. These rules simultaneously inflate the number of covid cases in the unvaccinated and allow hospitals to classify dead vaccinated people as “unvaccinated” deaths.

Hospitals and laboratories are required to follow these rules and report official covid-19 data based on these rules. It appears that these rules were designed in a way to conceal the number of covid cases in the vaccinated and to conceal the number of deaths caused by the covid-19 vaccines.

This medical fraud and morbid treachery allows the CDC to continue on with the false narrative that the nation is suffering from a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” People who die from the vaccine are used as props to falsely advertise the need for more of these deadly vaccines.

Suspicious CDC Rules Obfuscate Hospital Data, Deceiving The Nation

Oct 04 06:39

Video: Attorney Thomas Renz Releases Stunning Data from Never Before Seen Vaccine Injury/Death Tracking System

Thanks to a Whistleblower that came forth to Attorney Thomas Renz, the public is now seeing, for the first time ever, hard data from the largest database available in the U.S. to study the COVID-19 impact including deaths & injuries; The CMS Medicare Tracking System.

During an extraordinary speech at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour, Attorney Thomas Renz shocked the crowd of thousands in attendance and millions watching via livestream as he revealed:

That data from the Medicare Tracking System reveals that 19,400 people less than 80 years old have died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine.

In addition, 28,065 people have died that are over the age of 80 within 14 days of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Total number of American Citizens that died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System.

Oct 04 06:38

Woman Injured by COVID Vaccine Pleads with Health Agencies for Help, as Local News Agency Kills Story after Pressure from Pfizer

Kristi Dobbs, a 40-year-old dental hygienist from Missouri, said she can no longer work after being injured by Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. She has spent the past nine months pleading with U.S. health agencies to research the neurological injuries she and others are experiencing in hopes of finding a treatment.

Since getting the vaccine, Dobbs has seen 16 different medical providers. She’s been on 22 different medications to address more than 20 different symptoms — none of which she had prior to getting the vaccine.

Dobbs said she and others who developed neurological injuries after getting a COVID vaccine shared their experiences with a reporter, in hope of raising awareness about their experiences.

But the story never ran because, according to the reporter, a “higher up” at Pfizer pressured the news agency to drop it.

Oct 04 06:38

Critics slam Twitter after fact checkers flag an OBITUARY as 'misleading' after it attributed young mother's death to the COVID-19 vaccine

Critics are slamming Twitter after its fact-checkers added a 'misleading' alert to an obituary about a young woman who reportedly died after contracting a rare blood-clotting disease induced by the COVID-19 vaccine.

Twitter user Kelly Bee shared the obituary for Jessica Berg Wilson, of Seattle, with the caption 'an "exceptionally healthy and vibrant 37-year-old young mother with no underlying health conditions," passed away from COVID Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia. She did not want to get vaccinated.'

Twitter flagged the tweet as 'misleading' with a link to an article on 'why health officials consider COVID-19 vaccines safe for most people.' The tweet was also 'shadow banned,' meaning it cannot be replied to, shared or liked.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Big Tech has become Big Pharma's bitch!

Oct 04 06:27

Armed at Home and in Public- Self Defense Gun Stories

You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

Oct 04 06:00

Afghans Compare Taliban To NAZI Occupation

The Taliban’s claims of a new and improved ruling class is only a myth as terrorized residents discover themselves living out scenes similar to Nazi Germany.

Afghans have resorted to selling household items for survival, starving for food, and watching roving bands of Taliban members mete out any justice they see fit without a court of law. The residents now skeptically eye neighbors and even intimate friends as potential spies who could instantly spell death at the hands of Taliban guards, the Washington Examiner has learned.

Oct 04 05:59

Trump DEMANDS Prizes Taken Away From Fake News On Him

In 2018, the Pulitzer Prize committee awarded the Washington Post and New York Times awards in journalism for their reporting on the now-proven false allegation that there was a connection between the Trump campaign and Putin's Kremlin.

Trump called for the revocation of that award throughout his time in office, announcing then through Twitter that it was "So funny that The New York Times & The Washington Post got a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage (100% NEGATIVE and FAKE!) of Collusion with Russia - And there was No Collusion! So, were they either duped or corrupt?In any event, their prizes should be taken away by the Committee!"

Oct 03 13:12

Inflation-Loving Governments Are Now Blaming Private Businesses for Inflation

By Daniel Lacalle

Monetary history shows that policymakers always resort to the same excuses when it comes to printing money and monetary mismanagement: first, say there is no inflation; second, say it is transitory; third, blame businesses; fourth, blame consumers for overspending; and finally present themselves as the “solution” with price controls, which ultimately devastates the economy...

Oct 03 10:45

Is Biden Weaponizing the IRS Against Gun Owners?

The Biden administration’s plan to fund a multitrillion-dollar spending plan includes having the IRS snoop into every American’s bank account to examine transactions that are $600 or greater. This alarming proposal has implications far beyond the government looking to extract tax money. It is also a potential way for the Biden administration to track who is purchasing firearms.

Oct 03 08:34

A problem of clerical hypocrisy: The case of influential US Rabbi David Wolpe

Lawrence Davidson views the double standards of "Jews and non-Jews who think of themselves as liberals, progressives, devoid of racism, proponents for peace" but support Israeli racism and crimes, highlighting influential US Rabbi David Wolpe as an example.>>

Oct 03 08:15

SHOCK: NewsGuard yet to ding establishment media for border patrol whipping hoax

At the time, NewsGuard said it was assessing Rolling Stone’s status. Three weeks later, the left-wing magazine continues to receive NewsGuard’s green stamp of approval.

Oct 03 08:11

NJ Governor’s Contempt For Gun Owners On Display In Debate

It should be common knowledge that the Garden State has some of the most draconian and corrupt laws in the Union. All that really “needs” to be said would be a quote from Phil Murphy from one of his past press events:

“THE BILL OF RIGHTS IS ABOVE MY PAY GRADE” -- That’s who’s seated in the Governor’s mansion now; someone that believes our fundamental rights are above his pay grade.

Oct 03 07:44

Social media giants accused of ‘silencing’ Kashmir voices

A report by a Kashmiri diaspora group has accused social media giants Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of silencing Kashmiri voices in the digital spaces through the frequent suspension of the accounts of artists, academics, and journalists based in and outside the disputed region, a move termed by experts as “reprehensible”.

A 30-page report by the Stand With Kashmir (SWK), titled “How social media corporations enable silence on Kashmir”, claims that since 2017, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms have continually silenced Kashmir-related content.

Oct 03 07:43

What Could It be? UK Newspaper Reports, “Mystery Rise in Heart Attacks from Blocked Arteries”

The Times of London reported Thursday doctors in Scotland are baffled by a “mysterious” rise in heart attacks stemming from blocked arteries.

Meanwhile, the paper omitted any possible links to the Covid-19 vaccine, which has been blamed for deaths linked to blood clots throughout the summer, and which numerous doctors have warned would produce blood clots in a majority of vaccinated people.

From The Times:

Health experts have been left baffled by a big rise in a common and potentially fatal type of heart attack in the west of Scotland.

During the summer there was a 25 per cent rise in the number of people rushed to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank with partially blocked arteries cutting blood supply to the heart.

According to NIH’s U.S. National Library of Medicine, “A blood clot may block an artery or vein in the heart” which could affect a number of major organs, including the legs, lungs, kidney or heart.

Oct 03 07:42


YouTube this week hit Right Side Broadcasting Network with a punitive “strike,” preventing us from uploading videos or live-streaming for seven days.

“Your content was removed due to a violation of our Community Guidelines,” reads YouTube’s notice issued on Friday. “Your channel now has 1 strike. You won’t be able to do things like upload, post, or live stream for 1 week.”

“A second strike will prevent you from publishing content for 2 weeks,” YouTube warned. A dreaded third strike within 90 days would mean permanent deletion of RSBN’s channel.

Oct 03 07:23

Challenging our public school district’s obedience of county ‘health’ ‘orders’: District and teachers’ union decline response to employee Grievances demanding explanation how ‘orders’ are lawful, parents + employees organize, AFLDS attorneys ready to sue

Perhaps the most helpful communication is a summary of events to the most recent article, the specific updates when they occurred, and preview of coming events (articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29).

Oct 02 07:18

Wikipedia Co-Founder Says Online Encyclopedia is Now Largely Just “Leftist Propaganda”

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger has blasted the site for its slide into “leftist propaganda,” accusing it of long since abandoning impartiality and simply becoming an amplifier for mainstream news narratives.

Sanger co-founded Wikipedia with with Jimmy Wales in 2001.

During an interview with the Epoch Times, Sanger noted that the online encyclopedia began with noble intentions but is now just another tool to demonize people who challenge the consensus.

“Wikipedia made a real effort at neutrality for, I would say, its first five years or so,” said Sanger, adding, “And then … it began a long, slow slide into what I would call leftist propaganda.”

Wikipedia is run by around 125,000 volunteer editors, the vast majority of whom are leftists, with a further 1,000 administrators who enjoy special privileges to block others who go against the grain.

Oct 02 06:21

HOAX: Black woman charged after allegedly posing as white male and sending violent, racist notes to neighbors

On Wednesday, the Douglasville Police Department identified a black female who has allegedly been sending her neighbors racially-charges notes since December.

Police identified Terresha Lucas, a 30-year-old African-American female, as the suspect behind the notes, charging her with eight counts of making terroristic threats, according to a police statement.

Police said that residents of Manning Drive in Georgia began receiving notes in December from a person claiming to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan. "Lucas allegedly described herself as a six-feet-tall white male with a long, red beard who did not live in the neighborhood," the police statement said.

On December 21, residents of two homes on Manning Drive received notes in their mailboxes that Detective Nathan Shumaker described as racially-motivated. He said the notes were dropped in their mailboxes as night, and were discovered the next morning.

Oct 02 06:20

Glenn Greenwald And Darren Beattie: New Evidence Of FBI Involvement In January 6 Capitol Riot

Via "System Update" With Glenn Greenwald -- When former Trump speechwriter Darren Beattie reported in June that there was evidence suggesting FBI foreknowledge of the January 6 protest at the Capitol, if not active involvement, the corporate media mocked him and others who took it seriously for being deranged conspiracy theories. But now, the New York Times just reported that the FBI had at least one informant at the Capitol on that day. On the latest SYSTEM UPDATE, Glenn Greenwald speaks to Beattie about what do know now about involvement by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. They also discuss whether the concept of "right" and "left" are changing radically.

Oct 02 05:41

Twice as Many Killed with Knives than Rifles & Shotguns Combined, FBI Report Shows

Despite the data, America's left-wing media continues to try and frame law-abiding gun-owners as criminals. -- However, in the midst of coverage, ABC News admitted they “dug” down and discovered “violence occurs disproportionately in poorer, urban areas — from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York City.” -- In other words, Democrat-run cities.

Oct 02 03:57

In a Civil War The Authoritarian Left Would Be Easily Beaten – But It Won’t End There

Breaking away from the political left and starting fresh is socially and economically possible. It’s not as far fetched as some people believe. But then again, authoritarians usually can;t stand the idea of letting people just walk away and separate. They have a desperate need to micromanage and dominate EVERYONE. I hold out very little hope that leftists or globalists will allow us to live in peace; they will try to force their ideology on us at the barrel of a gun.

Oct 01 14:53

Google Doodle Promotes Ethno-Nationalist Boasting About His 'Pure Blood' And Refusal to Assimilate

Google's doodle on Friday "celebrated" ethno-nationalist La Raza activist Rodolfo Gonzales boasting about his "pure blood" and refusal to assimilate into America.

Oct 01 10:29

Must See: This Is What Psaki Blamed For Biden's Unpopularity? - (Video)

The White House is aware of the increasing disappointment with the pandemic as President Joe Biden meets a trust shortage considering his COVID-19 response for the first time of his term.

While White House press secretary Jen Psaki distributed some of the liability to unvaccinated people, she admitted that "the buck" stops with Biden.

"There was an assumption several months ago before the rise in delta that we would be over and through and back to normal at this point in time, and we're not," she said. "And that's frustrating, and that's impacting people."

Oct 01 10:12

Woman Injured by COVID Vaccine Pleads With Health Agencies for Help, as Local News Agency Kills Story After Pressure From Pfizer

Kristi Dobbs, a 40-year-old dental hygienist from Missouri, said she can no longer work after being injured by Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. She has spent the past nine months pleading with U.S. health agencies to research the neurological injuries she and others are experiencing in hopes of finding a treatment.

Since getting the vaccine, Dobbs has seen 16 different medical providers. She’s been on 22 different medications to address more than 20 different symptoms — none of which she had prior to getting the vaccine.

Dobbs said she and others who developed neurological injuries after getting a COVID vaccine shared their experiences with a reporter, in hope of raising awareness about their experiences.

But the story never ran because, according to the reporter, a “higher up” at Pfizer pressured the news agency to drop it.

Oct 01 10:11


Oct 01 10:03

YouTube Plays Go Big Or Go Home With Censorship

YouTube has decided to ban videos that speak against vaccine mandates and offer concerns as to side effects of vaccines. While originally, the big tech company's plan was clearly to remove what they termed to be "misinformation" regarding Covid vaccines, that has now moved to all content that casts doubts on all vaccines.

YouTube has targeted many video channels, including Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. YouTube cites specialists who maintain that these channels are accountable for vaccine hesitancy and skepticism, according to the Washington Post.

Oct 01 06:06

New California Law Shows Why Gun Registration Must Be Opposed

The bad news about California’s AB 173 keeps coming. First the was the introduction of the bill itself, which allows for the release of all kinds of information about gun owners, including their personal identities, to academics investigating “gun violence.” Then the bill passed out of the legislature and landed on Gavin Newsom’s desk. Shortly thereafter, Newsom put pen to paper and signed the bill into law, and since it’s a budget bill, it takes effect immediately.

Oct 01 05:53

‘Doing Something’ to Gun-Grabbers Means Mandated Helplessness

What we aren’t told, at least by them, is that “FBI data released Monday in the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) show over three and a half times as many people were stabbed to death in 2020 than were killed with all kinds of rifles combined.” We also aren’t told, at least by them, that “more people were killed in 2020 with fists and feet than were killed with rifles of all kinds.”

Oct 01 05:30

Destroying the Narrative: 40 Reasons Why a COVID-19 Pandemic Never Existed

This is the crisis of my lifetime. Even before the pandemic hit, I realized that we were in a revolutionary moment where what would be impossible or even inconceivable in normal times had become not only possible, but probably absolutely necessary…We will not go back to where we were when the pandemic started. That is pretty certain…” – George Soros

The whole world is under the power of an evil spell. The specters of the past are rapidly converging across the globe and hurling us towards a true prison planet where authoritarian rule is commonplace.

None of this would have been possible without State of Emergency declarations being implemented in countries worldwide to stop the so-called coronavirus “pandemic.” Authoritarian governments love emergency powers and executive orders because they provide cover to implement all manner of draconian dictates essentially destroying free speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press all in the name of keeping people safe.

Oct 01 05:09

‘No sane person’ believes in ‘freedom of speech’ in the West, RT editor-in-chief says as YouTube censors German-language channels

RT is awaiting Moscow’s response to YouTube’s decision to delete RT's German-language channels, RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan has said, adding that the move was no surprise amid Berlin’s campaign against the news outlet.

The purportedly permanent removal of the two YouTube channels, RT DE and Der Fehlende Part, followed a broad campaign against RT’s operations waged by German media and government officials, Simonyan insisted on Wednesday. The effort stemmed from the rapid audience growth the now-defunct channels have enjoyed, she believes.

Oct 01 04:35

At Last, An Official Body That Recognises Letting Trans Athletes Compete Against Women Is Unfair, Unsafe And Unethical

Read these statements and you might conclude that sex is real and not just something randomly ‘assigned’ by a doctor at the moment a person is born. Look at what’s being said by the SCEG and you might conclude – whisper it – that men and women’s bodies are actually different. Who would have thought it!

Oct 01 04:24

The Streets Of Major U.S. Cities Are Being Flooded With Far More Drugs Than Ever Before

We have raised entire generations of Americans to believe that their only purpose in life is to serve our soulless, corrupt system.  Of course millions of people do eagerly get on the hamster wheel and try to grab as much money and stuff as they can because they think that they will eventually achieve fulfillment that way.  But millions of others quickly realize that the game is meaningless and they search out other ways to make themselves happy.  A lot of drug addicts didn’t start out as bad people, but their search for happiness ended up taking them down some paths that they never should have gone down.

Sep 30 13:10

Climate alarmists hype sea level rise by 2050, claim it could be 50 times greater than actual data

Climate alarmists are hyping articles that greatly exaggerate claims by California “experts” that the state’s future coastal sea-level rise by 2050 could be 3.5 feet.

The coastal sea level rise prediction by the state’s experts is based on the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change computer climate model scenarios. It ignores the coastal seal level rise tide gauge recorded at numerous California locations, which demonstrates that the sea-level rise remains consistent with past periods and is not increasing despite assertions.

Sep 30 12:43

Congressional Report on Toxic Metals in Baby Food Spurs Demand for FDA Action

By Andrea Germanos

A new congressional report released Wednesday revealing the baby food industry has failed to keep products with heavy metals off the shelves spurred calls for federal authorities to enact swift action and tough limits on toxin levels.

“This is what happens when you let the food and chemical companies, not the FDA, decide whether our food is safe to eat,” said Scott Faber, senior vice president for government affairs at Environmental Working Group (EWG), in a statement.

“For too long,” he said, “the FDA has allowed food and chemical companies to exploit loopholes to taint our food with ‘forever chemicals,’ jet fuel, and toxic metals like lead and arsenic.”...

Sep 30 12:30

Whistleblower says nearly 50,000 Medicare patients have died from covid vaccination

Medical freedom rights attorney Thomas Renz has announced that nearly 50,000 Medicare patients died within 14 days of getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), but these deaths were never logged or published in the government datasets.

The reason for this is that the government does not consider someone to be “vaccinated” until 14 days after they receive an injection. This means that if a person who took a Wuhan Flu shot dies 13 days later, that death basically disappears down the memory hole.

Sep 30 12:10

Get Ready For The CDC Assault On The Second Amendment

The announcement by the Centers for Disease Control that gun violence is now a “public health” emergency should have Second Amendment supporters on high alert. Because now, the Biden Administration is launching an attack that can hit us from multiple fronts.

Sep 30 11:36

Media PANIC Over News That FBI Organized Jan 6 Riot Then Come Up With Hilarious Excuse — ‘It’s Not A Big Deal… It’s Kind Of Normal’

The mainstream media is in a panic and looking for excuses for the news that the FBI was involved in orchestrating the Jan 6 riot. Now their narrative has hilariously shifted from “there was no FBI involvement in Jan 6” to the FBI being involved is “kind of normal.”

Besty Woodruff Swan of Politico defended the FBI having informants among the Proud Boys who took part in the Capitol storming on MSNBC on Wednesday.

“Having informants at the sites of crimes is part of the way the law enforcement works,” Woodruff said. “It’s kind of normal.”

Sep 30 11:06

Turley On Free Speech Immunity: YouTube Bans Channels Airing Criticism of Vaccines

YouTube continued the expansion of corporate censorship on the Internet with the encouragement of leading Democratic leaders. The company has banned channels associated with anti-vaccine activists like Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Once again, rather than rebutting or refuting claims made by others, many sought to silence those with opposing views. YouTube will not allow people to hear views that do not comport with an approved range of opinions. The move magnifies concerns that we are seeing the emergence of a new type of state media as private companies conduct censorship operations barred by the Constitution for the government to conduct directly. This move comes days after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) asked Amazon to steer customers to “true” books on subjects like climate change to avoid their exposure to “disinformation.” It also follows YouTube censoring videos of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny before Russia’s parliamentary elections.

Sep 30 10:24

Pelosi blasted for repeating Biden talking point that $3.5 trillion bill will cost 'zero'

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., became the latest prominent Democrat on Wednesday to declare the $3.5-trillion spending plan pushed by the Biden White House would cost "zero" dollars.

"It's not about a dollar amount," she told reporters. "The dollar amount, as the president said, is zero. This bill will be paid for."

Republicans have ripped Build Back Better, a $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, as a massive social policy bill that "ultimately provides benefits to wealthy liberal elites at the expense of working-class families." Moderate Democrats, like Sens. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., have also raised concerns about the reconciliation package.

Sep 30 10:10


Travelers could be looking at new COVID restrictions as we embark on the holiday season. It's one of several COVID-related updates for the airline industry.

Sep 30 09:54

Politico Journo Defends FBI Participation in Jan 6: "It's Kind of Normal"

The narrative is shifting from "there was no FBI involvement in Jan 6" to the FBI being involved is "kind of normal."

Sep 30 09:40

YouTube's CEO says free speech is a 'core value' even after removing videos by Putin critic Alexey Navalny

The chief executive of YouTube defended the company's apparent acquiescence towards the Russian government, claiming free speech remains its "core value."

Last week, Russian news service Interfax reported that Vladimir Putin's regime had ordered YouTube's parent company, Google, and Apple to remove access to a voting app run by jailed opposition activist Alexey Navalny. The app disappeared from both app stores, sparking criticism among both the public and Google's own employees.

In an interview with Bloomberg, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said free speech remained a "core value" at the company, but added that there were "multiple considerations" to take into account when dealing with a country like Russia.

Sep 30 08:18

YOUR LIFE OR YOUR JOB: Massachusetts state troopers are opting to resign rather than get COVID-19 vaccines

According to the State Police Association of Massachusetts (SPAM), dozens of troopers have submitted their resignation papers because of the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Some have spoken with the human resources department to evaluate what their pensions would be if they choose to retire. -- The state is requiring all executive department employees to show proof of vaccination by Oct. 17 or risk losing their jobs. About 20 percent of State Police employees are not vaccinated.

Sep 30 08:08

Fox Guarding The Henhouse? Yes, Indeed!

The compulsion to find out whether the Wu Flu started in the Wuhan lab, and at whose behest the research was done, has been almost as strong as the desperate drive to stop anyone from finding the answer. On Sunday Morning Futures, Maria Bartiromo discussed this with Devin Nunes, wishing for the answer. Concurrently with watching the show, I opened my email and found a link from Alex Berenson to the March 24, 2018 document outlining the gain of function research.

The document is a detailed description of the proposed research, complete with a chart of expected milestones (page 31).

Page 10 has an easy, colorful chart (unlike the density of the verbiage) showing us laypeople what they intend.

Page 22 shows a management plan, divided into Host-pathogen prediction and Intervention development stages. This one document is the "holy s---!" origin proof.

Notice that Peter Daszak wrote it.

Sep 30 08:02

DELUSIONAL : Chipman Says the Gun Lobby Tried to Kill Him Over His ATF Nomination

The Chipman saga reminds me of when I was a young boy on my uncle’s farm and accidentally touched an electric fence. I got zapped and learned never to do that again. By nominating Chipman, the Biden-Harris administration touched the fence and got zapped hard. Unfortunately, I doubt they learned a lesson. If they continue to target gun owners, they’re destined to get zapped again and again.

Sep 30 07:54

Still Bitching : Chipman Blames White House For His Failure To Launch

I have no idea if Chipman actually believes his own spin, but it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that instead of taking a victory lap, Chipman’s slinking back to the gun control group that he’s called home for the past several years. I’m sure he’ll be a presence as a talking head on CNN and MSNBC going forward, but thankfully he won’t be in a position to turn the ATF into a government-funded wing of the gun control lobby.

Sep 30 07:42

‘DC Is Hollywood For Ugly People’: Biden Mocked For Apparently Using Stage To Get Pfizer Vaccine ‘Booster Shot’

After photos surfaced showing that Joe Biden apparently used a television stage to broadcast himself receiving his third dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, claimed to serve as a “booster shot,” conservatives mocked the idea of the often unresponsive president, who rarely takes questions from media, receiving the shot in such a fashion, and questioned the White House’s motives.

Yesterday Joe Biden claimed to receive his third dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. It was later revealed to the public that Biden was in fact on a stage during the performance, rather than in his real office or at one of the many places to become vaccinated in Washington, D.C. The seemingly-strange act has led to some to question his motivations, and others to question whether he actually received the vaccine at all.

Sep 30 07:40

Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t’; ‘Shove’ Adverse Effect Reporting ‘Under the Mat’

Project Veritas released the first video of its COVID vaccine investigative series today featuring an interview with U.S. Health and Human Services [HHS] insider, Jodi O’Malley, who works as a Registered Nurse at the local Indian Medical Center.

O’Malley told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe about what has been going on at her federal government facility. She recorded her HHS colleagues discussing their concerns about the new COVID vaccine to corroborate her assertions:

Dr. Maria Gonzales, ER Doctor, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: “The problem in here is that they are not doing the studies. People that had [COVID] and the people that have been vaccinated -- they’re not doing any antibody testing.”

Jodi O’Malley, Insider and Registered Nurse, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: “Nope.”

Dr. Gonzales: “Everybody is quiet with that. Why?”

Sep 30 07:39

How to Control What People Do | Propaganda - EDWARD BERNAYS | Animated Book Summary

Sep 30 07:27

Backlash as Students Reportedly Told Wearing Second-Hand Clothes Can Be ‘Example Of White Privilege’ in Mandatory Diversity Test

British university students are being mandated to take a diversity course and test which forces them to agree with several notions concerning race, including that wearing second-hand clothes can be “an example of white privilege.” -- Students at the University of Kent will receive a gold star should they correctly answer 13 questions concerning race and white privilege. If they answer incorrectly, they are redirected to take the course again, The Telegraph reports.

Sep 30 07:14

What Did the FBI Know?

Who knows what the FBI knew of Jan. 6 ahead of time — and did nothing — or why it conveniently looked the other way during the events in the Capitol? We do know that every FBI agent and federal prosecutor has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, whether convenient or not. -- The Fourth Amendment is the framers’ value judgement that the privacy of all persons is a greater moral good than the government’s convenience. It is an intentional obstacle to law enforcement to keep it respectful of our rights. Why do we hire the FBI to protect our safety but permit it to invade our liberty?

Sep 30 06:21

We Are Being Lied to Our Deaths



Sep 30 06:06

YouTube Bans All Content Stating 'Vaccines Are Ineffective or Dangerous,' Deletes RFK Jr And Dr Mercola's Channels

Under YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's new speech codes, YouTubers can now be banned for quoting CDC director Rochelle Walensky admitting last month on live TV that covid shots do not "prevent transmission" of the virus.

Sep 30 05:55

They Are Publicly Announcing That Things Are NEVER Going To Return To “Normal”

Perhaps if enough people wake up, voters worldwide will start throwing out the tyrants and will start voting in public servants that actually respect our God-given liberties and freedoms. -- We desperately need change, because right now officials all over the world are telling us that there will never be a return to “normal”, and that would be a very bleak future indeed.

Sep 30 05:48

Even The Liberal Media Is Warning Of A “System Collapse” Due To The Failure Of Global Supply Chains

From the very top to the very bottom, our entire economic system is being shaken. -- If you are expecting our national leaders to come in with some sort of a quick fix to this crisis, you are going to be waiting a really, really long time. -- The blind are leading the blind, and the months ahead are going to be very challenging.

Sep 29 17:32

McAfee Deadman Switch Drops???


Sep 29 13:08

Capitol Had Uniquely Poor Security On Jan. 6

Sep 29 12:54

CNN’s Dr. Leana Wen: A Glow Worm Blast from the Past

One Dr. Leana Wen, CNN’s lead medical propagandist on everything Covid, was a role player after the Boston Marathon bombing staged deception. She was called upon to earn her spurs by reading off a canned script and giving mechanical rehearsed answers about the “chaos” of the scene. She claimed to treat ER blast victims at Mass General.

She almost can’t help but smirk and smile (aka duping delight) as she recites a bad script. No pauses to think. Seems too prepared for the questions.

At minute 00:01:22 in the video below, Wen even provides drama by claiming her husband hung around at the finish line, and she thought he would show up at the hospital. Those familiar with the timeline know that only the marathon stragglers were coming in when the bomb went off. Sort of like staying in your seats an hour and half after the football or baseball game is over.

Sep 29 10:04

YouTube now banning all anti-vaccine content; deleting channels of Robert Kennedy Jr.’s and others

YouTube is banning from its platform all “harmful” anti-vaccine content, which was determined with the help of “health authorities,” the Google-owned site announced on Wednesday.

According to the announcement, YouTube is expanding its “medical misinformation policies” to include “harmful vaccine content” relating to “currently administered vaccines that are approved and confirmed to be safe and effective by local health authorities and the [World Health Organization].”

“Working closely with health authorities, we looked to balance our commitment to an open platform with the need to remove egregious harmful content,” the announcement stated. “We’ve steadily seen false claims about the coronavirus vaccines spill over into misinformation about vaccines in general, and we’re now at a point where it’s more important than ever to expand the work we started with COVID-19 to other vaccines.”

The policy changes go into effect on Wednesday.

Sep 29 10:03

GOP Cracking Down On COVID Origins Before Time Is Up

House Intelligence Committee Republicans blamed the Biden administration's top intelligence office for "stonewalling" congressional overseers from learning about outside doctors and scientists whom U.S. spy agencies relied upon to establish a report assessing the origins of COVID-19.

Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member on the panel, was joined by nine fellow GOP members who announced they had no confidence in the assessment of the origin because the Office of the Director of National Intelligence personnel who briefed them had declined to identify which scientists were consulted throughout the probe, which did not provide a definitive conclusion on whether the virus was transmitted to humans naturally or through a lab leak in China.

Sep 29 09:02


This whole thing has been a setup. A membership email was released showing that United States military personnel and government officials were found on a leaked membership list of the Oath Keepers.

If you have ever wondered why those “extremist” right-wingers never actually do anything to advance liberty or freedom, we now know why. It’s all a part of the illusion. Around 160 official US government and military email addresses reportedly feature on a membership list belonging to the ‘Oath Keepers’ militia that was leaked online after the far-right group was apparently hacked.

Sep 29 08:48


Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began tracking the daily rate of COVID-19 vaccinations, the rate has not been this low. And we know that not enough people have taken these shots yet, so brace yourself for something else. The most likely will be another scariant meant to panic the public into taking the shots.

But it could be more sinister than that. Instead of simply lying about how deadly the common cold can be, they could resort to something incredibly sinister. Something that people will be able to see with their own eyes. Whenever the mainstream media declares the vaccination rates are down, we should heighten our awareness exponentially. Especially because we know this shot is a piece of the agenda or they wouldn’t be pushing it so damn hard.

Sep 29 08:48

Psaki On Defense Again After Reporters Grill Her On Biden's China Moves

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was out on the defensive repeatedly Monday over the Biden administration’s engagement in a prisoner swap between China and Canada over the weekend — with some reporters urging her on Senate Republicans’ scrutiny of the publication of Huawei’s finance chief.

During the White House’s daily press briefing, Psaki was specifically asked how the prisoner swap could drive China to catch foreign nationals in the future, as some have charged the Biden administration with satisfying China.

Psaki began by saying the prisoner swap was independent under the Department of Justice, calling it a “law enforcement” and “legal” matter that would be “inappropriate” for her to comment on further. “I would note though, because I think there was a lot wrapped up in their criticism there, that our policy has not changed toward China. We’re not seeking conflict,” she said.

Sep 29 08:46

New York Times reporter lied about covid “surge” at schools to push more plandemic paranoia

A writer at The New York Times named Apoorva Mandavilli was caught lying about a “surge” in Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “cases” at schools in order to scare more people into getting “vaccinated.”

Mandavilli’s piece contained many of the usual talking points about how the “need” for people to get injected is “urgent” because “[c]hildren now account for more than one in five new cases.” The problem, of course, is that Mandavilli pulled this figure right out of her back end.

There is no evidence to suggest that children are getting sick from the so-called “delta variant” – or that the delta variant even exists, for that matter.

Sep 29 08:03

It’s utterly unacceptable that Canada’s military ran a secret psyops campaign to manipulate & control the public’s views on Covid

The plan, devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command, relied on propaganda techniques like those used during the Afghan war. What on earth is going on in the upper echelons of Ottawa?

High-up elements of the Canadian Forces have been waging psychological operations on the public over Covid-19 to manipulate their emotions and thoughts, and to gauge their reactions. While this is not uncommon around the world, getting caught is.

A new article in Canada's National Post states that the Canadian Joint Operations Command used “propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war” on the Canadian public.

The Post cites a December 2020 investigation by retired Major-General Daniel Gosselin, who was asked to look into it by then-Chief of the Defence Staff General Jon Vance.