Sep 27 17:22

Lunacy: Left-wing doctor says government should “go after” “anti-science” independent media for reporting truth about COVID vax dangers

A left-wing pediatrician and professor who serves as a medical “expert” for CNN has openly called on the federal government to completely torch the First Amendment and “go after” any right-leaning or independent media outlet reporting truths about the sometimes dangerous and deadly COVID-19 vaccines, calling such publications “anti-science.”

Sep 27 16:22

The Markets Are Totally Fubar

Sep 27 16:03

‘For Facebook, they’re clients with privacy rights’: How Big Tech is letting predators get away with grooming online

‘Sex trafficking’ conjures a vision of victims bundled by gangs into the back of trucks and driven across borders. But they’re being bought and sold much closer to home too: on the internet. Survivors share their stories with RT.

Recent investigations have shown that Big Tech companies has been aware of online sex trafficking for years. According to the 2020 Federal Human Trafficking Report, 59% of online victim recruitment in active sex-trafficking cases in the US last year occurred on Facebook. “Despite Facebook’s reputation as a less popular platform among teenagers, it was a more common platform for recruiting child victims than adult victims in 2020,” the report revealed.

Sep 27 15:06

Epic School Board Meltdown Over Mother's Quiet Objections to Child Porn and Pedophilia in Schools

Fairfax County public schools in Virginia are among the best in the country. Many of the nation’s elites move to the district just so they can send their children the public schools there.

But not all is right with Fairfax schools. And one quiet, unassuming mother was brave enough to get up in front of the local school board and point that out.

Stacy Langton was very concerned after watching a video of a Texas school board meeting that highlighted the availability of two books that contain several graphic and obscene illustrations of gay sex. She wondered if the books — Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison and Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe — were available to students in the Fairfax school system.

Sep 27 14:56

U.S. Supreme Court ruling establishes that SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated persons are “patent eligible” and can become the inventor’s property

A 2013 Supreme Court ruling involving a prominent genetic testing company set the bar, allowing synthetically created DNA to be patented.

The decision planted a seed, establishing precedence for the patent eligibility of synthetically created DNA, also known as cDNA, which contains elements of naturally occurring DNA along with segments that do not code for protein.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas delivered his opinion to the court in mid-June 2013. Addressing the patent eligibility of cDNA, Justice Thomas concluded on the court’s behalf that the naturally occurring DNA segment is a “product of nature,” and therefore, it is not patent-eligible. Still, scientists have already isolated it, which means naturally occurring DNA can not be patented. Nevertheless, the kicker is that cDNA is patent-eligible because it’s not naturally befalling. This is how they usurp law.

Sep 27 14:55

U.S. military personnel are replacing the unvaccinated, assuming school bus driver, and hospital positions

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is mulling the idea that military personnel will replace the unvaccinated, taking-over school bus driver and hospital positions, which the unvaccinated are unwilling to fill.

Tens of thousands of New York hospital workers who refuse to take the COVID-19 jab will be losing their jobs on Monday, following new mandates which went into effect this morning. State officials are operating lockstep with federally mandated and unconstitutional vaccine requirements, breaching human rights barriers.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul wants to call in National Guard troops as replacement workers after learning that a significant number of medical professionals are willing to fight for their right to remain unvaccinated.

Sep 27 13:40

US: Jury finds R. Kelly guilty of racketeering in sex trafficking trial

A jury of seven men and five women found Kelly guilty on their second day of deliberations.

His sentencing is scheduled for May 4.

What was the case against R. Kelly?

In a trial lasting five and a half weeks, prosecutors argued that an entourage of managers and aides helped the singer meet girls and keep them obedient and quiet. They said that this amounted to a criminal enterprise.

Sep 27 13:18

Government officials declare unvaccinated Australians 'will lose their freedoms' in October

Australian officials on Monday again reminded their subjects that the nation's "zero COVID" strategy has somehow given them the power to strip the people of their freedoms.

Sep 27 13:17

Canadian school health policy counts all sick students and staff who decline COVID tests as if they're COVID-positive

A public health official in Canada recently announced a head-scratching new policy relating to schools and the COVID-19 pandemic that is sure to spark controversy among the public.

What are the details?

Sep 27 12:55

Kyrie Irving Not Present At Brooklyn Media Days As Questions Around Vaccination Status Linger

One player who appears to have decided against the vaccine is Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving. Known for his eccentric ways of thinking, Irving was not present at Brooklyn’s media day.

Sep 27 12:55

Drug Cartels Seize Biden’s Criticism Of Border Patrol, Tell Smugglers To Provoke Force For Media Coverage: Report

“Intel assessment from Gulf Cartel/CJNG is that agents are unprotected under Biden Administration,” she added. “Confirmed by official guidance — agents advised there will be no support from Chief Ortiz at the top, they are on their own & to expect things to get much worse.”

Sep 27 12:54

CNN added, “Teams have been scouring the ‘vast and unforgiving’ Carlton Reserve —

Logan tweeted, “Acc to law enfcmt in RGV Texas, BP agents advised latest Intel from cartels: after Biden response to horse patrol, cartels ordered their smugglers to force BP to react/appear to use excessive force & record. Cartels will push to media to force more agents off the line.”

Sep 27 12:53

FBI Asks For Brian Laundrie’s Personal Belongings For DNA Matching

Rose Davis, who was one of Petito’s closest friends before she died, told People that Laundrie had once survived in the Appalachians for months and that he is likely hiding out somewhere in the wilderness now. Laundrie, 23, is being hunted by the FBI and a number of state and local law enforcement agencies over Petito’s death.

Sep 27 12:33

People Don’t Understand How Unfree We Already Are

The biggest and most widespread blind spot among those who oppose totalitarian control by the powerful is the assumption that it has not already been achieved. -- We’ve been so busy watching out for the next overtly totalitarian dictatorship that wants to put the jackboot on our necks we never noticed the covert totalitarians sliding the shackles around our minds.

Sep 27 12:32

Police Seize Enough Opioids To Kill 50 Million People, Two Arrested

Two people in Perri, California have been charged with drug-related felonies after police seized enough opioids to kill 50 million people in what police believe is the largest seizure of a drug known as carfentanil in Riverside County history.

Sep 27 12:32

Attempted Reagan Assassin John Hinckley Jr. Granted Unconditional Release Under DOJ Deal

“Since Hinckley, 66, moved to Williamsburg, Virginia, from a Washington hospital in 2016, the court-imposed conditions included doctors and therapists overseeing his psychiatric medication and deciding how often he attends individual and group therapy sessions. Hinckley also can’t have a gun. And he can’t contact Reagan’s children, other victims or their families, or actress Jodie Foster, whom he was obsessed with at the time of the 1981 shooting,” the Journal-Constitution reported.

Sep 27 12:31

Trucking industry hit by gas shortages, skyrocketing prices; truckers struggle to deliver consumer goods across America

The biggest and most widespread blind spot among those who oppose totalitarian control by the powerful is the assumption that it has not already been achieved. -- We’ve been so busy watching out for the next overtly totalitarian dictatorship that wants to put the jackboot on our necks we never noticed the covert totalitarians sliding the shackles around our minds.

Sep 27 12:20

Trucking industry hit by gas shortages, skyrocketing prices; truckers struggle to deliver consumer goods across America

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic first struck America back in Jan. 2020, no one knew how long the virus would affect the country. A year later, the U.S. economy is still struggling to recover. -- Even the trucking industry is still hard-hit by the pandemic, with truckers lamenting the skyrocketing gas prices that affect their bread and butter.

Sep 27 12:15

An Industry Insider Just Revealed The Truth About What Is Really Behind The Shortages At Our Local Supermarkets

The supply chain crisis that our supermarkets are facing is far worse than the mainstream media has been telling us. The mainstream media keeps trying to put a happy face on the “temporary” shortages, but an industry insider has let me know what is really going on behind the scenes. This particular insider runs a grocery store in Maine, and he says that things are as bad as he has ever seen. In fact, he says that he has “never seen anything close to what is happening now”. The email that he sent me the other day greatly alarmed me, and I asked him if I could share it with all of you. He gave me permission to do so, as long as I didn’t use his name. I haven’t received an email this startling in a long time. As you read this email, I think that you will quickly understand why I am saying that…

Sep 27 11:50

Biden Asks Supreme Court for Permission to Destroy Gun Rights

New York’s law presumptively denies the right to bear arms for self-defense unless a license-applicant can demonstrate a special need for self-protection that distinguishes the person from the general population. -- In practice, this means the rich and well-connected can get unrestricted carry licenses but ordinary people cannot, even if they actually face a greater risk of being violently victimized while going about their daily lives in public. The law effectively nullifies for most New Yorkers what the Supreme Court has already characterized as “the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation.”

Sep 27 11:47

Stop missing the point (Picture)

Sep 27 11:41

Stop missing the point (Picture)