May 20 09:12

Prince Charles calls on Britain’s furloughed workers to pick produce to help farmers

Prince Charles on Tuesday threw his voice behind a noble effort to assist harvesters who are royally hampered by the pandemic.
The Prince of Wales called on his countryman to join the Pick For Britain campaign, which encourages furloughed workers to assist British farmers by snapping up produce.

May 20 09:01

The most amazing sights available for exploration within Google's 10 million miles of Street View imagery, from the Pyramids to epic waterfalls(25 Pics)

To help relieve itchy feet brought on by extended stays at Costa Del Sofa, Google has pointed out that it has over 10 million miles of Street View imagery available for exploration.

May 20 09:01

American honeymooners who have been stranded in Sri Lanka for TWO MONTHS insist their exotic lockdown life is not as glamorous as it looks thanks to strict curfews, hours-long grocery lines, and shuttered hotels

A pair of American newlyweds have been stranded in Sri Lanka for two months after travel advisories went into effect in the middle of their honeymoon — and while they're enjoying their time together, they promise that it's not as glamorous as it sounds.

May 20 09:01

Dan Crenshaw: We ‘Mentally Manipulated Ourselves Into This Abundance Of Fear’

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) no longer sees any reason to continue the COVID-19 lockdowns, which have ravaged the U.S. economy, leaving millions out-of-work and millions more uncertain about the future.

May 20 09:00

People who have had suffered from a COLD in the past could be protected against COVID-19, scientists claim

People who have never been infected with COVID-19 could already have some form of immunity against it, if they've fought off the common cold.
Researchers analysed 11 blood samples taken two years ago, from people who had been struck down with another type of coronavirus.

May 20 08:51

Reopening Isn’t About Class Warfare

May 20 08:51

F-35 stealth fighter jet worth $90m crashes at Florida air force base just days after $150m F-22 crashed at same airfield

A fifth-generation F-35A Lightning II, which costs an estimated $90 million, crashed at Eglin Air Force Base at around 9.30pm on Tuesday.

The pilot ejected successfully from the jet and was taken to a local hospital but is in a stable condition.

May 20 08:50

Nurse who only wore underwear under transparent PPE gown on male hospital ward in Russia because she was 'too hot' is disciplined (but the patients don't seem upset!)

Female nurse pictured wearing 'lingerie' under PPE gown in Russian hospital
Picture taken by male patient - who said there were 'no complaints' - went viral
Nurse claimed she was 'too hot' and didn't realise how transparent the gown was

May 20 08:49

More than 10,000 people are evacuated as TWO Michigan dams burst and Gov. Whitmer warns one city it could be under NINE FEET of water in hours as floods hammer the Midwest

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch for locations along the Tittabawassee River after the breach at the Edenville Dam in Midland County, about 140 miles (225.31 kilometers) north of Detroit

May 20 08:48

Cyclone Amphan live updates: Cyclone Amphan claims two lives in West Bengal

Men walk past as waves as Cyclone Amphan barrels towards India's eastern coast.
The cyclone, officials fear, will cause large-scale damage to crops and plantations, and disrupt electricity and communication lines
Cyclone Amphan to completely enter land by 7 PMTopics

May 20 08:47

Furious care chief launches blistering attack on government for 'emptying hospitals and filling care homes' with infected residents with NO tests before 15,000 died - but Matt Hancock insists ministers made social care a priority 'from the start'

England's care chief has attacked the Government for fuelling Britain's care home crisis by sending elderly hospital patients with coronavirus back into homes without testing them.

May 20 08:39

Grimes' mom does it again! Tesla boss’s mother-in-law likes anti-Musk tweet comparing him to 'Kanye 2018' after lambasting him for right-wing Red Pill tweet

The drama between Sandy Garossino and her daughter's partner Elon Musk continued after she appeared to like and then unlike a tweet which compared the billionaire entrepreneur to Kanye.
It comes after the Canadian media commentator accused him of 'blaring men's rights activist bulls***' after the Tesla founder tweeted a right-wing 'take the red pill' meme.

May 20 08:39

Three biological markers in COVID-19 patients' blood could help doctors predict their risk of death 10 DAYS in advance with 90 per cent accuracy

Scientists have identified three biological clues in COVID-19 patients’ blood samples to predict their risk of death with up to 90 per cent accuracy.
Chinese researchers used machine learning to analyse blood samples of patients in Wuhan and identify the three biomarkers of mortality risk 10 days early.

May 20 08:38

Phone lines crashed due to overwhelming demand for California COVID-19 aid to illegal immigrants

On the first day that California's coronavirus relief program for illegal or undocumented immigrants went live, the phone lines crashed within an hour because so many people were trying to take advantage, according to The New York Times.

May 20 08:38

Principal apologizes after 'very religious' school assigns 'hardcore porn' homework to 11- to 14-year-old students

A British school principal is sorry after teachers assigned a very controversial homework assignment — including subject matter such as "transgender pornography" and the definition of "hardcore porn."

May 20 08:36

Brazil is now world’s fastest-growing coronavirus hot spot, as São Paulo registers deadliest 24 hours yet

Brazil, now the world’s fastest growing coronavirus hot spot, is bracing for an even more catastrophic future, as a chaotic political crisis is fueled by a president who refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of the pandemic.
In the past week alone, the country of 210 million accounted for 13% of all new coronavirus infections in the world, according to data analyzed by Bloomberg.

May 20 08:30

15-year-old girl in Maryland dies from 'inflammatory syndrome’ linked to coronavirus

A 15-year-old girl in Maryland has died after contracting COVID-19, marking what officials called the first death in Baltimore County from the pediatric inflammatory syndrome linked to coronavirus.

May 20 08:28

Some hospitals are now injecting men with estrogen to “treat” coronavirus by turning them into women

According to reports, male coronavirus patients in Long Island, New York, are being given high doses of estrogen based on a “hunch” by some doctors that turning men into women could be the solution to this deadly pandemic.

Unbelievably, there are at least two clinical trials currently underway that involve dosing otherwise healthy men with female hormones, which some doctors claim could help to improve their immunity. Physicians in Los Angeles are also conducting similar experiments using progesterone, a prominent female hormone, which they contend could provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

May 20 08:28

Good news for anyone hoping to look like a lunatic: New 'Pac-Man' face mask invention allows you to eat while keeping your mask on

Americans have been asked to do — and not do — a lot of things during the coronavirus pandemic.

May 20 08:03

Mayor de Blasio rules 'no swimming' at beaches for Memorial Day, anyone who swims will ‘be taken right out of the water’

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday that beaches will be closed for swimming over Memorial Day weekend, despite New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's move to allow the reopening of beaches statewide.

May 20 07:44

Soccer club apologizes for packing the stands with ‘sex dolls’

What a bunch of dummies.
A South Korean soccer team that filled its empty stands with mannequins issued an apology for Sunday’s lifelike audience.
Wanting its stadium to look lively during the coronavirus lockdown, FC Seoul put 30 mannequins from a sex store in the ballpark’s empty chairs. There were 28 females and only a couple of male dolls in the stands, according to the BBC.

May 20 07:37

'That's bulls**t!': Onlookers furious at five police officers during arrest of one person leaving NJ gym

At least one person was arrested Tuesday after leaving Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, which has been in violation of Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy's coronavirus shutdown executive order since it reopened Monday, reported.

May 20 07:37

Man, 28, drives 600 MILES from Washington to get a $20 haircut in California county that has reopened salons ahead of Gov. Newsom's order

An unemployed Washington man drove more 600 miles to get a $20 haircut in a California county after local officials decided to open salons earlier than Governor Gavin Newsom's Phase 2 plan for reopening.

May 20 07:36

MI AG Attacks 77-Yr-Old Barber For Opening His Business While Gay Nightclub Near Whitmer’s Mansion Remains Open

Last week, we reported about Karl Manke, a 77-year-old barbershop owner in Owosso, Michigan, a small community in Shiawassee County, who defied his state’s executive order and opened his barber and beauty shop to the public.

May 20 07:14

New York, Nebraska and Mississippi are among 17 states that face the most risk if they reopen because of their infection growth rates and limited testing and ICU bed capacity, new data reveals(54 Pics)

Seventeen states across the US are more at risk of reopening and potentially seeing a surge in new COVID-19 infections - even though the majority of the country has now lifted lockdown measures amid the pandemic.

May 20 07:13

Beijing accuses America of 'inciting countries to demand compensation from China' for coronavirus after hitting Australia with huge tariffs as payback for Covid-19 inquiry calls

China has accused the US of inciting other countries to demand compensation over coronavirus as an economic blame-game over the pandemic escalated today.
Beijing vehemently pushed back against suggestions that it should bear financial responsibility for unleashing a virus which has forced countries into lockdown and wiped trillions of dollars off the world economy.

May 20 07:13

'One night with Jason Statham and I'd die happy!' Britain's oldest identical twins Doris and Lil, 95, leave GMB viewers 'howling' as they claim 'plenty of sex' is the secret to a long life

Britain's oldest identical twins Doris Hobday and Lil Cox, 95, sent fans wild during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday.

May 20 07:10

'Put the guns down I'm scared, I'm scared': Shocking moment 90-year-old grandmother tries to shield her black grandson, 21, from cops aiming weapons at him after he drove through a stop sign

Shocking video footage shows the moment a 90-year-old grandmother tries to protect her 21-year-old black grandson from getting arrested by Texas police officers pointing their guns at him because he allegedly blew a stop sign.

May 20 07:10

Muscle breach: New Jersey fitness enthusiast is arrested after he works out at gym that opened in defiance of state's stay-at-home order(9 Pics)

A New Jersey fitness enthusiast has been arrested after he went to work out at a gym that opened in defiance of the state's stay-at-home order.

May 20 07:08

Blame the boffins: Furious finger-pointing breaks out over testing fiasco and failure to protect care homes as UK Cabinet minister Therese Coffey says blunders were down to 'wrong' science advice

A furious blame game erupted today as a Cabinet minister claimed government coronavirus blunders on testing and care homes were down to 'wrong' science advice.
Therese Coffey insisted the government had just been following the guidance from experts as she fended off damning criticism from MPs over 'inadequate' testing.

May 20 07:07

Revealed:UK Teaching unions demand special 'bin maps', paintbrush and glue stick cleaning wardens and coronavirus counsellors in 169-point shopping list before they will go back to work

Union chiefs have told teachers to demand detailed answers to at least 169 questions from their bosses on issues such as bin lids, coronavirus counselling and employing extra staff to clean paint brushes, scissors and glue sticks before agreeing to return to school, it was revealed today.

May 20 06:43

Cops shut down illicit Orthodox Brooklyn yeshiva school where more than 100 children without masks were taking classes while the rest of the city is on lockdown

An Orthodox school in Brooklyn was shut down by officers from the New York Police Department on Monday after concerned neighbors reported the school was hosting classes in violation of the city’s coronavirus lockdown orders.

May 20 06:43

Joe Biden gives Trump the new nickname 'President Tweety' and demands he get off social media and focus on the pandemic crisis

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is finally attempting to speak the same language as President Trump, and has come up with a nickname for the incumbent.
'Trump is out there tweeting again this morning. I call him President Tweety!' Biden said in a video message posted online on Monday.

May 20 06:37

'I woke up in a free country': Customer's outrage as he is kicked out of Costco for refusing to wear a mask

A Costco manager took a customer's cart away and kicked him out of the store after the patron refused to wear a mask amid the coronavirus outbreak.

May 20 06:36

San Francisco residents call police on drinkers crowding outside wine bars as local officials crack down on Americans looking to enjoy warmer weather amid stay-at-home orders

Crowds of people were seen gathering outside a San Francisco bar over the weekend seemingly ignoring social distancing rules.
Video shows crowds of people standing close to each other outside of a Marina District wine bar on Friday. Only a few of the patrons had on face masks.

May 20 06:28

TRUMP: Pelosi Has Mental Problems

May 20 06:15

France should sell the MONA LISA for €50 billion to deal with its coronavirus economic crisis, one of the country's top businessmen suggests

France should sell the Mona Lisa for €50billion (£44.7billion) to deal with the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis, a leading French businessmen has suggested.

May 20 06:13

Why you SHOULD wear a mask: Projection for total COVID deaths is reduced by 3,700 to 143,357 because at least 40% of Americans wear face protection every time they go out

A leading modeler has reduced the number of total coronavirus deaths it is projecting in the US by August 4 by 3,700 because so many Americans are wearing masks when they go out.
The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington was projecting that 147,050 would die by August 4 but on Tuesday, it lowered its estimation to 143,357.

May 20 06:09

Soccer club apologizes for packing the stands with ‘sex dolls’

What a bunch of dummies.
A South Korean soccer team that filled its empty stands with mannequins issued an apology for Sunday’s lifelike audience.
Wanting its stadium to look lively during the coronavirus lockdown, FC Seoul put 30 mannequins from a sex store in the ballpark’s empty chairs. There were 28 females and only a couple of male dolls in the stands, according to the BBC.

May 20 06:04

Governor Gavin Newsom: "No Printing Press Here In The State of California"

Governor Newsom discussed the $54 billion dollar projected budget deficit and the cuts necessary to reach a balanced budget in light of the coronavirus scamdemic.

May 20 06:02

India and Bangladesh evacuate millions from coasts ahead of super cyclone

Millions of people are being evacuated from coastal areas in India and Bangladesh as a super cyclone bears down on the region.
Cyclone Amphan is expected to make landfall in both countries, with wind gusts of up to 115mph, the equivalent of a category 3 Atlantic hurricane, on Wednesday. It’s expected to hit near the Indian city of Kolkata which has a population of more than 14 million people.

May 20 05:58

White House portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama will not be unveiled until Donald Trump leaves office because of the two president's bitter clashes

Barack and Michelle Obama's presidential and first lady portraits will not be unveiled and hung in the White House until Donald Trump is out of office, a Tuesday morning report revealed.

May 20 05:58

Would you wear this on the subway? Spaceman-style helmet with air filters to catch coronavirus will begin shipping next month with a price tag of £140

A coronavirus face mask that looks better suited to space travel than the daily commute will begin shipping to customers at the end of this month.
The BioVYZR 1.0 is fitted with a motor-powered fan that pushes air through filters, removing harmful pathogens, and a large visor to stop users touching their faces and transmitting the infection.

May 20 05:43

Researchers are harvesting people's protective mask selfies from Instagram without consent to try and use them to improve facial recognition software

Researchers have been harvesting selfies of people wearing protective masks from social platforms like Instagram in an effort to improve facial recognition software.

May 20 05:42

More than 10,000 people are evacuated as TWO Michigan dams burst and Gov. Whitmer warns one city it could be under NINE FEET of water in hours as floods hammer the Midwest

Two dams have burst after several days of heavy rainfall Tuesday forcing the evacuation of around 10,000 people in mid-Michigan, where the governor said one county could be 'under approximately 9 feet of water' by Wednesday morning.

For the second time in less than 24 hours, families living along two lakes and a river were ordered Tuesday to leave home.

The evacuations in Michigan followed days of heavy rains in parts of the Midwest that also brought flooding to Chicago and other parts of Illinois, Ohio and other states.

May 20 05:40

Antibody testing now suggests 185,000 Angelinos have had coronavirus as USC scientists walk back their initial estimate - but say there are STILL 23 times more people infected than the official tally

Researchers from the University of Southern California have revised their study of how many people in Los Angeles County have coronavirus antibodies - but say it's still much higher than previously believed.

May 20 05:40

Equality FTW(Picture)

May 20 05:25

US Feds Seek to Return to Iraq ‘Gilgamesh Dream Tablet’ Seized From Bible Museum

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York, have filed a civil complaint, calling for the pillaged “Gilgamesh Dream Tablet” to be returned to Iraq after it was sold by an international auction house to Oklahoma-based arts-and-crafts retailer Hobby Lobby Stores Inc.

A Monday release from the US Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of New York revealed that a rare cuneiform tablet containing a portion of the “Epic of Gilgamesh” poem had entered the US “contrary to federal law” and was later sold by an unnamed auction house.

The Gilgamesh tablet, dating back to 1600 BC and estimated to be worth around $1,674,000, according to the New York Post, was later sold to Hobby Lobby for display at the Museum of the Bible.

May 20 05:16

Viral Video Of Epidemiologist Warning Against Lockdown Pulled From YouTube. Epidemiologist Responds.

YouTube has yanked a video posted to the platform in April by veteran scholar of epidemiology Dr. Knut Wittkowski, wherein he warns about the consequences of lockdown orders.

May 20 05:15

Biggest scam in history(Picture)

May 20 05:14

BIZZARO WORLD: NASA Scientists Detect Evidence Of Parallel Universe — Where Time Runs Backward

What if there’s a parallel universe, with a parallel Earth, where everything is exactly the same except people eat corn on the cob vertically instead of horizontally?

May 20 05:14

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are spending a 'quiet' second wedding anniversary 'enjoying time with Archie with no work calls', biographer Omid Scobie claims - as fan tributes pour in, but Royals fail to mark the occasion

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will celebrate their second wedding anniversary spending quality time with Archie, a source has told royal biographer Omid Scobie.
Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, will spend today enjoying family time with their son, 1, in LA, where they are rumoured to be staying in actor Tyler Perry's Beverly Hills mansion.

May 20 05:14

Planned Parenthood improperly received $80 million in virus funds — Republicans demand they give it back

Affiliates of abortion provider Planned Parenthood improperly applied for and received $80 million in coronavirus relief funds, and Republicans are demanding they give back the money.

May 20 05:13

Biden Finally Unveils His Underwhelming Nickname for Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden has given President Donald Trump a new moniker in an apparent attempt to mimic Trump’s habit of skewering his opponents by assigning them nicknames.

May 20 05:13

‘Where is Wray?’ – After Failing to Hear From FBI Director Wray, Jim Jordan Invites Bill Priestap and Joe Pientka to Appear Before Judiciary Committee

Where is Christopher Wray?
Reps Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mike Johnson (R-LA) on Monday evening invited former FBI special agents Bill Priestap and Joe Pientka to appear before the Judiciary Committee.

May 20 05:13

Judge Sullivan Grants Amicus Requests For Oral Arguments – Scheduled For July 16th – Sidney Powell Reacts (VIDEO)

Attorney Sidney Powell announced on Tuesday morning that Team Flynn has just delivered to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit a Petition for Writ of Mandamus to correct Judge Sullivan’s unauthorized actions.

May 20 05:13

Restaurant Adds 26% ‘COVID Fee’ To Bills Claiming Increase In Food Costs, Then Quickly Drops Surcharge

The COVID-19 pandemic has already cost more than 35 million Americans their jobs, and now everything’s about to cost more, too (some stuff already does).

May 20 05:12

Education Department Says Schools Must Post Previously Hidden Title IX Training Materials

For years, accused students have been at a disadvantage due to the hiding of materials used to train Title IX adjudicators. During lawsuits, accused students are rarely able to obtain the training materials that would show supposedly neutral investigators were actually trained to believe accusers and not the accused.

May 20 05:05

Revealed: Amazon Funding/Partners with Far-Left Hate Group Southern Poverty Law Center

A startling new investigation has revealed that Amazon provides charitable funding to the controversial and hyper-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center through the AmazonSmile customer giving program. Yet Amazon lets the SPLC act as a gatekeeper for the program, which means SPLC denies Amazon customers the ability to give to politically conservative organizations. As a result, organizations that promote conservative ideas are cut off from funds, while Amazon allows donations to a variety of liberal organizations that include Planned Parenthood, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and the SPLC itself, which is the 33rd largest recipient of AmazonSmile contributions. A watchdog organization has placed an initiative on Amazon’s annual shareholder vote and is running a public petition campaign designed to end the injustice of SPLC both controlling and benefiting from the AmazonSmile program.

May 20 04:58


Dr Robert R. Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned in a Tuesday interview that while he felt U.S. states were ready to reopen, they'd also need to expand testing and contact tracing capabilities in order to fight a potential second wave of COVID-19 which could hit in fall, right around the nation's annual flu season.

May 20 04:55


Retail outlet chain Costco trended on Twitter after a video capturing an employee taking away a customer's cart and asking him to leave over his refusal to wear a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic went viral.

May 20 04:55

Planned Parenthood improperly received $80 million in virus funds — Republicans demand they give it back

Affiliates of abortion provider Planned Parenthood improperly applied for and received $80 million in coronavirus relief funds, and Republicans are demanding they give back the money.

May 20 04:53

Donald Trump holds first Cabinet meeting during coronavirus crisis with NO designated survivor - after trip to meet Republican senators who weren't tested in advance

President Donald Trump held a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday to talk about the administration's handling of the coronavirus with all of his advisers present and accounted for, meaning there was no designated survivor left out of the gathering during the time of a national pandemic.

May 20 04:52

FBI chief James Comey warned Barack Obama that Mike Flynn might pass classified secrets to Russia's ambassador during 'unusual communications,' declassified email reveals

Former FBI Director James Comey warned President Barack Obama of the potential incoming national security advisor Mike Flynn might pass information to the Russians, according to a newly declassified memo.

May 20 04:46

Boris Johnson looks pale and gaunt as he takes second early morning run in a row to get back in shape after blaming coronavirus health scare on being overweight

Boris Johnson, 55, has embarked on early morning run for second day in a row
It comes after he last month spend a week in hospital after contracting Covid-19
According to reports, Mr Johnson, 55, blames his weight for intensive care need

May 20 04:46

Florida sheriff defends dispersal of large party over coronavirus, calls out those using the 'race card' as cowards

A Florida sheriff defended the dispersal of a large block party violating social distancing guidelines by saying those waving the race card were using the "coward's way out."

May 20 04:45


NASA's human exploration chief, Douglas Loverro, has resigned effectively immediately—roughly a week before the first manned launch in almost a decade.
For reasons that remain unclear, Loverro cited a "mistake" made earlier in the year for his decision to leave ahead of a May 27 launch to the International Space Station (ISS), in which two astronauts will take off in SpaceX's Crew Dragon craft.

May 20 04:43

Pelosi Wish List(Cartoon)