Jan 16 09:47

Live: Trump Holds ‘Save America’ Rally in Arizona To Expose Stolen 2020 Election

Former President Trump is holding a Save America rally in Florence, Arizona on Saturday to discuss the latest developments surrounding Republican efforts to get the bottom of the stolen 2020 presidential election.

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Note that YouTube has already pulled the video!

Jan 16 09:40

Black Lives Matter Norfolk (VA) Edition: Since 1989, Almost Every Homicide in the Majority White City Has a Black Suspect 

When you realize how much of the horror of violent crime/homicide/n0n-fatal shootings has been committed by blacks, you can’t look away from the horror of what proponents of Civil Rights/Equity/Social Justice have done to America.

[Over 800 guns recovered, 116 from felons in Norfolk in 2021; Police chief says, ‘We have to stop the flow of illegal guns‘,, January 14, 2022]:

Jan 16 09:22

Fact-Checked (Cartoon)

Jan 16 09:17

The stupid it burns!

Jan 16 09:07

Coup Coup (Cartoon)

Jan 16 09:05

Because 97% of Those Arrested for Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Detroit Are Black (77% Black City), Black Advocates Push to Have All Charges Dropped 

Again, we aren’t far away from away from seeing it just be made illegal to arrest black people.

Because of racial disparity or racial equity… or something. [Racial disparity in nonviolent gun arrests leads advocates to call for dropping charges, Detroit Free-Press, January 12, 2022]:

Jan 16 08:59

Freedom Of Speech (Cartoon)

Jan 16 08:52

Where are all the groceries…

Jan 16 08:20

20 foods that will last forever in your Prepper Pantry/food shortages GET READY NOW

Hello, today we have 20 plus foods that will last forever in your prepper pantry, IF THEY ARE SEALED PROPERLY! With shortages on the rise, we have been searching for all the items that will last forever if we package then correctly and this is our list so far. I am sure there are more items that will last and as we find them, we will share them with you! We hope you are all continuing to stock up! Winter will be here before we know it and we need to be ready.

Jan 16 08:17

Crazy bish thrown off plane…

Jan 16 08:04

Cops not welcome at this bar…

Jan 16 07:45

John King admits the truth…

Jan 16 07:22

Gov. Glenn Youngkin signs 11 executive actions

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed nine Executive Orders and two Executive Directives just hours after being sworn into office outside the State Capitol Saturday.

Jan 16 07:08

Slovenian PEN Center Elects Assange as Honorary Member

The PEN Center in Slovenia has elected imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange as an honorary member, calling him the “bravest journalist and publicist of the last two decades.”

Jan 16 06:42

The Oath Keepers: What The Indictment Says (And Does Not Say) About 'Jan 6'

The indictment of eleven individuals associated with the “Oath Keepers” produced an immediate deluge of the postings that an insurrection had finally been established on the January 6th attack at the Capitol. The charges do not establish an insurrection. It does reveal how extremist groups show the protest as an opportunity and hoped that it might trigger greater unrest.

However, the indictment does not offer the long-sought proof of an insurrection to fulfill the narrative of many commentators and politicians. While I would not be surprised by additional charges against other co-conspirators and more details could emerge, the indictment does not support the prior allegations of a coordination or collusion with the Trump campaign. Here is a first take on what the indictment says and does not say.

Jan 16 06:39

FedEx Wants To Arm Cargo Planes With Anti-Missile Lasers

International logistics giant FedEx seeks permission to mount a laser weapon system on the exterior of cargo planes as a countermeasure against heat-seeking missiles, according to an unpublished Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposal in the Federal Register.

The unpublished document, titled "FedEx Express, Airbus Model A321-200 Airplanes; Installation of an Infrared Laser Countermeasure System," is set to be released by the FAA on Jan. 18, explains how the logistics company wants to install the laser weapon on at least one Airbus A321-200 freighter that would be used to direct laser energy toward heat-seeking missiles as a countermeasure.