Nov 25 10:11

Woke County Reinstates Porn Into School Libraries

Fairfax County Public Schools announced Tuesday it would return two books, including pornographic images and language, to the district's high school libraries.

The two books, Genderqueer by Maia Kobabe and Lawnboy by Jonathan Evison, had been taken out from circulation, awaiting an internal audit, which eventually concluded that the books would stay in public high schools.

Nov 25 10:11

RFK Jr.’s book exposing Fauci is #1 bestseller on Amazon despite ‘total media blackout’

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health is currently the #1 bestseller on Amazon despite “a total media blackout,” the book’s publisher told Tucker Carlson Tuesday night.

“It’s the bestselling book in America, and you won’t read about it in any newspaper,” Tony Lyons of Skyhorse Publishing told the popular FOX News host. “If you try to advertise on … any of the online platforms, they send you a notice that you can’t advertise it there. It’s just really crazy that this can happen in America.”

Nov 25 10:10

French court clears Catholic lay group accused of ‘discrimination’ by LGBT organizations

Renaissance Catholique, a French lay association of traditional Catholics, was cleared Tuesday by a penal court in Paris after being accused of having “incited to discriminate against a group of people because of their sexual orientation.”

Three “LGBT” associations had objected to a published translation of the 2019 “Declaration of the truths relating to some of the most common errors in the life of the Church of our time” by Cardinals Raymond Burke and Janis Pujats, and Bishops Athanasius Schneider, Tomasz Peta and Jan Pavel Lenga.

The ruling is clearly a victory for the Church and its teachings, but not one French bishop answered the association’s call for support in the face of burdensome legal procedures that took a great deal of time and money.

Jean-Pierre Maugendre, founder and executive manager and legal representative of Renaissance Catholique’s website that posted the Declaration, was questioned by the judges during the hearing last month.

Nov 25 10:10

Dan Crenshaw: This is not how our justice system is supposed to work

Nov 25 10:01

CNBC anchor says it's 'dumb' for CEOs to make fun of the Chinese communist party: 'You're just asking for trouble'

CNBC anchor Melissa Lee said it was "dumb" for any business CEO to make fun of the Chinese communist party and added that they would be "ju

Nov 25 10:01

Los Angeles firefighter allegedly pulled down his pants and wiped his butt with a vaccine mandate order

A Los Angeles firefighter allegedly pulled down his pants at a fire station and wiped his butt with a vaccine mandate order, and many are calling for him to be dismissed.

Nov 25 10:00

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us to you

This year, like every year, all of us at the news team here at TheBlaze are thankful for you, our loyal readers. Thanks for reading our stories, providing feedback,

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Makes sense

Nov 25 09:51

JK Rowling Casts Anti-Doxxing Spell Against Trans Activists In Furious Twitter Thread

Billionaire author JK Rowling has slammed transgender activists after a comedian, an actor, and a drag queen doxxed her home in Edinburgh, Scotland on the eve of Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Rowling has come under fire for her mainstream views on transgenderism, including a June 2020 joke that "‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?"

Nov 25 09:50

We Don't Get A Vote On The Woke Revolution

You don’t get to vote on the revolution. That’s kind of the point. From the happy example of Colonial America to the terrors that mutilated and murdered innocents in France, Russia, and China, revolutionaries work outside the established system to impose a new order.

So it is with today’s woke revolution. The potent cultural forces that have mainstreamed radical concepts such as “white privilege,” “microaggressions,” and “gender fluidity” are beyond the reach of American democracy.

No one voted for any of it; it cannot be stopped at the ballot box. Electing anti-woke politicians in 2022 and 2024 will not turn the tide.

Nov 25 09:44

Black Supremacists

Nov 25 09:40

Boycott Qatar 2022

Nov 25 09:29

Cries in ETH…

Nov 25 09:26

Canadians wake-up!!!

Nov 25 09:23

Newsom Takes No Responsibility For Rising Crime

Gov. Gavin Newsom called on Mayors in his state to "step up" and crack down hard on the city's criminals, following a six-figure Nordstrom heist executed by a mob of looters.

"I'm not the mayor of California, but I was a mayor, and I know when things like this happen, mayors have to step up," Newsom said Monday at a vaccine clinic in the Mission District of San Francisco. "That's not an indictment. That's not a cheap shot."

Nov 25 09:17

GoFundMe pulls $5M bail fundraiser for Waukesha SUV 'killer' Darrell Brooks and says it will BAN all future attempts to raise money after judge was blasted for setting bond

GoFundMe has removed a crowdfunding effort aimed at raising $5million toward bail for Darrell Brooks, the Waukesha, Wisconsin 'killer' who allegedly plowed his red SUV into scores of people during a holiday parade on Sunday, killing six and injured dozens more.

Brooks, who was charged with five counts of homicide, was arraigned in court on Tuesday.

Waukesha Court Commissioner Kevin M. Costello set bail at $5million - a move that sparked anger considering Brooks’ violent past that includes convictions for felonies.

Nov 25 09:17

New York judge extends ban on keeping New York Times from publishing material about Project Veritas after conservative group accused feds of 'leaking' secret communications

A New York trial judge on Tuesday extended a ban keeping The New York Times from publishing or seeking certain materials concerning the conservative activist group Project Veritas.

Justice Charles Wood of the Westchester County Supreme Court said his temporary ban imposed on November 18 will now run until at least December 1, a deadline for Project Veritas to respond in writing to The New York Times' bid to end it.

The judge granted the extension at a nearly two-hour hearing in White Plains, which was part of a defamation lawsuit that Project Veritas filed against The New York Times last year.

Nov 25 09:16

An Attack on Whites in Waukesha

A black suspect drove through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing at least five people and injuring dozens more. Among the injured were at least 18 children, 10 of whom are in intensive care.

It didn’t make the New York Times until page A22.

Suspect Darrell Brooks was reportedly the driver. Police arrested him without injuring him. Police charged him with five counts of intentional homicide. In its report, the Times said the act “sent a shock wave through a state already unsettled by the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in nearby Kenosha two days earlier.”

Nov 25 09:14

Prosecutor’s Laptop Had Video Compression Software Handbrake, Rittenhouse Links To Withheld Evidence

Kyle Rittenhouse linked a video compression softw

Nov 25 09:12

GoFundMe Takes Down Bail Fund Started For Alleged Waukesha Parade Killer

GoFundMe took down a fundraiser attempting to raise bail money for the Waukesha parade suspect.

Nov 25 09:11

DeSantis Slams Biden For Removing Marxist Terrorists From Terror List: ‘Will Embolden Terrorist Groups’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed President Joe Biden on Wednesday for Biden’s decision to remove a Marxist-Leninist guerrilla group from the U.S.’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, warning that the move would embolden terrorists throughout the region.

Nov 25 08:59

Award-winning Indiana teacher who exposed how CRT is being taught in schools in viral video has been put on leave because he is causing colleagues 'anxiety'

An Indiana school administrator has been punished for a viral video where he explained how his school district pushes critical race theory on students.

Tony Kinnett, the Indianapolis School District science coordinator, instructional coach and administrator blew up social media on November 4 with the video.

'When we tell you that schools aren't teaching critical race theory... that's misdirection,' he says in the video, which has been retweeted and quote-tweeted more than 7,000 times.

'We don't have the quotes and theories in state standards per se,' he continues. 'We do have CRT in how we teach. We tell our teachers to treat our students differently based on color.

He went on to say: 'We tell our students that every problem is a result of white men. And that everything western civilization built is racist. That capitalism is a tool of white supremacy. This is in math, history, science, the arts and it's not slowing down.'