Aug 01 07:56


The Swiss mega bank, Credit Suisse, lost $5.5 billion in late March and early April from the highly-leveraged, highly concentrated stock positions it was financing via tricked-up derivatives for Archegos Capital Management, the family office hedge fund of Sung Kook “Bill” Hwang. Archegos blew up on March 25 after it defaulted on its margin calls from its banks. U.S. mega banks, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, were also extending high levels of margin debt to Archegos at the time of its blowup, as were other foreign banks. Over $10 billion in total losses have thus far been acknowledged by the banks.

Aug 01 07:41


Hemp fuel and other biofuels could reduce carbon emissions while saving the electric grid, but they’re often overlooked for more expensive, high-tech climate solutions.

Aug 01 06:07

Rail link to be created between Iran, China through Afghanistan

Following the inauguration of Khaf-Herat Railway Project and announcement of Iran’s readiness to invest $2.2 billion in Afghanistan to complete the final phase of this railway and to connect it to Mazar-e-Sharif, Iran’s railway route will eventually reach China.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani officially inaugurated the strategic Khaf-Herat railway project on December 10, 2020 through a video conference. The 225-kilometers-long Khaf-Herat railway is part of the Iran-Afghanistan rail corridor. The project started in the fiscal year of 2007-2008, connects Iran’s eastern city of Khaf to Afghanistan’s western city of Ghoryan. The project was implemented in four parts, Iran was in charge of completing three of the mentioned four parts, two of which are in the Iranian territory and the other two are on the Afghan side.

Aug 01 06:07

Taliban vows to guarantee safety of trans-Afghanistan gas pipeline

A Taliban delegation has paid a surprise visit to Turkmenistan to pledge support for a planned natural gas pipeline across Afghanistan, providing welcome reassurance for a project whose viability has long been rendered doubtful by security concerns.

Signs point to the trip having been brokered by the U.S. government, which has long championed what is known as TAPI, named after the four countries the pipeline would cross: Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Suhail Shaheen, a member of the Taliban’s Qatar-based negotiation team, told reporters in Ashgabat on February 6 that his movement was offering “full support for the implementation and security of TAPI and other developmental projects in our country.”

Aug 01 05:41

Millions across US at risk of eviction as coronavirus surges

Millions of people across the United States could be forced out of their homes after a nationwide moratorium on evictions expired at midnight on Saturday amid a spike in coronavirus infections.

The expiration was a blow to President Joe Biden, who on Thursday made a last-ditch request to Congress to extend the 11-month ban on removals after a recent Supreme Court ruling meant the White House could not do so.

Jul 31 11:03

Evictions loom after Biden and Congress fail to extend ban

A nationwide eviction moratorium is set to expire Saturday night after President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress worked furiously but ultimately failed to align on a long-shot strategy to prevent millions of Americans from being forced from their homes during a COVID-19 surge.

More than 3.6 million Americans are at risk of eviction, some in a matter of days, as nearly $47 billion in federal housing aid to the states during the pandemic has been slow to make it into the hands of renters and landlords owed payments. The moratorium expires at midnight.

Tensions mounted late Friday as it became clear there was no resolution in sight. Hours before the ban was set to expire, Biden called on local governments to “take all possible steps” to immediately disburse the funds. Evictions could begin as soon as Monday.

“There can be no excuse for any state or locality not accelerating funds to landlords and tenants that have been hurt during this pandemic,” Biden said in a statement.

Jul 31 07:32

Evictions are about to restart across U.S. as tenants wait on billions in unspent rental aid

When the pandemic hit, Angela Bears was afraid that she would bring the virus home to her 3-year-old son, who was in treatment for kidney cancer.

She fell behind on rent for her Kansas City, Mo., home when she decided it was safer to stop going to her warehouse job. Bears said she applied for rental assistance multiple times this spring but never heard back.

Without any government aid, she is now $5,000 behind on her rent and fearing eviction. She is asking for donations online to stay in her home.

“I’ve got boxes. I’ve started packing,” Bears said. “The only thing at this point that matters to me is that my son doesn’t get sick.”

Bears is one of thousands of Americans who have been shortchanged by a yawning disconnect between two well-meaning policies lawmakers passed in response to the pandemic.

Jul 31 07:09

The US Housing Bubble Visualized

Take a look at what the FED’s manipulation of interest rates has done to housing prices.  The chart above is from the data on their own website.  It’s in real dollars and the indices synch perfectly.  The USA is currently in the biggest housing bubble of all time.  A “correction” in the stock market will bring down housing also.  It’s going to be a mess.  And it could have been avoided if only there was “honest” money management at the FED.

Jul 31 06:11

The Latest Lie from on-High: An “Independent Federal Reserve”

Furthermore, for any who have taken the time to read the actual (as well as sordid) history of the Fed’s not-so-immaculate conception (as uniquely outlined in Ed Griffin’s seminal work, The Creature from Jekyll Island), they already know that the Fed is as tied to the hip of Wall Street money and D.C. politics as an anchor is to a rotting ship.

Jul 30 12:56

Formula for “collapse:” Fed prints more in 2 years than in the past 100.

The US Government has printed more money in the past two years than they have in the previous 100! What does that mean for our economy? And when will the bottom fall out? RT Correspondent Faran Fronczak reports on the early returns of this money printing and its impact on inflation, which is killing Americans' pockets.

Jul 30 12:32

Nature’s Own Fuel Could Save Us From the Greenhouse Effect and Electric Grid Failure

Hemp fuel and other biofuels could reduce carbon emissions while saving the electric grid, but they’re often overlooked for more expensive, high-tech climate solutions.

On July 14, the European Union unveiled sweeping climate change and emissions targets that would, according to Gulf News, mean “the end of the internal combustion engine”:

The commission’s draft would reduce permitted emissions from new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to zero from 2035 – effectively obliging the industry to move on to battery-electric models.

While biofuels are a less high-tech, cheaper and in many ways more effective solution to our dependence on petroleum, the United States and other countries are discussing similar plans to the EU’s and California is already on board. But in a recent article in the Los Angeles Times and related video, Evan Halper argues that we may be trading one environmental crisis for another:

Jul 30 11:50

How Amazon’s $10 Billion Contract Squabble with the Pentagon Reveals the Shady Nature of Military Contracts

By Peter Jacobsen

Earlier this month the US Department of Defense (DOD) canceled a $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract awarded to Microsoft in 2019. The goal of the contract was to modernize the Department’s IT operations using cloud computing.

The JEDI cancellation occurred following a lawsuit from Amazon after the company was denied the contract. Amazon alleges that they were rejected because the Department of Defense was pressured by then President Donald Trump to “screw Amazon.” The motivation for this move, it was claimed, was driven by Trump’s personal animus for then-CEO Jeff Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post.

Jul 30 10:14

Rep. Omar proposes UBI bill for all, it’s full-blown communism

Democrats are not hiding what they are any longer. For lack of a better label, they are neo-fascists and neo-communists. We now have one Democrat calling for a Universal Basic Income of $1200 a month for Americans. That is full-blown communism.

The only way that works is if the government confiscates everyone’s income through wealth redistribution and high taxation and then spreads it out. In other words, it’s communism with a Central Government in charge of every aspect of your life and your money.

Omar is nothing if not a communist. She’s not a democratic anything.

Jul 30 10:03

Ontario Pension Fund, Goldman Sachs Agree to Buy Majority Stake in Covid-19 Test Provider

Deal expected to close by the end of the year

Jul 30 07:21

The Real Economy is Breaking Down

Jul 30 07:10


The city and town names may change, but the stories are strikingly similar. Every year, new tales of urban gardeners who are cited for “illegally” growing food in their yards or on vacant lots bubble up.

One recent high profile case involves Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll, a couple in Miami Shores Village, Florida, who was told the front yard vegetable garden they’d tended to for 17 years was prohibited according to a new zoning code that banned front yard vegetable gardens. They had to dig up their plants, which supplied half the food they ate, or face $50-per-day fines.

Jul 30 06:58

Socked by 6.4% Inflation, Record Trade Deficit, Inventory Shortages, and Drop in Government Spending, “Real” GDP Jumps Disappointingly

Economists polled by the Wall Street Journal expected GDP to grow by an annualized rate of 9.1% in the second quarter, from the first quarter. Today the Bureau of Economic Analysis released its GDP estimate, and adjusted for inflation, it grew by an annualized rate of “only” 6.5% in Q2, from Q1, or not annualized by 1.6%.

This was still strong compared to the pre-pandemic years, but the high expectations got knocked down by spiking inflation that has surprised economists to the upside all year long, record trade deficits, sharp declines in inventories, and a drop in government consumption and investment.

Jul 30 06:45

Australia house prices soar at 'unsustainable' rate

House prices are soaring in Australia's state capitals as all-time low interest rates and a lack of properties on the market drive up valuations.

Six cities have seen record prices for the third quarter in a row, according to a report by real estate site Domain.

It also said Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin have seen property values rise by over 20% in the last year.

Experts warn the increases are "unsustainable" as property becomes unaffordable for many.

The Domain House Price Report highlighted a "perfect storm" of rock bottom borrowing costs, a small number of properties on the market, strong demand, and government stimulus money amid the pandemic.

Jul 30 06:24

Gold Is “Dirt Cheap Financial Insurance”

Jul 30 06:13

What Would a COMPLETE Supply Chain Breakdown Really Look Like?

Cyber Polygon 2020 examined the threat of a complete supply chain breakdown. But what does that mean? Is it just no more toilet paper? Or is it something more sinister?

Perhaps we can shed some light on the situation here.

Jul 30 06:10

At Least 12 Million Households Face Eviction As Moratorium Ends

State and local governments have struggled to distribute $47 billion in federal money aimed at helping tenants who can’t pay rent because of the pandemic-triggered downturn, leaving many people at risk of being forced out of their homes when the moratorium expires.

Just $3 billion of the aid authorized by Congress in December and March had been delivered to landlords and tenants as of June 30, the Treasury Department said in a report last week.

Meanwhile, many landlords have been squeezed because they have been unable to collect rent but remain on the hook for taxes, maintenance and other bills.

The moratorium, which originated from an executive order signed by then President Donald Trump last August, shields tenants who have missed monthly rent payments from being forced out of their homes if they declare financial hardship. They still owe the back rent.

Jul 30 05:54

Containers Are Being Built At A Record Pace. It's Still Not Enough

When will the container capacity crunch finally ease? For an early indicator, keep an eye on production of the humble 40-foot dry cargo box. If the volume and cost of new containers pull back, supply chain pressures are abating. Unfortunately for beleaguered cargo shippers, these bellwethers now imply the opposite: that the scramble for container capacity is growing even more intense.

On Tuesday, the world’s largest container-equipment leasing company, Triton International, announced record results and provided the latest intel on box production.

The price of a new container, which had stabilized at around $3,500 per twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) earlier this year, has risen again and is now at $3,800 per TEU. Prices are “at unprecedented levels,” said John O’Callaghan, Triton’s global head of marketing and operations, during the call with analysts.

Jul 30 05:36


The vaccine industry is a dense financial web that ties together some of the most dubious characters in the Covidian universe, some very well-known, several less so. In this article we join a few dots between certain key players who positioned themselves very carefully in preparation for the Plandemic.

So deeply entwined are the players in this theatre, we are merely scratching the surface, but there are many aspects of the relationships described below that are easy and important to understand. Readers should click on the links (highlighted in red type) for more details and information.

Doctor Anthony Fauci is the Chief Medical Adviser to the US President. He is also a serial vaccine profiteer, has extensive financial interests in patented medicines, is extremely rich and a borderline psychotic in love with seeing his face on the tv.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 30 04:05

When Society Collapses, Will The United States Be One Of The Best Places To Be Located?

So many of the trends that I have been watching for years are now starting to accelerate. -- The hour is late, and time is running out. -- But of course any sort of a “global collapse” is simply unimaginable to most Americans, and for now ignorance is bliss.

Jul 29 13:21

Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Chief Talks ‘Absolute Control’ of Money

Augustin Carstens recently gave a talk entitled “Cross Border Payment: A Vision for the Future” in which he outlined the problem as central planners see it, as well as their solution.

“We don’t know who’s using a $100 bill today and we don’t know who’s using a 1,000 peso bill today. The key difference with the CBDC is the central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability, and also we will have the technology to enforce that.”

Carstens views CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currency, as a tool for eliminating privacy and for central bankers to force citizens to use currency exactly when, where, and how they are told.

Dozens of central banks around the world are working on CBDCs, including the Federal Reserve. The effort represents a major escalation in the War on Cash.

Jul 29 09:21

Pfizer Forecasts $33.5 Billion in Covid-19 Vaccine Sales

Pfizer Inc. PFE -0.82% expects sales for its Covid-19 vaccine this year to reach about $33.5 billion, up nearly 30% from its forecast three months ago, as the shot plays a growing role in global efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

With concerns rising over the highly infectious Delta variant, Pfizer also said that booster shots would likely be needed to ensure protection against the virus.

U.S. officials haven’t authorized the use of booster shots, although they are studying the issue. Pfizer and partner BioNTech SE plan to seek regulatory approval in the U.S. for a booster shot in August. A clinical trial testing an updated version of its vaccine targeting the Delta variant is also set to start next month, the company said Wednesday when announcing second-quarter earnings.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's all about the Benjamins!

Jul 29 08:04

Landlord group sues federal government for rent lost under eviction moratorium

A landlord group is suing the federal government for back rent, claiming that the government's effort to keep people housed during the coronavirus pandemic has left property owners on the hook for tens of billions of dollars.

The National Apartment Association, a trade group whose members control about 10 million rental units, filed the suit late Tuesday in the United States Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C.

The NAA claims that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's eviction moratorium was unlawful and has left landlords "holding the bag on $26.6 billion in rental debt after operating under extreme conditions for 16 months," according to its announcement.

Jul 29 06:41

Newsom Creates Healthcare System For Illegals With Taxpayers Money

California has become the first state in the country to give taxpayer-funded health benefits to elderly illegal immigrants.

California’s governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom, signed AB 133 into law Tuesday which started the state's Medi-Cal rolls to illegal aliens 50 years and older in a move that the governor referred to as a "major milestone."

"We're investing California’s historic surplus to accomplish transformative changes we’ve long dreamed of – including this historic Medi-Cal expansion to ensure thousands of older undocumented Californians, many of whom have been serving on the front lines of the pandemic, can access critical health care services," Newsom stated. "I thank the Legislature for its steadfast partnership to bring California closer to universal health care coverage and advance comprehensive initiatives to ensure California’s communities come back from the pandemic stronger and healthier than before."

Jul 29 06:26

$2 Trln in Chinese Wall Street Listings Could Be Swept Away Amid Growing PRC, US Regulatory Pressure

Chinese companies began a careful foray into the US stock market in the early 2000s, tantalised by the prospects of picking easy cash from American investors eager to invest in the world’s new economic powerhouse.

Two loopholes which have enabled Chinese companies to thrive on Wall Street may soon be closed, threatening to deprive US markets of much of the $2+ trillion in market capitalisation accrued by the nearly 250 Chinese firms listed on US exchanges, Business Insider reports.

The first loophole is the Variable Interest Entity (VIE), a structure used by Chinese companies to get around strict regulations imposed by the Asian nation’s government on foreign ownership of strategic companies in sectors including telecoms, high tech and media.

Jul 29 05:53

Fed votes unanimously to keep ultra-low interest rates and STILL insists rising inflation is 'transitory': Jerome Powell warns coronavirus still poses economic risk and says it is too soon to end central bank's easy money policy

The Federal Reserve open market committee has voted unanimously to continue the central bank's easy money policies, again dismissing soaring inflation as 'transitory' and saying COVID-19 still poses risks to the economy.

The 11-member committee voted on Wednesday to keep the federal funds rate near zero and continue flooding the market with money through massive bond purchases 'until substantial further progress' is made on boosting employment.

It comes after the 12-month inflation rate hit 5.4 percent in June, the highest level in 13 years, leading to calls to tighten monetary policy and prevent prices from spinning out of control.

Jul 29 05:21

Biden will reimpose strict car mileage standards under Obama and urge 40% of drivers to use electric vehicles in 10 years in a bid to cut greenhouse emissions in half by 2030

In a major step against climate change, President Joe Biden is proposing a return to aggressive Obama-era vehicle mileage standards over five years, according to industry and government officials briefed on the plan.

He's then aiming for even tougher anti-pollution rules after that to forcefully reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nudge 40% of U.S. drivers into electric vehicles by decade's end.

The proposed rules from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation reflect Biden's pledge to attack climate change but also balance concerns of the auto industry, which is urging a slower transition to zero-emission electric vehicles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So when you are going to start building all those new power plants needed to charge those electric cars, and what will those power plants run on? Oil?

Jul 29 04:56

Hank Paulson's TPG Climate Fund Raises $5.4 Billion

The revolving door between private sector Wall Street jobs and the Treasury and/or Fed continues...

Today's installment is brought to you by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, who is now officially executive chairman of The TPG Rise Climate fund.

Just 6 months after Hank Paulson began his personal roadshow to try and drum up investor capital, TPG's inaugural fund, focused on its "climate investing strategy", has raised $5.4 billion from high profile investors like Allstate and Hartford Financial, Reuters reported this week. The fund's investor base also includes the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board, Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund and France's AXA, the report notes.

TPG says the fund is "designed to expand the scope of commercially viable climate technologies".

Jul 29 04:48

"Follow The Money" - Striking Coal Miners Rally Outside BlackRock's NYC Offices

Hundreds of coal miners from Alabama and West Virginia who are embroiled in a labor dispute with their employer gathered outside BlackRock's headquarters in NYC on Wednesday to gave Larry Fink a piece of their mind.

About 120 supporters descended on BlackRock's midtown offices carrying signs that read "we are one" and chanting together. They spoke out against their treatment by their employer, Warrior Met Coal. Union members are striking for better wages and benefits. During the rally, they were joined by other union workers, including truckers and garbagemen.

Jul 29 04:48

Facebook Tumbles On Disappointing DAUs, Warning Revenue Growth Will "Decelerate Significantly"

After yesterday's tech bonanza which saw Google surge, Apple fall and Microsoft swing when the 3 gigacaps reported more than $57 billion in net income, we now get the 4th FAAMG - Facebook - before Amazon closes the books on the 5 companies that account for more than 20% of the S&P's market cap.

A quick look at sellside reports reveals that consensus expectations are for revenue of $27.86 billion for the quarter, which would be 49% growth (last year during this quarter, sales jumped just 11% given the advertising pullback surrounding the pandemic so there will be a sizable base effect). Analysts also expect user growth of around 7%, anticipating just under 2.9 billion monthly users for Facebook's core social network. Facebook also reports a “Family” metric that encompasses users for all of its services. On that front, analysts expect 3.49 billion monthly users.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jul 28 23:05

More Cowbell! Federal Reserve Officials Decide That More Inflation Is The Answer

Every time a new crisis erupts, their “solution” will be to create, borrow and spend even more money.

This “More Cowbell” approach to managing the economy is literally insane, but there will be no turning back now.

Jul 28 14:00

Shrinkflation, Inflation’s Sneaky Cousin, Is On The Rise

By Klajdi Bregu

Inflation has been on the rise for the past year and in the last few months it has accelerated. In June 2021, inflation, measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), hit the highest level since 2008. By inflation, economists refer to the increase in the general level of prices, which means that prices on average are increasing. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) has a basket of goods and services that it tracks and uses to create a measure of the CPI. While inflation is the topic of the day in the news media and everyday conversations, many have not heard about its sneaky cousin, shrinkflation.

The term shrinkflation, is credited to British economist Pippa Malmgren, and refers to the shrinking weight of the products while the price for the package remains the same...

Jul 28 13:54

COMEX Option Expiration Price Control

Jul 28 12:57

Family Farm Action Alliance Releases Report to “Counter Big Ag’s Deception”

By Kenny Stancil

In an effort to inform policymakers, advocates, and the public about the impacts of agrifood corporations on the U.S. food system and build support for transforming the nation’s agricultural practices, the Family Farm Action Alliance released a new report on Wednesday that details how Big Ag’s survival depends on externalizing costs and perpetuating myths about the supposed lack of more just and sustainable alternatives.

“Time and time again family farmers, rural communities, and good food movement advocates have pushed to shift government support away from industrial agriculture and toward a more resilient and equitable system,” Joe Maxwell, president of Family Farm Action Alliance, said in a statement. “Time and time again, we have failed—because Big Ag controls the narrative. Our report offers a playbook to counter Big Ag’s deception and finally break their stranglehold on our food system.”...

Jul 28 12:34

Disabled Mother Wins Legal Fight to Keep Family Home From Property Tax Collectors

By Olivia Rondeau

After Mary Ann Dupere had a stroke in 2010, her daughter, Tina, became her caretaker in the family’s Dartmouth, Massachusetts home of 42 years. But, because of an outstanding property tax debt of only 0.7% of the home’s total worth, they faced eviction.

The house was originally purchased in 1979 by Mary Ann’s parents, who transferred ownership to Mary Ann herself in 1986. Mary Ann holds the title, as well as life estate interest in the home, and Tina holds the remainder of the interest in the property. This means that Mary Ann should own her property until she passes away, at which point the title may be transferred to her daughter. However, their family home was recently foreclosed upon despite them owning equity in the property. She and Tina paid all property taxes on the home from 1986 until they began financially struggling in 2013...

Jul 28 11:37

Bipartisan group reaches agreement on $1.2 trillion "hard" infrastructure bill

After weeks of long nights and endless Zoom calls, a bipartisan group of senators finally reached a deal on "the major issues" in their $1.2 trillion "hard" infrastructure package, GOP senators involved in the talks announced Wednesday.

Why it matters: It could be days before the group finishes writing the bill, but the Senate can begin debating the legislation in earnest now that they have resolved the outstanding issues. The bill needs 60 votes to advance in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday that the Senate could vote as early as Wednesday night to advance the proposal, the second time they will vote on this procedural measure.

Schumer also insists he's prepared to keep the Senate in session over the weekend to finish the bipartisan infrastructure bill: "It’s time for everyone to get to yes,” he announced on the floor on Monday.

Jul 28 11:37

Just How Transitory is Inflation?

Jul 28 10:22

Housing Market – This Time it is Different

Jul 28 10:10

Meanwhile in "transitory" land....

Jul 28 09:47

Why the Middle Class Should Start Paying Attention to the Death Tax

By Daniel Kowalski

There are more millionaires now in American history than there were in 1910. Unfortunately, this isn’t a totally good thing.

It’s true that the average American is more prosperous than they were 110 years ago with a higher standard of living, but the purchasing power of the dollar has dramatically decreased during that time as well. Thanks to inflation, more than 20 million Americans have a net worth of one million dollars or more, but to be wealthy like the millionaires of the past one would need about $30 million today.

Jul 28 09:28

Housing Prices Fall as Housing Sales Slide

Jul 28 09:22

Unilever CEO Pledges Full Commitment to Israel in Groveling Letter to ADL Head Jonathan Greenblatt

Unilever CEO Alan Jope, the head of one of the biggest multinational corporations in the world, wrote a letter on Tuesday to Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt begging for forgiveness over Ben and Jerry's independent decision to end sales in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and pledging his full commitment to Israel.

Jul 28 08:51

Let’s Compare The U.S. Economy Before The Pandemic To The U.S. Economy Today

In my opinion, we should be very thankful that economic conditions have been relatively stable in recent months, because the long-term outlook for our economy is not good at all. -- Our leaders are literally in the process of committing national financial suicide, and the whole world will be affected since we produce the reserve currency that the entire planet depends upon. -- So enjoy these relatively good times while you still can, because eventually they will be gone for good.

Jul 28 07:38

Is Gold About To Rip Higher?

Jul 28 07:35

Capitalism Will Leave US At This Rate

Rep. Kevin Brady, who performed a key part in enacting the sweeping Republican 2017 tax cuts, said companies will move abroad if the Biden administration succeeds in implementing its tax proposals.

Brady, the top Republican on the powerful Ways and Means Committee, told the Washington Examiner during an expansive interview that the Democratic tax agenda would have appalling consequences for the country. He said that it would flag a return to the “old days” of the tax code when corporate inversions were making headlines.