Aug 26 07:36

Unemployment cliff looms as 7.5 million Americans to lose aid by Labor Day: "The knife in the chest"

Pamela Mohar planned ahead for when her pandemic unemployment benefits end: With her last check arriving in early September, she and her partner have prepaid their bills through October. She's not sure what will happen next.

"Once that last check comes, that will be devastating not to know where the next check will come from," Mohar, 37, who graduated from Eastern Michigan University in April with a master's degree in creative writing, told CBS MoneyWatch.

Mohar, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, said she's been looking for a job since last fall, when she was working as a graduate assistant, but so far hasn't had any luck. Before returning to school, she had worked in retail and as a bartender — experience she emphasized when applying for jobs. But she suspects employers aren't willing to hire someone they think might move on if a better job comes along.

Aug 26 07:26

New Report Finds US Has Spent Over $2.3 Trillion on Afghanistan War

Brown University’s Costs of War project released an updated report Wednesday on US spending for the war in Afghanistan. The report found that since the 2001 invasion, Washington has sunk over $2.3 trillion into the war.

The spending includes operations in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and is broken down into five categories. The biggest chunk is the Defense Department’s budget for the war, which is just over $1 trillion. The State Department’s war budget adds another $60 billion. War-related Increases to the Pentagon budget account for $433 billion.

Estimated interest payments on war borrowing accounts for $532 billion, and spending on care for veterans of the war adds up to $233 billion. Costs of War did not account for future interest payments or future spending on lifelong care for veterans, so the total will still increase even after the US completes its military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Aug 26 07:25

The Government Spent Over $300 Million a Day for 20 Years on Unconstitutional Afghanistan War

James Madison warned that “of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded.”


Because it comprises and develops the germ of every other enemy of liberty.

“War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few.”

Taxation not only steals our wealth; it limits our freedom. Access to fewer resources shrinks the number of options available to us. The more the government takes from us, the more limited our options become.

Aug 26 07:06

And the insanity is exploding!

Aug 26 06:52

Weimar vibes and nobody is listening...

Aug 26 06:38

VIX not buying the Euphoria, FOMO BS

Aug 26 05:46

The Final Blowout Sale

Aug 25 19:31

S&P 5000 – Here We Come

Aug 25 18:55

NYC Unions Protest COVID “Vaccine” Mandate

By Neenah Payne

On August 25, NY Unions For Choice held a protest at City Hall in Manhattan to demonstrate against medical mandates. We were there to cover the event.

There was just a scattering of people when I arrived, but the street was packed by the time I left. My guess is that there were about 500 people.

Kane announced to the crowd that he is leaving his union after 14 years and called on others to do likewise since the unions are not supporting their rights. He said that 2,000 teachers have signed a Google doc to sue NYC about the vaccine mandate.

I was surprised to see the press out in full force with about five cameras. Channels 4 and 7 were there, so it will be interesting to see how they decide to frame their coverage of this event...

Aug 25 12:37

Vaccine Mandates and the “Great Reset”

By Philipp Bagus

Pressure on the unvaccinated grows. While the vaccinated in some countries are getting back some of their freedoms taken away by the covid interventions, the unvaccinated are not so well off. They are being targeted for discrimination. Access to public spaces and traveling is being made more difficult for them. In some countries there is even mandatory vaccination for some professions.

But why is the vaccination campaign so important to governments that they are increasing the pressure to such an extent? And who has an interest in the global vaccination campaign?

To answer these questions, it is necessary to analyze the prevalent vaccination narrative and ask who benefits from it. In doing so, the alliance of interests between the state, the media, the pharmaceutical industry, and supranational institutions must be addressed.

Aug 25 12:34

Only about 10% of federal rent assistance funds have been distributed to Americans as MASS EVICTIONS loom

A US federal rental assistance program has 89% of its funds still waiting to be distributed as eviction moratoriums passed to help low-income households during the Covid-19 pandemic could potentially be expiring soon.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program gave out approximately $1.7 billion in July, according to US Treasury Department figures. That money brings the total amount of funds released to approximately $5.1 billion of the $46.5 billion rental aid program.

The White House, however, has defended the slow pace, with Gene Serling, who oversees pandemic relief programs, saying over one million payments have been sent to families, which equates to just over 10% of the total funds first authorized by Congress in December.

Aug 25 12:34

One of the Biggest Welfare State Expansions in US History Just Got Approved By Congress

By Brad Polumbo

It’s another day that ends in y, so, Congress just nonchalantly voted to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars. On Tuesday, the House approved a $3.5 trillion spending resolution on a party-line vote, with Democrats backing the measure and Republicans uniformly opposing it.

“House Democrats passed a $3.5 trillion budget resolution on Tuesday, 220-212, advancing the party’s effort to pass a sweeping economic package that would expand the nation’s social safety net,” Axios reports. “Democrats now will be able to use the budget reconciliation process to pass a bill — likely later this fall — by a simple majority, tackling key priorities like health care, child care and climate change.”..

Aug 25 10:50

Montana Is The Only State to Ban Discriminatory CV Vax Requirements For Employees

Though tons of Republican politicians have talked tough about their opposition to corona-tyranny, Montana is the only state that's actually putting their tough talk into practice.

For example, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' bill to supposedly "ban vaccine passports" doesn't ban businesses from discriminating against the unvaxxed and actually includes a provision triple-underlining that the state can detain people and force vaccinate them against their will.

Aug 25 09:53

Peter Schiff: You Can Print Money But You Can't Print Stuff

As prices continue to spiral upward and the Federal Reserve maintains its inflationary monetary policy, a lot of people in the mainstream keep talking about inflation as a good thing. Peter Schiff said it seems like they’re trying to soften us up and make us willing to accept higher inflation. But as he explains in this clip from his podcast, these pundits are missing a fundamental truth - no matter how much money the Federal Reserve prints, it can’t print actual stuff.

Peter said he read an article claiming that higher inflation could lead to a “jobs boom.” The author argued that since tighter monetary policy to battle inflation would destroy jobs, allowing inflation to run hot with a continuation of loose monetary policy will create jobs. The pundit also claimed it would lead to higher real wages and even reduce inequality by helping create more, better-paying jobs — particularly for African Americans.

Peter called this pure BS.

Aug 25 08:51


Aug 25 08:22

We Are Witnessing Incompetence On A Colossal Scale Throughout Our Society

These days, it is a surprise when someone actually does something competently. It is often said that if you want something done right you have got to do it yourself, and today that is more true than ever. Just think about it. How often have you had a delivery delayed or messed up? How often have you had someone supposedly “fix” something but it isn’t actually fixed? How often have you purchased something that breaks shortly thereafter? And don’t even get me started on the complete and utter incompetence that we see in the tech industry. How hard could it possibly be to release a piece of software that is not riddled with all sorts of nightmarish bugs that need to be “patched” as soon as possible?

Sadly, in our upside down society some of the most incompetent people that you can imagine end up running entire organizations, and if you are particularly corrupt and useless you may get to be a politician.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 25 08:20

Largest US Food Distributor Having Trouble Keeping Shelves Stocked; Price Shock Imminent

One of the defining features of the early phases of the covid pandemic, when public fear was rampant and when few wanted to take chances that supply chains would remain viable, is that for a brief period US supermarkets resembled those of the USSR circa the late 1980s: many items were in short supply, and some - notably toilet paper, clorox, and perishables such as milk - were out of stock for weeks.

Fast forward to today when fears about the Delta strain are being fanned by the liberal media, the US may be facing a similar shortage of key products... only this time for a very different reason: not a surge in demand, but rather a drop in supply.

According to Bloomberg, some of the largest U.S. food distributors are "reporting difficulties in fulfilling orders as a lack of workers weighs on the supply chain." Take distribution giant Sysco, North America’s largest wholesale food distributor, which is turning away customers in some areas where demand is exceeding capacity.

Aug 25 08:19

6 California Companies Convicted For Scheme Avoiding $1.8 Billion In Customs Duties On China Imports

A federal jury in Los Angeles on Aug. 23 convicted six southern California companies for taking part in a large-scale conspiracy to avoid paying $1.8 billion in customs duties by disguising aluminum imports as pallets.

China Zhongwang Holdings Chairman Liu Zhongtian poses for pictures just after traiding had started at the stock exchange in Hong Kong on May 8, 2009. (Mike Clarke/AFP via Getty Images)

The conspirators then sold the pallets to entities disguised to look like real customers with the intent of fraudulently inflating the value of China Zhongwang, the largest manufacturer of aluminum extrusions in Asia.

The six California companies, two aluminum firms, and four warehousing businesses were all related to each other. The jury found all six guilty of “one count of conspiracy, nine counts of wire fraud, and seven counts of passing false and fraudulent papers through a customhouse,” according to a press release from the Department of Justice.

Aug 25 08:16

Global Semi Crunch Could Once Again Worsen, As Delta Variant Ravages Key Production Outpost In Malaysia

The rise in the Delta variant of Covid-19 in Asia is starting to gum up the works of what was thought to be the potential road to recovery for the global semicondcutor shortage.

Now, it looks as though Malaysia is once again becoming a bottleneck.

Malaysia is home to names like Infineon Technologies AG, NXP Semiconductors NV and STMicroelectronics NV, who all have operating plants in the country. With Covid infections soaring locally, plans for lifting lockdowns and re-opening production look as though they could fall by the wayside, according to Bloomberg.

Aug 25 07:56

It certainly feels like 2000 again...

Aug 25 07:53

Gundlach Warns US Is On A "Roadmap To Losing Global Reserve Currency Status"

DoubleLine Capital Founder & CEO, Jeffrey Gundlach, sat down with Yahoo Finance's Julie LaRoche yesterday for a lengthy interview discussing the outlook for the US Dollar, the economic recovery, currencies, and Fed expectations... among other things.

As usual, the new bond king was not shy of expressing his strong opinions, warning that:

"We're running our economy in a way that is almost like we're not interested in maintaining global reserve currency status."

Gundlach noted that in the aftermath of the pandemic, the strongest economy "by far" has been China, not the US.

"China's made no secret of the fact that they want to be a global player and have at least a seat at the table of global reserve currency status," he said, adding that China has "made no secret of the fact that they want their military to be dominant, maybe the biggest in the world."

Aug 25 07:52

House Democrats Adopt $3.5T Budget Blueprint

Update (1632ET): After striking a deal to quell party infighting, House Democrats on Thursday adopted the massive $3.5 trillion budget blueprint by a vote of 220-212 along party lines.

The vote allows Democrats to adopt a rule allowing them to immediately begin work on the legislation, and will require the lower chamber to take up the Senate-passed $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill no later than Sept. 27.

As The Hill notes, the rule also clears the way for the House to vote later Tuesday on legislation to restore a portion of the 1965 Voting Rights Act which required localities with 'histories of voter suppression' to receive federal clearance before making changes to election laws.

Aug 25 07:45

The Hidden Costs of War and Inflation

Aug 25 07:30

Home Prices Dip for First Time off Crazy Spike, Price Reductions Surge, Sellers Emerge, House Sales Drop Year-over-Year, Inventories & Supply Keep Rising

Prices of existing single-family houses, condos, and co-ops dipped in July, reverting to seasonality for the first time since 2019, amid surging price reductions. Single-family house sales dropped 4.1% in July, from a year ago, the first decline since the lockdowns. Condo sales rose. Inventories rose for the fifth month in a row. And new listings are catching up with pre-pandemic trends, as sellers emerge from the woodwork. All this according to data from the National Association of Realtors today.

Home prices dipped in July from June, breaking the crazy spiking prices for the first time this year. Back in May and June, the median price for existing homes had spiked by a historic record of over 23% from a year earlier. But in July, the median price dipped to $359,000, reducing the year-over-year gains to a still gigantic 18.8%.

Aug 25 07:16

Hawaii governor tells potential tourists not to visit as hospitals and ICUs are "filling up" with COVID patients

Hawaii Governor David Ige encouraged potential tourists not to visit the islands amid a surge of coronavirus cases, saying it is "a risky time to be traveling right now."

"I encourage everyone to restrict and curtail travel to Hawaii," Ige said during a press conference on Monday. "It's not a good time to travel to the islands."

Ige said that travel should be limited to "essential business activities only." Visitors, he said, will not have the "typical" vacation that they would expect, as restaurant capacity has been restricted and rental vehicles are limited.

Aug 25 06:58

Empty Shelves, Severe Shortages And Widespread Crop Failures Are Ahead In The Fall Of 2021

The overall mood of the nation is becoming increasingly sour with each passing day. The pandemic seems like it is never going to end, the drama unfolding in Afghanistan is one of the greatest embarrassments in modern American history, and Joe Biden’s approval rating is sinking like a rock as it becomes clear that he is completely and utterly incompetent. Unfortunately, average Americans will soon have even more to be stressed out about. As we head into the fall months, our store shelves are going to be getting emptier, shortages of products will become more widespread, and it looks like we could potentially have a very bad harvest season.

I realize that I packed a lot of really bad news into that paragraph, and some of you may be tempted to think that I am exaggerating.

Aug 25 06:11

Socialist archbishop inspired architect of the ‘Great Reset’

Editor of The Remnant, Michael Matt, recently brought to light a personal link between the architect of the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, and a Brazilian archbishop of the Catholic Church.

Schwab is the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, an organization that focuses on a variety of globalist initiatives, including shaping the “COVID Era,” “shaping the future of consumption,” and “shaping the Future of the New Economic Society.”

An overarching initiative that encompasses the mission of the WEF is the so-called “Great Reset.” Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote an Open Letter to Donald Trump in October of last year – just before the 2020 election – warning about the goals of the Great Reset. Viganò called the initiative a plan hatched by “a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations.”

Aug 25 05:54

Fast Food Wages Skyrocketed 10% Last Quarter

Aug 25 05:31


Aug 24 12:02

Stores Are Emptying Out...

Aug 24 11:01

There is nothing going on but the rent

Aug 24 10:41


In the summer of 2020 the World Economic Forum announced a Great Reset intending to implement economic and societal changes around the globe. Executive chairman Klaus Schwab said “Ze Covid-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit any more for ze twenty-first century. It has laid bare ze fundamental lack of social cohesion, fairness, inclusion and equality.” You might think, from this rhetoric, that Schwab has been toiling underground these many years with the Black Panthers; but actually no, he's the head of Davos, where a hot dog costs $43.

Aug 24 10:33

Macroeconomic Data Is a Tool for Government Intervention

By Frank Shostak

It is common for commentators and economists to refer to something called the “economy,” which sometimes performs well and at other times poorly. The “economy” is presented as a living entity apart from individuals.

For example, various experts report that the “economy” grew by such and such percentage, or that the widening in the trade deficit threatens the “economy.” What do they mean by the term “economy”? Does such an entity actually exist?

Within this framework of thinking, the “economy” is assigned a paramount importance while individuals are barely mentioned...

Aug 24 10:18

Markets Believe Powell Will Pass On Taper

Aug 24 10:03

FAA Launches New Safety Probe Into Boeing As Employees Complain About Pressure To Cut Corners

The FAA isn't done punishing Boeing for the oversights (later revealed to be systemic) that led to the devastating crashes of two Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets, killing roughly 350 passengers and crew.

According to a WSJ report, the FAA is launching a "broad review of how Boeing employees handle safety matters" after several company engineers told the agency they had faced "undue pressure" to skirt over them.

The FAA survey, conducted this year, revealed that 35% of a small sample of certain Boeing employees reported problems including pressure and hurdles to transparency, according to an Aug. 19 agency letter to Boeing that was obtained by WSJ. Some surveyed employees, who are part of a group empowered by the agency to assist with its work, said they encountered difficulties in being transparent with regulators.

Aug 24 07:42

The Upside of a Stock Market Crash

Aug 24 06:43

How Biden's American Families Plan Could "Destroy" Iowa Farmers

In April, President Biden announced the American Families Plan (AFP) that promises billions of dollars as "an investment in our kids, our families, and our economic future." But deep within the proposal, it describes gains on property transfers would be considered a taxable event.

Conservative news outlet The Center Square called out the Biden administration on Thursday for attempting to "destroy Iowa family farms" through the proposed AFP property transfer tax.

AFP describes gains on property transferred at death or by gift would exclude up to $1 million per taxpayer. The exclusion would be indexed for inflation after 2022.

Aug 24 06:40

Why Goldman Sees Oil Hitting New Highs After Recent Rout

Over the weekend, we presented one explanation behind the recent plunge in the price of oil which dragged it close to a bear market from its post-covid highs just one month earlier: as Rabobank's Ryan Fitzmaurice said, it was the short-term momentum and some trend signals that turned bearish this week. Furthermore, medium-term momentum signals are also at risk of flipping from "long" to "short" over the coming days should prices continue to weaken, which could bring another wave of aggressive systematic selling to the oil market before the pressure subsides. As such, the Rabo strategist said "we are attributing a large portion of the recent fall in oil prices to the herd-like behavior of systematic funds rather than to any material shift in the fundamental outlook for oil markets."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oil is hitting new heights because OPEC told Biden to take a hike!

Aug 24 06:27


While the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has its obvious implications, one particularly seems to be overlooked: a leg up for China in the rare metals industry.

Indeed, China already dominates the rare metals market, a key player in electronics, electric car batteries and computers. Now, with the U.S. withdrawal from Kabul, one of the world’s largest untapped deposits of lithium will fall right into China’s lap, Just the News reports.

U.S. Geological Survey data estimates that Afghanistan may hold unexplored mineral reserves worth as much as $1 trillion, while the government of Afghanistan estimates the value to be as high as $3 trillion.

Western governments working with the Afghan government helped grow smaller scale mining, but it is expected that China will now work with the Taliban for a more systemic exploitation like it did with Africa’s minerals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US had 20 years to exploit those rare earths, lithium, and other important minerals, but they were too busy harvesting the opium to bother!

Aug 24 06:17

The Not So Great Carbon Reset

The World Economic Forum's (WEF) Great Reset has been sold to the public as an opportunity to build a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. The ubiquitous sound bite of build back better, or "build back greener", as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently rephrased it, suggests that recovery from the economic devastation, following the alleged pandemic, is a chance for the world to "reset".

Aug 24 06:15

Do Empty Shelves Count As Inflation?

Aug 24 05:41

Expectations for Fed Tightening Are Misplaced

Aug 24 05:33

Peak season: Let the chaos commence

Freight markets have entered their second year of extreme dislocation, brought on by record consumer spending and a transportation network that doesn’t have the labor or equipment to fill the need.

A lack of openings on ocean sailing schedules, ships waiting longer to berth at the ports and delays unloading the freight once it has landed are some of the front-end issues facing the transportation industry. Once freight is routed inland, a chicken-and-egg scenario is playing out between container/chassis scarcity and slow rail service, with each causing further detriment to the other.

Add in labor headwinds throughout all phases of the supply chain, notably difficulties finding truck drivers and warehouse workers, and the storm for freight delivery is near perfect.

Aug 24 05:24

This divergence will matter soon....

Aug 23 18:44

Updated: GM Recalls ALL Chevy Bolt Models (Including EUV Crossover) Due to Battery Fire Risk

By B.N. Frank

Battery fires have led to a recalls in Hyundai Electric Vehicles (EVs) as well as some Chevrolet Bolt models. Last month, GM issued a second recall of 2017-2019 Chevrolet Bolt models. Now the company has issued a recall of ALL Bolts...

Aug 23 11:00

The 10 States Leading The Economic Recovery All Have One Thing In Common (And So Do The Worst Ones!)

By Brad Polumbo

The economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing government restrictions. But newly released Labor Department data show that the recovery isn’t equal across all 50 states and Washington, DC. Some parts of the US have almost or entirely returned to pre-pandemic unemployment rates—while others remain strangled in stagnation.

Here are the 10 states with the lowest unemployment rates as of July 2021...

Aug 23 10:50

A slew of empty shelf store photographs from ANP readers show America falling apart as a trucker shutdown over “papers please” at state lines would push America off the cliff

We first want to thank everybody who has sent in photographs of empty store shelves as seen within this story. Susan Duclos will be doing a follow-up to this story this coming week as well, so if while you’re out and about doing your shopping and you run into empty store shelves in your own areas, please send them over to ANP at and we’ll feature them in that story.

(Article by Stefan Stanford republished from

We also wanted to thank everybody who has faithfully and lawfully served in the US Military and Law Enforcement all across this great nation, with many sacrificing their lives to defend America and defending others all across the planet. As we’re witnessing in Afghanistan now with the fall and the slaughter of the innocent as a tyrannical regime advances, while many Democrats want to dismantle law enforcement and speak ill of the Military, this classic quote by Michael Marks has never been so true.:

Aug 23 09:53

Bank of America reportedly forces employees to embrace woke ideology – Now, that is a serious threat to democracy. Here’s why

US capitalism is going through an identity crisis, which is symbolised by the Bank of America Corporation’s decision to undertake the project of indoctrinating its employees with some of the most grotesque ideals of wokeness.

The Bank of America’s radical re-education programme actually exhorts its staff to become “woke at work,” writes the City Journal, citing documents it obtained from a whistleblower. In practice, being woke at work means acting in accordance with the doctrine and practices promoted by campus social justice warriors, Black Lives Matter activists, and critical and intersectional ideologues.

Aug 23 08:47

Beijing Considers Making US Listed Companies Hand Over Data Control To Chinese State Firms

On Friday, Chinese tech stocks swooned for the nth time, sending the Hang Seng index into bear market territory, after Beijing approved a new privacy law to prevent data collection by domestic technology companies. As we reported then, China's most powerful legislative body, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, passed the Personal Information Protection Law that will go into effect on Nov.1. The move sent tech stocks plunging and leaving investors bewildered over the intensity of Beijing's regulatory crackdown that has slammed countless sectors.

It turns out that when it comes to control over data, Beijing is nowhere near done and late on Friday Reuters reported that as part of Beijing's unprecedented scrutiny of private sector firms, Chinese regulators are considering pressing data-rich companies "to hand over management and supervision of their data to third-party firms" if they want to list in the U.S.

Aug 23 07:15

In the NYT, a White Woman Culturally Appropriates the Black-Women-Deserve-to-be-Lazy-As-Reparations Trend

It’s not just Chinese millennials who are figuring out that work is a false idol. I should know because I’m lying flat too, holed up in my parents’ house in West Virginia. Earlier this year I quit my job producing an NPR program in Boston, and I haven’t been able to stomach rejoining the cacophony of the 24-hour news cycle. I’m far from the only one: A recent tweet that proclaimed “i do not want to have a career” racked up over 400,000 likes. Instead, proclaimed the tweeter, @hollabekgrl, “i want to sit on the porch.” …

Aug 23 06:45

Systemic Market Selloff On The Horizon?

Aug 23 05:49

Great Resignation hits IT departments and companies are switching strategies

After a year of layoffs and hiring freezes, companies have increased hiring in recent months. At the same time, a tight labor market and Great Resignation of sorts has companies using deal sweeteners to attract top talent and fill openings. On Thursday, PwC released the results of its latest U.S. Pulse Survey, highlighting executive concerns about high turnover and network security following a string of high-profile cyberattacks.

"As the pandemic shuttered us all inside our homes and opened up the possibility of remote work, employees have been able to reflect on their needs and aspirations for over a year. The result: many want a new, flexible model of work," said Joe Nocera, leader of PwC's Cyber & Privacy Innovation Institute.

Aug 23 05:18

NL a global leader when it comes to meat substitutes

The Netherlands is a global leader when it comes to meat substitutes, with companies and investors from all over the world turning to the Vegan Valley in the east of the country for its innovative technologies, EenVandaag reports.

Five years ago, the Netherlands counted 40 companies specifically working on meat substitutes. Now there are 72 working on everything ranging from insects as food to plant-based steak.

The world is in a "protein transition" and the Netherlands is a front-runner, FoodValley innovation manager Jeroen Willemsen said to EenVandaag. "Proteins are building materials that every body needs. We often get them from meat and other animal products, but by making and eating meat variations you also get these proteins, without having to burden the earth for it," Willemsen said.

Aug 22 13:02

Citizens and Police Now Safer as Cops Told to Stop Pulling People Over for Victimless Crimes

By Matt Agorist

Of the 1,127 people killed by police in 2020, only 277 of them were suspected of a violent offense. The majority, 658 were suspected of a non-violent offense or no crime at all, while another 121 were killed over a traffic violation. While 121 people were killed over traffic violations, millions of others are extorted, arrested, caged, and beaten for traffic “offenses” which have no victim — like no seat belt, dark window tint, and even something as trivial as having an air freshener hanging from their rear view mirror.

Traffic stops in the land of the free, are a means of bolstering the prison industrial complex by extracting revenue from those who can pay and incarcerating others who cannot. When someone attempts to resist being forced to pay, they are beaten, imprisoned and killed...

Aug 22 09:12

Buy Businesses, Not Stocks

Aug 22 07:47

Inflation To Hit 9% THIS YEAR??

Aug 22 06:21

The Dollar's Debt Trap

On the fiftieth anniversary of the Nixon Shock, this article explains why fiat currencies have become joined at the hip to financial asset values. And why with increasing inevitability they are about to descend into the next financial crisis together.

I start by defining the currencies we use as money and how they originate. I show why they are no more than the counterpart of assets on central bank and commercial bank balance sheets. Including bonds and other financial issues emanating from the US Government, the individual states, with the private sector and with broad money supply, dollar debt totals roughly $100 trillion, to which we can add shadow banking liabilities realistically estimated at a further $30 trillion.

Aug 22 06:21

Fed Talks Tough but Few Listen

Aug 22 06:18

Fed's Jackson Hole Meeting Takes Place In The Country's Wealthiest County

What better place for the Fed to have their annual company picnic than at the apex of the country's wealth inequality gap?

That's exactly what they'll be doing when they meet at Jackson Hole next week. It is located in Teton County, which has the "nation's highest per-capita income from assets", according to Bloomberg.

How fitting.

A study by the Economic Innovation Group points out that Jackson Hole has attracted the "ultra-rich" in recent years and that the "gap between counties with the lowest and highest asset income per capita rose sixfold between 1990 and 2019".

The study looked specifically at "income from assets", which excludes wages and government assistance. This category of wealth has skyrocketed in places like New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area.