Apr 05 17:53

Modern society is 'so afraid of death' no one asks if lockdown measures to battle coronavirus are the right approach, says former Supreme Court judge

Former Supreme Court Justice Jonathon Sumption believes that the public's 'irrational horror of death' has lead to unnecessarily 'costly' measures surrounding coronavirus.

Writing in The Sunday Times Lord Sumption, 71, a former judge turned author and medieval historian, stated that the strict governmental measures will bring 'even greater misfortunes of a different kind'.

Apr 05 07:45


The "expert", Professor Neil Ferguson, whose computer model gave the UK government a pretext for the ongoing 'lockdown' now in place, was funded by 'The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation'.
Gates is a eugenicist, like his father before him. He is devoted full-time to two projects:
1) Getting everybody "chipped" (i.e. trackable, dependent, enslaved), and
2) Reducing the world's population.

Apr 04 06:09

'Unprecedented': Putin is testing British resolve during coronavirus crisis, warns expert

RUSSIA's 'unprecedented' decision to send seven state-of-the-art warships through the English Channel was a deliberate show of force by Vladimir Putin aimed at resting the UK's ability to respond in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, a naval expert said.

Apr 03 04:08

British MoD refuses to reveal number of soldiers infected with Covid-19, despite moving troops around the world

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) is declining to disclose how many of its personnel have been hit with the deadly coronavirus, despite flying its troops to countries that have imposed travel bans on UK travelers.

In the last two weeks, the Royal Air Force (RAF) has flown 30 of its planes – built to move military personnel around – from the UK to the US, Germany, Cyprus, Belize, Estonia and Finland – nations that have banned Britons from entering, according to Declassified UK.

Apr 02 11:31

Coronavirus con: Scammers are sending texts from 'UK Government' telling victims they have been 'fined' for going out too much or too far during lockdown to trick people into handing over their bank details

Scammers are targeting people with texts pretending to be from the UK government telling victims they have been 'fined' for going out too much or too far during the coronavirus lockdown.

The malicious message then goes on to try and trick recipients into handing over their bank details to the real senders using links to non-governmental websites.

According to UK cyber-crime reporting centre Action Fraud, the number of coronavirus-related scams has increased by 400 per cent in March.

Apr 02 04:32

New MI5 director general appointed at a time of acute crisis

The British Security Service (MI5) is set for a new director general as the country struggles to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Ken McCallum, who is of Scottish descent, is replacing Andrew Parker as the head of MI5 at the end of April.

The appointment of McCallum as the security service’s 18th director general coincides with a period of unprecedented disquiet and anxiety within MI5.

The crisis within MI5 prompted the Queen to undertake her first publicized visit to the organization last month in the hope of boosting the service’s sagging morale.

Apr 01 04:24

Britons warned to prepare for power blackouts in coronavirus lockdown

BRITONS face potential blackouts amid fears that staff shortages could leave power networks down during the coronavirus lockdown. Households across Britain are being warned to keep torches and warm clothing nearby in case of power cuts.

Apr 01 04:22

‘Piss-Off And Die’ – NHS Denies Own Worker Basic Care – He Dies At Home Alone Scared And Heartbroken

NHS won’t even cover his funeral arrangement, despite the fact that giving him gear could have prevented his contracting covid-19, and despite that as an employee of NHS he was nevertheless not entitled to the basic treatment that most British are told from infancy they are to expect to have – after all, they pay for it through taxes.

Mar 31 15:15

Households warned to prepare for BLACKOUTS by keeping torches and warm clothes nearby amid battle to keep the lights on

Britons have been warned of the potential for blackouts amid fears that staff shortages could lead to issues with the country's power network.

Fears have been raised that staff sickness during the coronavirus outbreak, mixed with the government's self-isolation rules, could lead to a shortage of engineers.

The National Grid insists that the network is able to cope, while industry chiefs have described it as 'one of the most reliable networks in the world'.

It comes as one electrical infrastructure firm has now written to some of its most vulnerable customers warning them to keep torches and warm clothes nearby in case of power cuts.

Mar 31 15:02

Give us a password clue, Boris! PM Johnson LEAKS cabinet Zoom meeting’s private ID as he tweets screenshot

Self-isolating British PM Boris Johnson has been left red-faced after making his UK cabinet Zoom meeting ID public on social media, prompting some to cheekily suggest they’ll join in next time if they can guess the password.

Johnson tweeted a screenshot of his Zoom meeting on Tuesday afternoon, in which ministers and key officials all appeared on a single screen via the video conferencing app to discuss the coronavirus crisis.

However, eagle-eyed observers, like Virgin Media News’ Richard Chambers, noticed that Johnson had been somewhat slack in maintaining tight security protocols by failing to hide the private ID number to access the meeting. It left many on Twitter dumbfounded that the prime minister could commit such a gaffe.

Mar 31 04:41

Khan’s London: Police Want Public to Report Coronavirus ‘Hate Crimes’

London’s Metropolitan Police Force is appealing to the public to report “hate crime related to the Covid-19 pandemic”.

“A hate crime is when someone commits a crime against you because of your disability, gender, identity, race, or sexual orientation, religion, or any other actual or perceived difference,” intoned an officer identified as “Constable Paul” in the video message the Met shared to social media.

“It doesn’t just mean physical violence,” he assured potential hate reporters. “Someone using offensive language towards you, or harassing you because of who you are, or who they think you are, is also a crime,” he suggested.

Mar 30 04:51

Coronavirus: UK Police Target People Saying Mean Things, Walking In Public Parks

Police in the United Kingdom are working to battle the coronavirus pandemic by targeting people saying mean things and walking in public parks.

Mar 29 13:22

Britain faces years of austerity after government's massive coronavirus bailouts amid fears of 2.75million jobless by June and a 10% hit to GDP

Michael Gove hinted at looming austerity today amid grim warnings of a 10 per cent hit to GDP and the jobless total hitting 2.75million by June.

The Cabinet minister said it was right to put the UK into lockdown to limit the spread of the disease, even though it meant spiralling UK debt, as you cannot 'put a price on lives'.

But he said the massive hole left in the country's finances by rescue packages for workers and businesses will need to be paid off 'in due course'.

Mar 29 10:16

Neil Ferguson, the Scientist Who Convinced Boris Johnson of UK Covid Lockdown, Isn’t Very Bright

He was scaremongering that 150,000 people could die from the Mad Cow disease, separately it was on the basis of his flawed foot-and-mouth disease models that the UK ordered the destruction of a gigantic number of perfectly healthy animals costing farmer’s livelihoods and £10bn of totally needless economic damage

The scientist whose calculations about the potentially devastating impact of the coronavirus directly led to the countrywide lockdown has been criticised in the past for flawed research.

Professor Neil Ferguson, of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College in London, produced a paper predicting that Britain was on course to lose 250,000 people during the coronavirus epidemic unless stringent measures were taken. His research is said to have convinced Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his advisors to introduce the lockdown.

Mar 29 08:30

How deadly is the coronavirus? It’s still far from clear

personal freedom in the history of our nation, Boris Johnson resolutely followed the scientific advice that he had been given. The advisers to the government seem calm and collected, with a solid consensus among them. In the face of a new viral threat, with numbers of cases surging daily, I’m not sure that any prime minister would have acted very differently.

But I’d like to raise some perspectives that have hardly been aired in the past weeks, and which point to an interpretation of the figures rather different from that which the government is acting on. I’m a recently-retired Professor of Pathology and NHS consultant pathologist, and have spent most of my adult life in healthcare and science – fields which, all too often, are characterised by doubt rather than certainty.

Mar 28 09:38

How the Hell Is This in Any Way, Shape or Form Proportional to the Actual Threat?

On 23rd March, the British Government put the entire country on lockdown risking incalculable consequences that could bring:

Economic meltdown
The mother of all financial crashes
Millions of job losses
Thousands of businesses going to the wall
Masses of people plunged into poverty
A huge deterioration in the mental health of millions
The potential deaths of thousands of old people left on their own with no carers (see the example of the Spanish care homes)
Mass civil unrest

Such enormous risks can surely only be justified if they are proportionate to threat. Are they?

Mar 27 12:42

Status of COVID-19


As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

Mar 25 10:17

UK’s Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus

Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus, suffering mild symptoms. He is self-isolating at his home in Scotland with the Duchess of Cornwall, who does not have the virus, Clarence House has confirmed.

A statement released on Wednesday morning said that it was “not possible to ascertain” from whom His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales had caught the virus, but that he had been continuing to work from home “throughout the last few days as usual.”

Mar 24 08:21

UK internet capacity could be RATIONED to prioritise ‘critical’ apps and websites, experts reveal

BRITAIN'S internet capacity could be "rationed" to prioritise critical apps and websites, experts have told The Sun.

It comes as networks and apps reveal how the coronavirus crisis places new pressures on the UK's mobile and broadband infrastructure.

Mar 22 09:13

Open letter to Ken Loach regarding his attack on anti-racism activist Pete Gregson

"Are you so fearful of the stooshie that has been kicked up against you as a judge for “Show Racism the Red Card” that you think undermining other campaigners is going to get you off the hook?"

Mar 22 01:14

Flashback 2006: Hospital closures will save lives, says Blair

Tony Blair attempted to head off growing protests over the closure of local accident and emergency departments yesterday, saying the changes would save more lives.

He conceded that change would be difficult but insisted that "the best is yet to come" for the NHS.

...and here we are in 2020 closing down the UK economy because hospitals are overwhelmed.

Mar 21 03:54

As Coronavirus Death Toll Rises in UK, Has Government ‘Failed to Plan’ or ‘Planned to Fail’?

Why Couldn’t British Government Respond in Time?

Marcus Godwyn, a British political analyst, says: “What is clear is that the government and senior NHS planners have failed to plan or indeed planned to fail. They had two months to see this coming to the British Isles and seem to have prepared absolutely nothing".

“Compare this to the Chinese response which has managed to contain and control the epidemic in its tracks. It is very possible that the Chinese believed in the beginning that the virus was more deadly than it turned out to be and, or that they were under biological warfare attack but the co-ordination and scale of their response is a feat of historical magnitude", he adds.

The National Health Service was already creaking under the strain of an ageing demographic even before the coronavirus hit the UK, two months after it broke out in China.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder how much of what is happening in various countries, world-wide, is not happening with the full support of those who supported the UN Agenda 21.

Agenda 21

Look at the age range, and gender, of those most hard-hit; these would most likely be people who would need some intense "health interventions" in a few years, not that some younger people are also getting hard hit as well, but statistically there are far fewer of them.

Who is getting sick, and how sick? A breakdown of coronavirus risk by demographic factors

Mar 20 10:47

BT Sport are slammed by their customers for 'nightmare' problems cancelling or pausing subscriptions as fans fume at lack of live sport on TV amid coronavirus crisis

T customers can only cancel their subscriptions by calling them directly but the phone lines are constantly busy, with some saying attempted calls are being disconnected while they wait.

There is no online system that allows customers to pause their BT subscriptions, leaving a telephone call as the only method but that is proving difficult.

Mar 20 10:30

'Flog your private island and pay your staff': Richard Branson among billionaire business owners and shareholders facing furious demand to open their OWN wallets to help staff survive as the coronavirus epidemic batters the economy

Huge firms including the likes of Virgin Atlantic, owned by Sir Richard Branson, and Stelios Haji-Ioannou's Easyjet have demanded staff take weeks of unpaid leave or asked for huge state aid to help avoid making hundreds of people redundant.

The economy is in free-fall in the face of the pandemic, with airlines, retail and the hospitality sectors among the worst affected as the globe grinds to a halt.

EasyJet this week begged its pilots and cabin crew to take three months of unpaid leave and said 3,000 faced losing their jobs.

But last night it confirmed plans for a £174million dividend payout to shareholders, including £60million for Mr Haji-Ioannou, the Times reported.

Enraged politicians and trade union leaderssuggested that people with billion-pound fortunes could and should be leading by example and stumping up cash they can afford in solidarity with their staff.

Mar 20 10:26

Coronavirus causes carnage on the High Street: London's iconic Harrods and Selfridges are forced to close due to coronavirus while Michael Kors, Reiss and IKEA shut all their UK shops

London's iconic Harrods has become the latest High Street victim of the coronavirus crisis as it will shut its doors to try to stem the outbreak.

The glamorous department store in Knightsbridge will temporarily close from 7pm in a move which shadows Selfridges on Oxford Street.

Retail giant Ikea as well as designer chains Michael Kors, Reiss and Abercrombie & Fitch have also shut as UK deaths from the virus hit 144.

Mar 20 04:59

MI5 discloses existence of new national security centre

he British Security Service, MI5, has been leading a new national security centre, focused on countering hostile activities by foreign powers, since June 2017, but information about its existence has only come to light today.

Called the Joint Threats Assessment Team (JSTAT), the new centre appears to be modeled on the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) which was founded in 2003.

Similar to JTAC, the newly-formed JSTAT is essentially an assessment (as opposed to investigations) organization housed at MI5’s headquarters at Thames House.

Mar 19 04:52

Windrush review to call for reform of ‘reckless’ Home Office

Wholesale reform of a “reckless” and “defensive” Home Office is expected to be recommended in a hard-hitting review into the causes of the Windrush scandal when it is released by the home secretary on Thursday.

The Windrush Lessons Learned review is expected to criticise Home Office staff and government ministers for their continued failure to admit the magnitude of their mistakes and the scale of damage inflicted on thousands of legal UK residents who were wrongly classified as illegal immigrants, with catastrophic results.

Those involved in preparing the long-awaited report, which is understood to run to several hundred pages, were dismayed at the timing of the publication, at a moment when the attention of both politicians and the public is entirely preoccupied with the coronavirus emergency.

Mar 19 03:17

Tory Austerity Cuts Have Left UK More Vulnerable to Deadly Covid-19

Mainstream media outlets and the mealy-mouthed politicians they manipulate like puppets are determined to suspend partisan comments in relation to the readiness of our public services and economic infrastructure to cope with the current coronavirus crisis. We must all pull together they say and park political differences for the good of the nation.

That was the tenor of Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s presentation when he appeared on BBC’s Andrew Marr show today as he mimicked Johnson’s “national challenge” call of a few days earlier. The discredited and declining British nationalist tribune, The Sun, suggested Johnson was “evoking blitz spirit” as he spoke about his government’s plans to conquer coronavirus last week.

Mar 18 05:06

Coronavirus UK: NHS suspends ALL non-urgent surgery to free up beds as cases skyrocket

NHS England is suspending all non-urgent surgery to free up beds for coronavirus patients, after cases rise by almost 500 per cent.

Mar 17 23:09

20,000 could die, says government as UK coronavirus deaths increase by SIXTEEN to 71 – including Britain’s youngest victim, 45 – and infections soar by 407 to 1,950 – but the real number could be over 70,000

The estimate was based on a model of one death per 1,000 patients...

To put it another way, 999/1000 will survive...

...but in the UK only hospital patients are being tested.

...and I guess anyone who self isolates will be deemed as having coronavirus instead of a cold or flu.

Mar 17 16:23

Social Distancing May Need To Last 18 Months, UK Study Finds

Self-isolation measures by the British public to suppress the coronavirus may have to be maintained for 18 months, until a vaccine for coronavirus is widely available...

...and if you refuse to have the needle stuck in your arm the "social distancing" will be for life.

Mar 16 21:30

Whoops! A holiday missed! Remembering Liberty and Patrick!

Ireland and her people have always and nearly constantly battled against others to win and keep their liberty. For all of recorded history, Irish patriots have been challenged by internal tyrants and bandits (often with little to tell the two apart). The Emerald Isle has been a constant attraction to invaders, including Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Danes and other Vikings, the Norman French and last (and longest), their English and Scots neighbors. Other, more subtle invasions have been a problem as well. In modern times, the submission of Ireland to the European Union is such a problem. But there are more forms of tyranny. These include organized religion: churches. Specifically the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland (part of the Church of England – Anglican).

Mar 16 20:49

UK Rethinks 'Herd Immunity' Strategy Over Prospect Of 250,000 Deaths

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson abandoned his government's plan to allow the coronavirus to pass through their entire population in the name of "achieving herd immunity" after new models reportedly showed as many as 250,000 people could die.

Mar 16 17:48

U.K. urges people to avoid ‘non-essential contact,' calls on 12-week isolation for some

British authorities on Monday dramatically ramped up measures to combat the new coronavirus, urging all U.K. residents to avoid unnecessary contact with others and telling people in the most vulnerable groups to stay at home for three months.

Mar 16 06:08

Ventilator Shortage: Boris Asks Manufacturers to Switch Production to Help NHS

Prime Minister Boris Jonson is asking British manufacturers to switch their production lines to start mass-producing ventilators, as the nation faces a shortage of the critical machines in the event of a large-scale coronavirus outbreak.

In a move unseen in the United Kingdom since the Second World War, the Prime Minister has called on manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, JCB, and Unipart to start mass-producing ventilators in what is being dubbed a “national effort” to confront the threats posed by the Wuhan coronavirus.

The are joining Mr Johnson on a conference in which he will stress the “vital role” that British manufactures must play in combatting the pandemic, according to The Telegraph.

Mar 15 10:14

UK to put all citizens over 70 into isolation for MONTHS as coronavirus spreads across the country

UK’s Health Secretary confirmed plans to isolate people aged over 70 for up to four months amid a coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to protect them, but critics say it may be a really bad idea.

Isolating the elderly is “clearly in the action plan” Health Secretary Matt Hancock has told Sky News, confirming earlier reports in the British media. “We will be setting it out with more detail when it's the right time to do,” he added, which may come within weeks.

Mar 15 04:58

British Government’s Response to Coronavirus Threat ‘Inadequate’ – Political Commentator

Former British Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has criticised Westminster’s response to the continuing spread of the Coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new measures yesterday following a Cobra meeting with senior cabinet ministers.

But many, including Hunt argue that they do not go far enough, as provisions to close schools and restrict flights from heavily affected countries such as Italy were not included.

Political commentator Mitch William gave his views on the matter…

Mar 15 04:47

British forces to begin their final retreat from Afghanistan

After nearly two decades of military intervention in Afghanistan, the UK finally looks set to depart the country following the US peace deal with the Afghan Taliban.

According to the Times newspaper, “hundreds” of British troops are set to be withdrawn from Afghanistan by “mid-July” as part of the “first phase” of the US-Taliban peace deal.

Altogether, 330 British soldiers are scheduled to leave Afghanistan by the end of the summer. Currently there are 1,100 “regular” UK military personnel stationed in Afghanistan, most of them in and around Kabul.

Mar 14 11:31

Mass gatherings WILL be banned from next weekend and police allowed to arrest coronavirus victims who break emergency rules: PM U-turns and rushes through new powers putting Glastonbury, Ascot and Wimbledon under threat - but schools will still stay open

The unprecedented move puts key summer events such as the Glastonbury Festival, VE Day commemorations, Chelsea Flower Show, Wimbledon tennis championships, the Grand National and Royal Ascot under threat.

It comes after sports bodies confirmed the postponement of the London Marathon, the suspension of Premier League football matches and the cancellation of the England cricket team's Sri Lanka tour.

Mar 14 11:27

Hotel, cafe and bar jobs could be 'gone by May' trade body warns as restaurants announce temporary closures and Britain's usually busy strips and tourist spots resemble ghost towns amid coronavirus outbreak

Britain's once busy and bustling streets resembled ghost towns this morning and last night as businesses started to announce closure dates amid the coronavirus outbreak.

One trade body, UK Hospitality, has announced that people working in cafes, hotels and bars could lose their jobs by May if laws aren't changed.

Mar 14 07:57

New born in London becomes youngest coronavirus victim

A newborn in north-west London has become the youngest ever victim of the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has spread to every continent across the globe, apart from Antarctica, and infected more than 140,000 people with over 5,000 deaths.
The mother of the newborn rushed to the North Middlesex University Hospital days before giving birth over fears she had contracted pneumonia, The Sun reported Friday. Her coronavirus test came back positive only after she had given birth; her baby was tested minutes later.

Mar 12 09:39

Report: British Govt Strategy For Coronavirus Is to Let It 'Pass Through The Entire Population' to 'Acquire Herd Immunity'

The British government is reportedly going to allow the coronavirus "to pass through the entire population" so that they "acquire herd immunity."

Mar 12 05:03

CoVid-19 – What the UK Government Is Really Covering Up

The UK government led by Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings have taken a rather Laissez–faire attitude towards the coronavirus CoVid-19. They came under attack for not taking it seriously and not being visible. It wasn’t until March 3rd that suddenly No10 Downing Street realised they needed to contain the negative stories emerging about their administration and then seemingly sprang into action.

Do they know something that will prove differently to what is currently happening in Italy and elsewhere? Or is there something else that is driving their behaviour?

Is it possible that the last ten years of Conservative rule has delivered a lot of death and misery? Maybe they don’t want to draw attention to their miserable record more widely and protect a failing ideology, along with some other influences that they have to respond to.

Mar 10 10:36

Prince Andrew Self-Isolates From Epstein Investigation

A SPECIAL ward has been set up in the east wing of Buckingham Palace for Prince Andrew where he will shut himself away from any further questioning about his relationship with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, for ‘as long as it takes’.

Mar 10 05:49

Prince Andrew won't voluntarily cooperate in Epstein inquiry, prosecutor says

In November, Andrew said he was “willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations if required”.

Berman made a similar claim in January, which former sex crimes prosecutors told the Guardian was most likely a move designed to win political support for the investigation.

link thumbnail image
Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein: what you need to know
Read more
Buckingham Palace said then it would not comment and the matter was being dealt with by the prince’s legal team. Contacted on Monday, a Palace spokeswoman said: “The issue is being dealt with by the Duke of York’s legal team.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That Prince Andrew has most probably retained this woman, with an absolutely colorful background, when it comes to clients, speaks volumes here.

Apparently, in 21st century Britain, being part of the royal family, means never having to say you're sorry, even if you may be just as guilty as sin for acts which you are now attempting to cover up the best you can; I do feel sorry for Queen Elizabeth; his ex-wife, and his kids, that he could do something like what he is accused of; but sympathy for Prince Andrew?!? Hell, no.

He appears to be purchasing the best defense team money can buy, as did OJ Simpson did with his "Dream Team", when he was accused of murdering his Ex, and her boyfriend; I fully expect the precise, same results here.

But the ultimate effects on the royal family, will wind up far worse than those of Mexhit, as the royal family will be dealing with the stigma of the accusation for a very, very long time.

Mar 09 08:10

Why we should be worried for the UK

Mar 09 05:32

British supermarkets RATION food as frantic customers strip shelves in coronavirus panic

BRITISH SUPERMARKETS have begun to ration the amount of pasta, baked beans and hand sanitiser customers can buy in order to avoid shelves being stripped in a coronavirus panic.

Mar 07 05:52

Delingpole: Net Zero Is the New Remain and It Will Destroy Boris’s Conservatives

Net Zero is going to destroy Boris Johnson’s administration in the way that Brexit destroyed David Cameron’s. None of Boris’s clever advisors and colleagues — not Dom Cummings, not Michael Gove — appears to have understood this yet. But others can see it coming a mile off.

Mar 07 05:45

Officials are secretly arranging for 200 mobile morgues to be sent across the country over coronavirus fears

OFFICIALS have secretly arranged for 200 mobile morgues to be sent across the country.

Local authorities were emailed about the extra capacity for 15,000 bodies to help manage “peaks in demand”.

Mar 06 11:35

London markets lose £74billion today with export industry hardest hit after two BA Heathrow workers test positive for coronavirus - as FTSE 100 sinks 3.62% to 6,453 points

London's benchmark index of major firms fell £74billion today - 243 points or 3.62 per cent to 6,463 points - after Britain recorded its first death from the infection and two British Airways baggage handlers at London Heathrow Airport tested positive.

The falls follow a 110-point drop yesterday, which ended a three-day bounceback among UK equities as officials said Britain is edging towards a widescale outbreak.

Mar 06 11:31

Exeter University economics lecturer is branded transphobic by LGBT and feminist students after tweeting 'only females menstruate' in response to gay user who claimed otherwise

Furious undergraduates at the University of Exeter condemned Dr Eva Poen accusing her of 'openly singling out trans people' in the posts.

The row erupted when Dr Poen responded to a tweet by a Twitter user called 'Lilo the Autistic Queer' which read: 'Not everyone who menstruates is female. Not everyone who is female menstruates. Let's shift our language.'

The lecturer, who strongly denies accusations of transphobia, wrote back: 'Only female people menstruate. Only female people go through menopause.'

Mar 06 06:35

Confusion and controversy bedevils UK’s planned Mali deployment

There is growing controversy about Britain’s planned deployment of 250 troops to Mali later this year, which has been widely described as the most dangerous since the UK’s military intervention in Afghanistan.

The Times’ defence editor, Lucy Fisher, tweeted that the government’s plan to deploy additional forces to the Sahel region has caused “grave concerns” among “senior British personnel”.

Mar 06 06:10

Luton street in lockdown in bomb alert after explosives found in car

Police have urged the public to avoid the area.

One Twitter user said: “Loads police and bomb disposal team in Luton right now.”

Bedfordshire Police said: “We are currently attending an incident in Dunstable Road, Luton, where a suspicious device has been found in a car.

Mar 05 06:26

UK to intensify military activity in the Sahel region

The UK is set to step up military activities in West Africa, ostensibly to combat a jihadist insurgency in the region.

According to reports, 250 British soldiers are set to join a United Nations (UN) missions in Mali later this year.

The proposed deployment is in addition to the 30 British soldiers and Royal Marines currently deployed in Senegal.

The British forces in Senegal are seconded to a US-led so-called counter-terrorism exercise providing training to Special Forces from several West African nations.

Mar 05 06:26

UK: Scottish teen hospitalized after gang of “Asian boys” beat him and stamped on his head

A 16-year-old Scottish boy was left in serious condition and had to be hospitalized after a gang of “Asian boys” assaulted him, dragged him to the ground, and stamped on his head in the city center of Glasgow.

Following the brutal attack, the teenager was left with serious injuries and had to be immediately transported to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where he “remains in a stable condition”, according to a report by the Scottish Police.

In their report, the Glasgow Police have appealed for information from the public on the suspects who they’ve described as “Asian boys aged 15-18 years old”, all of whom had slim builds.

Mar 05 06:25

Delingpole: Boris Cannot Let the Remainer Deep State Claim Priti Patel’s Scalp

Home Secretary Priti Patel is just about the only proper Conservative within the Boris Johnson administration — so naturally, the left-leaning Remainer Deep State is trying to destroy her and claim her scalp.

All week, the media has been full of stories — leaked, of course, by her Deep State enemies in the Civil Service — about what an awful, useless minister Patel is. One egregious rumour claimed that MI5 officials were withholding intelligence from her because they did not trust her. (MI5 has robustly denied this). Other reports have claimed that she is a workplace bully in the habit of “swearing, belittling people, making unreasonable and repeated demands”.

The last claim was made by Sir Philip Rutman, the senior Home Office official who publicly resigned at the weekend in front of a BBC camera crew, in order to cause maximum embarrassment to Patel and the government.

Mar 05 06:20

Starkey Talks to Breitbart: Britain Is the First Country to Turn Back the Liberal Tide

The United Kingdom bucked the global trend by being the first nation to reverse the march of liberalism but the “profound danger” of woke politics backed by a displaced religious zeal threatens these developments, constitutionalist Dr David Starkey has said.

Mar 04 12:33

'I'LL NEVER FORGET' D-Day veteran, 94, who was one of first soldiers on Gold Beach dedicates his MBE to 22,442 comrades who died at Normandy

A D-DAY veteran who was one of the first soldiers to storm the Gold Beach has dedicated his MBE to his 22,442 comrades who died at Normandy.

Former Royal Engineer Horace "Harry" Billinge, 94, was given his MBE from the Queen for raising more than £50,000 for veterans.

Mar 04 12:28

Breathe easy! Commuters don plastic bags, storage containers and gas masks as coronavirus panic takes hold in UK... despite zero evidence they actually stop infections

Commuters have resorted to wearing storage boxes, plastic bags and even babies' nappies over their heads as they come up with novel ways to avoid contracting Coronavirus.

Photos, circulated on social media, show people coming up with creative ways of covering their noses and mouths in a bid to avoid contamination, as medical experts warn throwaway surgical face masks are ineffective at keeping the virus at bay.

One train passenger in a heavy duty gas mask was spotted on the platform at Milton Keynes station, while a Londoner adopted the same approach on a Tube.

Mar 04 12:27

Coronavirus: How is the UK planning for an outbreak?

The government has powers it can use to protect people from infection. Among the measures which could be introduced if there are major outbreaks are:

  • School closures. It also hopes to pass new laws to allow bigger class sizes if there are teacher shortages
  • Restrictions on the use of public transport
  • The stopping of big gatherings
  • Troops supporting the emergency services
  • Police focusing on the most serious crimes and maintaining public order
  • New legal powers to make people stay in quarantine
  • Mar 04 06:56

    NHS England declares coronavirus a 'level 4 incident' - the highest degree of emergency - as 12 more people in the UK are diagnosed and Big Four accountants Deloitte lock down London office over positive worker

    The NHS has hiked the coronavirus outbreak to the highest possible threat level, it was revealed today as 12 more British patients tested positive for the infection.

    Health chiefs have declared the epidemic a 'level four incident', which grants them emergency powers to take control of local hospitals.

    Coronavirus was ratcheted up to level four status in January, but this was only confirmed today as the government tried to calm public concern by unveiling a four-pronged strategy to tackle the growing crisis.

    Meanwhile a member of staff at accountancy firm Deloitte tested positive for the virus after returning from Asia, MailOnline can reveal.

    Mar 04 05:53

    Boris's 'battle plan' blow by blow: Troops on the streets, police murder investigations put on hold and patients turfed out of hospitals as one in every five workers go off sick and town halls are put on 'death watch'

    As Britain's coronavirus case tally continues to climb and the likelihood of a nationwide epidemic grows, the government has drawn up a blueprint to tackle an outbreak on UK soil.

    Boris Johnson's yesterday revealed a four-pronged approach to deal with the crisis - contain, delay, research, mitigate.

    From these four pillars follows a Downing Street 'battle plan', which includes drastic measures such as clamping down on mass gatherings, putting the Army on standby and halting police paperwork.

    Mar 04 05:52

    With Russia ties under strain, Belarus holds drills with British Marines

    Belarus began holding joint military drills with 28 British Marines at a training ground in the north of the country this week at a time when relations with its traditional ally Russia are under strain.

    Mar 04 05:49

    UK in 'unprecedented' deployment of Royal Marines to Belarus

    In an unusual development, the UK is dispatching 30 Royal Marines from 42 Commando to Belarus.

    The move is being described as “unprecedented” by British defence specialists, in view of the fact Belarus is a close ally of Russia.

    Mar 03 11:14

    Children are having NIGHTMARES about climate change with one in five saying they are losing sleep over the environmental crisis, survey reveals

    A new survey reveals one in five children are having bad dreams about the environmental changes, with 17 percent reporting their concerns are affecting their sleeping and eating habits.

    The poll also shows 80 percent say the problem was important to them and nearly half do not trust adults to tackle the long-term problems.

    The study, conducted by BBC Newsround in collaboration with Savanta-ComRes, surveyed 2,000 children in the UK from the ages of eight to 16 in a bid to see just how the younger generation feels about the changes to our planet.

    Mar 02 12:02

    Hate vs peace and harmony: Israeli prime minister’s aide flaunts “hate” as a unifier

    "The Jewish fear of anti-Semitism can be seen as projection: those who are “united by hate” may well attribute their own hatefulness to their neighbours, whether they are Palestinians, Labour voters or even the Democratic frontrunner.">>

    Mar 01 16:33

    Woman who claims she was rushed into taking 'experimental' puberty-blocking drugs at 16 wins right to take NHS gender clinic to court in landmark case

    A woman who claims she was given 'experimental' puberty-blocking drugs at 16 without being warned of the consequences is set to lead as a witness in a landmark case.

    The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, which runs the UK's first gender clinic in London, is being sued over concerns it gave powerful drugs to children as young as 12 without proper consent.

    Keira Bell, 23, started gender reassignment at the clinic when she was a teenager after she felt suicidal and asked to be called by a boy's name at school.

    She was prescribed hormone blockers to halt the development of her female body after just three one-hour appointments.

    But Ms Bell has now stopped transitioning and argues staff did not challenge her want to become a teenage boy.

    Ms Bell is now waiting to see if she has fertility issues following the drugs and claims she should not have been rushed into treatment because children cannot given adequate consent.

    Feb 29 05:08

    Trump ready to meet with leaders of Russia, China, Britain, France to discuss arms control

    "The United States will use this opportunity to bring both Russia and China into the international arms control framework and head off a costly arms race", Reuters reported

    Feb 28 14:42

    UK Should Be 'Scared to Death' of Assange Extradition Over Public Backlash - Politician

    LONDON (Sputnik) - The UK government should be "scared to death" of a popular uproar over its treatment of the imprisoned founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, especially in the event of him being extradited to face espionage charges in the United States, Chris Marsden, the national secretary of the UK Socialist Equality Party, said.

    The remarks come amid Assange's extradition hearing that started on Monday at Woolwich Crown Court in the UK capital of London. Earlier in the day, dozens of WikiLeaks supporters gathered outside the court, carrying banners with messages such as "Don’t Extradite Assange" and "The Truth Will Win."

    According to Marsden, the accusations against Assange were effectively a "frame up" arguably motivated by Washington's desire to punish the whistleblower for his role in the publishing of materials implicating US forces in possible war crimes.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Please remember; none of the Wikileaks revelations have ever been proven wrong.

    Feb 28 10:10

    Britain bought a record amount of Russian gold last year, spending over $5 BILLION

    According to customs data seen by RBC business news outlet, gold exports to Britain have grown more than 12 times in terms of value, to $5.33 billion.

    Supplies to the UK accounted for 93 percent of all Russian gold exports. Twelve other countries, including Kazakhstan and Switzerland, bought only $409 million-worth of Russian gold.

    In physical terms, gold exports from Russia to the United Kingdom in 2019 increased 11 times, from 10.4 tons to 113.5 tons.

    Almost the entire volume of deliveries to the UK is gold bullion. Taking into the account the London standard (an ingot weighing about 12.5 kg), it turns out that Russia delivered at least 9,000 ingots to the UK last year.

    Feb 28 10:08

    Thousands of kids skip school for Greta’s address to a huge crowd, amid police warnings and a coronavirus risk. What can go wrong?

    Up to 30,000 people were estimated to have seen Greta Thunberg’s ‘School Strike for Climate’ in Bristol. But with police warnings and the shadow of coronavirus looming over Europe, should parents be condoning their kids’ activism?

    As sporting events around the world are canceled and schools across the UK weigh up the prospect of closing their doors for two months due to fears of coronavirus infection, the idea of 30,000 people, many of them schoolchildren, gathering in Bristol for a Greta Thunberg rally on Friday seems a bit irresponsible on behalf of the organizers.

    Bearing in mind that most schools only finished their mid-term holidays last week and Friday of this week would mean another day skipping school, police also warned parents that the expected number of people flocking to hear the 17-year-old Swedish activist speak puts children in danger of tripping, falling or being crushed.

    Feb 28 03:51

    Britain adjourns Assange’s US extradition hearing until May

    LONDON — A British court adjourned hearing a U.S. extradition request for imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday after four days that focused on whether or not his alleged crimes were political.

    Woolwich Crown Court adjourned the hearing, which is expected to last several months, until a three-week session set to begin May 18. Two short procedural hearings are scheduled in late March and early April.

    Assange’s lawyers argued that his extradition should be blocked under British law because Washington has pursued it with “political motives.” Lawyers for the U.S. government said he had broken “ordinary criminal laws.”

    The U.S. Justice Department said it charged Australian citizen Assange, 48, with conspiring with former U.S. military intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to leak a trove of classified material in 2010.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    To both the governments of the UK and US, a word, please; if the plan is to "encourage" Assange's death, either overtly, or covertly in the UK,this will make a martyr out of this guy internationally, for telling the truth, and embarrassing US and UK officials.

    Please remember; so far, there has been nothing published by Wikileaks, which has been proven to be incorrect.

    Is THIS the outcome you really want here?!?

    His physical and mental state are fragile enough right now, according to the Doctors who have testified in his behalf, that he is in deep peril of dying.
    End torture and medical neglect of Julian Assange

    When an article like this appears in the Lancet, not particularly known as the scientific world's mouthpiece for "yellow journalism", you have to know that this plan to silence Assange through death, has all eyes upon you right
    now, and even if his death might be utterly through no fault of either the US or Brit Spymeisters, both governments will be blamed and disparaged, both and intensely, and for a very long time to come.

    I would like to politely suggest that you collectively cool your jets on Assange, give him the ability to claim sanctuary in a third party country, and live out what is left of the rest of his life, undisturbed and unprovoked.

    And then perhaps, if you are collectively able, please try not to do the exceedingly ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid kinds of things for which Wikileaks has consistently called both countries out.

    Feb 27 17:47

    UK schools could close for TWO MONTHS under plan to contain coronavirus as cases rise and medics warn the old and infirm may NOT get treatment

    Emergency plans are being drawn up by health officials to contain the coronavirus which could see schools closed for at least two months.

    Football matches, concerts and other mass gatherings may also need to be suspended, the chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty said.