Dec 30 03:50

Cover-Up Complete: Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking A Minor, Epstein Network Escapes All Accountability

The intelligence network behind Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's child-sex-trafficking blackmail operation can sleep easy tonight with Maxwell in prison and Epstein allegedly six feet under.

Dec 29 21:33

CDC Has Quietly And Deceitfully Changes the Definition of “Vaccinated” To Suit Political Agenda

The CDC has inched closer to changing the definition of fully jabbed to include only those people who have received a booster shot.

Dec 29 15:09

Prospects for Constitutional Carry in 2022

2021 was a record year for Constitutional Carry. In 2021, five states joined the Constitutional Carry club, increasing membership from 16 to 21. The last and largest state to join the club was Texas. The four other states to join the club in 2021 were Tennessee, Iowa, Montana, and Utah.
Several other states are working to pass Constitutional Carry bills. Here are states and possibilities for Constitutional Carry in 2022.

Dec 29 15:07

Biden FINALLY Accepts Defeat — Announces He Can’t Beat COVID

Resident Joe Biden did a complete 180 on Monday by announcing that “there is no federal solution” to covid.

Dec 29 15:05

Florida Surgeon General Reveals Biden Admin Is ‘Actively Preventing’ Florida From Getting Life-Saving Monoclonal Antibodies

Florida’s Surgeon General is accusing the Biden administration of “actively preventing” his state from getting enough monoclonal antibodies due to the surge in Omicron cases and calls on HHS to get out of the state’s way of providing these treatments to patients.

Dec 29 15:04

Rand Paul Excoriates Fauci: The Blood Of Hundreds Of Thousands Are On His Hands

Senator Rand Paul says Dr. Fauci has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans on his hands due to his bias toward jabs.

Dec 29 12:24

'They Should Hang Him on CNN': GOP House Candidate Suggests Executing Gen. Mark Milley on Air

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley has been heavily criticised by former US President Donald Trump, who blasted him as a "woke" general. According to Bob Woodward's book "Peril", Milley was concerned that the hot-tempered ex-president might launch a military strike against China.

Nevada Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives Noah Malgeri has suggested that General Mark Milley should face a court martial and then be executed on-air if found guilty.

Dec 29 11:40

Marjorie Taylor Greene Picks A Fight With ‘Never Trumper’ Cheney On The House Floor: ‘You’re a Joke!’

Conservative firebrand Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene got into a shouting match with Democrat Jamie Raskin and ‘Never Trump’ Republican Liz Cheney in the middle of a House vote to hold former Trump aide Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress.

Greene, presumably disgusted with the vote set up by the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot due to Bannon’s refusal to comply with a subpoena, remarked on the floor, “This is a joke.”

She then pressed Raskin (D-MD), “Why don’t you investigate something people actually care about?”

“You represent the American people,” he responded.

“You represent Congress,” Greene replied.

Cheney (R-WY) whose lone career goal is to harass and any of his supporters, then reportedly chimed in.

Dec 29 11:22

Elizabeth Warren Uses Climate Change To Push Socialism

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is pressing U.S. regulators to hold the financial sector accountable, blaming it for being a significant contributor to climate change.

According to Bloomberg, Warren cited a Sierra Club and Center for American Progress study revealing that eight of the largest U.S. banks and 10 of the nation's largest asset managers finance roughly 2 billion tons of emissions of carbon dioxide combined.

Dec 29 09:52

Georgia Finds Some Dead People Voting Via Absentee Ballots

Four Georgia absentee ballots in the 2020 presidential election were cast in the names of dead voters, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Election auditors discovered that all four absentee ballots had been delivered by relatives, the Journal-Constitution reported Monday.

Dec 29 08:38

The Invisible President

Dec 29 08:30

Dr Fauci's Retirement Pay Will Exceed $350,000 Per Year: The Largest In U.S. Federal Government History

On Christmas Eve, Dr. Anthony Fauci turned 81. However, he is not retiring just yet.

If he did, Fauci would reap the largest federal retirement package in U.S. history.

Our auditors at OpenTheBooks.com estimate Dr. Fauci’s annual retirement would exceed $350,000. Thereafter, his pension and benefits would continue to increase through annual cost-of-living adjustments.

Fauci has 55 years of service as a federal employee.

For the second year in a row, Fauci was the most highly compensated federal employee and out earned the president, four star generals, and roughly 4.3 million of his colleagues. As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Fauci earned $434,312 in 2020, the latest year available, up from $417,608 in 2019.

Dec 29 08:24

Biden Accepts Defeat As Covid Spreads Across The U.S.

Resident Joe Biden did a complete 180 on Monday by announcing that "there is no federal solution" to covid.

Dec 29 07:46

Lawyer: Dems Trying to Deprive Trump of Executive Privilege, But Used It to Cover Up Their Own Flaws

The Democratic-led House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack will open an inquiry into Donald Trump's phone calls made hours before the beginning of the Capitol protests if they obtain the former president's White House records, according to its chairman. US lawyer Marc Little explains why the inquiry is unlikely to bear any fruit.

Congressman Bennie Thompson, the House 6 January committee's chairman, told The Guardian on Monday that Donald Trump's phone calls allegedly sought to stop Joe Biden's certification, citing a November report by the newspaper.

The Guardian claimed on 30 November, citing anonymous sources, that then-President Trump several times called from the White House to top liuetenants at the Willard Hotel in Washington seeking to delay certification of the Electoral College votes.

Dec 29 07:45

Op-Ed refers to Biden’s gun control as “voodoo”

See, voodoo is a superstitious practice that has allowed those who use it to bilk others out of hard-earned money for something that provides absolutely zero results. You want someone to fall in love with you, there’s a voodoo practitioner somewhere who will sell you a potion to make just that happen. -- Only, it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, you’ll probably be told the problem was your lack of faith or something of that sort.

Dec 29 07:31

6 January House Panel Defers Its Request for Scores of WH Records, Says Some to Be Shielded

Last week, former US President Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court to block a demand for White House records from the 6 January House Select Committee, after two lower courts rejected the argument that the documents were protected by executive privilege, a legal doctrine that protects the confidentiality of some White House communications.

A House committee probing the 6 January Capitol riot has agreed with the White House to defer its request for hundreds of records from the Trump administration.

In a letter to the House panel dated 16 December and released by US media on Wednesday, White House deputy counsel Jonathan Su wrote that "the documents for which the Select Committee has agreed to withdraw or defer its request do not appear to bear on the White House's preparations for or response to the events of 6 January, or on efforts to overturn the election or otherwise obstruct the peaceful transfer of power".

Dec 29 07:17

Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder how much pharmaceutical stocks Trump owns right now.

Dec 29 07:01

GOP Takes DOUBLE-DIGIT Lead In Midterm Poll

A new survey shows that self-described independent voters would choose, by an 18 percentage-point margin, that Republicans recover control of Congress in next year’s midterm elections.

The poll by John Zogby Strategies, issued last week, discovered that 45 percent of independents want the GOP in charge of the House and Senate, compared to 27 percent who want Democrats to retain their majority. The remaining 28 percent announced they were not sure just yet.

The same survey discovered that Republicans held a three-point advantage, 46 percent to 43 percent, on the generic congressional ballot.

“In my four decades of polling, Democrats need about a five percentage-point advantage [in] nationwide congressional preference in order to maintain a majority of Congress,” pollster John Zogby announced in a statement. “With a three-point Republican lead, and a substantial lead among independents, signs are pointing today to the possibility of a big Republican advantage going into 2022.”

Dec 28 14:40

Stop and Assess the Asses…

This traditionally blank week between Christmas and New Year’s, when almost, nothing gets done, is the opportunity to stop-and-assess the situation. Do you not see what is going on? Will you allow yourself to keep getting hosed by illegitimate authorities? Do you want your personal sovereignty back? Do you want your country back? Will you go along with obvious malevolence just to avoid standing out and risking your status, your livelihood, your special privileges? Do you actually believe in what’s known as your sacred honor? And what relation it has to reality? Do you understand that periodically in history the human race goes crazy and does terrible things that it later regrets? This is one of those times.

Dec 28 14:20

Nebraska lawmaker reintroduces constitutional carry bill

Constitutional carry is the gold standard when it comes to gun rights. It’s quickly becoming a demarcation line for which states pretend to be pro-gun and which states really are. -- As we gear up for 2022, a number of permitless carry bills have been filed in various states.

Dec 28 13:57

CNN FINALLY Turns On Biden And Acknowledges His Cognitive Decline: ‘He’s REALLY Confused’

CNN has finally acknowledged what the rest of the world has been saying for years: President Joe Biden is very obviously cognitively compromised.

Dec 28 11:47

With America’s entire medical system dominated by mafia-style operations, the American people are being robbed blind – staggering evidence a ‘medical mafia’ is running America

So with the hoodlums in the medical professions and the Bosses in the well protected back rooms of the speakeasies – err, I meant “agencies” in government buildings and board rooms, how are we going to rid ourselves of them?  Their own protectors are the police both local and federal that are paid well and threatened loss of their jobs if they do not work for the bosses.  The Bosses are very well protected and the “law” seems unable to do anything to stop them.

Dec 28 10:45

A More Aggressive Israel Lobby Is Coming in 2022

Those Americans who dare to challenge the strangle-hold that Israel and its friends have over US foreign policy will likely find themselves targeted even more aggressively in the upcoming year. Two weeks ago the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), widely reckoned to be the largest and most powerful component of the Jewish state’s lobby, declared that it will now begin directly funding political candidates who are perceived as pro-Israel. Up until now, AIPAC has preferred to operate somewhat in the shadows, representing itself as a organization that is in part “educational” to justify its 501(c)3 tax exempt status which it uses to send all new congressmen on propaganda trips to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Do what we say or we start leaking the Epstein videos!!!"

Dec 28 10:14

Newsweek: Armed Republicans will Overthrow Government if Trump Loses in 2024

There is fearmongering, and then there is Newsweek-level fearmongering. The once-respected news magazine – which a former reporter recently described as “a painful embarrassment to anyone who toiled there in its golden age,” which is now known for its incendiary click-bait – is at it again, blasting conservatives, gun owners and the Second Amendment, while warning its shrinking über-woke readership of a coming civil war. -- A recent story by their science writer, David H. Freedman, titled “Millions of Angry, Armed Americans Stand Ready to Seize Power If Trump Loses in 2024,” is so biased, so heavily spun and just so damn creepy, it defies belief that it was actually set into type by an alleged news publication, or what purports to be a news publication or, more accurately, what used to be an actual news publication.

Dec 28 10:00

For Third Year, Committee To Protect Journalists Excludes Assange From Jailed Journalist Index

A record number of journalists are imprisoned throughout the world, according to the annual prison index released by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). But that number excludes WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

CPJ, which is based in New York, opposes the United States Justice Department’s prosecution against Assange. However, for the third year, the press freedom organization declined to classify him as a jailed journalist.

In the organization’s press release on the 2021 index, it states, “No journalists were jailed in North America at the time of the census deadline.” That may be true, but it obscures what the U.S. government is doing to keep a journalist detained in the United Kingdom.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF), based in Paris, previously joined with CPJ on press freedom campaigns. They also keep an annual tally of journalists in detention, yet unlike CPJ, RSF included Assange in their 2021 round-up.

Dec 28 09:51

It’s like they are competing over this! Biden Approval Rating Falls Below Kamala Harris for First Time in Office, Per Latest Gallup Poll

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is below that of his Vice President Kamala Harris for the first time they took office, according to a recent poll released by Gallup. -- The surprising polling results come from a poll in which just over 800 randomly sampled adults were interviewed by telephone between December 1st and the 16th.  The purpose of the poll was to ascertain approval and disapproval for U.S Leaders.

Dec 28 09:50

Dr Scott Jensen Sounds Alarm on New Medical Surveillance Regime

On Christmas Eve, Dr Scott Jensen, a general practitioner and candidate for Governor of Minnesota, released a video explaining how he has been targeted by his state’s medical board with an investigation for the FIFTH time. The move by the state appears to be political in nature, and is designed to harass and deter Jensen from continuing to help his patients. His crimes, according to the state: “spreading misinformation”, not being vaccinated, recommending children not wear masks in school, “promoting natural immunity,” and prescribing Ivermectin, What’s worse, his faceless, nameless accusers are asking him to handover the private medical records of his patients who have been given Ivermectin. Dr Jensen warns that this is a dangerous precedent, and could be the shape of things to come.

“If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. It’s happening to you right now,” said Dr Jensen.

Dec 28 09:48

Rand Paul Finally Suggests 2020 Election Stolen to Install Biden – Tuesday Live

Dec 28 09:42

Is This Question The Biggest Obstacle To Restoring The Second Amendment?

In an ideal world, the next step would be to completely repeal such a system, often relying on the “text, history, and traditions” surrounding the Second Amendment, not to mention “original intent.” But we’re not in an ideal world. Much of this is due to the fact that there have been (and will be) horrific crimes and acts of madness that come from those who misuse firearms, and such acts will be used by anti-Second Amendment extremists.

Webmaster addition: It follows that anti-Second Amendment extremists might cause horrific crimes to further their agenda!

Dec 28 09:26

Vermont Democratic Rep. Peter Welch says he and his wife will stop trading in stocks after report showed they'd sold $6,000 in ExxonMobil shares days before climate hearing

Democratic Vermont Rep. Peter Welch announced he and his wife would no longer be trading individual stocks after committing a STOCK Act violation by disclosing sale of Exxon Mobile stock one week late.

Welch was one week late in disclosing his wife's sale of $6,238 worth of shares of ExxonMobil in September, violating the bill he himself co-sponsored years ago.

'Rep. Welch has decided to no longer own individual stocks,' the congressman's communications director Arianna Jones told Insider. Welch appears to have made good on his promise to sell off all individual stocks, according to a transaction report.

Dec 28 09:21

Exclusive — Jim Jordan: Republican Majority House Will Investigate Fauci, Gain of Function, and Lab Leak

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Monday told Alex Marlow, host of the Breitbart Daily News podcast, that Republicans, if elected to a majority in the House of Representatives in November, should investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci — the president’s chief medical adviser and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) — and gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

Republicans must “do the oversight that needs to be done,” Jordan said.

Marlow highlighted the Democrats’ ostensible “investigation” of the events of January 6 as a congressional focus at the expense of substantive inquiries into matters of public importance.

Dec 28 09:18

Trump’s vaccine-pimping rhetoric proves BOTH parties are prostitutes to pharma and the central banks

rump’s public speech on the vaccine has become indistinguishable from Fauci’s. In a recent event in Dallas, Texas, Trump sat next to Bill O’Reilly and bragged about taking the booster shot, adding that all Trump supporters should “take credit” for Operation Warp Speed and how Trump managed to shorten the vaccine approval and development time from 5-12 years to less than one year.

Trump did that, of course, by skipping all the necessary clinical trials, producing a deadly covid jab that has now killed an estimated 800,000 Americans (and counting).

Trump completely ignores this mass death across America and scorns his own audience, telling them, “Don’t mock the vaccinated.” He seems utterly tone deaf to the reality that it is the unvaccinated who are being condemned, mocked, fired from their jobs, kicked out of restaurants and arrested in places like New York.

Dec 28 09:16

Must See: This Is The Definition Of A Politician Who Is Truly Out-Of-Touch

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was slammed by Twitter users after she and wife Amy Eshleman posted a video wishing a 'joyous Kwanzaa' to all who celebrate.

'Joyous Kwanzaa, Chicago!' Lightfoot declared in a video shared online. 'The seven principles of Kwanzaa guide us to unity and cooperation as we work to uplift and protect our neighbors.'

'As you light the candles and gather in unity, we hope your holiday is filled with rejoicing and happiness,' Eshleman echoed.

Dec 28 09:06

Watch: One Thing Trump And Fauci See Eye-To-Eye On

On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci praised former President Donald Trump for showing his support of COVID vaccines and booster shots. The doctor also informed viewers of his shock at the backlash that Trump had received for doing so.

Dec 28 07:54

Fed’s Doomsday Prophet Has Dire Warning About Where We’re Headed…

Between 2008 and 2014, the Federal Reserve printed more than $3.5 trillion in new bills. To put that in perspective, it’s roughly triple the amount of money that the Fed created in its first 95 years of existence. Three centuries’ worth of growth in the money supply was crammed into a few short years. The money poured through the veins of the financial system and stoked demand for assets like stocks, corporate debt and commercial real estate bonds, driving up prices across markets. Hoenig was the one Fed leader who voted consistently against this course of action, starting in 2010. In doing so, he pitted himself against the Fed’s powerful chair at the time, Ben Bernanke, who was widely regarded as a hero for the ambitious rescue plans he designed and oversaw.

Dec 28 07:22

The importance of holding politicians accountable on Palestine

I supported Jamaal Bowman when he ran against staunch Zionist Elliot Engel, donating what I could afford to his campaign because he told me on a phone call that he was firm in his solidarity with Palestinian liberation. But those words turned out to be hollow, and now the U.S. left, particularly the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), of which Bowman is a member, is deeply divided on the matter of how the party should have reacted to his betrayal of Palestinians.

Dec 28 06:39

NY Gov. Hochul Backs Off Covid Shot Mandate For MTA Workers Due to Staff Shortages

New York Governor Kathy Hochul's (D) plan to fire all unvaxxed workers and replace them with foreigners for refusing the so-called vaccines "from god" is running into a roadblock.

Dec 28 06:18

Is the Crack-up Boom Here?

Recent polls show Americans expect continued large price increases. This indicates we may be on the verge of what Ludwig von Mises called a “crack-up boom.” A crack-up boom occurs when the general population realizes that constant currency depreciation is a feature, not a bug, of central banking. This leads people to seek alternatives to government-issued currency and to factor rising prices into their plans. The crack-up boom will likely extend overseas as more countries reject the dollar’s world reserve currency status. This rejection will be driven by a combination of concern over America’s growing debt and resentment of America’s hyper-interventionist foreign policy.

Dec 28 06:03

2021 Year in Review: Madness, Mayhem and Tyranny

The state of our nation. There may have been a new guy in charge this year, but for the most part, nothing changed. The nation remained politically polarized, controlled by forces beyond the purview of the average American, and rapidly moving the nation away from its freedom foundation. Over the past year, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans found themselves repeatedly subjected to egregious civil liberties violations, invasive surveillance, martial law, lockdowns, political correctness, erosions of free speech, strip searches, police shootings of unarmed citizens, government spying, the criminalization of lawful activities, warmongering, etc.

Dec 28 05:00

Sleepwalking into the Abyss in 2022

Alas, expedient speedball fixes to systemic problems only create new instabilities while fueling the instabilities of the problems left unsolved. Sleepwalking in a fantasy-dream of free money forever, free energy forever and endlessly expanding asset bubbles of "wealth" will take us to the edge of the clioff and then into the abyss. -- What would be truly optimistic would be to surrender our dependence on asset bubbles and malinvested debt to prop up an unstable delusion of effortless "wealth" and an unsustainable waste is growth Landfill Economy.

Dec 28 04:40

California parents speak out against sexual predator public school teachers caught grooming children into transgenderism

It turns out that this is hardly an isolated incident. Public schools all across the country are filled with “teachers” who similarly aim to corrupt and destroy precious children by manipulating them into becoming “trans” and engaging in sexually deviant behavior.

Dec 28 04:32

With Tanking Poll Numbers, How Long Can Anti-Gun Biden Hang On?

His attempt to appoint a gun control lobbyist to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives embarrassingly crashed last summer, his Build Back Boondoggle derailed last week, and his poll numbers sinking like lead in a hot tub. Can Joe Biden hang on or is he already a lame-duck unable to push an agenda that includes gun control as a priority? -- Western Journal is reporting a recent Economist-YouGov poll showing “fewer than 3 in 10 Americans under 30 approve of the president’s job after a year in office.

Dec 27 13:24

Alex Jones latest updates about Trump

Dec 27 12:09

Pentagon doubles-down on 'extremism' in military

Donald Trump is now the No. 1 target of the Pentagon.

That's former President Donald Trump!

"Warning that extremism in the ranks is increasing, Pentagon officials issued detailed new rules Monday prohibiting service members from actively engaging in extremist activities," reported the Associated Press. "The new guidelines come nearly a year after some current and former service members participated in the riot at the U.S. Capitol, triggering a broad department review."

Dec 27 11:02

Now Boris Johnson’s crazies want to outlaw BDS (Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions)

Stuart Littlewood highlights the case of British Conservative MP Robert Jenrick – an Israel flag waver whose behaviour is "riddled with impropriety" – who has pledged to outlaw BDS, which peacefully campaign to end the illegal Israeli occupation and compel Israel to respect international law and human rights.>>

Dec 27 10:47

WATCH: Kamala Harris Declares That ‘Democracy Is The Biggest Threat To National Security’

Vice President Kamala Harris declared Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that “our democracy” is the biggest national security threat.

Dec 26 19:00

Trudeau’s Gov’t Secretly Tracked 33 Million Cell Phones During COVID Restrictions

The Trudeau administration has admitted to tracking over 33 million cell phones under the guise of assessing “the public’s responsiveness during lockdown measures”, according to reports.

Dec 26 14:31

Enraged Democrats Vow to ‘Seek and Destroy’ Man Who Made Biden Say ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

The man who got Joe Biden to say “Let’s go Brandon, I agree” during a phone-in prank says he is now receiving death threats from angry Democrats.

Dec 26 09:29

Build Back Bummer: Dems Stripping Biden Bill To Make It Passable

Momentum is growing for checking the scope of President Biden’s social spending and climate package as Democrats seek a method to get the bill through the Senate with Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) backing.

On Sunday, Manchin effectively killed a much more wide-ranging bill, recognized as the Build Back Better Act by declaring his opposition, deeply disappointing and enraging the White House and fellow congressional Democrats.

Days later, the pain stings, though Democrats are actively pursuing answers that might find muster with the West Virginia senator, whose vote is a necessity in the 50-50 Senate evenly split between the two parties.

Dec 26 08:45

$40 Million to Kill Ivermectin

That’s how much the Gates Foundation was willing to pay for ONE SINGLE STUDY that falsely badmouthed the successful early treatment of Covid-19 with Ivermectin:

Andrew Hill, PhD, is a senior visiting Research Fellow in Pharmacology at Liverpool University. He is also an advisor for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation. As a researcher for the WHO evaluating ivermectin, Hill wielded enormous influence over international guidance for the drug’s use.

Hill had previously authored a analysis of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 that found the drug overwhelmingly effective.