Jan 18 14:25

Responding to Texas Incident, Biden Admits Gun Control Didn’t Work

Biden and other gun control proponents put considerable emphasis on background checks as a way to prevent criminals from getting guns. The Texas incident and Biden’s own words illustrate how that doesn’t work, and has not worked in places such as Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and elsewhere that murder rates have spiked in the past two years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to defund police agencies and reduce police manpower following the death of George Floyd in 2020. -- The embarrassing truth is that criminals do not go through background checks, and they do not obtain firearms by any means that would require a background check.

Jan 18 12:53

Armed as you Walk, as you Drive, and at Work

You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

Jan 18 08:23

Biden almost stumbles on truth about gun control

I’m pretty sure that, if pressed, Biden would argue that universal background checks would have somehow stopped this tool from getting a gun. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that a guy who went to homeless shelters looking for a gun is someone who probably did so because he knew no one in that community would care who they were selling the gun to. -- No gun control will ever actually work so long as criminals are willing to break the law. It’s just that simple and anyone with half a brain knows it.

Jan 17 09:24

Rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel Promoted Far-Left Dogma, Banned Guns at Synagogue Before Islamic Hostage Situation

On Saturday, an Islamic terrorist besieged Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Tex., taking four hostages. The jihadist was killed and the hostages were freed due to the immense bravery and heroism of law enforcement on the scene.

Charlie Cytron-Walker, the full-time Rabbi at the Congregation Beth Israel, was among the hostages who were freed.

Jan 16 09:04

Legally armed citizen thwarts California smash-and-grab attempted robbery

A legally armed Southern California jewelry store owner thwarted an attempted smash-and-grab robbery by four men.

Four suspects entered a jewelry store in Upland last Thursday just after 2:30 p.m. and deployed bear spray on everyone inside, police said. After the owner brandished a legally possessed firearm, the suspects took off in a getaway vehicle waiting outside. No one in the business was seriously injured.

Jan 16 06:23

Bill introduced mandating gun storage requirements

A more salient approach might be to create an educational campaign about what responsible storage of firearms is and what that means to each person as an individual. There’s no one size fits all solution to how one may elect to store their firearm, and the legislators would be better off admitting that. It’s about time our so-called representatives aim to work with people rather than against them. Set up the condition so that people would want to be responsible rather than cram it down their throats.

Jan 14 08:43

In 2022, Cops in the Land of the Free Have Killed 2,200% More People Than All Mass Shooters Since 2018

Traffic stops in the land of the free, are a means of bolstering the prison industrial complex by extracting revenue from those who can pay and incarcerating others who cannot. -- For those too poor to pay their tickets, routine traffic stops end up in repeated imprisonment due to mounting fines. Cities across the country are running a de facto debtors’ prison this way. -- When cops aren’t routinely extorting and locking people up for petty traffic offenses, they are killing them.

Jan 13 14:16

The Right Direction : Wisconsin GOP unveils bill to teach real gun safety in schools

Democrats supposedly love the idea of “gun safety,” but a new bill in Wisconsin is about to put that love to the test. Republicans have introduced legislation that would require the state superintendent of schools to put together a curriculum for an elective course in high school to teach students actual gun safety, instead of preaching an abstinence-only “guns are bad” message.

The bill had its first public hearing this week, and Democrats are already coming up with lame excuses for their opposition...

Jan 13 14:02

NICS Gun Sales December 2021: 1.76 Million Guns Sold

The numbers for December 2021 National Instant background Check System (NICS), background checks conducted by the FBI, and gun sales, are in. It was the third-highest December for both background checks and gun sales. -- December 2015 was the highest on record for gun sales, with about 2.22 million. It was second-highest for background checks, with 3.3 million. December of 2020 was the next highest, with about 1.90 million gun sales, and highest with 3.9 million background checks.

Jan 13 13:35

Current List of Anti-Gun Businesses You Should Avoid Giving Your Money

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms maintains a list of anti-gun businesses, which is also known as the “Don’t feed them” list.

Jan 13 10:37

Cody Wilson Thwarts Another Attempt To Stop Ghost Guns

Jan 11 10:58

Gun Prohibitionists Hacks Going All-In to Disarm the Legally Innocent ~ VIDEO

Gun owners are spoiling for trouble as evidenced by the millions of rights advocates out there looking for a fight every day and filling the streets with blood. What does Violence Policy Center call us? “Concealed Carry Killers”?

Jan 11 09:05

L.A. Crime Wave: Wealthy Buying Guns as Poor Minorities Left Defenseless

While the elite flock to Beverly Hill’s only gun shop looking for guns for self-defense, poor California minorities are finding it difficult to get through the state’s many gun control laws and acquire a firearm to use to keep themselves and their families safe.

On December 30, 2021, Breitbart News noted that the rich and famous were flocking to Beverly Hill Guns for protection from the craziness that has overtaken day-to-day life in Los Angeles.

FOX News now reports that other Californians, particularly minorities, are finding the acquisition of a firearm difficult.

Geneva Solomon, owner of Los Angeles County’s Redstone Firearms, told FOX News, “The gun control laws here are set up and intended to disproportionately affect those within the minority communities.”

Jan 10 14:00

United States Shall Survive as a Free Republic if the American People Remain Armed

Under no situation or circumstance is the Government permitted lawfully to constrain, restrain, abrogate or suspend the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This is a core Truth, and the forces that seek this Nation’s destruction know this.

Jan 10 10:38

California lawmakers unveil plan to hold gun makers liable for shootings

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to target the gun industry through private lawsuits is coming together in legislation unveiled Tuesday that would allow gun violence survivors and other citizens to sue firearm manufacturers and dealers.

In December, the governor called on the Legislature and Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta to model legislation after a Texas law that bans most abortions after six weeks and gives private people the ability to sue providers and clinics as a tool to help enforce it. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to block the law, and Newsom responded by pledging to implement the the same legislative prototype in California to go after firearms.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, then, let's hold auto manufacturers liable for drunk drivers!

Jan 09 11:21

Gun rights groups fire back at USA Today hit piece

Gun rights have nothing to do with extremism and anyone with half a brain and a desire to see the truth can find that out for themselves. While there may be extremists who also support gun rights, there are extremists who support any position you care to name on American politics. I mean, the El Paso shooter was an extreme environmentalist. Where are the pieces attacking Greenpeace as a haven for extremists? -- At the end of the day, though, the gun rights community doesn’t actually expect any better from the media. We’ve seen this kind of thing time and time again and it will happen time and time again. -- We just wish they could be less pathetic about it.

Jan 09 06:11

Female gun ownership on the rise, femme fatales to anti-2A messaging

Commie mommy groups must be cringing and shaking in corners as they learn they don’t actually have the market cornered on what all women want for the world and or their children. After sifting through the emotional arguments they make, right out of their playbook (don’t focus on the facts, exploit the emotions) many people, including women, including moms, have come to the realization that self-defense is their responsibility and have embraced that independent to the core rugged individualism that makes most of what America is today what it is. There are new momma bears out there and they’re committed to not being victims.

Jan 08 13:12

Bureaucrats fiddle while Portland bleeds out

Portland’s activists seem intent on doing virtually everything but focusing on the most violent and prolific offenders in the community, including further criminalizing the right to keep and bear arms. Because of those misplaced priorities (further exacerbated by bureaucratic incompetence), Portland’s record high homicides in 2021 could easily be surpassed this year.

Jan 08 08:36

What The Great Ammunition Shortage Says About Inflation

Covid has done a lot of things to our society. But talk to anyone who enjoys hunting, and they’ll tell you one of result is the ‘Great Ammunition Shortage of 2021.’ "5.56 ammunition for an AR-15 used to be about 33 cents a round," said Mark Oliva, director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. "Now you're looking at closer to almost a dollar a round. So it is much more expensive and it is much more difficult to find ammunition."

Jan 07 16:38

Constitutional Carry bill gets big boost in Alabama

The legislative fight over permitless carry in Alabama is going to be awfully contentious for a state dominated by the Republican party, thanks in large part to the objections by some in law enforcement, but the odds of passage appear to be pretty good this year after the state’s House GOP caucus included Constitutional Carry in its list of legislative priorities this week.

Jan 07 16:29

McMichaels, Bryan Get Life Sentences For Policing Their Community At Cop's Request, Shooting Suspect Who Tried to Take Their Gun

Former Glynn County police officer Gregory McMichael along with his son Travis and their neighbor, William "Roddie" Bryan, were all given life sentences on Friday for policing their community at the request of local law enforcement and shooting a suspect with a long criminal history who tried to take their gun.

Jan 07 13:32

A Seinfeldian Civil War about nothing?

When it comes to the Second Amendment, for example, we have politicians eagerly adopting laws they believe are unconstitutional purely to screw over the other tribe. We have presidential candidates vowing to ban the possession of tens of millions of legally possessed firearms. We have senators and representatives who want to pack the Supreme Court and overturn the Heller decision in order to treat our right to keep and bear arms as a privilege on rare occasions and a crime in most circumstances. -- It’s not just the Second Amendment, of course. On virtually every hot button issue today, both parties view the other as antithetical to their own idea of what this country’s all about, what rights should be protected (or even recognized), and how our government should be structured.

Jan 06 15:41

Media mostly ignores NYC DA’s plan to keep criminals out of prison

Violent criminals seem to be everywhere. I say that because we find ourselves in the middle of a violent crime surge. The homicide rate is sky high, as are the rates for other violent offenses. -- Clearly, steps need to be taken to address this, particularly in our major cities. -- One such city is New York, where the district attorney seems to think more lenient sentencing is the answer and where the media headquartered there are surprisingly silent.

Jan 06 13:47

Biden White House brags about gun control orders

White House press secretary Jen Psaki praised President Joe Biden’s first-year gun control efforts even though 12 cities, all Democrat-run, broke annual homicide records during Biden’s first year as well. -- Psaki tweeted: “In 2021, President Biden took more executive action to stop gun violence than any President has ever taken in their first year.” -- Yet, as Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins notes, there’s a little something Psaki failed to mention, as per usual... Psaki did not mention that 12 Democrat-run cities broke their annual homicide records in 2021...

Jan 06 13:17

Seattle Times Pushing Semi-Auto Rifle and Magazine Ban

Translation: Washington gun control laws have demonstrably failed. And with the rise in shootings and homicides in Seattle, Tacoma and other Washington cities, those gun control laws have not made anyone safer.

Jan 06 11:44

Facts and Fantasies about Guns and Gun Control

The gun control lobby started it. Then the legacy media joined in and told us that guns and gun owners were dangerous. Their solution is to register and regulate guns and gun owners. They claim their gun control will somehow, someday, take the guns out of the hands of criminals. If you only read the words then you might be persuaded. Let’s fill in the facts the gun prohibitionists always leave out. Gun control laws do more harm than good.

Jan 06 10:29

California gun owners sue state to block release of personal information

The five gun owners, listed as Jane Doe #1 and John Does 1-4, argue in their complaint that the new law runs afoul of the U.S. and California Constitutions, as well as state law protecting the right to privacy, by granting researchers access to the state’s Automated Firearms System, which includes a lot of personal information; “name, address, place of birth, telephone number, occupation, California driver’s license or ID number, race, sex, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and, in some instances, social security number” according to the plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Jan 06 10:23

McCloskeys Seek Return of Guns They Wielded at BLM Protesters

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who faced gun charges after arming themselves against Black Lives Matter protesters near their home in 2020, are trying to get their guns back.

Robert Dierker of the City Counselor's Office said Wednesday in a virtual court hearing that the city had not destroyed the guns despite a court order last year to do so.

"Obviously with our customary efficiency, we should have destroyed [the guns] months ago," Dierker said, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. "We haven't. So McCloskey's a beneficiary of bureaucratic, I want to say, ineptitude. But in any event, it’s fortuitous that the weapons still exist."

Jan 05 10:49

Nearly 19-million firearms sold in 2021, second highest total on record

I suspect that when we do our end-of-the-year wrap up for 2022, Second Amendment supporters will be able to count more victories than losses (not to mention millions of new gun owners), but we definitely have our work cut out for us in terms of pushing back on the Biden administration’s agenda as well as the onslaught of anti-gun legislation pending in blue states.

Jan 05 09:17

Lyft driver with concealed carry license opens fire on armed carjackers, sending them to the hospital

A Lyft driver in Philadelphia who is licensed to carry a firearm thwarted an armed carjacking Monday afternoon by shooting and injuring two suspects as they attempted to steal his vehicle.

The rideshare driver, a 38-year-old man, was transporting a female passenger on the 4200 block of Parkside Avenue in West Philadelphia when he was rear-ended twice by a Honda Accord, WTXF-TV reported.

After being hit for the second time, the driver got out of his 2011 Infiniti sedan to confront the two men, who, according to police, were in their twenties. That's when one of the men allegedly exited his vehicle and pointed a gun at the Lyft driver, demanding possession of his vehicle.

Jan 05 09:15

Canadian gun owners starting to sound like Americans

There’s a lesson here for the American gun grabbers, to be sure. See, if Canadians with their cultural differences – and while we may have cultural similarities, there are profound differences, especially when it comes to guns – are uninterested in complying with an assault weapon ban, why in the world would you believe Americans would be more compliant? -- It just ain’t happening.

Jan 04 09:14

Biden DOJ issues gun control orders

We’re supposed to be a nation of laws, not a nation of men. No one is supposed to be above the law and no one is supposed to be able to just create laws with the stroke of a pen. Our Founding Fathers knew monarchies and wanted no part of them. -- Yet generations since then decided bureaucracies were the way to go. Now, the rules people have to live by can change overnight without any lawmakers getting a vote. That just happened, and it’s a gun control measure.

Jan 03 14:33

Los Angeles homicides hit 15-year high

Now, despite all those efforts, homicides are surging, and this in the most gun-controlled state in the nation. I mean, we keep hearing how gun control is absolutely essential in combating this kind of thing, and yet it doesn’t seem to do all that much to help, now does it? -- And, in theory, California should have a lot going for it. It’s the largest state economy in the nation and it’s got pretty good weather. Unfortunately, the state’s politics seem to be running a lot of people out of state, but not the gangbangers who are causing problems.

Jan 03 12:21

Without Gaslighting and Projection, Gun Prohibitionists Have Nothing

They’re counting on most being too intimidated to fight back lest they be singled out for “cancellation.” I propose instead to point and laugh at their impotent rage, triggered more than anything by a solemn vow a critical mass of us have made to ourselves, to those we love and protect, and especially to the hive-minded who think it ultimately depends on how many traitors they can get elected: “WE WILL NOT DISARM.” -- And there’s not a damn thing they can do about it without bringing it all down upon their own heads. -- Unless we let them.

Jan 03 10:13

What Resolutions Should Second Amendment Supporters Have In 2022?

The start of a new year is here, and as is the tradition, New Year’s resolutions will be made. While all too often, those resolutions are history by the end of January, Second Amendment supporters should be determined to keep their 2022 New Year’s resolutions. But what should they be?

Jan 03 09:09

L.A.’s Arms Race of the Affluent

In Beverly Hills, even the purchase of a firearm comes with certain…expectations. The city’s only gun store, Beverly Hills Guns, is a “concierge service” by appointment only, for a largely affluent clientele. And business is booming.

Since opening in July 2020, the store has seen upscale residents from Santa Monica to the Hollywood Hills increasingly in a panic following several high-profile smash-and-grab and violent home invasion robberies. The apparent siege has brought in a daily stream of anxious business owners and prominent actors, real estate moguls and film execs, says owner Russell Stuart. Most are arming themselves for the first time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Funny how Hollywood liberals abandon their anti-gun rhetoric when they feel threatened!

Jan 03 08:39

USA Today labels 2A activism, gun shows as “gateway to extremism”

Concern trolling is the art of undermining an issue or topic of discussion by expressing insincere concerns about it. USA Today’s Will Carless took this art to a maestro level in a “news” story Wednesday titled, “??Down the barrel of a gun: How Second Amendment activism can be a gateway to extremist ideologies.” (Archived). Carless starts by priming the pump with fear porn for readers who aren’t familiar with gun shows.

Jan 03 08:30

Armed Defense at Home, at Work, in the Car and in Public

You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

Jan 02 08:00

Inconvenient studies get buried by the media

Had the study found the opposite, I have little doubt it would have been heralded from the hills. We’d have been inundated with reports about what the study proved. -- Instead, we get silence. -- Meanwhile, this same media is absolutely baffled that trust in them is so low. -- See, this is part of how media bias works. It’s not just how the stories are written/reported, but also what stories are reported. This one is, to steal from Al Gore, an inconvenient truth, so they’re hoping you’ll just forget about it.

Jan 01 16:45

A gun owner’s hopes for 2022

Still, having a Congress that isn’t interested in President Joe Biden’s gun control agenda would be a significant win for 2022. It won’t impact anything until 2023, of course, but still… -- So what about you? What do you hope to see in 2022?

Jan 01 14:06

Anti-gun Dems want to reduce penalty for drive-by shootings

Meanwhile, these two will still try to take the guns of folks in Washington state because they say they’re worried about public safety, all while working to let dangerous, violent criminals serve less time in prison for their violent acts.

Jan 01 11:39

The Wounded Knee Massacre: The Forgotten History of the Native American Gun Confiscation

By Molly Carter

The Battle at Wounded Knee is a significant battle in American history, as it put an end to the Indian Wars and is marked as the last official defeat of the Native Americans. But what’s not taught in history lessons is that Wounded Knee was one of the first federally backed gun confiscations in the history of the United States, and it ended in the massacre of nearly 300 unarmed people.

During the late 19th century, American Indians were allowed to purchase and carry firearms, just as white men were. The colonial gun laws did not bar Native Americans from possessing firearms, yet that natural right was violated by government forces at Wounded Knee. And once the guns were confiscated, the battle ensued...

Dec 31 08:16

Gun Control Advocates Had a Very Bad Year

National groups began the year with the high hopes of further restricting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. To them, it wasn’t about God-given rights enshrined in the Constitution or even about personal and community safety. To them it’s all about control.

Dec 31 07:08

Portland Progressive Blames Republicans For Crime Spike

Democrats in Oregon control the governor’s mansion, have a veto-proof majority in both chambers of the state legislature, and are firmly in charge in Portland, the state’s biggest city. So it makes total sense to blame Republicans for the staggering rise in shootings that began last June, after the city disbanded its Gun Violence Reduction Team and amidst nightly violent protests that rocked the city’s downtown for months on end.

Dec 31 06:47

Why Political Moderates Walked Away from Gun Control

Millions are still moving along the path from reflexive support for gun control to passionate support for the right to bear arms. These voyagers are rapidly changing our culture. Last month’s public opinion polls are already out of date. The shift away from supporting gun control is accelerating. The shift toward a passionate and committed defense of citizen self-defense will be deep and lasting.

The Ruling Class won’t be able to stop it.

Dec 29 15:09

Prospects for Constitutional Carry in 2022

2021 was a record year for Constitutional Carry. In 2021, five states joined the Constitutional Carry club, increasing membership from 16 to 21. The last and largest state to join the club was Texas. The four other states to join the club in 2021 were Tennessee, Iowa, Montana, and Utah.
Several other states are working to pass Constitutional Carry bills. Here are states and possibilities for Constitutional Carry in 2022.

Dec 29 11:42

Archie Bunker Explains Why Gun Control Will Never Work

While watching the news, Archie lost his cool and turned off the TV when gun control came up. He wasn’t having any of that. Then he and Meathead got into it.

Archie told Meathead he wasn’t going to follow the “Constitution in those pinko books of yours” to promote gun control.

You can watch this hilarious video clip that leads up to Archie Bunker’s 1972 editorial news debut on gun control below.

Dec 29 07:45

Op-Ed refers to Biden’s gun control as “voodoo”

See, voodoo is a superstitious practice that has allowed those who use it to bilk others out of hard-earned money for something that provides absolutely zero results. You want someone to fall in love with you, there’s a voodoo practitioner somewhere who will sell you a potion to make just that happen. -- Only, it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, you’ll probably be told the problem was your lack of faith or something of that sort.

Dec 28 14:20

Nebraska lawmaker reintroduces constitutional carry bill

Constitutional carry is the gold standard when it comes to gun rights. It’s quickly becoming a demarcation line for which states pretend to be pro-gun and which states really are. -- As we gear up for 2022, a number of permitless carry bills have been filed in various states.

Dec 28 10:14

Newsweek: Armed Republicans will Overthrow Government if Trump Loses in 2024

There is fearmongering, and then there is Newsweek-level fearmongering. The once-respected news magazine – which a former reporter recently described as “a painful embarrassment to anyone who toiled there in its golden age,” which is now known for its incendiary click-bait – is at it again, blasting conservatives, gun owners and the Second Amendment, while warning its shrinking über-woke readership of a coming civil war. -- A recent story by their science writer, David H. Freedman, titled “Millions of Angry, Armed Americans Stand Ready to Seize Power If Trump Loses in 2024,” is so biased, so heavily spun and just so damn creepy, it defies belief that it was actually set into type by an alleged news publication, or what purports to be a news publication or, more accurately, what used to be an actual news publication.

Dec 28 09:42

Is This Question The Biggest Obstacle To Restoring The Second Amendment?

In an ideal world, the next step would be to completely repeal such a system, often relying on the “text, history, and traditions” surrounding the Second Amendment, not to mention “original intent.” But we’re not in an ideal world. Much of this is due to the fact that there have been (and will be) horrific crimes and acts of madness that come from those who misuse firearms, and such acts will be used by anti-Second Amendment extremists.

Webmaster addition: It follows that anti-Second Amendment extremists might cause horrific crimes to further their agenda!

Dec 28 04:32

With Tanking Poll Numbers, How Long Can Anti-Gun Biden Hang On?

His attempt to appoint a gun control lobbyist to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives embarrassingly crashed last summer, his Build Back Boondoggle derailed last week, and his poll numbers sinking like lead in a hot tub. Can Joe Biden hang on or is he already a lame-duck unable to push an agenda that includes gun control as a priority? -- Western Journal is reporting a recent Economist-YouGov poll showing “fewer than 3 in 10 Americans under 30 approve of the president’s job after a year in office.

Dec 15 11:53

Blue States Want To Propose Law That Allows People To Sue Gun Sellers

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) proposed a plan to allow private citizens to sue gun manufactures and sellers. The proposed law is based off of a restrictive abortion ban in Texas, which allows Texans to sue anyone who helps a woman get an abortion after six-weeks of pregnancy. On Saturday, Newsom said he will work with legislatures to draft the gun control proposal.

“Justice Robert was absolutely right in his dissent around the concern about this opening up the door for similar laws for states that want to turn over enforcement to the public, and provide upwards of $10,000 in legal fees to be recovered for people to report the illegal sale of ghost guns and the illegal sale of weapons of war, assault weapons,” asserted the Democrat.

Newsom’s law would allow private citizens to seek statutory damages of at least $10,000 per violation. Meanwhile, pro gun advocates were quick to react negatively to this.

Dec 14 16:05

Frontsight - America's Gun Training Destination

With nearly a million responsible citizens trained, from every town, city and state across the United States, I know Front Sight gun training is right for you. Our students come from every town and city across America to attend self defense gun training courses at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute's world-class facilities near Las Vegas, Nevada—taught by seasoned and professional law enforcement, military, and private citizen instructors to levels that far exceed law enforcement and military standards, without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes. After your first firearm training course at Front Sight you will leave with skills that surpass 99% of the gun-owning population! This is no exaggeration. Once you've completed your first Front Sight course you'll discover that you've become THE self defense training expert among your peers and you will know you are better prepared than 99% of all gun owners in America.

Dec 13 08:57

Constitutional Scholar Jonathan Turley Says Newsom’s Plan For Gun Laws Modeled on Texas Abortion Ban Won’t Work

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is now pushing for gun laws modeled after Texas’ abortion ban.

The “heartbeat” law effectively outlaws abortions in the state after 6 weeks and also gives any citizen – including those outside Texas – the right to take legal action against anyone who ‘aids and abets’ the termination of a pregnancy after the cut off point.

“Newsom argued that the court has endorsed states’ ability to create similar legal mechanisms to safeguard laws from federal court review. In his statement Saturday, Newsom referred to a recent federal court decision that overturned the state’s ban on assault rifles in which the judge compared the weapons to a Swiss Army knife.” the Los Angeles Times reported.

“If states can now shield their laws from review by the federal courts that compare assault weapons to Swiss Army knives, then California will use that authority to protect people’s lives, where Texas used it to put women in harm’s way,” Newsom said.

Dec 10 09:43

14-year-old son of pizza shop employee shoots would-be robber in Spring Garden

The 14-year-old son of a Philadelphia pizza shop employee shot an armed robbery suspect who started choking one of his parents, police say.

Police say the series of incidents unfolded around 9:30 p.m. Thursday when three men robbed the CVS pharmacy at North Broad and Spring Garden in the Spring Garden section of the city.

Moments later, police say at least one of those men went a block away to rob the Bold Pizza Shop at 15th and Spring Garden.

Employees say the man forcibly reached over the counter and tried to take cash from the register.

A struggle ensued between an employee and the robbery suspect when the offender started to strangle the victim. The victim's 14-year-old son grabbed a handgun from under the counter and shot the offender one time in the face, police said.

Dec 08 12:45

The Left Has Monumental Meltdown Over Lauren Boebert’s Family Christmas Photo With AR-15s

Last night Lauren Boebert tweeted a photo of her family in front of a Christmas tree, with all of her children holding AR-15s

Dec 07 11:23

Concealed Carry Will Have To Wait For This State

This week, Pennsylvania’s Governor vetoed a law that allowed one to carry a gun in a concealed manner without a license.

Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, argued that the legislation would “only exacerbate gun violence and jeopardize the safety of all Pennsylvanians” if it were not vetoed.

Dec 06 12:16

Tyrant NJ Governor Doubles Down On Gun Control...Lots of it Too!

Dec 06 07:10

Watch: Pro 2nd Amendment Lawmaker Slammed For Gun-Themed Christmas Card

Social media discussed on Saturday if Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky is on the good or bad this Christmas, due to a new holiday photo he shared.

The Kentucky representative posted on Twitter a picture of him and what seems to be his family in front of a Christmas tree, with all seven of them carrying guns.

"Merry Christmas!" Massie wrote on social media. "ps. Santa, please bring ammo."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looking at the photo, nobody has a finger on a trigger, telling me they know the proper way to handle those firearms.

Dec 01 13:55

Canadian gun owners may have firearms confiscated under Trudeau ‘mandatory buyback’ plan

Canada’s Governor General reaffirmed the Liberal Party’s aim of confiscating “assault-style” weapons from citizens, as well as their intentions to work with provinces who wish to ban handguns.

In her 2021 Speech from the Throne on November 23, Governor General of Canada Mary Simon, the Queen’s representative, restated the Liberal Party’s plan to confiscate so-called “assault-style” weapons from law-abiding citizens through a mandatory buyback program, as well as aiding provincial and territorial governments in their efforts to revoke the ownership of handguns. The speech opened the first session of the 44th Parliament.

“Gun violence is on the rise in many of our biggest cities, while investing in prevention and supporting the work of law enforcement, we must also continue to strengthen gun control,” Simon stated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Thank you for turning in your guns. Here's a box of maple sugar candy in exchange!"

Dec 01 13:54

The Right of Self Defense

On August 27th of 2020, the online site Revolver wrote the following; “In a surprising turn of events, the New York Times has done some actual, real investigative reporting and confirmed Revolver’s conclusion that the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting is an open-and-shut case of self-defense. Shockingly, the evidence turned up by the New York Times actually strengthens the case for self-defense.”

Despite the protests, the propaganda, deceit, and the outright lies, a jury of his peers agreed that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. I am sure that there were many thoughts as to the ramifications of a not guilty verdict that played heavy on the minds of the jurors, but they delivered a verdict that should never have been in question. Instead, the propagandist in the media and government doubled-down on their lust for more blood and suffering. The congressman from New York, Jerald Nadler, has called for the DOJ to investigate the matter.

Dec 01 10:37

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Will Strike Down Nevada's Ghost Gun Ban on Constitutional Grounds

Dec 01 06:56

Behar: First, Second Amendments Need to Be ‘Tweaked’ — Founding Fathers Didn’t Have Weapons of War or Twitter

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that the First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution need to be “tweaked” to address “weapons of war” and Twitter.

While discussing Twitter, Whoopi Goldberg said, “I am going to just go the easy route, don’t read it. Don’t read it because it is meant to do exactly what it does to people. It is meant to make you think you don’t know yourself. It is meant to make you believe that these people who have the — what do you call it? The concrete courage in the bunker.”

Co-host Sara Haines said, “Keyboard courage in mama’s basement.”

Goldberg said, “The real question is, why do we take your word for something you don’t know anything about, me? Why am I taking your word that I’m all these things when you don’t know me? I’m not looking at you.”

Nov 30 11:22

Even more leftists b*tching : Rittenhouse Got Off On “Technicality”

That ain’t a technicality by any stretch of the imagination. -- Getting off on a technicality is charges being thrown out because the address on a warrant was misspelled or something. Rittenhouse was cleared of all charges in a court of law. -- And he didn’t shoot three people at a “racial justice protest.” It was a damn riot, for crying out loud. How is it so hard for the leftist media to acknowledge that reality? -- Of course, if they did, people might wonder if maybe Rittenhouse’s life actually was in danger or not.

Nov 30 11:16

The 50 Best Guns Ever Made

There are a number of ways a gun could make this list: The first was to change the course of firearms design. The Remington Nylon 66 made synthetic stocks not only acceptable but desirable, and the Smith & Wesson Model 29 altered our concept of what a handgun could do. Other factors: longevity (the Mosin-Nagant), sheer excellence (the Purdey self-opener), and general-horribleness-but-still-works-like-a-son-of-a-bitch (the Mossberg 500). This list is not compiled in order of greatness. It’s simply the top 50 choices in no kind of order at all. Anyone who would tell you that a Weatherby Mark V is “greater” than an A.H. Fox would teach his grandmother to suck eggs. In any event, enjoy, and when you e-mail to inform us we’re a couple of ignorant swine, check your spelling and punctuation. —D.E.P.

Nov 29 16:17

The Left is Going Loco Over the Rittenhouse Verdict

Just seconds after a Kenosha jury of five men and seven women found that Kyle Rittenhouse used his AR as it was intended, for self-defense, the anti-gun zealots went bonkers – crying, wailing and gnashing their teeth – nearly apoplectic with rage and disbelief. -- When the other side is screaming, babbling incoherently and imploding on the national stage, it’s best to just leave them alone. Pop some corn, sit back and enjoy the show. Sun Tzu said that, probably.

Nov 29 16:12

Now We Know There are Armed Good Guys on Our Streets

The mainstream news media sells shock and revulsion to keep us watching through their many advertisements. Politicians lie to us so we will vote for them. Both have told us that guns are frighteningly dangerous and that we’d be safer if more honest citizens were disarmed. We’re tempted to believe them if that is all we know. Now, we have data that calls their story into question. We confirmed something we’d long suspected about good men and women who legally carry personal firearms in public. Now we know that concealed carry and armed defense are common.

Nov 29 08:43

Note To Biden: Gun Stores Aren’t Responsible For Veteran Suicides

Suicide is a serious problem, but it’s especially problematic among veterans. Many of the brave men and women who fought for our nation and survived find they can’t seem to make it through peace quite as well, so they claim their own lives. -- Few people don’t see this as a significant issue. The problem is that we rarely agree on how to address it. -- After all, we live in a world where President Joe Biden seems to blame gun stores for those veteran suicides.

Nov 29 08:27

Break-in Illustrates Why No-Knock Raids A Bad Idea

I don’t think any law officer, peace officer, lawyer, judge, shoemaker, barber, or candlestickmaker can convince me that no-knock raids are justified in this light. Our homes are “the most protected place[s]” we can be and I’d like for some lawman to explain to me why we’re supposed to take someone’s word that they’re the police when being invaded. Or is it that the criminals should just know that they’re “bad guys” and that things like this just come with the territory? As if there has never been a case of mistaken identity on what homes get busted into by the police. On that note, I’ll just leave these here:

Nov 28 10:45

Article Raises A Good Point About “Mass Shootings”

Their reporting is not consistent with the way the FBI categorizes so-called mass shootings. The numbers that the GVA put out are favored because they’re able to incite fear in the population, making people think there are far more “mass shooting” events than there really are. I certainly commend Lee on his work. He even did go forward with interviewing the executive director Mark Bryant to try and set the record straight in one of the articles.

Nov 28 10:37

New Mexico Town Wants Everyone Armed At City Council Meetings

This is a refreshing change of pace from the city councils and county boards in Democratic-dominated parts of the country that are regularly banning lawfully possessed firearms from government property. In the tiny town of Estancia, New Mexico outside of Albuquerque, the town council recently voted to require that all those attending future meetings be armed.

Nov 27 10:38

Biden Using Veteran Suicides As Sick Pretext to Target Gun Dealers

As difficult as it is to accept this loss, it is far more difficult to believe anyone would use these deaths to help sell their political agenda, but that is exactly what Joe Biden is doing. -- The Biden-Harris administration is using veteran suicides to garner public support for their war on gun dealers, whom they blame for skyrocketing violent crime rates in cities historically controlled by Democrats.

Nov 26 12:41

Bill Introduced To Expand List Of Disqualifiers

We have enough laws on the books as it is. As cliché as it sounds, why don’t we start enforcing the ones we have and consider tossing out the ones that are ineffectual. As far as “gun control” laws that are ineffectual, to put that into perspective, that’d be most of them. While we waste our time away debating which infringements, if any, are acceptable on the Second Amendment, we also need to remain aware of these seemingly innocent proposals which are ripe for prosecutorial abuse. We’ll keep our eyes on this one for you.

Nov 25 12:18

‘Gun Buybacks’ Proof that Desperate ‘Authorities’ Need Scapegoats

Yeah, keep letting sociopathic predators out. “Cancel” the rights of those of us who don’t need grants or mentorship programs to know it is wrong to murder and wrong to steal. Gin up mob fury for our heads If we ever commit the unforgivable act of “vigilantism” by defending ourselves with a gun.

Nov 25 11:31

Five Reasons For Gun Owners To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

It might seem weird to be thankful for something so basic, but there are plenty of people around the world who don’t believe in self-defense at all and would love to see it criminalized, so I have no problem including the right of self-defense among the many blessings I’m counting this year.

Nov 24 13:50

Letter Writer Clueless About Gun Rights

I notice the author is very into the idea of things that make up an individual, things like reproduction, sexual orientation, gender identity, and so on. It’s funny that the letter writer would value these things, believing them worth certain legal protections, all while believing that the individual’s right to protect themself isn’t nearly as important.

Nov 24 12:05

The Big Brother Bill That Would Force Banks To Spy On Gun Owners

The likelihood of this making its way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to have President Biden be told to sign it is slim to none. Regardless, we all need to be aware of these attacks on our freedoms, and as always, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and report back with any new information.

Nov 24 11:44

Gun Control Groups Grasp at Straws Over Rittenhouse Verdict

The fake outrage, grasping at straws and hypocritical vilification of a young man defending himself while ignoring convicted felons who were true threats to community safety proves that gun control isn’t concerned about safer communities. They’re only concerned about banning guns.

Nov 23 13:30


So here’s the scenario:

Someone breaks into your house and attacks you…

…you shoot him in self-defense…

…and like a good civilian, you call the cops to report the incident.

What happens next?

Well hopefully, Officer Smiley shows up alongside an ambulance… they remove the garbage from your living room floor… and you show up on the next day’s news as the “hero of the day”.

Except sometimes they put YOU in jail instead!

To avoid a self-defense shooting turning into a nightmare like this, you need to know how to avoid common mistakes that START with your 911 call after an incident.

Nov 23 11:59

Gun Store Has “Not Guilty” Sale Following Rittenhouse Verdict

People are offended generally because they don’t understand what the hell actually happened and only had the media’s slanted reporting. A surprising number of media outlets apparently thought Rittenhouse shot black people, thus providing some kind of racial slant that simply didn’t exist, as just one example. -- Because of that biased reporting, a lot of people were offended because they didn’t know there was nothing to be offended about.

Nov 23 10:59

Beto O’Rourke Makes It Clear: I’m Coming for the Guns If Elected Texas Governor

He failed as a Senate candidate. He failed as a presidential candidate. Might as well go for the trifecta and fail as a gubernatorial candidate, too, right?

Well, let’s all pray that far-left radical Beto O’Rourke crashes and burns in his bid to succeed Greg Abbott as governor of Texas.

Because if the guy wins, the Lone Star state is in a world of hurt.

Nov 23 10:07

Poll Confirms Americans’ Widespread Support for 2nd Amendment

New polling confirms Americans are increasingly rejecting gun control calls amidst circumstances that have left them feeling exposed to danger and unsafe in their communities. Americans, by the millions, have turned those anxieties into empowerment by purchasing a firearm, exercising their Second Amendment right for protection, and rejecting gun control politicians and their schemes.

Nov 23 08:19

Texans Might Be 'Gunless' If They Vote Blue Next Year

Former Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke reiterated his pledge to “take your AR-15, your AK-47” if he’s successful in his bid to become governor of Texas.

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke announced Monday that he is running for governor of Texas, aiming to become the first Democrat to lead the state since the early 1990s. Next year’s contest will be the third consecutive election cycle in which he’s pursued a bid for a major office, and could potentially be his third consecutive loss.

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” O’Rourke was questioned by host Dana Bash if he stands by the pledge he made during a Democratic presidential debate in September 2019.

Nov 21 20:37

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Releases Teaser Of Interview With Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse is a normie 18-year-old conservative.

Nov 21 11:17

Is The Rittenhouse Verdict Exactly What Progressives Wanted?

Looking at the Rittenhouse case, many have said it was not Rittenhouse that was standing trial. What was standing trial was the concept of self-defense. The eddies, waves, and currents are going to continue through progressive disinformation and temper tantrums. The Rittenhouse verdict is exactly what they wanted. It allows them to fuel the fire and convert opinion to alleged Gospel. It’s going to backfire though. After all, we do have rights, and they’re on our side. Cut through all the noise and garbage and ask “Do we have a right to self-defend?” And that answer is a big “yes!”

Nov 21 07:29

2nd Amendment Becomes Top Priority Again For Everyone

A new poll shows that support for stricter gun control laws has dropped across the United States.

According to Gallup, Americans’ support for stricter gun control laws has fallen five percentage points since last year down to 52%, the lowest reading since 2014.

Nov 20 18:22

Kyle Rittenhouse, Free At Last

Kyle is back at home with his family and released this picture of him and his mother smiling ear to ear.

Nov 20 08:44

Tools In The Service Of Tyranny

What does a virus, a Marxist movement, and bans on firearms have in common? Nothing, superficially. Delving deeper, they are tools of federal oppression.

An obvious common element of the three tools is the fear they engender: of infectious death; of unchecked rioting and looting; and of gun violence. These dangers are in fact greatly exaggerated or fabricated altogether.

Stanford economist Paul Romer is credited with first saying, “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”

Washington has taken this idea to heart.

Nov 20 08:35

Yet Another Poll Shows Plunging Support For Gun Control!

Last week, a Morning Consult/POLITICO poll showed Republicans with a nearly double-digit advantage over Democrats on the issue of “gun policy.” This week, Gallup released a poll showing a 15-point drop in support of new gun laws since 2018, and now Quinnipiac has released its own survey that details a sharp decline in those backing restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. -- Clearly we’re not talking about a statistical blip or an outlier poll here. Take the specific numbers with as much skepticism as you’d like, but the trend is obvious; more Americans are turning their back on the gun control lobby’s ideology and embracing their Second Amendment rights.

Nov 19 19:16

NY Rep. Jerrold Nadler Pushes For DOJ to Hit Kyle Rittenhouse With Federal Charges

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) reacted to news of Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal by pushing for his buddy Attorney General Merrick Garland to bring Kyle up on federal charges.

Nov 19 15:47

Hate Hoaxer Bubba Wallace Attacks Rittenhouse: 'Let The Boy Be Black And It Would've Been Life'

Disgraced hate hoaxer Bubba Wallace, who had 15 FBI agents rush to his aid over a fake complaint about a garage cable being a "noose," reacted to Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty on all counts by claiming America is racist against black people.

Nov 19 15:27

Gun Control Activists, Anti-Gun Politicians In Full Meltdown After Rittenhouse Verdict

Gun control groups and Second Amendment organizations are weighing in on Kyle Rittenhouse’s full acquittal today, and as you can imagine, the reactions are very different depending on where they stand on the right to keep and bear arms in self-defense. -- Gun control groups like March for Our Lives are “enraged” over the jury’s verdict, and are doing their utmost to continue to spin the narrative that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist who valued property over human life.

Nov 19 15:15

Biden 'Angry And Concerned' With Rittenhouse Verdict

He should be angry and concerned as he smeared Kyle as a "white supremacist" and is open to getting sued for defamation.

Nov 19 14:15

MSNBC’s Reid: “13th Juror Was The Judge” In Rittenhouse Trial

Kyle Rittenhouse may have been acquitted by a jury of his peers in the shootings of three men who were attacking him during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year, but those who’ve spent the past year demonizing the teen as a white supremacist, racist, insurrectionist aren’t just going to accept that verdict. They’ve got too much invested in that narrative to do anything like that. Instead, far-Left pundits like Joy-Ann Reid are already railing against the injustice of the justice system.

Nov 19 13:14

Kyle Rittenhouse Found NOT GUILTY on All Counts

Kyle "The Kenosha Kid" Rittenhouse has been found not guilty on all counts!

Kyle Rittenhouse was smeared by the media and smeared by the regime's prosecutors who hid evidence from his defense team and lied about the law.

He was smeared by Facebook as a "mass shooter" and everyone was blocked from defending him on the site.

He was banned from having a legal defense fund on GoFundMe and PayPal and was only able to raise money when GiveSendGo stepped up (and got blocked from payment processors) and L. Lin Wood and John Pierce helped organize a second fund.

Kyle and all of us working together overcame all odds. Kyle is now a free man and he's getting his AR-15 back! He can now start suing the hell out of these bastards with hugely sympathetic juries!

Nov 19 12:21

Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted Of All Charges In 2020 Kenosha Shootings

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges on Friday, after his trial for shooting three people, killing two of them in Kenosha last year. -- Rittenhouse broke down in tears, nearly collapsing as the verdict was announced. He had faced five counts, including charges of first-degree reckless homicide, first-degree reckless endangerment, first-degree intentional homicide, and attempted first-degree attempted homicide. --
The verdict came after approximately 26 hours of deliberations over four days. His attorneys are expected to discuss the verdict later Friday at their offices in Racine. Prosecutors have said they do not plan to speak to the media after the verdict.

Nov 19 09:05

Left Using Rittenhouse Case To Push Age-Based Restrictions On 2A Rights

Setting aside the fact that the right to keep and bear arms is an enumerated right, and thus beyond any surrender negotiation, research indicates that young people’s brains aren’t fully developed until they’re 25 years old. Therefore, the age cutoff proposed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board is too low using their own brain research rationale. And if judgment and cognitive abilities are a concern, why are 18- to 20-year-olds allowed to vote? Why not go full Taliban and legally prevent intermingling of the sexes if you’re worried about raging hormones and impulsive decision-making?