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Bahrain police threaten detained children with rape

For the past decade February has become a holy month for the majority of the people in Bahrain and a horrible month for the throne in Manama.

For ten years, February has been the month of protest against systematic injustice, brutality and lack of freedom.

The nation has long been yearning for democratic reforms but what it has had so far are intensified state repression and increasing cases of human rights violations.

Many dissidents and opposition leaders have been imprisoned, executed or faced exile.

Bahrain's 2011 uprising was short-lived due to the military intervention of Saudi and Emirati forces that cracked down on the popular and peaceful protests.

Any objection is still responded to with iron-fist security strategies, carried out through the brutal police and dependent judiciary.

Adult protestors are treated like terrorists and minor protestors are treated like adults.

The way the Bahraini police treat protesting children is monstrous by any standard.