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Democrat’s Secret Hidden Intent Behind Anti-Gun Bill H.R. 8 ~ VIDEO

Anti-gun Legislators seem to be less concerned with bad guys having guns because they know that the bad guys pay no attention to background checks in the first place, and more concerned with denying and delaying the good guys. It’s the good guys, the law-abiding citizens, and those who believe in freedom who are the real opposition to the radical, anti-American left-wing of our government. When we dig into the facts, we learn that H.R. 8 will ultimately result in the delay of gun-ownership by lawful Americans, inherently resulting in some potential gun owners just giving up and not pursuing their purchase any further. Should H.R. 8 become law, it would tip the scale even more in favor of violent criminals by giving them less opposition and putting good people at even more risk.


Not hidden to me . .

michael mazur

the Dims will use criminals to break into 2A abiding citizens to murder with impunity.

We already know from almost a year ago how BLM Antifa terrorists funded by any of the numerous sub foundations, spawned by benefactor Soros' Open Society Foundation, rampaged, burnt, killed, looted, beat up people, in Dimocrat controlled states.

michael mazur