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Fake Social Media Operation from Abroad Catalyzes Cuba Incident

The operation made intensive use of robots, algorithms, and accounts recently created for the occasion, intending to make chorus to the messages issued by the referents of the manipulative campaign.

The first account that used the HT #SOSCuba related to the COVID situation in the country was one located in Spain. It posted more than a thousand tweets on July 10 and 11, with automation of 5 retweets per second.

The researcher points out as one of the referents of the operation the Argentinean Agustín Antonetti, who is part of the right-wing Fundación Libertad. Antonetti has been an active participant in the campaigns of hoaxes and bots in social networks against left-wing processes in Latin America, among them against the Bolivian Evo Morales and the Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as previous investigations revealed, from the sanction that Facebook applied to numerous accounts for political operations in the networks.

Tovar points out in his meticulous investigation that campaigns were carried out for artists to participate with a tweet with the HT #SOSCuba, due to the deaths caused by COVID and lack of medical resources. The striking thing is that if you analyze these responses, almost all come from newly created accounts or have a maximum age of one year. More than 1,500 of the accounts that participated in the operation with the hashtag #SOSCuba were created between July 10 and 11.