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Japan Extends State Of Emergency As Petition To Cancel Olympics Sees Growing Support

Japanese newswire Kyodo just confirmed that Japan plans to extend its state of emergency which covers Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto prefectures. The third state of emergency has been in place since April 25 and had been set to expire on May 11, but officials are concerned that the brief shutdown hasn't been sufficient to suppress infections, especially as cases start to accelerate across Asia.

Prime Minister Suga had a meeting on May 5 with senior ministers to discuss the necessary measures moving forward, and rumors about an extension started swirling shortly after the meeting concluded.

In addition to extending the state of emergency for the four prefectures, the government is also considering implementing stronger measures in several other prefectures including Hokkaido and Fukuoka.

Of course, Japan's decision to extend this state of emergency wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't for the fact that Tokyo is due to host the rescheduled Olympics Games this summer. Although there won't be much of a crowd, the Games, which had been delayed from last year, are still scheduled to continue, though the IOC reserves the right to cancel them.

In other news, as Moderna touts new study data showing its vaccine is effective in minors as young as 12, Bloomberg reports that Japan is set to approve the Moderna jab as soon as May 21 as it scrambles to ramp up vaccinations. Japan has a contract with Moderna for enough shots to inoculate 25 million people, and is set to receive sufficient deliveries for 20 million by June and another 5 million in the following three months, the paper said.

But for now, Japan's vaccination efforts are falling dreadfully below the rest of the developed world...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Japan's problem, is that its citizenry understands that the Moderna shot is NOT a vaccine in the traditional sense of what a vaccine is supposed to do, i.e., keep you from getting sick, and passing the disease on to others.

And there is no reasonable resolution possible, until Big Pharma gets off its collective backside, and develops a medication which can truly be described as a vaccine, and works precisely in that way.

Unfortunately, the only people to which Corporations are responsible, are their shareholders, and this is no different with a pharmaceutical corporation, the executives of which have had their consciences surgically removed, before they took the job.

Otherwise, why would infant vaccines be so fraught with problems, like the the use of mercury to "preserve them", so that they have a longer "shelf life"?!?