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No letup in protests to force expulsion of French envoy from Pakistan

There is no letup to the protests to compel Pakistani government to expel French ambassador from the country. At the heart of current wave of angry protests, is government’s decision to shelve its five months old agreement with Tehreek Labaik Pakistan or TLP, a religious and political party to expel the French ambassador to Islamabad. The repeated incidents of publications of blasphemous cartoons of Islam's Prophet Muhammad and official patronage by France to unending incidents of blasphemy once again triggered a mass unrest in Pakistan starting early this week.

The security forces came down hard onto protesters and managed to clear most of the highways they had occupied across Pakistan few days ago.

Paris has advised all of its citizens to immediately leave Pakistan over security concerns to their lives.

Pakistan also targeted major platform on social media networks, temporarily suspending them to contain the violence.

The religious group claims that over two dozens of its supporters were killed by security forces while hundreds of other were injured and arrested.

The government says nearly 600 of its policemen were injured and four of them were killed in the clashes.