The Taliban Are Unstoppable In Their Momentum | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Taliban Are Unstoppable In Their Momentum

The Taliban seem unstoppable all over Afghanistan, as their gains are followed by even more gains.

In recent days, the Taliban’s march through northern Afghanistan gained momentum with the capture of several districts from fleeing Afghan forces. More than 300 Afghan military personnel crossed from Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province as Taliban fighters advanced towards the border. The Afghan soldiers escaped to neighboring Tajikistan, saving their lives from the enemy.

On July 4th, the Taliban was on the verge of taking Faizabad, the provincial capital of the Badakhshan province.

Senior local officials have already taken a flight and escaped to Kabul.

Following the fall of dozens of districts of the Badakhshan province, Afghan commandos of special operation forces were deployed to the strategic city. The gains in northeastern Badakhshan province in recent days have mostly come to the insurgent movement without a fight.