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The Theft Of The Hesse Crown Jewels

In 1944, Prince Wolfgang of the House of Hesse was forced to flee his family's ancestral palace outside Frankfurt for fear of it being taken by force by Allied forces. This was a valid concern: the US military had a habit of seizing European palaces and using them as rest and health centers. However, before leaving, he ensured the safety of the family's treasure, most notably the Hesse Crown Jewels, a collection that included dozens of rings, bracelets, tiaras, necklaces and more than 500 carats of loose diamonds. After placing the jewels in a zinc-lined box, he burrowed them deep into the dirt floor of the castle's basement, poured concrete on top, then built an entire secret room around it. You can't say they didn't try.

American woman
However, she was no match for Captain Kathleen Nash of the Women's Army Corps. When the US military finally claimed Cronenberg Castle, a plain-looking woman in her early forties was put in charge of running the entertainment center. There was no reason to doubt her credibility—she had a clean service record—but then, while drinking several famous taverns at the palace's bar, she fell for Colonel Jack Durant.