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Thousands Flee Eastern Congo Amid Further Risk Of Volcanic Eruptions

In the city of Goma in eastern Congo, residents were advised by authorities to pack up their bags and head to the next town as another volcanic eruption by Mount Nyiragongo could be imminent, according to The Guardian.

"Current data on seismicity and the deformation of the ground indicate the presence of magma under the urban area of Goma, with an extension under Lake Kivu," the local military governor, Gen Constant Ndima, said in a public address.

"We can't rule out an eruption on land or under the lake, which could happen very soon and without warning. The situation can change rapidly, and is being constantly monitored."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You've got to feel for these people; to the best of my understanding, this area of Africa has no "earthquake code", in terms of how buildings are created in seismically active areas, like California or Japan, to attempt to prevent them from falling apart, and minimize damage when a quake hits.

Mike and I lived through the Northridge Quake, and although there was seismic damage to the apartment in North Hollywood where we lived, we were relatively lucky; an apartment building very close to us just pancaked into its own foundation.