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Today, I Shot Guns with My Teenage Daughter

The day after the most deadly gun-related massacre in America (at that time) I took my 15-year-old daughter out to shoot guns.

I’m a firm believer in refusing to be a victim, and this philosophy carries over to the way I’ve raised my children. We had planned to take a course together from a new instructor for a while. My daughter, 15, hadn’t ever shot a gun before our class. Since I lived a good part of my adult life in Canada, I’ve only been using guns a couple of years myself.

When the day dawned, we were eager to get out the door and be there early. We didn’t turn on our computers or check the news. I took a cute photo and posted it on Instagram and Facebook, and we popped a CD in the player in the Jeep.

It is a beautiful day to shoot guns

When I posted that photo, I had no idea that a man pledging his loyalty to the Islamic State had opened fire at a gay nightclub in Florida and murdered 50 people. With a gun.

If I had known, I might not have posted that particular picture with that particular caption. Tact isn’t always my strong point, but even I can grasp that some would find it upsetting.

But I definitely would have still taken my daughter shooting.