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Tucker Carlson: Ugly Buildings Are Designed to Dehumanize Us

Fox news host Tucker Carlson has spoken out about the ‘dehumanizing’ architecture of the United States, which he says is deigned to demean those who work and live in the lifeless buildings.

At a recent event in Hungary, Carlson remarked that the architecture in the country contrasts starkly with the soulless glass and steel of the United States:

“Dehumanizing is the act of convincing people that they don’t matter, that they are less significant than the larger whole, that they are not distinct souls, that they are not unique, that they are not created by God, that they are merely putty in the hands of some larger force that they must obey,” Carlson said.

“Mies van der Rohe architecture was designed to send that message not to uplift, but to oppress. And it is very noticeable and this is never noted in the United States, which unfortunately over time has had its aesthetic sense dulled. We’ve been told it’s not important,” he continued.