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Why do “Health Authorities” and Presstitutes Lie to Us about Covid?



michael mazur

they want us dead.

michael mazur

When I first went...


...The rabbit hole many years ago as it pertained to what happened on 9/11 I found it to be so Dayumed Convex and Convoluted that it would be impossible to dissememinate everything. The Jewish workers stayed home but the Gentiles went to work as usual. I am flabergasted that for some reason we want to pin this on the Saudis.

The point I am trying to make is every time I started to go deeper all I found was the same: Follow The Money.

This is the same thing in different clothing!!

It always boils down to money!!!!

And more importantly, how was this scam able to go fully global?


Normally, if Uncle Sam does some blatant rip-off, Russia and China denounce it and vice versa. This time? EVERY significant government in the world is up to its ears in it.

So they had to hold extended meetings, work out all the details including the scare campaign, keep the minutes out from the media all this time, create Covid with a joint scientific effort - all this to murder or maim citizens with vaccines for profit apparently.

Every single world institution whose job is to fight this kind of criminality failed. I think citizens are about to take matters into their hands soon (since no institution is doing anything worth a damn) and throats are going to be politely cut.

An attendant conclusion: a world government is a really shitty idea. We have now experienced first hand on this debacle why one should never be allowed.