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"There is no more direct way to capture control of a nation than through its credit and money system." -- Phillip A. Benson, President of American Bankers' Association, 1939



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March 23, 2020

Mar 23 06:00

Four Fox Business Employees Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Four Fox Business employees have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to an announcement from the media giant on Saturday.

Mar 23 06:00

Watch Dr. Fauci's Face When Trump Calls Out 'Deep State Dept.' It's the Best Thing You'll See All Day

Sometimes, in dark moments like the current coronavirus pandemic, it becomes easy to fall into a pattern of fear and despair.

Mar 23 05:59

VP Pence, Wife Test Negative For Coronavirus After Staffer Tested Positive

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen have tested negative for coronavirus, a White House spokeswoman said.

Mar 23 05:48

Where Will the US Stock Market Crash End?

Mar 23 05:46

Ohio Halts ‘Non-Essential and Elective Surgical Abortions’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Ohio abortion clinics have been ordered to halt “non-essential and elective surgical abortions” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

exmarketplace 3
Mar 23 05:45

CDC Estimates H1N1 Outbreak During Biden-Obama Years Left 12,000 Americans Dead

Former Vice President Joe Biden has attacked President Donald Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, but is the likely Democratic presidential candidate throwing stones from a glass house?

Mar 23 05:44

Colorado Couple Vows To Take Decisive Action, Pays for Entire County's Coronavirus Testing

A couple from Telluride, Colorado, has taken it upon themselves to pay for all the residents in their town of 2,500 to be tested for the coronavirus, and eventually the entire county of 8,000 as well.

Mar 23 05:44

WA State Officials Quietly Deciding Who Gets Medical Care When Hospitals Fill

Washington state officials and clinicians have discussed the possibility of rationing health care across the state for coronavirus patients.

Mar 23 05:44

Iran Leader Cites Chinese Conspiracy Theory While Rejecting Help From US To Stop Coronavirus

Iran’s supreme leader on Sunday cited a conspiracy theory claiming America bio-engineered the coronavirus. Citing this theory, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei refused U.S. help in fighting the virus.

Mar 23 05:43

Five States Suspend Democratic Primaries Over Coronavirus, Sending Nomination Race Into Chaos

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has no intention of dropping out of the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, and as the July convention draws closer, his decision to keep his campaign alive may mean chaos for the Democratic party. Five more states have suspended their Democratic primaries amid concerns about coronavirus, and it may soon be impossible for any candidate to win a majority of delegates.

Mar 23 05:35

Liberty and the Coronavirus: Not An Either/Or Proposition

Governments have always exploited crises to expand their powers.

It’s always difficult during a crisis for the government to address problems effectively while guarding against potential collateral damage to the freedoms Americans take for granted. That dilemma has become acute with the current coronavirus outbreak and the measures being taken to stem it. No one should doubt that this pandemic is a worrisome problem. Not only is the virus highly contagious, the mortality rate (especially among elderly victims and those with underlying health problems) is substantially higher than with influenza or similar diseases. That gap shows signs of narrowing, but there is little question that coronavirus is a serious health menace.

Mar 23 05:33

Of Viruses and Verities: Is Shutting Down the Nation Over Covid-19 Making Us LESS Safe?

There have been approximately 225,000 hospitalizations and 20,000 deaths. Ninety percent of the deceased are elderly, and 90 percent have underlying medical conditions.

I’m talking about the flu, by the way, and the toll it takes annually in just the United States alone.

As for the Wuhan virus, there are 18,170 confirmed cases in the U.S., with 250 confirmed deaths. Eighty percent of the deceased are elderly, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) tells us, and data from Italy show that 99 percent had underlying medical conditions. So it’s good we’re reacting to the disease the same way we do to the flu.

Except we’re not, of course.

Mar 23 05:33

VIDEO: Ohio Kids Recite Pledge of Allegiance at Home While Schools are Closed

What a great idea.
A group of Ohio kids this week took time out to start their day with the Pledge of Allegiance like it was a regular school day.

Mar 23 05:32

Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive for COVID-19, Falls into High-Risk Category: Report

Convicted sex criminal Harvey Weinstein has been moved into isolation in a New York State prison after testing positive for COVID-19.

Mar 23 05:32

China claimed local zero-infection, Japanese media reveal fakes, Alleged that the test stop after the visit of Xi to Wuhan

Mar 23 05:32

NY Times Absoultely Butchers Democrats for Blocking COVID-19 Economic Stimulus — Then Quickly Changes Their Headline

You don’t see this much honesty in The New York Times these days…
The New York Times butchered Democrats for blocking the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus bill in a stunning headline on Sunday night.

Mar 23 05:31

Theory: A debt jubilee is coming

Mar 23 05:31

State Dept. Flips Off Liberal Media, Officially Labels Virus the 'Wuhan Corona Pandemic'

The State Department went all out Friday, showing the world it is in lockstep with President Donald Trump regarding the importance of including the global coronavirus pandemic’s location of origin when referring to it.

Mar 23 05:31

US Church Defies Shutdown Order, Rogue Pastor Says He Was Threatened with Military Force

A Louisiana pastor welcomed hundreds of people into his Tuesday night church service one day after Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards banned groups of 50 people or more from gathering.

Mar 23 05:31

Collins blasts Democrats for blocking coronavirus stimulus plan, says they’re ‘playing with fire’

The dems may lose the House big time over this stupidity. They are setting themselves up to take the blame for all this crap. BYE! BYE!

Senate Democrats late Sunday blocked a GOP-backed $1.3 trillion coronavirus rescue package as five Republicans watched helplessly from self-quarantine, prompting U.S. stock futures to dive and sowing fresh doubt the parties can forge an agreement as the nation descends into economic disaster.

Mar 23 05:31

BREAKING: U.S. Coronavirus Lockdown Could Last 10-12 WEEKS, Treasury Secretary Says

The U.S. lockdown to stem the spread of the coronavirus will likely last at least 10 to 12 weeks, or until early June, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Sunday.

Mar 23 05:29

China deployed 12 underwater drones 'Sea Wing Glider' in Indian Ocean

China has deployed a fleet of 12 underwater drones in the Indian Ocean. According to sources, these drones known as 'Sea Wing Gliders' were launched in December 2019 and these drones had made around 3,500 observations till February 2020.
These Sea Wing Gliders are a Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle (UUV) which are capable of operating for months without any human crew.

Mar 23 05:22

Prof. Francis Boyle Update on Coronavirus Bioweapon

Francis Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.

In an exclusive interview given to Geopolitics and Empire, Dr. Boyle discusses the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China and the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) from which he believes the infectious disease escaped.

Mar 23 05:17

FEMA vows to ‘ATTACK health & safety’ of Americans in chilling slip as Trump activates National Guard to battle Covid-19

In an ill-timed blooper, immediately mocked as a Freudian slip, the head of FEMA promised a crackdown on Americans’ health and safety while standing alongside US President Donald Trump at a coronavirus task force briefing.

“The federal government continues to take aggressive action and proactive steps to address the Covid-19 threat...

... as we attack the health and safety, or protect the health and safety of the American people...

“It remains our top priority,” stated the Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Peter Gaynor.

Mar 23 05:15

Egon von Greyerz – Fake Markets Supported by Fake Money, Global Financial System Broken & Bankrupt

Mar 23 04:55

Actor Daniel Dae Kim Credits Anti-Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine in His Coronavirus Recovery (Video)

Actor Daniel Dae Kim released a video on Instagram on Saturday where he credited a hydroxychloroquine cocktail with aiding his recovery from the coronavirus.

Mar 23 04:54

Chi-Coms Loosen Lockdown on Wuhan and Resume Limited Mass Transit Now that Chinese Coronavirus has Left the City and Spread Around the Globe

Good news — if you live in Wuhan.
If you live anywhere else, you’re screwed.
The Chinese government lifted the lockdown in Wuhan this weekend. Public transportation will be gradually resume.

Mar 23 04:53

“Severe Shortness of Breath” – Dem Rep. Ben McAdams Hospitalized with Breathing Trouble After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Democrat Rep Ben McAdams (UT) announced last week that he tested positive for the Coronavirus after he returned to Utah from Washington.

Mar 23 04:53

Hillary Clinton Uses Coronavirus Crisis in Call To Make ‘Voting by Mail the Norm’

As part of the Democratic Party’s trend to erode traditional barriers against voter fraud, Hillary Clinton is now calling for America to vote by mail.

Mar 23 04:53

Biden’s Latest Excuse For Disappearing…. His Home ‘Doesn’t Have High Ceilings Which Can Make Lighting a Challenge’ For Streaming Briefings

Biden is currently having his home in Delaware rigged up with equipment that will allow him to give briefings and interviews from his living room.

Mar 23 04:53

Morgantown, West Virginia Mylan Plant to Restart Production of Anti-Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus Treatment

The Mylan plant in Morgantown, West Virginia willl restart production of hydroxychloroquine this week.
The drug was touted by researchers, doctors and President Trump in the treatment of the COVID-19 virus.

Mar 23 04:52

NY Gov. Cuomo Rejected Buying Recommended 16,000 Ventilators in 2015 for Pandemic, Established Death Panels and Lottery Instead

Life comes at you fast, as the saying goes, or as the case may be in this era of a viral pandemic, death comes at you fast. Sadly it is the latter for the citizens of New York who will pay the price for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) 2015 decision to not fix a shortfall and buy the recommended 16,000 ventilators to shore up the state’s stockpile in case of a pandemic. Cuomo spent more money than the cost of the ventilators on a solar panel boondoggle, reports former New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey (R) in a syndicated column published this past week. McCaughey reports the Cuomo administration decided instead to establish “triage officers” to decide in a crisis who would get a ventilator and who would be left to die.

Mar 23 04:51

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny Rips Biden’s Campaign For Being Behind on Technology… “Not Quite Ready For This Moment” (VIDEO)

Biden had to put his “No Malarkey” tour on hold and has been in hiding at home for over a week due to the Coronavirus, but he’s discovered some new technology that will allow him to give briefings from his home in Delaware.

Mar 23 04:38

Short Take on the Long Line to Recession

Mar 23 04:29

Democrats sink Senate coronavirus stimulus plan to give cash to families

Congress was unable to reach an agreement Sunday on a $1 trillion-plus stimulus package that gives cash to families and keeps small businesses afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, deepening fears of economic chaos as Rand Paul of Kentucky became the first U.S. senator to confirm he has contracted the disease.

Democrats balked at the Senate Republicans’ push to set aside $425 billion for loans to select companies and industries, dubbing it a “slush fund” for the Treasury to direct as it sees fit. They said the benefits are tilted toward corporations instead of working people.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, dared Democrats to reject the Senate measure in a procedural vote Sunday as tales of joblessness and woe poured in from every part of the nation.

Mar 23 04:28

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf: Not Considering National Lockdown – Blames Internet Rumors – Says Current Closures Could Last Until Late April (VIDEO)

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.
Wolf was asked about the online rumblings that the US was going to implement a national shutdown in the coming days.

Mar 23 04:26

Rand Paul becomes first senator to contract coronavirus, is in quarantine

Sen. Rand Paul has tested positive for the coronavirus and is in quarantine, he said Sunday.

“Senator Rand Paul has tested positive for COVID-19. He is feeling fine and is in quarantine. He is asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution due to his extensive travel and events,” read a message on the Kentucky Republican’s Twitter handle.

“He was not aware of any direct contact with any infected person.”

He is the first US senator to test positive for the virus.

Mar 23 04:25

In Sweeping Power Grab, DOJ Seeks Ability To Detain People Indefinitely Without Trial

In a sweeping power grab, the Department of Justice has asked Congress for the ability to go directly to chief judges in order to detain people indefinitely without trial during emergencies.

Mar 23 04:24

Pelosi: Trump Should Assume Dictatorial Powers NOW

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on President Trump to invoke the Defense Production Act and assume dictatorial powers in the United States.

Mar 23 04:23

Crikey! Australia Warned Beer Could Run out if Not Classified as ‘Essential’ to Life

Australians face the grim prospect of running out of beer in a matter of weeks unless the amber fluid is classified as “essential” to life and breweries are exempted from a range of closures Down Under due to the Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

Mar 23 04:16

Donald Trump Jr. UNLOADS on Latest Liberal Media BS on Hopeful and Proven Hydroxychloroquine Treatment for Coronavirus

Late last week President Donald Trump announced a new medical treatment that includes malaria drug chloroquine and Z-pac cocktail to battle the coronavirus.

Mar 23 04:15

McConnell Furious After Senate Democrats Screw American Public – Block Emergency Coronavirus Package (VIDEO)

Senate Democrats on Sunday blocked phase 3 of the Coronavirus economic stimulus bill.
60 votes were needed for this bill.

Mar 23 04:15

President Trump: National Guard Has Been Activated to Help NY, CA and WA (VIDEO)

President Trump lead another Coronavirus task force press briefing from the White House Sunday evening.

Mar 23 04:14

Old Goat Ayatollah Khamenei Rejects US Assistance – Says America Will Use it in Attempt to Further Spread Coronavirus (VIDEO)

In recent days President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered assistance to Iran to help battle the coronavirus.

Mar 23 04:14

WH Trade and Manufacturing Director Peter Navarro Warns US Government Will Come After Price Gougers Hoarding Medical Supplies (VIDEO)

White House Trade and Manufacturing Director Peter Navarro spoke at the White House Coronavirus Daily Press Briefing on Sunday.

Mar 23 04:14

“He is a National Disgrace” – Brennan Attacks President Trump Amid Coronavirus Global Pandemic

Former CIA Director John Brennan attacked President Trump as “national disgrace” amid the Coronavirus pandemic.
President Trump UNLOADED on another far left reporter Friday morning during his daily Coronavirus press briefing.

Mar 23 04:12

The US will NOT be included in the WHO's trial of experimental treatments for coronavirus because it has not committed to the project yet - but 10 other countries have

The US will not be part of a new trial led by the World Health Organization examining which treatments work best against coronavirus.

The so-called 'SOLIDARITY trial' will see researchers from several different countries compare the effects of different drugs on the highly-infectious disease.

Included in the trial are remdesivir, originally conceived as a drug to fight Ebola, and an anti-malaria drug called hydroxychloroquine.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the organization's director-general, said eight countries had committed to joining the trial, but that America was not among them.

Mar 23 04:11

The 3 Pillars Of Trump's Reelection Campaign Are Shaking Simultaneously 

In a little over a month, the three pillars underpinning President Trump's argument for reelection have crashed: "the greatest economy ever;" running against Bernie Sanders and demonizing socialism; and "draining the swamp" of big government as the administration combats the virus with big government and attempts to revive the economy through corporate bailouts, said CNBC's Christina Wilkie.

President Trump's entire reelection campaign was built on the "greatest economy ever." A feel-good movement that was really overhyped. As the economy started to slow in late 2018, the president started focusing on the soaring stock market in early 2019, mostly because inflation, manufacturing, and employment were decelerating. But with the economy and stock market now crashed, President Trump's economic narrative has been virtually wiped out in a matter of weeks. Now his administration faces depression employment and growth numbers in the second quarter.

Mar 23 04:10

Stockman: The Crony Capitalist Thieves Are Back

The nerve of it is a wonder to behold. The US airline industry has spent a decade shoving itself into harm’s way by strip-mining their balance sheets to fund share buybacks and goose top executive stock options.

For crying out loud – the reckless irresponsibility of it is mind-boggling. That’s because for decades upon decades this has been a highly cyclical industry – vulnerable to global dislocations caused by recessions, storms, wars, terror and more. Accordingly, airline companies absolutely need deep equity balance sheets and ample standby liquidity, even at the expense of short-term earnings.

Mar 23 04:09

"Stop The Coronavirus Corporate Coup": Here Is A List Of Everyone Demanding A Bail Out

Courtesy of BIG newsletter author and monopoly researcher, Matt Stoller, here is an ever expanding list of every industry and entity that has floated bailout demands in what Stoller dubs the "CoronavirusCoup" - which if allowed to continue will make America's big business bigger and more entrenched than ever, and crush most of the country's small business. Why? Because from Defense contractors, to billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, to meatpackers and the beer industry, everyone wants a piece, and thanks to their lobby connections and political bribes, they will get it.

Who won't get it? The mom and pop store down the street which will have to quickly shut down for good in the coming weeks.

Here is how Stoller summarizes the dynamic currently taking place in Congress, which is certainly not going to let this crisis go to waste, and jockeying for trillions and trillions in pork, all on the back of US taxpayers and the viability of the world's reserve currency.

Mar 23 04:09

"No One Was Ready" – Europe's Desperate Doctors Use Trash Bags As Hazmat Suits 

Huge jumps in COVID-19 deaths and cases have been reported in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France this weekend. Hospital systems in many of these countries are running out of supplies, staff, hospital beds, and ICU-level treatments.

The shortage of protective gear for medical staff at many European hospitals has forced some to tape trash bags to their bodies as makeshift biohazard suits.

Mar 23 04:08

One Third Of All Coronavirus Cases Show No Symptoms, Classified China Data Reveals

China, which has been praising itself for its draconian response in shutting down much of the country for most of February and thus halting the spread of the coronavirus pandemic domestically (at least if one ignores the glaring discrepancies from reports on the ground), may have a new problem on its hands.

Mar 23 04:08

One Third Of All Coronavirus Cases Show No Symptoms, Classified China Data Reveals

China, which has been praising itself for its draconian response in shutting down much of the country for most of February and thus halting the spread of the coronavirus pandemic domestically (at least if one ignores the glaring discrepancies from reports on the ground), may have a new problem on its hands.

Mar 23 04:08

"Critical Medical Supply Shortage": The Moment US Woke Up To Disaster Of Always Outsourcing To China

No doubt Americans will look back on this current crisis as the moment the country collectively learned its lesson 'the hard way' about the dangers of over-reliance on Chinese manufacturing, or sending the vast majority of our manufacturing abroad anywhere for that matter.

"The critical shortage of medical supplies across the U.S., including testing swabs, protective masks, surgical gowns and hand sanitizer, can be tied to a sudden drop in imports, mostly from China," Associated Press reports after a new investigation.

Mar 23 04:07

You Will Sacrifice And It Will Hurt

The president told reporters at a White House briefing that fighting the virus would require a sacrificial national effort just like it took to defeat the Axis in the Second World War.

Every generation of Americans has been called to make shared sacrifices for the good of the nation. To this day, nobody has ever seen like it, what they were able to do during World War II. Now it’s our time. We must sacrifice together, because we are all in this together, and we will come through together. It’s the invisible enemy. That’s always the toughest enemy, the invisible enemy.”

But listening to all the rhetoric coming from politicians and pundits, one has to ask, where exactly is the sacrifice?

Mar 23 04:06

COVID-19 Shatters The Facade Of European 'Union'

The new coronavirus and its accompanying disease Covid-19 has stopped the globe in its tracks. Governments, markets and news cycles have become dominated by the pandemic. Europe is now the epicenter for the disease, with reportedly more fatal cases of infection than China where the virus first erupted in December.

Mar 23 04:06

Martial Law In The US: How Likely Is It, & What Will Happen?

The march towards martial law is something that is often ignored by the general public, often labeled as Quackery or something belonging on conspiracy websites. But what’s happening in this country is exactly what our founders warned us about, and martial law is something they took very, very seriously.

What is martial law?

If you’re looking for a definition, then Martial Law basically means using state or national military force to enforce the will of the government on the people.

Under a declaration of martial law, Constitutional freedoms and liberties are suspended, and civilians are no longer entitled to their civil rights. It basically allows the government, or a tyrannical politician, to shred the Constitution and impose its will through military force.

Mar 23 04:05

'Stay Indoors Or Risk A Year In Prison': Jordan Blows Sirens At Start Of Virus Lockdown

Jordan has imposed an unprecedented nation-wide curfew on Saturday to combat the spread of coronavirus at a moment its official confirmed number of cases approaches 100. As of Friday health officials said Jordan has 85 confirmed infections while emphasizing they expect numbers to rise rapidly.

"Jordan blew sirens at the start of a nationwide curfew on Saturday, limiting the mobility of its 10 million citizens indefinitely to combat the spread of coronavirus, witnesses and officials said," Reuters reports.

The round-the-clock ban on residents going outside started at 7am with warning sirens literally sounding across Amman. The new curfew is being widely described as the most severe measure any country has imposed on a nation-wide level thus far in the crisis.

Mar 23 04:04

Mike Bloomberg Campaign Transfers Record $18 Mln to DNC in Anti-Trump Effort

The giant injection for the Democratic Party was possible because the donation was not made by an individual, but a legal entity - the billionaire mogul’s campaign, which failed during Super Tuesday’s multiple-state vote and saw Bloomberg fall far behind many of the other presidential candidates.

Former billionaire Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg is injecting a hefty sum of $18 million from his failed presidential campaign into the Democratic National Committee in the biggest such donation to date, the DNC announced.

The record transfer is seen as a sign of Bloomberg’s eager involvement in the anti-Trump campaign at large after quitting the presidential race in the wake of his poor showing on Super Tuesday, which this year fell on 3 March. Back then, he won only one US territory, while former Vice President Joe Biden became a frontrunner.

Mar 23 04:04

Twenty-Three Killed, Scores Injured in Prison Riot Over COVID-19 in Bogota, Colombia

Seven prison guards were among those injured in the riot, two of whom are in critical condition, according to the country's justice minister.

Twenty-three inmates were killed and 83 injured after a riot broke out in a prison in the Colombian capital Bogota over poor sanitary conditions amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, the justice minister revealed on Sunday.

exmarketplace 1
Mar 23 04:03

US Army Enters New York to Convert Hotels and Dorms to Hospitals Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the US state of New York has reached 10,356, while New York City has registered 6,211 people infected with the virus, Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a press briefing on 21 March.

US Army, National Guard troops have entered New York to take over hotels, college dormitories, and sports arenas and turn them into ICU-like medical facilities, photos and videos of netizens show.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the US Army Corps of Engineers plans to take over as many as 10,000 hotel rooms, college dormitories, and other spaces in New York for medical services as the number of coronavirus hospitalisations rises exponentially

Mar 23 04:02

Video of Destruction and Rubble in Earthquake-Hit Croatian Capital Zagreb Emerges Online

The Balkan nation has been shaken by a 6.0-magnitude tremor that came just days after the country went on lockdown in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Croatian capital Zagreb is experiencing the aftermath of a major earthquake that destroyed buildings in the city and left some parts of it without electricity.

Mar 23 03:58

‘Both Are Incompetent’: Whether Biden or Trump, ‘Same Apparatus is Behind Them’ - Journo

While after the latest round of Democratic Primaries on Tuesday it looks like former Vice President Joe Biden is the likely Democratic nominee, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has not dropped out of the race and may refocus his campaign on Medicare for All as the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic rages on.

Jim Kavanagh, the editor of ThePolemicist.net, joined Radio Sputnik’s Loud and Clear on Wednesday to speak about the former vice president’s wins in the March 17 primaries, Sanders’ campaign and Biden’s potential choices for his running mate.

“I think it’s effectively over for Bernie,” he told hosts Brian Becker and John Kiriakou, speaking of the Vermont senator’s campaign to secure the Democratic nomination. Biden swept the Tuesday primaries with wins in Florida, Illinois and Arizona.

Mar 23 03:58

I am an American constitutional lawyer – and I see our government using Covid-19 to take away our fundamental rights

Do we really think “it can’t happen here” in America? Could we quarantine the constitution? Are we doing it already?

Panics from pandemics unleash unchecked governmental power. The very premise of popular films like V for Vendetta reveal this: a group uses a virus to seize power and create a totalitarian society. Anyone could witness this from far-off lands, watching the news about China locking people up in their own homes and then removing them screaming from those homes whenever the state wanted. World War I and the Great Depression birthed virulent forms of governments with leaders like Hitler, Mao, Mussolini and Stalin.

Mar 23 03:57

US debt crisis wasn’t supposed to happen until at least 2035. Covid-19 is rapidly pushing it closer

The overall price tag of the fiscal stimulus package in the US could be around one trillion dollars. With record budget deficits and its national debt at $23 trillion, is the US hastening toward a fiscal reckoning?

The Trump administration wants to send direct cash payments to Americans in the coming weeks to help them cope with the economic ravages of coronavirus, part of a massive relief package developed between the White House and Capitol Hill. The overall price tag of the package is more than $1 trillion, making it one of the largest federal emergency fiscal packages ever assembled.

Whether this is a temporary downturn or a full-blown recession, two things will happen. Tax revenues will fall as people’s income drops, and Federal spending will rise. The result will be higher deficits.

Mar 23 03:56

Iranian Army’s air defense warns off intruding F-18 fighter jet in south country

A recently released video shows how the Iranian Army’s Air Defense Force warns off an intruding F-18 fighter jet several times in southern Iran, forcing it to leave the country's airspace immediately.

The video, released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), dates back to the first day of the Iranian New Year (started on March 20) and shows Iranian Army's Air Defense Force warning the intruding fighter jet, whose nationality has not been revealed, to get away from the country's border after it approached the Iranian airspace on Friday, Tasnim news agency reported.

The Iranian forces warned the fighter jet that if it maintained its course toward Iran's airspace, it would be targeted by the country's air defense missiles.

Mar 23 03:55

The four-star general who will command the US if government is crippled by coronavirus: Military puts plans in place for 'extraordinary circumstances' and martial law

The coronavirus crisis is forcing US military planners to look at 'extraordinary circumstances' and prepare for a range of radical scenarios, including the possibility of widespread domestic violence and the deaths of the country's top politicians.

In a report published Sunday, Newsweek reveals that standby orders were issued more than three weeks ago to ready Above-Top Secret contingency plans if 'all Constitutional successors are incapacitated' and martial law needs to be imposed across the country.

'We're in new territory,' one anonymous senior military officer told the publication.

Mar 23 03:54

US Troops Prepare for ‘Worst-Case’ Scenario in Europe

An estimated 35 US troops in Europe have symptoms of coronavirus, but with the pandemic tearing rapidly across the continent, and US troops being kept in some potentially dangerous crowded conditions, officials are looking at a “worst case” scenario for Europe.

Gen. Tod Wolters concedes the situation could deteriorate rapidly, and says the worst-case scenario could mean US troops are in so much trouble they would need to seek outside help from Europe in treating the number of sick

Wolters says that the virus hasn’t impacted readiness yet, but seems to concede that this could easily happen. Despite this, there is no sign that the US is considering any changes to posture in Europe, and they’re just going to keep going until something bad happens, then react to that.

Mar 23 03:53

Berlin Streets Deserted as Germany Introduces Stricter Measures Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ramped up measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak effectively banning gatherings of more than two people across Germany unless they are related or live together.

Follow our live feed from the streets of the German capital Berlin amid new tough measures announced on Sunday by Chancellor Merkel as the city is dealing with the spread of the coronavirus.

The chancellor herself is under quarantine after being treated by a doctor who has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Mar 23 03:51

Coronavirus: As Israel shuts down, authorities destroy Bedouin crops

Government activities slowed this week to stop the virus spreading, but department overseeing Negev still razed hundreds of hectares of vital land

Mar 23 03:51

THIS Is What World War III Looks Like

Here’s a question for you: How do you know when you’re at war?

When there are troops on the streets? When mass panic hits? When there’s martial law and the public is told to batten down the hatches for a months-long or years-long siege? When world “leaders” tell their populations that the enemy is to blame for all the carnage?

If these are the criteria, then that means we’re at war right now.

Troops on the streets? Check.

Mass panic? Check.

Martial law and the public being told to batten down the hatches? Check and check.

World leaders telling their populations that the enemy is to blame for all the carnage? Check and check.

Mar 23 03:50

US Senators Dump Stocks with COVID-19 “Inside Information”

Following a closed-door briefing on the threat of spreading COVID-19 infections — before markets began crashing — at least five US senators cashed in based on inside information unavailable to the public.

The quintet includes Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Byrd, James Inhofe, Kelly Loeffler, Ron Johnson, and Diane Feinstein.

Most likely, other insiders in Washington and elsewhere sold equity holdings before public information about spreading COVID-19 infections caused financial, commodity, and other market turmoil.

Loeffler’s husband is chairman and CEO of the New York Stock Exchange — both co-owners of stocks they dumped, reportedly up to $3.1 million in late January and early February.

Reportedly with a net worth of around $500 million, Loeffler is the wealthiest US senator, a body known as a millionaires club.

Mar 23 03:49

The IMF Abandons Venezuelans to the Threat of the COVID-19 Pandemic on a Political Decision

No government that had to bow to the power of a financial institution like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) knows the harsh consequences to which it will have to submit. That includes the Venezuelan government. And yet last March 15 president Nicolas Maduro filed a formal request to the IMF for a financing facility of US$5 billion from the emergency fund of the Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) with the following words in a letter sent to the IMF director Kristalina Georgieva and that Arreaza published on his Twitter account:

“Only under the spirit of solidarity, brotherhood, and social discipline, we will be able to overcome the situation that comes our way, and we will know how to protect the life and wellbeing of our peoples.”

Mar 23 03:48

Video: ISIS Threat Revives in Eastern Syria. Idlib Militants Kill Each Other Over Security Zone Deal Contradictions

ISIS cells are once again active in eastern Syria. Late on March 17, the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces repelled an ISIS attack in the area between the town of al-Sukhna and the T3 station. The attack involved over two dozen ISIS members supported by at least 6 vehicles equipped with heavy weapons. Pro-opposition sources claim that at least 20 Syrian soldiers were killed in the clashes. Pro-government sources deny casualties and say that terrorists were forced to retreat after they had been targeted by artillery and mortar fire.

The ISIS presence in the desert area of eastern Syria had been slowly decreasing over the past year. Additionally, government forces carried out several security operations cracking down on the remaining ISIS cells in southeastern Deir Ezzor and eastern Homs. However, the terrorist threat was not removed. Syria and Russia say that ISIS members use the US-controlled zone of al-Tanf as a safe haven to hide from Syrian Army operations.

Mar 23 03:48

Iraqi Politics in a Storm, Heading Towards Instability and Chaos

Following Iraqi president Barham Saleh’s nomination of Adnan al-Zarfi (Zurufi or Zurfi) as the new Prime Minister, Iraq has entered a critical stage. The Shia block is divided. The 30 days given to al-Zarfi to nominate his cabinet will lead either to a quorum of the parliament recognising his new cabinet and in consequences to a bloody future that could lead to unrest and even partition of Iraq or absence of a quorum. Why did President Saleh nominate al-Zarfi?

Mar 23 03:47

COVID-19: Welcome to the New Dark Ages

The response by the government to COVID-19 will turn America into a third world country in short order. Destroying the economy, throwing millions of people out of work, creating air money and thus inflation, and draconian measures to head off a virus that kills far less than the ordinary flu will have serious and unprecedented ramifications.

The veneer of civilization will dissolve in short order. If practically everyone is ordered by the state to “shelter in place,” there will be few people left to deliver—let alone produce—food and other necessities. Within the first few days of this exaggerated “new plague,” frantic citizens besieged the stores, striping the shelves of toilet paper, canned goods, and bread. This is happening as a result of the corporate media hammering out an apocalyptic message nonstop.

Mar 23 03:46

Fed's Bullard Warns Unemployment May Soar To 30%, GDP Crash 50% In Q2

Last Friday, when Goldman predicted a 24% drop in Q2 GDP ostensibly in response to JPM's own -14% downgrade to Q2, we were frankly shocked, and wondered who would have the guts to come out with an even more apocalyptic prediction. Well, just 48 hours later, none other than the Fed's James Bullard has literally swept the analyst field with a forecast that - if accurate - could mean nothing short of civil war for the US.

Mar 23 03:46

Coronavirus: Iran's Supreme Leader says US 'charlatans' may have created COVID-19

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's outburst came during a televised speech about the crisis, during which he branded it "strange" that America would offer to help while it struggles with the crisis

Mar 23 03:45

Nancy Pelosi Nixes Bipartisan Talks on Coronavirus Package

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said on Sunday that she has decided to move forward with her own emergency coronavirus relief package.

Pelosi spoke just hours before the Senate was scheduled to take a procedural vote that would lead towards a final vote on a bipartisan economic relief package. The bill would provide economic relief after the coronavirus epidemic ravaged the country’s economy.

“From my standpoint, we’re apart,” she said.

Subsequently, Senate leaders decided to delay a planned vote to 6 p.m. Sunday.

Mar 23 03:44

Nolte: Increasingly Unstable Media Demand Blackout of Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings

America’s increasingly unstable and dangerous establishment media are calling for a full blackout of President Trump’s daily coronavirus press conferences.

Think about that for a moment…

For the first time since World War II, for the first time in nearly 80 years, Americans have no idea what their country will look like a year from now, and the corporate media want to impose a full blackout on the daily briefings the American president is making to the American people.

There’s a lot of jokes out there about the hypocrisy of how this demand is coming from the same media that had a tantrum over the White House canceling the daily press briefings. But this time we’re talking about something so much more than hypocrisy.

Mar 23 03:43

Democrats Block Senate Coronavirus Package

Democrats blocked a coronavirus package on Sunday that would provide economic relief to businesses and Americans suffering from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Senate GOP package failed, with 47 votes in favor and 47 against, which fell 13 votes short of what was necessary to advance the legislation.

An angry Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) slammed Democrats for voting against the bill and blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for nixing bipartisan negotiations over a coronavirus package.

Mar 23 03:43

Ten Questions for the U.S.: Where did the Novel Coronavirus Come From?

Given that some major U.S. media and politicians made groundless claims that the novel coronavirus originates in China, blamed and slandered China, even asked for an apology from China, then I have every reason to ask 10 questions for the United States about its origin too. Better still, unlike the U.S., I did a lot of homework and will base my questions on international media coverage of COVID-19.