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July 29, 2021

Jul 29 08:07

Bad News For COVID Vaccinated

Jul 29 08:05

New FBI Initiative Will Put "Hate Crime" Quotas On Local Law Enforcement

The Department of Justice and the FBI have a message for local police departments: start charging more white people with hate crimes or invite an investigation.

Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta told an assembly of FBI agents yesterday that they are now tasked with hounding police departments in their district if they do not register any “hate crimes.”

Gupta and FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Division Jay Greenberg have declared “hate crimes” by “racially motivated violent extremists” (a euphemism generally reserved for right-wing white men) to be a national threat priority — a rare designation.

Jul 29 08:04

CNN attacks advocates of equal rights

Somewhere, Kenneth Marcus, a career Israel lobbyist and ostensibly the vanquished Trump administration’s top civil rights enforcer at the US Department of Education, is probably apoplectic.

A new poll commissioned by the Jewish Electorate Institute and carried out online by GBAO Strategies from June 28 to July 1 shows that 25 percent of American Jewish voters believe that “Israel is an apartheid state.”

Presumably worse from Marcus’ perspective due to his work with young people on university campuses, 38 percent of American Jewish voters under age 40 hold this entirely reasonable, fact-based belief.

With a significant minority of the American Jewish community having reached an apartheid verdict, it will be that much harder for Israel lobbyists to claim that Students for Justice in Palestine – or Jewish Voice for Peace for that matter – harbors opinions that are unacceptable in noting that Israel is an apartheid state.

Jul 29 08:04

Landlord group sues federal government for rent lost under eviction moratorium

A landlord group is suing the federal government for back rent, claiming that the government's effort to keep people housed during the coronavirus pandemic has left property owners on the hook for tens of billions of dollars.

The National Apartment Association, a trade group whose members control about 10 million rental units, filed the suit late Tuesday in the United States Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C.

The NAA claims that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's eviction moratorium was unlawful and has left landlords "holding the bag on $26.6 billion in rental debt after operating under extreme conditions for 16 months," according to its announcement.

Jul 29 08:03

And they do that often (Picture)

Jul 29 08:03

ATF Agents Corroborate Existence of Racial Complaint Against Biden Director Nominee, Fear Reprisals and Hit to Agency Effectiveness

Multiple ATF sources back up the existence of a complaint alleging President Biden’s nominee to lead ATF, David Chipman, made racist comments during his previous stint at the agency.

The agents, who have decades of experience at the agency, told The Reload they heard the accusation that Chipman denigrated black ATF agents up for promotion. The officials said they heard about Chipman’s alleged comments before they were referenced in a recent lawsuit seeking the release of the complaint.

“He made some comments that he was surprised by the number of African Americans who have made it onto a specific promotional list,” a current ATF official told The Reload. “So, his insinuation was that they had to have cheated. Which is kind of despicable.”

A former ATF agent who worked directly with Chipman said he heard the same story.

Jul 29 08:00

Libtards Are Starting to Break

The mixed messages from our public health "authorities" are becoming too much for them.

Jul 29 07:58

Jared Kushner leaves his political career behind to start an investment firm with offices in Israel, the Gulf, North Africa and Miami where he lives in the winter with Ivanka and his kids

Jared Kushner, a former top White House advisor President Donald Trump who helped manage Middle East policy for his father-in-law, is set to launch a new investment firm based in his new home in Miami with offices in Israel.

Jul 29 07:54

In “Blue” Rhode Island, Parents Are Seeing “Red” and Rising-Up Against Critical Race Theory

For most of the past year, the left has vigorously denied that critical race theory (CRT) was a “real” phenomenon in America’s government-run public school systems. According to their narrative, CRT was “fake” news, nothing more than right-wing propaganda.

Here in Rhode Island, following suit, state education officials and local school committee members – as well as their defenders in the media – also publicly denied that CRT was being taught in local school districts. In trying to obfuscate the truth … the critical theorists openly admit they are all about diversity, seeking to end the systematic racism they imagine is present in their schools; yet they are unable to produce any concrete examples and are unwilling to answer more specific curriculum questions from parents.

Jul 29 07:53

Woke Racial Activism Bears Fruit: Gallup Survey Shows Positive Views On Race Relations In Free Fall

Since the inception of this website, I have warned of the destructive impact on our society of racial politics engaged in by Democrats.

On October 15, 2008, just three days after launch, I wrote “Race” As Political Weapon:

The suppression of legitimate political expression through false accusations of racism by the Obama campaign and its supporters is the defining theme of the 2008 campaign. This tactic, while it may be successful, is shameful and has damaged our society in ways we may not understand for years.

It’s been downhill since then, but the politics fine-tuned by the Obama campaign and supporters really hit its stride with the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2012-2013 based on the false racial narrative of the Trayvon Martin case, and the national growth of the movement after the fabricated narrative of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” in the Michael Brown case in 2014.

Jul 29 07:53

8 Signs That USA Is On The Brink Of Collapse

As we all know, 2020 was a rocky year, with the onset of COVID-19 causing a wide range of problems. This has continued into 2021 and shows no signs of stopping.

While we may be actually crawling our way out from under the COVID pandemic, we’re just starting to see the impact that it has had on our nation; specifically, the impact that it has had on our economy.

There’s no question that the pandemic took a severe hit on our economy. On top of that, Congress has gone on a spending spree, with their “COVID stimulus packages” which have been filled with spending for pork projects. But that’s only a portion of what COVID is ultimately going to cost the country.

Jul 29 07:52

Alaska quake produces prolonged shaking, small tsunami

A powerful earthquake which struck just off Alaska’s southern coast caused prolonged shaking and prompted tsunami warnings that sent people scrambling for shelters.

Residents reported only minor damage, but officials said that could change after sunrise and people get a better look.

The National Tsunami Warning Center canceled the warnings early Thursday when the biggest wave, of just over a half foot, was recorded in Old Harbor. A tsunami warning that had also been issued for Hawaii was also canceled, and officials said there was no threat to Guam, American Samoa or the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.

Jul 29 07:52

How creative are you? This 4-minute word test will tell you

Creativity has long been considered tough to quantify. But an international cohort of researchers from McGill University, Harvard University, and the University of Melbourne are tackling that challenge with a recent study that claims a four-minute test could reveal how much creative potential lies within.


Here’s how it works: 1) Take a seat. 2) Think of 10 words that are as wildly unrelated—in definition, category, or concept—as possible. 3) Input here.

That’s it—the rest is algorithmic magic.

Jul 29 07:49

Saturn Will Soon Put On Its Best Show Of The Year. Here's Where And How To See It

Now might be the time to wipe the dust off that pair of binoculars and extract the family telescope from the back of the closet: Saturn is about to put on its best and brightest show, looking spiffier than at any time during the year – a performance that will be followed a few weeks later by Jupiter.

The ringed planet will be at opposition on Sunday, for people in North America. What exactly does that mean? Imagine Earth and Saturn are hands on a clock face, says Phil Plait, an astronomer and longtime science educator. "So very roughly once a year, Saturn, Earth and the sun line up," he tells NPR.

It's the perfect time of year to go outside an hour or so after sunset and look low in the east-southeast for Saturn.

Jul 29 07:48

Earthly rocks point way to water hidden on Mars

A combination of a once-debunked 19th-century identification of a water-carrying iron mineral and the fact that these rocks are extremely common on Earth, suggests the existence of a substantial water reservoir on Mars, according to a team of geoscientists.

"One of my student's experiments was to crystalize hematite," said Peter J. Heaney, professor of geosciences, Penn State. "She came up with an iron-poor compound, so I went to Google Scholar and found two papers from the 1840s where German mineralogists, using wet chemistry, proposed iron-poor versions of hematite that contained water."

Jul 29 07:35

Multiple House Republicans Refuse to Comply with Newly Reinstated Mask Mandate

Jul 29 07:23

ARIZONA: Karen Fann Explains Path to Decertification of 2020 Election Results, Warrants for Maricopa County

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann has explained the path to issue warrants to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and how to launch decertification of the 2020 election results.

Speaking to JT Harris on Conservative Circus, Fann expressed her frustration at Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer, who has “gone over to the dark side” and blocked efforts from the Senate to hold the Maricopa Board of Supervisors in contempt by voting against a resolution to do so. Fann seemingly agreed with President Trump’s assessment of the situation, who last week slammed Boyer for “doing everything in his power to hold up the damning Forensic Audit of Maricopa County which has been taking place over the last 90 days, saying he has been “nothing but trouble.”

Jul 29 07:23

Mask U-turn in St. Louis County as vote SCRAPS mandate 24 hours after it was implemented

St. Louis County ended its mask mandate 24 hours after the county's own executive enacted it to try and curtail the surging number of COVID cases locally.

Jul 29 07:22

New Evidence Suggests Apollo 11's Lunar Ascent Module Could Still Be Orbiting the Moon

On July 21, 1969, Apollo 11’s Eagle lunar ascent stage lifted off from the surface of the Moon to rendezvous with the command module Columbia in orbit. After docking, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin clambered back into Columbia carrying 22 kilograms of lunar rock. The crew then closed the hatch and the command module returned to Earth.

Before leaving, though, it jettisoned Eagle, leaving the ascent module in a retrograde orbit some 125 kilometers above the lunar equator. NASA has always assumed that this orbit was unstable and that some time later, Eagle must have crashed into the lunar surface.

Jul 29 07:21

890-million-year-old sponge fossil may be the earliest animal yet found

Relatives of the humble sea sponge have filtered Earth's waters for hundreds of millions of years or more, long before the first plants took to land. Their simplicity has led scientists to suggest sponges were the earliest animals to arise on our planet. But exactly when that happened remains under debate.

Now, a study published in the journal Nature suggests that mesh-like structures in an ancient reef may be 890-million-year-old sponges. If confirmed, the fossil sponges, found in the "Little Dal" limestones in northwest Canada, would predate the earliest undisputed fossils of any animal by more than 300 million years.

Jul 29 07:21

Pfizer says vaccine's power wanes over time. Are you still protected?

The effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine waned over six months, but experts say the data still don't point to an immediate need for booster shots.

The study, which hasn't yet been peer-reviewed or published in a medical journal, found that the vaccine was 97 percent effective at preventing severe disease from Covid-19 for at least six months — but the effectiveness against any symptomatic illness fell from 96 percent to 84 percent in the same period, falling by about 6 percent every two months.

Jul 29 07:20

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announces plans to add 170 police officers to the city's force and requests $11M more funding to recruit and train them amid rising violence

The mayor of Washington, DC, has announced a plan to add 170 police officers to the city's force amid rising violent crime.

Jul 29 07:19

Officials say Pfizer vaccine is only 39% effective against the Delta variant in Israel

In a new report, Israel’s health ministry said Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is just 39% effective in its country now that the Delta variant has emerged as the dominant variant. However, Israel said local data showed that the two-shot vaccine is still highly effective at preventing severe illness (88%) and in reducing the need for hospitalization (91%).
The Israeli statistics, which were published Thursday, do not align with recent data from the U.K. showing that Pfizer’s vaccine was 88% effective against symptomatic disease caused by the Delta variant.

Critics say Israel’s data could be skewed due to the fact that a significant percentage of the COVID-19 tests in the country were conducted among the elderly and in areas with high case numbers. Only a small number of young and vaccinated people were tested.

Jul 29 07:18

Delta, American, United Airlines Are Providing African Migrants Free Flights To The U.S.

As hundreds of illegal immigrants surge across the southern border daily, migrants from Africa are gaining entry into the United States with free plane tickets paid funded by American taxpayers.

Jul 29 07:18

Biden ATF Nominee 'Frustrated' That Gun Owners Have Freedom of Speech

Democrat Joe Biden's nominee to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has a long history of anti-Second Amendment activism.

In 2019, Biden's ATF pick David Chipman appeared on British news network BBC to attack President Donald Trump and law-abiding American gun owners.

Speaking on national television, Chipman complained that it is "frustrating" the U.S. government cannot violate people’s right to bear arms if they use “hate speech” on the internet.

"The frustration is in the United States the freedom of speech and to say things is largely cannot be regulated,” Chipman said on BBC.

"…We have to do more to monitor hate speech on the internet," he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So now talking about the 2nd Amendment is hate speech?

Jul 29 07:10

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Gosar Tells National File Whitmer Kidnapping Case Is ‘Proof In The Pudding’ Of Fed Infiltration On 1/6

Speaking exclusively with National File, Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) spoke out against the indefinite detainment of January 6 prisoners, slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s partisan January 6 Select Committee, and suggested that the FBI-sponsored alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor is “proof in the pudding” that undercover federal actors likely infiltrated the pro-Trump crowd on January 6 to sabotage the peaceful protest.

Jul 29 07:08


Jul 29 07:08

FLASHBACK - Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus

Background: Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) emerged in China in 2002 and spread to other countries before brought under control. Because of a concern for reemergence or a deliberate release of the SARS coronavirus, vaccine development was initiated. Evaluations of an inactivated whole virus vaccine in ferrets and nonhuman primates and a virus-like-particle vaccine in mice induced protection against infection but challenged animals exhibited an immunopathologic-type lung disease.

Design: Four candidate vaccines for humans with or without alum adjuvant were evaluated in a mouse model of SARS, a VLP vaccine, the vaccine given to ferrets and NHP, another whole virus vaccine and an rDNA-produced S protein. Balb/c or C57BL/6 mice were vaccinated i.m. on day 0 and 28 and sacrificed for serum antibody measurements or challenged with live virus on day 56. On day 58, challenged mice were sacrificed and lungs obtained for virus and histopathology.

Jul 29 07:07

Tucker: This is one of the greatest scandals of our age

Jul 29 07:07

Dems Refuse To Strike Down Harder On Fentanyl

House Democrats denied several amendments in recent days that would have established penalties for dealing fentanyl, as the deadly drug proceeds to spread destruction through the United States at a record speed.

Last week, Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee barred an amendment to H.R. 1693 that would have guaranteed that anyone condemned of fentanyl-related crimes would not receive a lessened sentence.

Jul 29 07:06

CDC is hiding embarrassing data on Delta…

New recommendations from federal health officials this week on when vaccinated Americans should don face masks came with a startling bolt of news: People who have had their shots and become infected with the delta variant of the coronavirus can harbor large amounts of virus just like unvaccinated people. That means they could become spreaders of the disease and should return to wearing masks indoors in certain situations, including when vulnerable people are present.

But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not publish the new research. In the text of the updated masking guidance, the agency merely cited “CDC COVID-19 Response Team, unpublished data, 2021.”

Some outside scientists have their own message: Show us the data.

Jul 29 07:05

Black Lives Matter-backing mayor of Washington, DC now wants to FUND the police, citing spike in murders

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, who had ‘Black Lives Matter’ painted on the street that leads to the White House, now wants to hire more police officers and reopen the courts, citing an increase in homicides in the US capital.

Slashing the police budget for 2021 by $15 million hurt recruitment, resulting in only 42 new hires as opposed to 250 in a normal year, Bowser said on Wednesday. She called for another $11 million to hire and train 20 more officers in the current fiscal year, and 150 in 2022. The proposal is unlikely to be approved by the city council, however.

Jul 29 07:01

Facebook Joins Google, Wells Fargo And Saks In Requiring ALL US Workers To Get COVID Shots: California Pushes For Indoor Mask Mandate Regardless Of Vaccine Status As Twitter CLOSES Offices In NY And SF With Indian 'Delta' Variant Raging

Companies across the U.S. will require their employees to get COVID vaccinations before returning to in-person work, with Facebook and Google joining Wells Fargo and Saks Fifth Avenue in announcing the rules as the Indian 'Delta' variant threatens to derail the economy's reopening.

Jul 29 06:59

Authoritarian regime (Cartoon)

Jul 29 06:59

Netflix becomes first major studio to require COVID vaccinations on all US productions

Netflix announced on Wednesday that it would be requiring proof of COVID vaccination for all working employees working close to the actors on sets in the US - the first major studio to make the jab mandatory.

Jul 29 06:57

Inflation fears surge 10%, double 2018 worries; Home Prices Up, Up, Up 16.6%; Wages Pushed Down Nearly 2%; Most Blame Biden

Jul 29 06:53

Michigan Dem Spent Campaign Dollars Stuffing Them In Panties

Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones, a Democrat, is protecting spending hundreds of campaign dollars at a strip club earlier this year in what he characterized as a "meeting" that justified no further explanation.

Jones, who was elected in 2016 as the youngest representative in state history, reported spending $221 of his campaign funds on March 8 at the Pantheon Club, a gentlemen’s club in Dearborn, according to his campaign finance report reviewed Monday by The Detroit News.

Jul 29 06:52

Dershowitz Explains Why Jan 6th Committee Will Fail

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Jan. 6 Select Committee is not going to get to the truth, according to legal expert Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax, who further explained that former President Donald Trump will be called to testify but would be absurd to do so.

"He will be called to testify; he'll invoke executive privilege, perhaps," Dershowitz told Tuesday's "Spicer & Co.," stressing that the former president can invoke executive privilege. "Perhaps he'll want to testify. The American public does have a right to know what happened.

Jul 29 06:51

J&J says U.S. FDA agrees to extend shelf life of its COVID-19 vaccine

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration extended the shelf life for Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ.N) single-shot COVID-19 vaccine to six months from four-and-a-half months, the company said late Wednesday.

The FDA's decision is based on data from ongoing studies, which showed the vaccine is stable at six months when refrigerated at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius (36–46 degrees Fahrenheit), the drugmaker said. (https://bit.ly/3ypgpTT)

In a letter to the company, the FDA said it had completed the review of data provided by J&J, and based on the information submitted, it concurs with the extension.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What happened to 80 below and just two months?

Jul 29 06:42

In Washington D.C. the Black Police Chief Is Frustrated with the City’s Coddling of Violent Criminals

The police chief says it is pointless for police to catch criminals that the courts turn loose. “The justice system that we have right now is not functioning the way that it should.”


Neither is the justice system functioning in New York, Chicago, Minnesota, Salem, San Francisco, Portland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Michigan. The justice system never functions well in blue areas. It didn’t in Wyatt Earp’s time either: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/07/22/today-as-in-wyatt-earps-da...

Jul 29 06:41

Fed votes unanimously to keep ultra-low interest rates and STILL insists rising inflation is 'transitory': Jerome Powell warns coronavirus still poses economic risk and says it is too soon to end central bank's easy money policy

The Federal Reserve open market committee has voted unanimously to continue the central bank's easy money policies, again dismissing soaring inflation as 'transitory' and saying COVID-19 still poses risks to the economy.

Jul 29 06:41

Newsom Creates Healthcare System For Illegals With Taxpayers Money

California has become the first state in the country to give taxpayer-funded health benefits to elderly illegal immigrants.

California’s governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom, signed AB 133 into law Tuesday which started the state's Medi-Cal rolls to illegal aliens 50 years and older in a move that the governor referred to as a "major milestone."

"We're investing California’s historic surplus to accomplish transformative changes we’ve long dreamed of – including this historic Medi-Cal expansion to ensure thousands of older undocumented Californians, many of whom have been serving on the front lines of the pandemic, can access critical health care services," Newsom stated. "I thank the Legislature for its steadfast partnership to bring California closer to universal health care coverage and advance comprehensive initiatives to ensure California’s communities come back from the pandemic stronger and healthier than before."

Jul 29 06:40


Jul 29 06:39

The US Used Biological Warfare Against Mainland China in the 1950s

Back in the early 1950s, the U.S. conducted a furious bombing campaign during the Korean War, dropping hundreds of thousands of tons of ordnance, much of it napalm, on North Korea. The bombardment, worse than any country had received up to that point, excepting the effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, wiped out nearly every city in North Korea, contributing to well over a million civilian deaths. Because of the relentless bombing, the people were reduced to living in tunnels. Even the normally bellicose Gen. MacArthur claimed to find the devastation wreaked by the U.S. to be sickening.[1]

Most controversially, both North Korea and China alleged that by early 1952, the U.S. was using biological or germ warfare weapons against both North Korea and China. The U.S. government has strenuously denied this.

Jul 29 06:37

No, men don’t create more climate emissions – but woke journalists and Swedish feminists fill the world with toxic propaganda 

Once again, gender warriors in Sweden and politically motivated hacks are spreading feminist lies, blaming men for climate change because they ‘spend more on food and cars’. This nonsense is worse than any greenhouse gas.

Is there anything that isn’t men’s fault? In the addled minds of hateful feminists, we are to blame for everything that’s imperfect in society – and deserve no credit for anything that’s good.

It’s been this way since the 1960s, when crazed gender activists first started banging on about ‘patriarchy’ and applying bizarre critical theories to age-old relationships between the sexes.

Predictably, this sparked a war against masculinity, which has raged on ever since and was perhaps first defined when Valerie Solanas – founder of the Society for Cutting Up Men – shot Andy Warhol.

Jul 29 06:35

Larry Nassar has spent $10,000 on HIMSELF over three and a half years behind bars while avoiding paying $57,500 in restitution to his victims - and he even received two stimulus checks

Disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar has been allowed to spend more than $10,000 on himself behind bars, while only paying $100 per year to a fund set up for his victims.

Jul 29 06:29

Over 25% of new COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County are fully vaccinated people

COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County continue to rise.

The county has been averaging daily new cases between 2,000 and 2,500 over the past week. Numbers like these haven’t been seen since February.

During a meeting with the County Board of Supervisors, Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said over the past few weeks case rates have risen drastically among unvaccinated people. Cases also rose among vaccinated people, but at a smaller and slower rate.

Jul 29 06:29

France fines Monsanto for illegally acquiring data on journalists, activists

France's personal data protection agency on Wednesday fined US firm Monsanto for illegally compiling files of public figures, journalists and activists with the aim of swaying opinion towards support for its controversial pesticides.

The firm, now owned by German chemical giant Bayer, failed to inform the people on the watch lists compiled in the context of a heated public debate about glyphosate, a weed killer, it ruled.

The CNIL agency fined Monsanto 400,000 euros ($473,000) in the case brought by seven plaintiffs.

Compiling lists of contacts was not in itself illegal, the agency said, but only people who could "reasonably expect" to figure on such lists because of their business sector or their public standing should have been included.

Furthermore, data had to be collected legally and targets informed, including of their right to refuse being listed. By keeping the lists secret, Monsanto deprived them of this right, CNIL said.

Jul 29 06:27

Why Private Schools Have Gone Woke

The Dalton School hosts an annual conference for New York City private schools on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This May, it was Rodney Glasgow’s turn to deliver the keynote address. Glasgow, a longtime school administrator who has founded multiple DEI consultancies, used his speech to address the elephant in the room: the parental pushback to "antiracism" at Dalton and other elite private schools, which made national headlines after Dalton headmaster Jim Best resigned amid the uproar.

The disgruntled parents, Glasgow said, were like the "white supremacists" who stormed the Capitol. And the schools that had admitted their children were like the Capitol police officers who had "opened the gate."

"There’s no truer metaphor for independent schools … than that moment on January 6," Glasgow told the attendees. "When will we stop hiring … the people on the inside who are opening the gate?"

Jul 29 06:26

Moscow Court Fines Google $41,010 for Violation of Data Localisation Regulations

Moscow's Tagansky district court fined Google 3 million rubles ($41,010) for violating regulations on Russians' data localisation, court spokeswoman Zulfiya Gurinchuk told Sputnik on Thursday.

"Google LLC was found guilty of committing an administrative offence under part 8 of Article 13.11 of the Russian code of administrative offences. The company was sentenced to an administrative fine of 3 million rubles", Gurinchuk said.

The protocol was issued to Google for its non-fulfilment of the obligation to ensure recording, systematisation, accumulation, storage, clarification and retrieval of personal data of Russian citizens, using databases in the country.

Jul 29 06:26

$2 Trln in Chinese Wall Street Listings Could Be Swept Away Amid Growing PRC, US Regulatory Pressure

Chinese companies began a careful foray into the US stock market in the early 2000s, tantalised by the prospects of picking easy cash from American investors eager to invest in the world’s new economic powerhouse.

Two loopholes which have enabled Chinese companies to thrive on Wall Street may soon be closed, threatening to deprive US markets of much of the $2+ trillion in market capitalisation accrued by the nearly 250 Chinese firms listed on US exchanges, Business Insider reports.

The first loophole is the Variable Interest Entity (VIE), a structure used by Chinese companies to get around strict regulations imposed by the Asian nation’s government on foreign ownership of strategic companies in sectors including telecoms, high tech and media.

Jul 29 06:25

'Freudian Slip': Biden Confuses Trump With Obama in New Gaffe

The 78-year-old American president is known to be prone to verbal gaffes and slips of the tongue, for which he is usually criticized or mocked by some people on social media.

US President Joe Biden appeared to confuse former US President Barack Obama for another former US president, Donald Trump, in a Wednesday speech, but swiftly corrected himself and suggested that the mistake was a "Freudian slip".

"Back in 2009, during the so-called Great Recession, the president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece, then-President Trump," Biden said while addressing the public in Pennsylvania. "Excuse me, Freudian slip, that was the last president. He caused the...anyway, President Obama, when I was vice-president."

Jul 29 06:24

Teachers Union President Calls Parent ‘Child Abuser’ for Having Kid Speak About Masks at School Board Meeting

Tempers flared and the teacher’s union president called a parent a “child abuser” after a Broward County, Florida, school board meeting Tuesday.

Parents opposed to an in-school mask mandate refused to wear masks during the meeting, a condition board members imposed on residents.

The Miami Herald reported:

Anti-mask protesters and members of the Broward Teachers Union got into a heated exchange in the hallway outside of Tuesday’s School Board meeting where plans for next month’s reopening were expected to be discussed amid Florida’s rising new COVID-19 cases.

Roughly 20 protesters gathered in the lobby and hallways of the Kathleen C. Wright Building in Fort Lauderdale and refused to wear facial coverings even after they were told to do so by the building’s security detail.

Jul 29 06:24

Exclusive – Republican Lawmakers Rail Biden’s Mask Surrender as Proof of His ‘Utterly Failed’ Administration

Several leading Republicans railed against President Joe Biden’s surrender after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced it recommends the return of mask mandates, charging that this serves as the latest instance of Biden’s “utterly and completely failed policies” in exclusive interviews and statements to Breitbart News.

The Republicans spoke to Breitbart News after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that they will recommend Americans, even fully vaccinated people, should wear masks indoors again in places with high coronavirus infection rates.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a leading critic of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s approach towards the coronavirus lockdowns and mask mandates, told Breitbart News that the Biden administration continues to ignore the science. The Kentucky conservative, also an ophthalmologist, also said that Biden’s ruling would only heighten vaccine hesitancy.

Jul 29 06:23

Not Just Masks: Biden CDC Surrender Also Includes Changes to Coronavirus Testing for Vaccinated People

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly updated its testing guidance for fully vaccinated persons, recommending they receive a test 3-5 days after being exposed to someone who has the Chinese coronavirus and wear a mask as they await their test results.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A tacit admission the vaccines don't work!

Jul 29 06:23

Olympics hit by new Covid crisis as America's star pole vaulter Sam Kendricks tests positive – briefly forcing the ENTIRE Australian track and field team into isolation

The Olympic Games were plunged into chaos this morning following the positive Covid test of a US pole vaulter - which temporarily sent the entire Australian track and field team into lockdown.

Jul 29 06:22

Coke, Visa, Airbnb, and Other Beijing Olympics Sponsors Deny Uyghur Genocide

A bipartisan congressional panel on Tuesday criticized brands such as Coca-Cola, Visa, Intel, Airbnb, and Procter & Gamble for sponsoring the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics despite China’s human rights violations, including the genocide of Uyghur Muslims.

As Reuters reported on Tuesday, all but one of the corporate representatives who addressed the bipartisan Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) hearing said they did not believe China is guilty of genocide against the Uyghurs. Only Intel executive Steve Rodgers said he agreed with the U.S. State Department’s verdict of genocide, rendered during the Trump administration and upheld by the Biden administration.

“Other executives said they respected the U.S. government’s conclusions, but would not weigh in on the matter,” Reuters noted.

Jul 29 06:21

Democrat Sen Kyrsten Sinema says she will NOT support 'too expensive' $3.5trillion 'human infrastructure' bill - dashing her own party's hopes of passing it without any Republican votes

Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona has said she will not support a $3.5trillion spending plan that was already facing a knife-edge split along party lines.

Jul 29 06:20

Democrat Texas Border County Judge Calls Out Biden DHS for Releasing COVID-‘Infected Migrants’

A Democrat border county judge who opposed a state disaster declaration over the current migrant surge is criticizing the Biden Administration after news broke about the regular releases of migrants with COVID-19 into his jurisdiction.

This week, Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez issued a statement calling on President Joe Biden’s immigration officials to stop releasing migrants who test positive for Coronavirus.

“Ill-conceived policies by both the federal and state governments are beginning to have serious consequences on Hidalgo County,” Cortez said in his statement. “I call on federal immigration officials to stop releasing infected migrants into our community.”

Cortez also asked for Texas Governor Greg Abbott to allow for a new mask mandate. The move came after La Joya Police Department announced a hotel in the county was being used to house migrants who were released by U.S. Border Patrol after testing positive for the virus.

Jul 29 06:20

Marlow to Tucker: Breitbart Report Suggests ‘Deep Penetration’ by CCP into Swallwell’s Operation

On Tuesday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption, stated that a Breitbart News report points to “deep penetration inside” the operation of Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) “by the Chinese government.”

Marlow said, “Now, we knew Fang Fang was infiltrating operations within the United States, various offices and having relationships with up-and-coming politicians before she abruptly left the country a few years ago, and we knew she had an intimate relationship with Swalwell. We just didn’t know the extent to which it was intimate.”

“Well, now, apparently, we do, according to this report, which, as of now, Swalwell hasn’t denied,” he continued. “Tucker, this is deep penetration inside the Swalwell operation by the Chinese government.”

Jul 29 06:16

Thousands fled coastal areas after 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck off Alaskan coast triggering tsunami warnings that were cancelled three hours later

Thousands of people were forced to flee coastal areas after an 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Alaska, triggering tsunami warnings that were cancelled three hours later.

Jul 29 06:15

US Embassy in Baghdad Reportedly Targeted By Two Katyusha Rockets

The reported strike was launched a few weeks after at least six Katyusha rockets hit a military air base housing US-led coalition forces in the western Iraqi province of Anbar.

The US Embassy in Baghdad has been targeted by two Katyusha rockets, the AFP news agency cited unnamed security sources as saying on Thursday. There was no immediate word on casualties.

The reported strike, which allegedly hit Baghdad's Green Zone, was launched a few weeks after at least six Katyusha rockets hit a military air base housing US-led coalition forces in the western Iraqi province of Anbar.

Over the past few months, the Iraqi military bases housing US troops across the country, as well as the US Embassy in Baghdad have been repeatedly targeted by mortar and rocket attacks, which Washington claims are the work of militant groups backed by Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or maybe it's the Iraqi people telling the US to get out!

Jul 29 06:13

Putin is broke? Biden the latest American leader to publicly expose the dangerous lack of genuine Russia expertise in Washington

US presidents are a mass of contradictions. Donald Trump spoke of improving relations with Russia, but dragged them to new lows with sanctions. Joe Biden, by contrast, has overseen a thaw, while saying nasty things about Moscow.

Most recently, the Democratic Party politician has renewed the New START treaty and ended American efforts to sabotage the Russian- and German-backed Nord Stream 2 pipeline, efforts which were kicked off by his predecessor. But, as if to make up for it, he seems to feel a need to bring out fiery and fear-mongering rhetoric at every opportunity.

Jul 29 06:13

Secretive black vigilante group Forever Family are now patrolling London’s streets in stab vests. Who exactly are they?

Racial tensions in the UK are unlikely to be eased by the sight of the Forever Family Force patrolling the streets of the capital in military formation. What do we know about this sinister, confrontational group?

One of the most jarring images as the Black Lives Matter movement swept the UK last summer was that of Forever Family.

To the general public, the group appeared from nowhere. They came to prominence on Afrikan Emancipation Day (August 1) as they marched in military-style uniforms in formation through Brixton, south London.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More importantly, who is funding them?

Jul 29 06:12

Armenia asks Russia to deploy soldiers to frontier with Azerbaijan, as shootout kills three soldiers & sparks fear of new conflict

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has called on Moscow to deploy more peacekeepers to his country’s border with Azerbaijan, as both nations accuse each other of violating an agreed ceasefire after a day of bloody fighting.

Speaking at a government meeting on Thursday, he said that, “given the current situation, I think it makes sense to consider deploying strongholds of Russian border guards across the whole Armenian-Azerbaijani border.” According to Pashinyan, this would “allow for the demarcation of the border, without the risk of firefights.”

Officials in Yerevan announced that three soldiers had died and five had been wounded after a fatal skirmish along the frontier on Wednesday evening. Casualties were also reported on the Azerbaijani side of the border. Russian peacekeepers are already stationed in outposts near key towns and villages as part of the Moscow-backed deal, signed last year, that paused the fighting in a brief but violent war between the two nations.

Jul 29 06:12

‘Independent’ Mexico has every right to send aid to Cuba in defiance of ‘inhumane’ US sanctions, president says

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has scoffed at the notion that Mexico should honor a US-imposed embargo on Cuba, as his country sends aid to the island in defiance of Washington’s suffocating economic restrictions.

Defending his decision to fuel shipments and other humanitarian aid to Cuba, Obrador said on Tuesday that US sanctions on the socialist state were “inhumane,” and that “independent” Mexico was well within its rights to defy the unilaterally imposed embargo.

Earlier this week, a Mexican cargo ship loaded with 100,000 barrels of diesel fuel set sail for Cuba. The Mexican government said the fuel would be used to provide power for Cuban hospitals.

Two additional vessels loaded with medical supplies and food embarked in the following days. Mexico’s Foreign Ministry described the shipments as humanitarian assistance aimed at helping Cuba overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

Jul 29 06:11

Is the US-China rivalry doomed to fall into the Thucydides Trap, meaning that war between them is inevitable?

In ancient Greece, a general surmised that war between Athens and Sparta was inescapable because of Spartan fears about the growth of Athenian power. Is what’s happening with Washington and Beijing the 21st century equivalent?

Last week, I covered the development as to why China initially shunned a proposed visit by US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to the country. The visit was delayed, but the main points as to why that happened remain and carried over into the subsequent meeting in Tianjin, which mirrored the fiery confrontation that happened in Alaska in March.

In this exchange, China’s deputy foreign minister Xie Feng sternly threw down the law to the US, and his message was clear: China is aggravated by what it perceives as a blatant disrespect for its own interests by a United States who is hell bent on pursuing hegemony and competition against it at all costs.

Jul 29 06:10

Biden’s deal to end the US combat mission in Iraq is just window dressing to give the illusion of an end to that ‘forever war’

Washington’s agreement to cease ‘direct fighting’ is a long way from a troop withdrawal. The reality is, America has no intention of pulling out of Iraq anytime soon as it is far too important to their real aim of containing Iran.
Iraq is a nation steeped in American controversy, epitomising the country’s catastrophic 21st century obsession with ‘regime change’. One wonders when America will cut its losses and leave the Middle East nation alone. Recently, there’s been some hope they might withdraw, with the Biden administration appearing to sympathise with the growing political sentiment against ‘forever wars’. Following a visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi to DC, Washington and Baghdad on Monday signed a deal to “end” the US combat mission in Iraq by the end of this year. But, as ever with American military intervention, many questions still remain.

Jul 29 06:07

Democrat Sen Kyrsten Sinema says she will NOT support $3.5trillion reconciliation bill - dashing her own party's hopes of passing it without any Republican votes

Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona has said she will not support a $3.5trillion spending plan that was already facing a knife-edge split along party lines.

Democrats had been hoping to pass the massive spending bill through the Senate without the help of Republicans that have vowed to oppose.

The senate is already split 50-50 so Sinema's refusal to back the Democrat's bill could mean the party will be forced to scale back some of their ambitious plans in the bill to bring down the overall cost.

Jul 29 05:54

Twitter announces it is closing its New York and San Francisco offices indefinitely and pausing reopening of other locations following updated CDC warnings about the COVID Delta variant

Twitter on Wednesday announced that it was closing its New York City and San Francisco offices and pausing all other office reopenings, in response to the latest CDC warnings about COVID-19.

The Silicon Valley firm had already, in May 2020, become the first major tech company to allow staffers to work from home permanently, even after coronavirus lockdowns end.

On Wednesday it said it was closing its two largest offices.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe this will slow down the banning of accounts?

Jul 29 05:53

Fed votes unanimously to keep ultra-low interest rates and STILL insists rising inflation is 'transitory': Jerome Powell warns coronavirus still poses economic risk and says it is too soon to end central bank's easy money policy

The Federal Reserve open market committee has voted unanimously to continue the central bank's easy money policies, again dismissing soaring inflation as 'transitory' and saying COVID-19 still poses risks to the economy.

The 11-member committee voted on Wednesday to keep the federal funds rate near zero and continue flooding the market with money through massive bond purchases 'until substantial further progress' is made on boosting employment.

It comes after the 12-month inflation rate hit 5.4 percent in June, the highest level in 13 years, leading to calls to tighten monetary policy and prevent prices from spinning out of control.

Jul 29 05:52

Ted Cruz slams CDC over new mask guidelines for vaccinated Americans: Senator says the agency is 'acting like an arm of the DNC' and its credibility 'is in tatters'

Senator Ted Cruz criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over new mask guidelines for vaccinated Americans, calling it 'absurd' and asserting that the agency's 'credibility is in tatters'.

During a Wednesday interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, Cruz took aim at the governmental agency as well as the Democratic party, saying since the beginning of the pandemic they treated COVID-19 as a 'matter of politics'.

'The CDC has destroyed their credibility. A year and a half ago the CDC was one of the most respected scientific organizations in the world and they allowed themselves to be politicized—with Dr. Fauci at the helm of the politicization— and right now their credibility is in tatters because they behave more like an arm of the DNC than an actual, serious medical and scientific organization,' Cruz said.

Jul 29 05:52

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announces plans to add 170 police officers to the city's force and requests $11M more funding to recruit and train them amid rising violence

The mayor of Washington, DC, has announced a plan to add 170 police officers to the city's force amid rising violent crime.

Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, said on Wednesday that she has requested an additional $11million from the City Council to pay for the hiring and training of 20 additional officers in the 2021 financial year, and 150 additional officers in 2022.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) normally hires 250 officers each year, but last year the DC Council decided to defund the police to the tune of $15million - to the disapproval of the mayor.

Jul 29 05:52

Two men developed PUS-FILLED bumps on their faces in rare side effect from Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

Some patients are developing pus-filled bumps on their faces in a rare side effect after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

In a paper published on Wednesday from the University of California, San Francisco, researchers detailed the cases two men who sought medical care after getting their first or second dose of the vaccine.

They had facial swelling, crusting on the cheeks, pustules, but a course of antibiotics and ointments resolved the conditions within 10 days.

Jul 29 05:51

Jewish co-founders of Ben & Jerry's say they 'unequivocally support' the company's decision to stop selling ice cream in the West Bank to boycott Israeli settlements

The Jewish co-founders of Ben & Jerry's have said that they 'unequivocally support' the company's decision to stop selling ice cream in the West Bank to boycott Israeli settlements.

Bennett Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who co-founded the ice cream chain in 1978 and sold it to the British conglomerate Unilever in 2000, endorsed the decision in an op-ed for the The New York Times on Wednesday.

It followed an Axios report revealed that the Israeli government formed a special task force to pressure the ice cream chain into reversing its decision.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't think that Israel understands how petty they look with all this fuss.

Jul 29 05:50

Pelosi Shuts Capitol Police Union Out of January 6th Committee

The head of the United States Capitol Police union Gus Papathanasiou on Wednesday urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to allow more officers to testify to the select committee investigating the events of January 6th, arguing the problems that day were actually “years” in the making — which could reflect poorly on her leadership as House speaker.

“Poor morale, inequitable pay and conditions, and a leadership that refuses to engage – these are contributing factors to the events of January 6th and they remain factors still, today,” he said in a statement. “The Union asks that the Committee listen to the active-duty police officers who have been chosen by the rank and file to represent them.”

However, according to Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN), Papathansiou’s and other officers’ voices are being shut out because it does not advance Pelosi’s narrative of a violent insurrection overwhelming heroic police. Banks said in a statement on Wednesday

Jul 29 05:49

‘Complicit’: Meet the 18 Republicans Who Sold Out on Radical Democrat ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Without Reading Bill

Eighteen Senate Republicans sold out to Senate Democrats, with 17 of them voting Wednesday night to advance a $1.2 trillion Democrat “infrastructure” bill and another signaling he would.

The Senate voted to invoke cloture, or advance, H.R. 3684, the legislative vehicle for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. The vote featured Republican and Democrat support for the bill. The Senate voted 67-32 to invoke cloture on the bill, with seventeen Republicans in favor of invoking cloture on the bill.

All of them voted for this procedural vote without reading the bill—because it would have been impossible for them to read a bill that does not yet exist. The bill has still not been written despite months of negotiations.

Jul 29 05:47

Enemy Within: Declassified U.S. Documents Show Russian Oligarchs Supported NATO Expansion

Fifteen years after the then unknown Vladimir Putin took over the Russian presidency, analysts still puzzle over how he arrived in the position. Newly declassified documents from President Bill Clinton’s administration, released to bne IntelliNews, show how Putin's candidacy was a compromise after a fierce battle for power in Russia between pro-US oligarchs and pro-state conservatives. At stake was not just power in Russia, but the crucial question of Russia's relationship with the West.

Russia's 'oligarchy' took power during Yeltsin’s re-election in 1996, when they used his reliance on funding from Russia's leading seven bankers to acquire the cream of the country's resource-producing assets.

Jul 29 05:47

Macron Files Complaint Against Creator of Photomontage Depicting French Leader as Hitler

French President Emmanuel Macron's legal team has filed a complaint against the activist who photoshopped the head of state's face into a picture of Adolf Hitler in protest of the government's COVID-19 vaccination policy, the BFM TV broadcaster reported on Wednesday.

The posters, showing moustachioed Macron dressed as the Nazi dictator, were seen on the streets of Toulon and La Seyne-sur-Mer during protests against compulsory COVID-19 vaccination for certain professions and the extension of the health pass to bars, restaurants, leisure and cultural venues all over France. The photomontage also had "Obey, get vaccinated" written on it.

Earlier this month, Toulon prosecutors launched a criminal case into the incident.

Legal proceedings have been initiated against Michel-Ange Flori, who is now reportedly charged with defamatory libel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When you swing at the mud balls, you still get muddy!

Jul 29 05:46

Video: Indonesia's Sinabung Volcano Erupts Again, Throwing Titanic Column of Hot Ash Into Air

Indonesia has more than 120 active volcanoes due to the country's location along prominent tectonic fault lines. The Sinabung volcano remained inactive for about 400 years before awakening in 2010. Since then, Sinabung has erupted several times, leaving more than a dozen people dead.

The active volcano Sinabung, located in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra, threw a thick column of ash high into the sky on Wednesday.

"The eruption of Mount Sinabung occurred at 13:20 local time, the height of the ash column reached 4.5 kilometres", Armen Putra, a member of a local monitoring post under the Indonesian Centre for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation, told CNN Indonesia.

Jul 29 05:45

‘Don’t rinse your dishes’: UK’s crazy green social engineers want to micromanage your life

While Britain has delayed a gas boiler ban, green social engineering won’t go away, with a government aide issuing a string of absurd tips to tackle climate change. As ever, it’s a sign the eco lobby is out of touch with reality.

The good news is that the British government has finally realised that it is totally unrealistic to implement its mind-numbingly stupid policy of banning gas boilers by 2035. The bad news is that Boris Johnson is only pushing back the ban by five years to 2040.

It is a sign of the times that the government is so devoid of serious policies that can deal with the challenges facing the British nation that it has adopted the gas boiler ban as the central plank of its ‘net zero’ strategy.

Jul 29 05:45

Britain's slow transformation into a biosecurity state may be more cock-up than conspiracy, but it's still dangerous

As a result of attempts to control the pandemic, British citizens have found themselves slipping into a hideous form of incompetent, electronic tyranny where the use of ineffective government apps is a condition of our ‘freedom’.

One of the recurrent fears about the endless government intervention into our lives around Covid is that we end up in a ‘biosecurity state’. Instead of ‘papers please’, we'll have to produce our smartphones to prove we deserve the privilege of going about our daily lives. It seems everyday activities such as going to the pub, attending lectures or watching a football match will be dependent on demonstrating our health status.