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"All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms." -- Diane Feinstein



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October 26, 2021

Oct 26 07:53

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law on Monday that effectively bans biological males from being able to compete against biological females in public schools.

WILDLIFE photographers have captured some of the most astonishing animal moments of the year, including a great white shark attacking a diving cage and an elephant ramming a tourist bus.

Oct 26 07:53

HAS AMERICA BEEN SCAMMED? Who Is Ray Epps? What’s His Connection To Oath Keepers? And Why Did He Try So Hard To Convince Trump Supporters To Go Inside The Capitol On Jan 6th? [VIDEO]

Has America been scammed? Have Trump supporters been framed to look like domestic terrorists, while Democrats walk away from the biggest voter fraud scam in American history?

exmarketplace 2
Oct 26 07:52

“We’ll treat you BETTER here”...Gov DeSantis Recruits Unvaccinated Out-of-State Law Enforcement With HUGE Incentive [Video]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says Florida is “actively working to recruit out-of-state law enforcement” officers who are quitting out of noncompliance to vaccine mandates.

Oct 26 07:43

“They took the votes away”...Tone Deaf Terry McAuliffe Claims Georgia Election was Stolen from Stacey Abrams

Virginia voters see through the political tactics of shady Terry McAuliffe, and it’s showing in the polls. What was once a sure thing for McAuliffe is now in question. The race for governor of Virginia is a dead heat thanks to self-inflicted wounds by McAuliffe and a strong grassroots campaign from Youngkin.

Oct 26 07:41

“Tell Biden we are coming”...Thousands of Illegals Use QR Code on Facebook to Join Caravan While ‘Border Czar’ Harris Plans Trip to Paris

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins is following the caravan of thousands coming to America’s border. He reports the caravan is very organized as people can sign up using a QR code on Facebook. It’s being reported that smugglers are making millions every day bringing people from all over the globe to try and cross the US border.

Oct 26 07:41

NYC could shut down on Nov. 2nd

Oct 26 07:41

HYSTERICAL! Donald Trump Jr. Shares “greatest correction in the history of journalism”...Mocks Far-Left Washington Post For Fake News Story

Better known as the right arm of the Democratic Party propaganda machine, the Washington Post isn’t exactly known for its fair or honest reporting.

Oct 26 07:39

Beijing Tells Evergrande's Billionaire Founder To Repay The Insolvent Company's Debts

Hui Ka Yan, founder of China Evergrande Group, had once amassed a fortune of $42.5 billion, placing him at the top of the wealth rankings for all of Asia. But 73% of that immense fortune has now evaporated, and the tycoon will almost certainly lose even more as anxious creditors, suppliers and homebuyers besiege Evergrande’s offices.

But that's not nearly enough for Beijing.

In a new twist of how China may soon conduct corporate bankruptcies, Chinese authorities told Hui Ka Yan to use his personal wealth to "alleviate" China Evergrande Group’s deepening debt crisis, Bloomberg reported according to people familiar with the matter.

Oct 26 07:31

Ron DeSantis Fights Back Against Tyrannical Fed Gov: “I will not let the heavy hand of government force Floridians to take a shot. That violates their constitutional rights…”

Thomas Massie is right. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the best governor in America. He’s fighting against tyrannical mandates by the government. DeSantis recently outlined his intent for a special legislative session to pass state laws protecting workers from getting fired as a result of their vaccine status.

Oct 26 07:29

Lisa Boothe on Vaccines: “I’m doubling down as a giant middle finger to Joe Biden’s Tyranny”

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe went off on the vaccine agenda on Dan Bongino’s show, calling it a “fight for freedom.”

Oct 26 07:24

Military coup underway in Sudan

Oct 26 07:23

Obama Tries To Deflect: Accuses Republicans Of Trying To Rig Elections With Their Voting Laws

Former president Barack Obama has accused Republicans of attempting to rig elections and to prevent Americans from voting, by passing laws that require voters to show identification.

While campaigning for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe on Saturday, Obama referred to election-integrity laws by asking: “You have to ask yourself: Why is it that Republicans don’t want you to vote?”….What is it that they’re so afraid of? You know, I would assume, if they think they’ve got better ideas, why don’t they just go make the case?“

Oct 26 07:18

Janis Bowdler appointed to serve as Treasury Department's first counselor for racial equity

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has announced the appointment of Janis Bowdler to serve as Treasury's very first counselor for racial equity, a role that involves coordinating the department's attempts to promote racial equity, according to a news release.

Oct 26 07:17

Relatives of American hostages, detainees held in foreign countries press President Biden to 'bring our fellow Americans home'

The relatives of 26 American hostages and detainees being held in countries around the globe have signed a letter to President Joe Biden in which they question the administration's

Oct 26 07:15

Horowitz: It’s time for candidates and politicians to boycott Pfizer’s toxic PAC donations

This is Pfizer's country. We merely live in it.

Many of us have forgotten that the impetus behind the infamous 2005 Kelo v. New

Oct 26 07:13

Oil Prices Will Remain High For Years To Come

Oct 26 07:07

Silwan: Palestinian neighbourhood turns into a nightly warzone

Every night, the Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan turns into a warzone as youths confront Israeli occupation forces, Palestinian homes are raided and ransacked, young men and children arrested, shot at, and assaulted.

During the day homes are demolished and residents displaced as the Israeli-controlled Jerusalem Municipality pursues its policy of Judaisation of the occupied eastern part of the city to make way for Israeli settlers, a policy illegal under international law.

On Monday, the Israeli Supreme Court held a hearing for the Dweik family consisting of 26 members from the neighbourhood. They are fighting their eviction by the settler group Ateret Cohanim. The family continues to await a decision about the fate of their homes, which could determine that of other Palestinians facing displacement.

Oct 26 07:07

Settlers pepper-spray rights activists in West Bank

Settlers from a West Bank settlement attacked volunteers helping Palestinian olive farmers on Monday, the Rabbis for Human Rights group said, providing a video showing the incident.

A Rabbis for Human Rights activist was injured and required medical treatment in the attack, which came as he helped out with the olive harvest in the West Bank town of Awarta. According to the organization, the assailants were from the settlement of Itamar.

The attackers arrived on foot and quadbikes, then pepper-sprayed volunteers working with the Palestinians, according to the rights group, whose volunteers said Israeli security forces were present at the scene, but barely intervened.

Oct 26 07:06

Fate Of Anti-War Journalism Lies in Upcoming Assange Hearings

Within just a few days, the United States will once again make its case in a UK court that it has a right to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be tried under the Espionage Act, in what remains this century's most dangerous attack on global press freedom.

These hearings, taking place on October 27 and 28, are an attempt to appeal the decision that Judge Vanessa Baraitser made earlier this year to not extradite Assange to the United States because it is likely he will commit suicide if subjected to the inhumane conditions of the U.S. prison system. However, while this decision was focused on his health, these hearings are really about what the Assange case has always been about: the United States' determination to silence anyone who exposes the crimes of the U.S. empire.

Oct 26 07:05

Israeli Soldiers Destroy Water Line, Bulldoze Road, Near Hebron

Israeli soldiers invaded, Monday, Palestinian lands in Masafer Yatta, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and bulldozed them leading to the destruction of a water line and a road.

Rateb Jabour, the coordinator of the National and Popular Committees against the Annexation Wall and colonies in southern Hebron, said the Israeli bulldozers destroyed the waterline and a dirt road linking Masafer Yatta with the villages of al-Fakheet and Khallet ad-Dabe’.

Jabour added that the attack is not the first against the lands and the water networks in the area, and aims at removing the Palestinians and annexing their lands for the construction and expansion of the illegal colonies.

It is worth mentioning that the Committee, in cooperation with the Tiwana and al-Masafer village Council, has previously rehabilitated the road and the waterwork after a similar attack by the Israeli army.

Oct 26 07:05

Majority of COVID deaths in Sweden and the UK are among the fully vaccinated

Fully vaccinated individuals made up the vast majority of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in Sweden and the United Kingdom in the last month, according to government data. This is in line with the rise in breakthrough cases and deaths in Western countries.

Sweden’s Public Health Agency reported earlier that of the 130 COVID-19 deaths between September 1-24, 70 percent are fully vaccinated.


In the U.K., similar breakthrough surges were observed. A report by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) noted that most British COVID-19 deaths were also among the fully vaccinated, as were the hospitalizations.

Between September 6 and October 3, 70 percent of deadly COVID cases occurred in fully vaccinated individuals. There were 2,281 deaths in vaccinated individuals compared to the 611 in unvaccinated within 28 days of a positive test.

Oct 26 07:05

Palestinians in Gaza call to save seven hunger-striking prisoners

Dozens of Palestinians staged a sit-in in solidarity with seven prisoners on a hunger strike in Israeli jails protesting their “administrative detention”.

The demonstration on Monday was organised by the Palestinian Detainees’ Commission and held in front of the International Red Cross Committee headquarters in Gaza City.

Participants called for the immediate release of the seven prisoners, chanted slogans, and held banners reading, “Administrative Detention is a crime” and “Stop Administrative Detention.”

The prisoners launched a hunger strike to protest against their administrative detention, according to the Detainees Affairs Commission.

Oct 26 07:04

Israel extends detention of Palestinian detainee on hunger strike

An Israeli military court confirmed on Sunday the detention order of Palestinian detainee Shadi Abu Aker, despite being on hunger strike for 63 days to protest his jailing without charges.

Shadi Abu Aker, 37-years-old, has been held by Israeli forces without charge since October 2020, based on repetitive detention orders.

His wife, Sajida Abu Aker, told The New Arab that the family has been waiting all year for his release and have no idea when he will be freed.

"Our older son is seven now [and] he has spent with his father no more than a full year, interrupted, because of his repetitive detentions," she said.

Abu Aker had been arrested several times by Israeli forces in recent years, mostly without charges.

Oct 26 07:04

Israel army detains Palestinian cancer patient and two children in West Bank raids

A cancer-stricken patient and two children were among 13 Palestinians arrested by Israeli forces during raids across the occupied West Bank, Palestinian security sources said.

Abdul Basset Maatan, a teacher suffering from cancer, was detained after Israeli forces stormed his home in Al-Bireh, east of Ramallah.

Zuheer Maatan, Abdul Basset's brother, told The New Arab that Israeli forces persisted in taking him away despite his medical condition but allowed him to bring his medicines.

Ten-year-olds Yasser Arafat and Haitham Shukair were also detained after a raid on their parents' homes. The reason for their arrest was unclear.

Oct 26 07:03

Small business owners in Gaza grapple with debts and losses following Israeli attacks

Over the last decade Mahmoud Abu Shkyan has been a carpenter, a grocer, and a stylist, but today the 28-year-old father of one with another kid on the way is unemployed. His barbershop was destroyed in an airstrike last May, one day before a ceasefire was declared between Hamas and Israel during the most intense escalation of hostilities in seven years.

The shop itself was a modest 160 square foot room that squeezed in three salon chairs and a big sofa. In early 2021, Abu Shkyan borrowed $5,000 from friends and family to start the business and was earning around $350 a month.

He now has no way to repay the debt.

Oct 26 07:02

Somalia Death Toll in Fighting Between Army and Former Allied Group Rises to 120

Fighting in Somalia's Galmudug state between the Somali army and its former ally, the Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama'a militia, has killed 120 people over the past three days, a senior ASWJ official said on Monday.

Analysts and residents have expressed fears that the fighting is derailing the former allies from their common effort to defeat the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab insurgency.

"At least 120 people died and 600 were injured from both sides," Hassan Yare from ASWJ told Reuters on Monday, adding his group intended to fight until their "last man died."

Ahmed Shire Falagle, Galmudug state's information minister said 16 government soldiers were killed and 45 injured during the three days of fighting. He did not know how many casualties the other side had suffered, but said the armed group had been cornered and government forces hoped to "finish them in the coming hours."

Oct 26 07:01

Noam Chomsky: Lock Vaccine Skeptics In Their Homes and Deprive Them of Food

Leftist Noam Chomsky has been making the rounds calling for those who don’t want to put experimental shots in their bodies to be sequestered in their homes and not to let them out to even get food. Alex Jones covers these and other insane globalist statements from just the last couple of days.

Oct 26 07:01

In meeting with John Kerry, PM Imran Khan stresses release of Afghan economic resources

Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed the need for positive engagement with Afghanistan and the release of seized economic resources and financial assets for the welfare of Afghan people in a meeting with American diplomat John Kerry.

Countries are yet to recognise the Taliban-led regime, which has been isolated by the international community since they took over after ousting Ashraf Ghani in mid-August.

During the meeting, the premier urged the international community to work pragmatically to preserve peace and security, prevent an economic collapse and avert a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

PM Imran Khan also underscored the importance of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan for Pakistan and the region.

Oct 26 07:00

McAuliffe, Democratic groups launch climate ad blitz in Virginia a week out from election....Videos

Oct 26 06:59

WATCH: CDC Director Walensky Declares Unvaccinated Police, Government Workers Will Be Forcibly Re-educated

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky declared that the Biden regime is planning to force unvaccinated police and government workers to take “counselling” and lessons so that they change their minds about taking the shots.

“We have seen that these mandates are getting more and more people vaccinated,” Walensky told Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday.

“What we know from the police workforce is there have been more deaths from the coronavirus over the last year and a half than all other causes of death for that workforce combined,” she claimed, adding “So we believe it is very important to get these people vaccinated.”

Oct 26 06:56

‘Cloak and dagger’ military-intelligence outfit at center of US digital vaccine passport push

Described as “the most important organization you’ve never heard of,” MITRE rakes in massive security state contracts to pioneer invasive spy tech. Now it’s at the heart of a campaign to implement digital vaccine passports.

While vaccine passports have been marketed as a boon to public health, promising safety, privacy, and convenience for those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, the pivotal role a shadowy military-intelligence organization is playing in the push to implement the system in digital form has raised serious civil liberties concerns.

Known as MITRE, the organization is a non-profit corporation led almost entirely by military-intelligence professionals and sustained by sizable contracts with the Department of Defense, FBI, and national security sector.

Oct 26 06:56

Poland: 2 soldiers injured in clash with migrants at Belarus border

Two Polish soldiers have suffered minor injuries, officials said Monday, after about 60 people tried to push their way across the country's border with Belarus. The scuffle occurred the night before, near the village of Usnarz Gorny.

A video was published on Poland's border guards website that showed men trying to break a razor wire fence with branches. Officers said they were then attacked with branches and stones. A similar scuffle occurred on Saturday.

Poland already has about 6,000 troops on the border, and will increase that number to 10,000, the Defense Ministry announced later on Monday.

Why is there a new border influx via Belarus?

Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, the EU countries that neighbor Belarus, are facing increasing pressure. The Belarusian government has maintained its policy of picking up migrants and refugees and dropping them off at the borders in an effort to encourage them out of the country.

Oct 26 06:55

‘Mad scientists playing God’: Florida’s DeSantis calls for Fauci to be fired for ‘dangerous & cruel’ experiments on dogs

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has joined the chorus of US lawmakers lashing out at White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci for funding ‘hazardous’ virus research and ‘despicable’ experiments on dogs.

At issue are Fauci’s decisions as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a unit of the National Institute of Health (NIH), to invest US taxpayer funds in gain-of-function research at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, as well as allegedly cruel drug research using beagle pups.

Calling the gain-of-function research “very hazardous” and “unethical,” DeSantis said on Monday that the US has to “shut that down,” adding, “You can’t have mad scientists running around playing God like this.”

And then come to find out what else is Fauci and NIH doing? They’re doing cruel experiments on puppies. What they were doing with those puppies is flat-out disgusting, it’s despicable. That needs to stop.

Oct 26 06:54

Disturbing New Report Reveals Fauci’s NIH Gave ‘Toxic Brain Injections’ to Monkeys, Drilled Holes in Their Skulls and Implanted Devices Into Their Brains

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIH spent millions in taxpayer funds on cruel and unusual experiments where scientists would “cripple monkeys with toxic brain injections” through implanted devices in their skulls, a disturbing new report reveals.

The evil project has been funded by the NIH since at least 2018 and has received a whopping $16 million in taxpayer funds on torturous experiments that includes:

exmarketplace 1
Oct 26 06:54

There Is No Escape for Israel from Growing Palestinian Power

There is no escape for Israel from growing Palestinian power. If nothing else, the upcoming Conference of the Alternative Palestinian Path in Madrid (Masar Badil in Arabic) will clearly and courageously embody that rising power on the world stage, at a time when Israel is increasingly fearful and unhinged by the surprising fact that Palestinians, even after decades of horrific colonial oppression, not only have yet to roll over and die as planned, but they are instead gathering more popular support worldwide than ever before.

Palestinians continue to resist their colonization at every turn. Right now, six Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strikes to demand freedom from arbitrary imprisonment without charge, “putting their lives on the line for liberation.”

In Ramallah, young people are affirming the path for liberation, stressing that the Palestinian struggle is an existential struggle, and must therefore never be linked to “solutions,” even if such solutions are interim.

Oct 26 06:53

White House to “Quickly” Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11 as Deaths and Injuries Continue to Increase Among 12 to 19-Year-Olds Who Received a COVID-19 Shot

It is pretty clear these days that corporate America is now controlling the State Department along with their “health agencies” such as the FDA and the CDC.

This week the Biden Administration laid out their plans to quickly vaccinate 28 million children between the ages of 5 and 11 with a COVID-19 vaccine, which sounded more like a Press Release from Pfizer, since the FDA has not even authorized the shots for that age group yet.

ZeroHedge News reported:

The Biden administration on Wednesday unveiled its plan to ‘quickly’ vaccinate roughly 28 million children age 5-11, pending authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Oct 26 06:53

Trump WARNS Of Biden's Policies Ahead Of A Migrant Caravan

As a group of approximately 2,000 Central American migrants continued their mass exodus from the southern Mexico city of Tapachula Sunday, former President Donald Trump issued a statement critiquing the lack of response from the Biden administration.

"The largest caravan in history is coming towards us, and we are totally unprepared and doing nothing about it, " former President Trump declared Sunday in a statement issued through his Save America PAC. "Complete the wall and get tough. Our Country is being systematically destroyed before our very eyes!"

Oct 26 06:52

"Ample Scientific Data": Congresswoman Introduces 'Natural Immunity Is Real Act'

There is plenty of evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 have protection against reinfection, Rep. Diana Harshbarger (R-Tenn.) said.

“There’s ample scientific studies that show that natural immunity is absolutely one of the best things you could have—and some studies even show that it’s more effective [than vaccination],” Harshbarger said during a recent appearance on NTD’s “Capitol Report.”

Natural immunity refers to post-recovery antibodies that shield people against reinfection of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes COVID-19.

Oct 26 06:52

WATCH: Dementia Joe Tries To Shake Hands With An Invisible Man

A video that we have for you today shows just why his public appearances are rare!

Oct 26 06:52

What Baraitser Thought About the Plot to Kill or Abduct Assange

Lawyers for Julian Assange may try at the U.S. appeal hearing later this month to introduce weightier evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency seriously discussed killing or abducting the imprisoned journalist.

The lower court hearing before Judge Vanessa Baraitser in September last year already heard sworn testimony from a former partner and former employee of the Spanish security company UC Global that a U.S. intelligence agency had talked about poisoning or kidnapping Assange. This testimony is already evidence in the case.

In the wake of the Yahoo! News report in which that testimony was confirmed and substantially expanded, Assange’s lawyers may want to submit details from that report to demonstrate that fears of abduction and murder haunted Assange, leaving him in a mental state so fragile that Baraitser ruled against sending him to the U.S. — and possibly to an American dungeon where he’d be likely to take his life even before he got there.

Oct 26 06:47

U.S. senator drops bomb, says military members who refuse to get vaccinated risk dishonorable discharge and will lose right to vote, own guns

A U.S. senator from Kansas is warning that military members who refuse to follow the Pentagon’s order to take a COVID-19 vaccine run the risk of being kicked out of the service with a dishonorable discharge, which will endanger their rights including voting and owning firearms.

“The White House wants to give servicemembers a dishonorable discharge if they’re separated because of refusing the vaccine. [Americans must] understand the significance of a dishonorable discharge,” Sen. Roger Marshall, a Republican, warned in an interview with Breitbart Radio.

“Those folks will be treated as felons. They’ll never be able to get a job, again. They lose their Second Amendment. In some states, they won’t be able to vote, again. They lose their VA benefits, access to the VA hospitals, retirement plans,” he added.

Oct 26 06:46

To help “save lives,” crazed Branch Covidian plows car into anti-vaccine protesters

A 64-year-old man by the name of William Aslaksen was arrested over the weekend after he went maniacal and plowed his car straight into a rally of people opposing Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandates.

The incident occurred Saturday afternoon in Palmdale, located near Los Angeles, resulting in at least one person, a woman, becoming injured. The woman, who has not been identified, was left injured but “stable,” according to authorities.

Aslaksen reportedly went crazy after getting into a conversation with one of the protesters who attempted to reason with him about how there should always be freedom of choice when it comes to pharmaceutical intervention. This caused Aslaksen to snap and drive his car up the sidewalk and into the crowd where the protesters were standing.

Oct 26 06:39

McDonald's Employees Set To Strike Tuesday Over Sexual Harassment With Goal Of Unionizing

Thousands of US workers have gone on strike this month, showing their increasing power can enforce corporate change among employers amid a tightening labor force. The latest news of a strike will upset fast-food customers who frequent McDonald's.

On Tuesday, McDonald's employees from at least ten major cities will walk off the job over the company's handling of sexual harassment at the workplace and call for better pay. Employees are eventually making strides to unionize.

"I'm going on strike because, despite years of protests, McDonald's still refuses to take responsibility for the countless women and teenagers who face harassment on the job at its stores across the globe," Jamelia Fairley, a McDonald's employee in Sanford, Florida, told The Hill.

Oct 26 06:39

Walking The Path Of Self Destruction

Central planners have destroyed the future. Today we walk the path of their self-destruction...

If you recall, fiscal and monetary policies employed to counter the effects of government mandated lockdowns were supposed to stimulate a self-sustaining economic boom. Instead, these policies of extreme intervention have stimulated chaos and destruction.

The official inflation rate, as measured by the government’s consumer price index (CPI), is rising at an annualized clip of 5.4 percent. But that’s nothing. Alternative inflation rates, which better reflect what consumers are actually experiencing, are double and triple the official CPI.

At the same time, the economy appears to be slowing down…

According to the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow forecasting model, as of October 19, real gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the third quarter of 2021 is estimated to be just 0.5 percent. This is down from 1.2 percent on October 15, 6 percent in late August, and 14 percent in May.

Oct 26 06:38

How Can 84% Of Chicago Public Schools Students Graduate When Only 26% Of 11th-Graders Are Proficient In Reading, Math?

It’s shameful.

Chicago Public School officials want to celebrate a record graduation rate when much of the other data shows they are failing Chicago’s children.

Only 26 percent of CPS 11th-graders can read and do math at grade level, according to the latest Illinois Report Card data, and yet last week the district proudly announced that 84 percent of students graduated from CPS in 2021 – a new record high.

First of all, color us skeptical about that record high rate. Everyone knows that the city’s children were underserved by remote learning – the failures were reported ad nauseum by the press. Announcing record graduation rates is a way for district officials to sweep those failures under the rug.

But there’s a more fundamental problem: the graduation rate distracts from the fact that CPS officials are pushing out poorly educated children.

Oct 26 06:37

Greenwald: Pierre Omidyar's Financing Of The Facebook "Whistleblower" Campaign Reveals A Great Deal

It is completely unsurprising to learn, as Politico reported last Wednesday, that the major financial supporter of Facebook "whistleblower” Frances Haugen's sprawling P.R. and legal network coordinating her public campaign is the billionaire founder of EBay, Pierre Omidyar. The Haugen Show continues today as a consortium of carefully-cultivated news outlets (including those who have been most devoted to agitating for online censorship: the New York Times’ "tech” unit and NBC News's “disinformation” team) began publishing the trove of archives she took from Facebook under the self-important title "The Facebook Papers,” while the star herself has traveled to London to testify today to British lawmakers considering a bill to criminally punish tech companies that allow “foul content” or “extremism” — whatever that means — to be published.

Oct 26 06:36


During another instalment of his podcast last week, Joe Rogan continued to expose CNN for refusing to back down on spreading lies about his use of Ivermectin to treat COVID-19, calling CNN host Don Lemon a “dumb motherfucker.”

After the network issued a statement declaring that “The only thing CNN did wrong here was bruise the ego of a popular podcaster who pushed dangerous conspiracy theories and risked the lives of millions of people in doing so,” Rogan fired back.

“This is what’s so funny about that. They don’t understand that when they say things that are absolutely untrue, it diminishes their authority. They’re not even aware of what they’re doing,” Rogan declared.

He continued, “When Don Lemon goes on with Sanjay Gupta and says, ‘Actually, it really is a veterinary medicine. It really is horse dewormer.’”

Oct 26 06:36

WATCH: Israel Resumes Digging of Historic Muslim Cemetery in Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation authorities resumed on Monday the digging of a historic Muslim cemetery in the occupied city of Jerusalem, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Mustafa Abu Zahra, Head of the Committee for the Preservation of Islamic Cemeteries in Jerusalem, told WAFA that the Israeli municipal crews and officers of the so-called Nature Protection Authority continued to level parts of the cemetery, which lies adjacent to the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Oct 26 06:35


In my honest opinion, Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy special The Closer wasn’t that funny. At times, there were glimpses of early Chappelle, the one that was relentlessly hilarious. However, these moments did not last long. Clearly, being funny was not Chappelle’s top priority.

The Closer was about proving a point. And it only took a few days to see this point proven to an absurd degree.

Like the vast majority of people on Earth, Chappelle believes that men have male reproductive organs and that women have female reproductive organs. That is why the word “gender” and “genitals” share the same root word.

However, this basic fact of life, which was an unquestioned, universally accepted truth only a few years ago has become taboo. Even worse, it is now considered offensive and “transphobic”. Not by regular people, but by a powerful agenda that is looking to completely redefine the meaning of gender and human sexuality in general.

Oct 26 06:33

Antagonizing Russia: A Biden Administration Specialty

Joe Biden’s administration seems determined to surpass its predecessors in taking actions that are certain to antagonize Russia. In just the past two weeks, the United States and its NATO allies have gone out of their way to provoke Moscow on four separate occasions. Such irresponsible behavior exacerbates already dangerous tensions with a nuclear-armed great power.