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"War will exist until the distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige as the warrior does today" -- John F.Kennedy

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“It’s possible to have more than one reserve currency.”

These are the recent words of Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

It was a stunning admission from the one person with the most control over the US dollar—the world’s reserve currency.

Reading between the lines, Powell’s remarks are a strong hint that the current international monetary system based on the US dollar is on its way out… and soon.

Even the elites running this 50+ year old system can’t go along with the farce of maintaining it anymore.

Posted on: Sep 21 10:06

 The House Judiciary Committee Republicans released a letter this week that they sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray that featured claims from a whistleblower from the Bureau who claims that FBI agents were moved off child sex abuse cases to work on political investigations.

Posted on: Sep 21 10:06
Posted on: Sep 21 10:05

New Orleans Gives Reasons For Closing Starbucks Popular Outlet

On Friday, Starbucks announced its store on Canal Street in New Orleans would close on October 3, according to 4WWL, a CBS affiliate.

A spokesperson for the coffee shop, Sam Jeffries, called the location “a high incident store.”

He said, “Our stores are windows into America. Daily, our partners witness the challenges facing our communities--challenges to personal safety, racism, a growing mental health crisis, and issues magnified by COVID. These challenges play out within our stores--affecting our partners, communities, and customers alike.”

According to BizPac Review, the owner of a nearby clothing store, Rubenstein’s, said his store is doing fine. David Rubenstein believes the real reason Starbucks is leaving the area is due to the homeless population.

Posted on: Sep 21 10:05

See The Report: Former CDC Chief Says Fauci “Misled Congress”

Robert Redfield, former director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said the lab-leak explanation for COVID-19 is supported by evidence. The death threats started, and he has been deemed a conspiracy theorist.

Redfield alleges the real “conspiracy is Collins, Fauci, and the established scientific community,” according to Just the News.

He told Paul Thacker, a former Senate Finance Committee investigator, that Dr. Anthony Fauci knew he funded research that increases the danger of viruses and “misled Congress” when he denied the gain-of-function study.

In mid to late January, Redfield told Fauci of his concerns about the theory that the virus came from animals. Research showed it was not from bats. “This thing was manipulated,” he said.

Posted on: Sep 21 10:03

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Teacher Terminations: 850 More NYC Teachers Get The Axe, Here's Why...

The Gateway Pundit reported in a city where over 1.000 NYC Department of Education (DOE) staffers were fired for failing to comply with vaccination mandates after October 29, 2021, 850 more unvaccinated teachers and aides have been terminated.

Approximately 1,300 DOE employees took a year’s unpaid leave, including benefits, agreeing that, by September 5, they would show proof of COVID vaccinations in compliance with New York City’s vaccine mandate or be “deemed to have voluntarily resigned.” Only 450 teachers and paraprofessionals are returning to work, having complied with the order.

With the school year having started, some COVID restrictions were eased for students and staff, but not vaccine mandates. Councilman Joe Borelli, a Republican, believes it’s time to lift the order, calling it “absurd,” according to SI Live.

Webmaster addition: But, but, but ... Joe Biden said the pandemic is over!!!!

Posted on: Sep 21 10:00

 Fox News host Greg Gutfeld mocked Democrats for transferring their hyperbolic attacks from one Republican to the next as it became politically expedient.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 21 09:56

 Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana said Tuesday that Americans are wise to the deception practiced by President Joe Biden on the subject of illegal immigration at the southern border.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 21 09:56

In May 2017, Rosneft chief executive Igor Sechin came to Berlin to outline a five-year plan to double the Russian oil company’s investments in German refining to €600mn.

Cut to 2022 and Rosneft’s assets have been taken over by the German government. Sechin’s dream of downstream expansion into Europe’s largest oil products market is in ruins, a victim of the escalating energy war between Russia and the west.

On Friday, the German government said it was seizing control of Rosneft’s stakes in three German refineries — PCK in Schwedt, north-east of Berlin, MiRo in Karlsruhe and Bayernoil in the Bavarian town of Vohburg.

The trigger for the takeover was the looming EU ban on imports of Russian oil, which comes into force on January 1 and could put massive pressure on Germany’s refining industry. Russia has already severed natural gas supplies to Germany threatening a deep recession in the country this winter.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:55

The unilateral sanctions that Western countries unleashed on Russia have caused energy supply disruptions and energy hyperinflation across the world. Europe is rejiggering its energy supply chain away from Russia as it sources energy products elsewhere. EU countries are scrambling for tankers to import energy products from abroad, which has led to a surge in global tanker shipping rates.

Since slapping Russia with sanctions, the West has realized that global supply chains are fragile. Even before the Ukraine war, supply chains struggled due to uneven Covid economic recovery, trade war conflicts, and increasing geopolitical risks. 

As such, the decision to rejigger Europe's entire energy supply chain away from Russia amid all the chaos in the world has created a shortage of vessels to carry essential fuels to energy-stricken regions this winter. 

Bloomberg reported that Europe is importing liquefied natural gas, diesel, and crude from far away regions that keep tankers in transit for extended periods and delay return to service for other critical shipping lanes. Shipping experts warn this is sparking the latest surge in global tanker freight rates. 

Posted on: Sep 21 09:54

 Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) introduced a bill Tuesday to prevent schools from keeping a child’s gender transition from their parents.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:53

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has pledged to spend at least £2.3 billion ($2.6 billion) next year on military aid to help Ukraine resist the Russian invasion.

Having committed £2.3 billion in 2022 to Ukraine’s war effort, Britain is already one of the largest military donor to Ukraine, second only to the United States.

As she prepared to fly to New York for the United Nations summit, the prime minister praised Ukrainian troops’ success in taking back around 3,000 square kilometres (1,800 square miles) from Russian hands, and pledged to at least match last year’s military aid.

She said: “Ukraine’s victories in recent weeks have been inspirational. Time and time again these brave people have defied the doubters and showed what they can do when given the military, economic, and political support they need. My message to the people of Ukraine is this: the UK will continue to be right behind you every step of the way. Your security is our security.

The British Army’s M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) fires during Summer Shield 2022 military exercise in Adazi military base, Latvia, on May 27, 2022. (Ints Kalnins /Reuters)

Posted on: Sep 21 09:52

Despite the historic energy crisis rippling through the world, the European Investment Bank (EIB) isn't reconsidering green lending policies, which exclude fossil-fuel funding in Africa and other emerging countries. 

EIB president Werner Hoyer said the future lies with sustainable energy sources. He said the current energy crisis caused by the sudden reduction of Russian natural gas supplies "hasn't changed our view." 

"We as a European public institution should not invest in assets that one day will be seen as stranded assets," Hoyer told the Financial Times.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:52

Israeli occupation authorities on Monday extended the administrative detention of Palestinian journalist Bushra Al-Taweel for the third time in a row, for a period of three months, the Middle East Monitor reported.

Twenty-nine-year-old Al-Taweel, a resident of the city of Ramallah, was arrested on March 21 at the Zatara military checkpoint, south of Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:51

Armed clashes broke out between Palestinian security forces and protesters in the early hours of Tuesday after the Palestinian Authority arrested a high-ranking Hamas member wanted by Israel in an ambush on the occupied West Bank city of Nablus the night before. 

The confrontation persisted through the morning, leaving a 53-year-old Palestinian, Firas Yaish, killed and another critically wounded.

PA forces arrested Musab Shtayyeh, who had been the target of several assassination attempts by Israel, in an ambush on Faisal Street, east of Nablus, shortly before midnight. PA forces also arrested Ameed Tabileh, a Palestinian fighter close to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine who is also wanted by Israel, in the same raid.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:51

The Food and Drug Administration has finally acknowledged its response to the US infant formula shortage was caused by a number of problems.

The agency said these included delays in processing a whistleblower complaint about bacterially tainted baby formula from the nation's largest formula factory.

A report found it failed to rapidly address reports of contamination at a formula facility in Sturgis, Michigan, belonging to the formula maker Abbot, because of a serious breakdown in intermediary steps in the response process.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:49

A US destroyer and a Canadian frigate sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday in the latest joint operation aimed at reinforcing the route's status as an international waterway.

The United States has long used 'freedom of navigation' passages through the Taiwan Strait to push back against Chinese claims and Western allies have increasingly joined these operations. 

The USS Higgins, along with the Royal Canadian Navy's Halifax-class frigate HMCS Vancouver 'conducted a routine Taiwan Strait transit... in accordance with international law', the US Navy's Seventh Fleet said.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:48

 With the news that Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom might be vying to run for president in 2024 if President Joe Biden is not the candidate, some are not as thrilled about the idea as others.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 21 09:46

 Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex has reportedly requested a one-on-one meeting with King Charles III before she and Prince Harry return to the U.S. following the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 21 09:45

Trump’s lawyers on Tuesday responded to the Justice Department’s request to block Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling on the seized documents.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:43

The Israeli army’s recent incursions into the cities and refugee camps of the northern occupied-West Bank are not going as smoothly as before.

The occupation army’s incursions into the city of Jenin and Jenin refugee camp in early September required the mobilization of large forces, including special units and armored vehicles – in scale, unprecedented since 2014.

On the night of 6 September, a force of about 100 vehicles carried out a raid in Jenin, supported by air with drones, and on land, by hundreds of soldiers from Israel’s elite military units.

Their task? To demolish the house of Ra’ad Hazem, who carried out the Dizengoff attack in Tel Aviv on 7 April, 2022. More than anything, this excessive military build-up over a single home demolition illustrates that the Israeli military can no longer operate in the West Bank as they did before the May 2021 ‘Sayf Al Quds’ conflagration – and its subsequent developments.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:40

A Palestinian man was killed overnight on Tuesday when Palestinian Authority security forces raided the occupied West Bank city of Nablus to make arrests on Israel’s behalf.

The Israeli-backed PA forces entered Nablus on Monday night and arrested two Hamas resistance fighters “at Israel’s request,” according to Tel Aviv daily Haaretz. The two men are Musab Shtayyeh and Ameed Tubeileh.

Shtayyeh is reportedly associated with Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, a Palestinian resistance fighter killed in an Israeli attack in Nablus in August.

The arrests sparked confrontations between Palestinian residents and PA forces that lasted well into Tuesday afternoon.

Firas Faris Yaish, 53, was fatally shot in the head in the crossfire between resistance fighters and PA forces. Several others were wounded, including a college student who sustained a serious injury to the abdomen.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:40

Clash of the two systems of governance, as George Soros formulated it in his remarks to the World Economic Forum conference in May, seems to have reached a phase transition. Russian President Vladimir Putin has returned from last week’s summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization conference in Samarkand with a palpable sense of confidence and determination, and it does appear that he has obtained reassurances of support from all the key leaders during the event, including China’s Xi Jinping, India’s Narendra Modi, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Iran’s Ebrahim Raisi, and even the new PM of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif.

Russia is ready to shift gears

Now, the leadership of Russia is prepared to shift gears in Ukraine. While annexation of the Donbas region wasn’t part of the objectives set out at the outset of the “Special Military Operation” in February, this could be about to change. Namely, public referendums have been announced and will be held between 23 and 27 September in all the key regions controlled by Russia. The people will be voting on whether they want to become absorbed in Russian federation. This move will have a massive impact and remove any legal strictures the Russian leadership observed by waging war in foreign territory. Soon, this could become Russian territory and any attacks on Kherson, Donetsk, Lugansk or Zaporozhye will be regarded as attacks on Russia proper.

Webmaster addition: Putin has resurrected the Kennedy doctrine.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:38

Israeli forces on Tuesday plugged with cement two underground water wells in the occupied West Bank, deeming them useless, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

The water wells were providing drinking water for residents in the villages of al-Ras and Kafr Aboush, south of Tulkarm.

The head of Al-Ras village council, Muhammad Majdoub, told WAFA that the occupation forces plugged a well in the eastern area of the village with concrete without a prior warning.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:37

The European Union’s Middle East peace envoy has reportedly filed a complaint with the Foreign Ministry that he is not being granted meetings with high-level Israeli officials.

Sven Koopmans brought up his grievances during a meeting with Aliza Bin Noun, the political director of the Foreign Ministry, Axios said.

The incident report cited a summary of the meeting, but did not say when it took place.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:37

Iran is set to import Russian gas through pipelines from Azerbaijan under contracts agreed upon in a significant deal between Tehran and Moscow two months ago, according to a report published in the local media.

According to the Fars News Agency, the Iranian Oil Ministry announced on 19 September that a gas import and swap deal between Iran and Russia will soon be activated, provisioning 9 million and 600 thousand cubic meters per day of Russian gas through the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Two months ago, Iran signed a deal worth $40 billion with Russia’s Gazprom to develop seven oil and gas fields and complete other oil projects near the Persian Gulf. Iranian media revealed Tehran’s intention to import overload quantities of Russian gas.

Additionally, the deal includes establishing a pipeline to export Iranian gas to Pakistan and the Sultanate of Oman, as well as completing several liquefied natural gas production projects in the country.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:35

Iran is ready to send ships loaded with fuel to Lebanon within one or two weeks to help run the country's power plants, the Iranian embassy in Beirut told Al-Manar TV as a Lebanese delegation was in Tehran to discuss energy cooperation.

A Lebanese energy ministry spokesperson said they were unaware whether a fuel import deal had been struck but said "any gift from anywhere is welcome".

Posted on: Sep 21 09:35

NATO is ready to ramp up troops in Kosovo if tensions among minority Serbs flare again, the deputy commander of the alliance's peacekeeping mission (KFOR) said on Tuesday as a deadline in a spat with the government over car license plates approaches.

"We are vigilant and ready to act...if we have an increase of tensions, but we can also draw on reserve forces...that we can call in at short notice," Brigadier General Luca Piperni told reporters at KFOR headquarters in the capital Pristina.

Unrest among Kosovo Serbs over a requirement for them to use state-issued car number plates by October 31 has raised fears of conflict between Kosovo and Serbia, more than two decades after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bombed Serbia to end repression of Kosovo's Albanian majority. Kosovo Serbs in the north currently use old Serbian car plates that were issued before the 1999 war or later reproduced to look as the old car plates.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:34

Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned against “undermining” the status quo in his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, ahead of a meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

He said the future of Jerusalem was a cause for concern and that “Christianity in the holy city is under fire.”

Jordan sees itself as the custodian of Jerusalem’s Muslim and Christian holy sites, including the Temple Mount complex which houses the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a focal point of tensions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:32

On 20 September, the US army smuggled another batch of crude oil from Syria’s occupied regions to military bases in Iraq, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

A convoy of 60 fully-loaded oil trucks of U.S. military forces passed the eastern border from the energy-rich Jazira region in Syria’s northeastern governorate of Hasakah.

According to local sources, the looted oil was reportedly moved through the illegal al-Mahmoudiya and al-Walid border crossing into Iraq, where U.S. forces are stationed.

Units of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) escorted the convoys until they arrived at the border with Iraq.

Reports of the ongoing plundering of Syrian resources have increased in frequency. On 13 August, SANA reported that 89 tanker trucks filled with Syrian oil were smuggled out of the country via the illegal Mahmoudiya border crossing.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:32