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"The first panacea of a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permeant ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists." -- Ernest Hemingway

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Joe and Jill Biden on Friday hosted a reception to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

Posted on: Oct 01 11:52

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill to restrict prosecutors from using rap lyrics as evidence against criminal defendants in California.

Newsom signed on the dotted line of a new bill — the Decriminalizing Artistic Expression Act, also known as AB 2799 — on Friday, which advocates say will help protect artistic expression in hip-hop and rap.

The bill was approved by state lawmakers in August after mass backlash over the imprisonment of some big names in rap, including Young Thug, Gunna, and the late rapper Drakeo the Ruler.

Used as evidence against them were their song lyrics, as prosecutors alleged Young Thug formed a street gang and promoted it through his songs

Posted on: Oct 01 11:52

The private consortium that reported election "misinformation" to tech platforms during the 2020 election season, in "consultation" with federal agencies, targeted several news organizations in its dragnet.

Websites for Just the News, New York Post, Fox News, Washington Examiner, Washington Times, Epoch Times and Breitbart were identified among the 20 "most prominent domains across election integrity incidents" that were cited in tweets flagged by the Election Integrity Partnership and its collaborators.

The Washington Post, New York Times and CNN also appeared on the list, though the consortium's after-action report emphasizes most of the mainstream media reports "were referenced as fact-checks" that played a "corrective role" against "misleading narratives."

The report also identified the 21 "most prominent repeat spreaders [of misinformation] on Twitter," all of them politically classified as "right." Actor James Woods led that group, followed by The Gateway Pundit blog, Donald Trump Jr. and President Trump himself. The report emphasized 15 were verified by Twitter.

Posted on: Oct 01 11:51

The UK government is funding an experiment to assess the effect of eating “insect-based porridge foods” on the nutritional status of children in Zimbabwe, a practice being pushed by environmentalists as a “sustainable” diet choice.

The United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI)-backed project is feeding poor elementary school children mopane worms and soldier termite flour on a daily basis for a year. The study will examine the effects of the insect supplementation on the children’s height, weight, and micronutrient status, as well as their cognitive function, as determined by their school performance.

The project summary notes that the insect foods are “culturally acceptable” in the African region, since soldier termite and mopane worm powders have been traditionally used by some Zimbabwean rural communities to avoid malnutrition during drought and poor harvests.

Posted on: Oct 01 11:50

New York is in terrible shape, rife with crime, instability, and rising consumer costs.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 01 09:42

The vaccine-touting billionaire depopulation advocate also thinks he is a political analyst.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 01 08:48

On Wednesday night, the live broadcast of the government briefing on the explosions on Nord Stream in Helsinki, Finland, was interrupted when the Finnish Interior Minister, Krista Mikkonen, suddenly collapsed.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 01 08:48

A 5-year-old kindergartner at McGlinnen Elementary School in Michigan died suddenly after suffering from an unexpected medical emergency on Thursday, September 22, 2022.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 01 08:45

 A Pennsylvania mother who had been registered Democrat for over thirty years has abandoned the party and signed on with the Republicans.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:44

Late last year, Slate published an investigative report detailing how pharmaceutical giant, Merck, used “flawed” and “unreliable” pre-licensing safety studies to push through approval of its multi-billion-dollar bonanza, the HPV vaccine. For veteran safe vaccine advocates, like myself, the most shocking aspect of the expose was that Slate published it at all. Slate and other liberal online publications including SalonHuffington Post and The Daily Beast customarily block articles that critique vaccine safety in order, they argue, to encourage vaccination and protect public health.

Motivated by this noble purpose, the liberal media—the supposed antidote to corporate and government power—has helped insulate from scrutiny the burgeoning vaccine industry and its two regulators, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Both agencies have pervasive and potentially corrupting financial entanglements with the vaccine manufacturers, according to extensive congressional investigations.

Ironically, liberals routinely lambaste Pharma, and its FDA enablers for putting profits over people. Recent examples include Vioxx (100,000 injured—Merck paid more than $5 billion in fines and settlements), Abilify (Bristol Meyers Squibb paid $515 million for marketing the drug to nursing homes, knowing it can be fatal to seniors), Celebrex and Bextra (Pfizer paid $894 million for bribing public officials and false advertising about safety and effectiveness) and, of course, the opioid crisis, which in 2016 killed more Americans than the 20-year Vietnam War.  What then, makes liberals think that these same companies are immune from similar temptations when it comes to vaccines? There is plenty of evidence that they are not. Merck, the world’s largest vaccine maker, is currently fighting multiple lawsuits, brought by its own scientists, claiming that the company forced them to falsify efficacy data for its MMR vaccine.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:20

Despite general disappointment about the pace of Special Counsel John Durham’s continued investigation into the origins Russian election interference narrative spun in the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, one of the most crucial developments in the probe to date took a huge step forward. Following a watershed moment in which Durham’s move to unseal a motion in limine against Igor Danchenko revealed the primary source of the Steele Dossier was a paid FBI informant, the defendant in the case following the first indictment from the Special Counsel’s investigation failed in having a last-ditch effort to have the charges levied against him dismissed.

U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga denied a Motion to Dismiss filed earlier in the month over the Labor Day Weekend by Danchenko’s attorneys. The crux of their argument in the motion was that former Special Counsel and FBI Director Robert Mueller’s investigation of Danchenko and subsequent omission of any recommendation to charge him in the Mueller Report was tantamount to proof of his innocence. “Approximately thirty-four individuals were charged by Mueller’s office, including several for providing false statements to investigators. Mr. Danchenko was not among them,” defense attorneys wrote in a filing over the holiday weekend. In spite of their best efforts, Danchenko’s attorneys failed to make a compelling argument in the eyes of Judge Tenga, whose denial of their motion means that the defendant is destined to have his day in court.

If Danchenko is convicted, it would ironically suggest that the Clinton campaign was the one guilty of colluding with Russian sources.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:15

First it was Chevon's CEO reaching out to warn President Biden about the administration's action again oil companies. Now, it's Exxon warning the President about limiting fuel exports.

Exxon is "pushing back" against the idea of reducing U.S. fuel exports, telling President Biden's Energy Department this week that such actions would lead to continued volatility in oil prices globally, and at the pump domestically, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal. Exxon said that "the oil industry should not slow fuel shipments in favor of putting more in storage tanks", the Journal report says. 

Exxon argued that cutting exports would lead to a glut in the Gulf Coast which would then, in turn, prompt output cuts. 

Posted on: Oct 01 08:14

Fears of nuclear war are increasing across the West as Russia mobilizes hundreds of thousands of troops and declares annexation of parts of Ukraine. Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Ukraine is applying for membership in NATO. These two developments could be the most significant escalation since the war's start. 

Today's developments are a sobering reminder that nuclear war threats are mounting. Retired Virginia State Senator and retired Marine Col. Richard Black addressed members of the US Congress in an open letter on Tuesday about "globalists are marching us relentlessly toward this nuclear Armageddon."

Posted on: Oct 01 08:14

A new breed of local prosecutors has taken District Attorney offices around the country by storm in a coordinated campaign that is tearing at the foundations of American justice system. The ideology that underpins their agenda is antagonistic to the traditional conception of criminal justice and, if taken to its logical conclusion, demands its destruction, several experts told The Epoch Times.

Such DAs have been variously called “rogue prosecutors,” “de-prosecutors,” or “Soros prosecutors,” based on the fact that progressive billionaire George Soros has prolifically funded their campaigns and support structures. They started to enter the scene around 2014 and have quickly become a major power block, controlling at least 75 DA offices with jurisdiction over one in every five Americans, including half of the country’s 50 most populous cities, according to research by Sean Kennedy, a criminal justice expert at the Maryland Public Policy Institute, a liberty-oriented think tank.

“They believe that the criminal justice system is excessively punitive and racially biased and that it is irredeemable,” he said.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:13

A California libertarian group has sued the Biden administration over its plan to cancel student debt, calling it an illegal overreach which will end up taxing some Americans whose debt is forgiven.

"Congress did not authorize the executive branch to unilaterally cancel student debt," said attorney Caleb Kruckenberg of the Pacific Legal Foundation, which filed the lawsuit - believed to be the first targeting Biden's plan, AP reports. The Sacramento-based legal advocacy group filed the suit in Indiana, which is one of several states that plans to tax those whose debt is canceled by Biden's plan.

Kruckenberg says that it's illegal for the executive branch to create such policy "by press release, and without statutory authority."

(Meanwhile, Biden is yanking student loan forgiveness for more than 750,000 borrowers who took federal government loans that were issued and managed by private lenders)

Posted on: Oct 01 08:13

Economist Peter Navarro, erstwhile adviser to former President Donald Trump, told Epoch TV’s “Crossroads” program in a recent interview that the current stagflationary downturn stalking the U.S. economy is “just the beginning” of America’s economic woes, and that Trump is the one who’s best poised to pull the country out of a dire slump.

Navarro said in the interview that he believes the United States has fallen prey to the destructive force of stagflation—a toxic combination of high inflation and sluggish growth.

“That’s what we’ve got now because of the fecklessness of Joe Biden, the Congress, the Federal Reserve, and this administration,” he said.

There’s been fierce debate about what led to prices accelerating at their fastest pace in decades, eroding purchasing power, and squeezing American households.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:12

The US has slapped new sanctions on Chinese firms related to Iran’s petrochemical and petroleum trade, after years of reports of Chinese tankers engaged in sanctions-busting activity, and at a moment that a finalized restored JCPOA nuclear deal has all but collapsed.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced punitive measures Thursday against two China-based companies, Zhonggu Storage and Transportation Co Ltd and WS Shipping Co Ltd, which stand accused of sanctions evasion.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:11

Swedish officials do not yet know if an undersea power cable that runs between southern Sweden and Poland was damaged when the Nord Stream gas pipelines some 500 meters (547 yards) away ruptured in what Western officials suspect was an act of sabotage.

“Since the cable is not in service, it can´t be determined if the cable is damaged in some way,” Per Kvarnefalk, a spokesman for Sweden´s public power transmission network operator Svenska kraftnat, said late Thursday. “We will therefore perform tests on the cable using special measurement equipment early next week with the aim to determine if the cable is fully functional.”

Svenska kraftnat partly owns the more than 250-kilometer-long high-voltage cable that transmits electricity through the Baltic Sea.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:08

The signing of treaties on the accession of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia is another proof that Ukraine’s Banderite government is a failure, Chairman of the Russian State Duma (the lower house of parliament) Security and Anti-Corruption Committee Vasily Piskaryov told reporters.

"These developments are another proof that Ukraine’s Banderite government is a failure. For three decades, it has been based on savage nationalism, discrimination against Russians and other ethnic groups, as well as on the elimination of its own population and rampant looting of national assets," the lawmaker noted. "Only the denazification and demilitarization of these territories can bring peace and development to millions of people," he added.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:07

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s statement on his country’s application for NATO’s membership in an accelerated procedure sounds like an invitation to the alliance to plunge into a direct armed conflict with Russia, a senior Russian lawmaker said on Friday.

"Zelensky’s statement on Ukraine’s application for obtaining NATO membership in an accelerated procedure sounds like an invitation to the alliance to plunge into a direct armed conflict with Russia. In other words, to wage a confrontation between leading nuclear powers," Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the international committee of the Russian State Duma (lower parliament house), said. "The only way for Kiev today is to surrender arms and return to the negotiating table. Inly the, the flow of the Kiev regime’s bloody victims will be stopped."

Posted on: Oct 01 08:06

Joe Biden today vowed to ban assault weapons. He really has no idea what he’s saying.

Today Joe Biden said that he is going to ban assault weapons.  The gang at the White House clapped when he made this announcement.

Biden really has no idea what he’s saying or what rights he has to ban guns.  He really doesn’t know much and the whole world wonders who is really running this country.  Biden looked like he didn’t even know where he was and he needed to be carted off by Jill.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:05

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan tried to avoid questions about who benefits from the broken energy ties between Moscow and the European Union when speaking about the Nord Stream incident, the Russian Embassy in Washington said in a statement.

"We took notice of the contradictory statements made by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan regarding the sabotage on Nord Stream’s international gas pipelines," the statement reads.

"Such statements, as well as Mr. Sullivan's attempt to shift public attention to the alleged risks of physical and cyber attacks on Western infrastructure by Russia, is another example of the unfounded demonization of our country. We see it as a case of russophobia, deeply rooted in Washington, and desire to manipulate public opinion. The urge to ‘sweep under the carpet’ uncomfortable questions about who actually benefits from the break in energy ties between Moscow and European capitals," the embassy added.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:04

US-led Western states have been using terrorist groups under their control to attain their goals, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said on Friday, urging comprehensive efforts on the part of the CIS special services to counter international terrorism.

"The US-led Western coalition has continued using groups of terrorists and other radicals under their control to achieve their goals, while substituting the real fight against terrorism with declarations of their proactive moves in this sphere," Patrushev said, pointing to the US flirting with Al-Qaeda (outlawed in Russia) in Afghanistan and with the Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) in Iraq. Addressing a meeting of CIS security and intelligence chiefs in Moscow, he said: "In these circumstances, practical cooperation should be enhanced between the special services of our countries, including the exchange of information on international terrorist organizations and their plans." He also urged comprehensive and preventive efforts to counteract terrorism.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:03

A recent study in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology discovered that California foster care kids are being medicated with powerful psychotropic drugs, but the adults in charge of the children are not taking the appropriate steps to ensure that the drugs are safe for the kids. Currently, the Child Protective Services (CPS) system, which feeds young children to foster care, is under massive scrutiny nationwide.

The study, entitled “Antipsychotics in the California Foster Care System: A 10-Year Analysis,” found that drugging of foster kids supposedly became less frequent over the course of a decade in California. However, the system continues to use extremely “concerning” methods to medicate the kids with little regard for their safety from side effects. According to our recent NATIONAL FILE article “Exposed: Dead Children in the CPS System Near Bohemian Grove And Pelosi’s Pedophilia Links,” a teenager named Steven Gavin Unangst Jr. died in the Contra Costa County foster care system after taking prescription drugs, prompting his family to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the county.

Posted on: Oct 01 08:01

 Kiev Regime Kills Refugees Who Flee War-Torn Areas Seeking Russian Protection (Photos)

Click for larger image.

The Kiev regime committed another terrorist attack against civilians on the territories it lost.

On the morning of September 30, Ukrainian nationalists struck a column of civilian vehicles that was moving to the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The attack took place near the city of Energodar in the Zaporozhie region and resulted in deaths of at least 24 civilians. 36 other people were injured, including one child.

Posted on: Oct 01 07:59

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday said the US cynically calls Germany, Japan, South Korea and some other countries its allies, although it still essentially occupies them.

"The US has left a terrible imprint on the memory of the people in Korea and Vietnam. Barbaric carpet bombings, use of napalm and chemical weapons. It still essentially occupies Germany, Japan, South Korea and some other countries, but cynically calls them equal allies," Putin said at a ceremony for accepting four new territories into Russia.

He said "the entire world" knows that the leaders of these countries are spied on, including in living quarters. He said it’s a shame how the leaders of some countries "silently and resignedly swallow that rudeness."

Posted on: Oct 01 07:58

The second tranche of more than 550 million euros from the European Investment Bank (EIB) will be disbursed to Ukraine soon, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said.

"We held a meeting with EIB Vice President Teresa Czerwinska and the bank's team. We discussed enhancing cooperation and assistance for Ukraine. I thanked [the bank] for allocating 1.59 billion euros. The first tranche was received earlier this month. As Mrs. Czerwinska has said, the second tranche of more than 550 million euros will arrive at the Ukrainian government's request in the near future," Ukrainian media quoted Shmyhal as saying.

Posted on: Oct 01 07:58

The recent cold spell in Europe has led to a seasonal decline in pumping gas into underground gas storage (UGS) facilities, and Latvia has begun offtake amid lower reserves on the continent.

Gazprom's request for pumping Russian gas through Ukraine today has not changed from the previous days and months.


The Gas Transport System Operator of Ukraine, or GTSOU, has accepted a booking from Gazprom today to transport 42.4 million cubic meters of gas through the country against 42.4 mcm the previous gas day, data from GTSOU show.

Capacity was requested only through one of two entry points into Ukraine's Gas Transport System, the Sudzha metering station. A request was not accepted through the Sokhranivka metering station.

Webmaster addition: Whoever blew up the Nord Stream pipelines (and we all know who did it) has given Russia a good motive to simply take all of Ukraine!

Posted on: Oct 01 07:54

Nord Stream AG plans to start assessing the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea as soon as it receives the necessary official permits, the pipeline operator said in a press release.

Access to the area of the incidents may be allowed only after the pressure in the gas pipeline has stabilised and the gas leakage has stopped, the company said.

"Until the completion of the damage assessment, it is not possible to predict the timeframe for restoration of the gas transmission infrastructure," it said.

Posted on: Oct 01 07:53