Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a warning against the deliveries of Western-made tanks to Ukraine.


Posted on: Feb 06 10:33

The U.S. military on Saturday shot down the alleged Chinese spy balloon off the coast of the Carolinas.


Posted on: Feb 06 10:30

“Putin’s perception,” he says, “was wait, when the wall came down, we reached an agreement with NATO that they wouldn’t expand … why are you introducing Ukraine into NATO?” Later in the interview, he states that “the war broke out because of the demand to join NATO”.

After a sequence of phone calls with the two leaders, Bennett flew to Moscow on March 7th. (Meanwhile, Russian and Ukrainian negotiators were holding talks at Gomel in Belarus.)

He says that Putin then “made two big concessions”. He promised not to “take out” Zelensky, and he “renounced disarmament of Ukraine”. The same day, Zelensky also “made a big concession” – he “relinquished joining NATO”. Describing these as “huge steps on each side”, Bennett’s impression was that “both sides very much want a ceasefire”.

According to the former Prime Minister, Putin was “very pragmatic”, and “so was Zelensky”. As an example of Putin’s pragmatism, he mentions that Putin “totally understood Zelensky’s political constraints”. Asked whether Putin is “gung ho to fight at all costs”, Bennett replies “no” because “he has goals to achieve”.

Posted on: Feb 06 09:29

The fake meat industry appears to be in a death-spiral as sales at plant-based 'meat' companies Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have imploded.

As Axios reports, "after years of hype, the tide is turning against the first generation of plant-based protein makers."

Posted on: Feb 06 09:14

Italy's National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN) said on Sunday that hackers had targeted thousands of computer servers around the world running on VMware "ESXi" software.

"No evidence has emerged pointing to aggression by a state or hostile state-like entity", an Italian government statement said, adding that no major Italian institution or company operating in critical national security sectors had been affected.

The hack was identified on Feb. 3 and reached its peak on Sunday, said the statement, which added that the hackers were taking advantage of a software exploit first identified two years earlier, in February 2021.

"Some of the recipients of that advice took the warning into due consideration, others did not and unfortunately are now paying the consequences," the statement added.

Posted on: Feb 06 09:06

There's a fresh blow for millions of Windows users this week and it could mean many are finally forced to upgrade their PCs. Google has just announced that its latest version of Chrome (named 110) will not be available to anyone running older Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems which means these devices will now be much more vulnerable to bugs and cyber attacks.

Posted on: Feb 06 07:40

Inspirational surfing star Bethany Hamilton has threatened to boycott the World Surf League tour after it changed the rules allowing transgender athletes to compete against women without consultation with the current surfers.

Posted on: Feb 06 07:27

The numbers are horrifying, but drug overdose death statistics can't fully convey the crisis ravaging America, so has documented the suffering in some of the worst-affected communities.  

There were 107,622 deaths from drug overdoses in the US in 2021, an increase of nearly 15 percent from the year prior, and shocking national trends show few signs of the crisis abating. 

Just two milligrams of fentanyl - the amount that fits on the top of a pencil tip - is deadly. Despite successful nationwide stings to bust dealers, authorities admit there's no end in sight for the epidemic. 

The animal sedative Xylazine - known as 'tranq' - is now exacerbating the crisis. It's often combined with fentanyl and its horrific effects cause visceral 'flesh-eating' abscesses and addicts to zonk out as they lose feeling in their muscles. 

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Evan Davis was hosting Radio 4’s PM show when Stacey Henley made the claims while discussing a new Harry Potter video game, Hogwarts Legacy.

Ms Henley, a trans woman and editor-in-chief of The Gamer – a website for video game fans – accused Ms Rowling of pushing ‘transphobia’ and a ‘campaign against trans people’. 

Davis replied: ‘Obviously, JK Rowling... wouldn’t say she’s transphobic.’

But a women’s group criticised the ‘skewed piece’, saying Davis had made only ‘perfunctory efforts’ to intervene.

Posted on: Feb 06 07:17

You’d be forgiven for thinking that we’re in the grip of an ADHD epidemic. It seems that barely a day goes past without some celebrity revealing their diagnosis. Clearly, ADHD is the latest ‘must-have’ mental health condition. 

Brewdog boss James Watt disclosed last week that he has the condition. Former Premier League footballer Jermaine Pennant announced the week before that he had been given the label. They join the likes of Johnny Vegas, Ant McPartlin, Justin Timberlake, Sue Perkins and Olivia Attwood, who have also talked of being diagnosed. 

While I don’t dispute these diagnoses, I have to say that, after 20 years of seeing literally no one with ADHD in my clinic, I now come across it all the time. 

The one thing these patients have in common? They’ve paid someone for a diagnosis. 

Proponents of this new craze in adult ADHD argue that the sudden explosion in cases is thanks to increased awareness, meaning that more people are coming forward to get tested. 

I’m afraid that — in many cases — I just don’t buy it. 

Posted on: Feb 06 07:13

The tech sector is failing at cybersecurity. Global spending on the stuff is at $190 billion a year, a quarter of the US defense budget. That hasn't stemmed an estimated $7 trillion in annual cybercriminal damages. People are fond of saying that the Wild West days of the internet are over, but on those numbers an 1875 Dodge City bank vault looks like Fort Knox.

So where's the sheriff? There are plenty of posses; no end of companies both small and large selling security by the bushel. Firewalls, scanners, heuristic, intrinsic, behavioral, managed, managerial, in-cloud, on-prem, you can mix and match the buzzwords and buy into every new idea. What you can't do is make your systems safe.

If you do want a safe bet in cybersecurity, it's that things aren't going to change any time soon without some fundamental shift in how the market works – if 40 years of constant failure can be called working.

Posted on: Feb 06 07:08

Researchers at IT security company Check Point security have flagged Dingo Token as a potential scam after finding a function that allows the project's owner to manipulate trading fees up to 99% of the transaction value.

The warning from Check Point comes after company researchers have already witnessed this malicious fee change 47 times.

Dingo Token is currently ranked #619 in CoinMarketCap with a market capitalization of over $20 million. Its growth in value has been explosive, which makes it a magnet for high-risk investments.

Posted on: Feb 06 07:07

Tens of thousands of VMware ESXi servers exposed on the Internet reached their end-of-life in October, according to a Lansweeper report.

These systems will only receive technical support from now on but no security updates, which exposes them to ransomware attacks.

To put things in perspective and show just how exposed to attacks such servers are, a new ransomware strain known as ESXiArgs was used to scan for and encrypt unpatched servers in a massive campaign targeting ESXi devices worldwide this Friday.

Within just a few hours, over 100 servers worldwide were compromised in these attacks, according to a Shodan search.

Posted on: Feb 06 07:05

Jeff Lynne, the singer of Electric Light Orchestra, actually clarified the lyrics in 2012 during an episode of the BBC's the One Show, where he said: 'It actually says "Please turn me over", because it was the end of that side of the album,' he said at the time. 

I've got it wrong for more than 40 years.

Posted on: Feb 05 16:43

Iran's supreme leader has pardoned 'tens of thousands' of prisoners, including some arrested in recent anti-government protests, after a deadly state crackdown helped quell the nationwide unrest.

However, the pardon approved by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei came with conditions, according to details announced in state media reports, which said the measure would not apply to any of the numerous dual nationals held in Iran.

State news agency IRNA said those accused of 'corruption on earth' - a capital charge brought against some protesters, four of whom have been executed - would also not be pardoned.

Neither would it apply to those charged with 'spying for foreign agencies' or those 'affiliated with groups hostile to the Islamic Republic', state media reported.

Posted on: Feb 05 16:28

Spotify has suffered $230 million in losses and has laid off 600 employees in one month. Paying Meghan and Harry $18 million for a rubbish podcast probably didn't help. Another classic example of ‘Get woke, go broke’?

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