"History is the history of war -- of leaders of countries finding reasons and rationals to send the young people off to fight." -- John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

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BREAKING: 40 Chinese Banks CRASH Vanish Worse Than 1980 S MikeRivero

Folks, I have been shouting this message for over a year now: GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANKS!

Of course I can’t provide personalized financial advice to anyone, that’s not my job.  I’m just a reporter.  So that’s what I’m doing.  Reporting on what I’m seeing and what I continue to see time and time again is banks crashing, banks going under, and serious cracks forming in our economy.

Here’s the latest…

40 Chinese Banks have VANISHED in one week.

Chinese Warships Pop-Up Near U.S. After Russian Nuke Sub; Freedom Of Navigation Or Message To NATO? MikeRivero

The Arctic and northern Pacific have emerged as pivotal areas in the ongoing power struggle among global giants—China, Russia, and the United States. Along with the South China Sea, they are a freezing-cold hotspot in the global geopolitics.

Waves expose warships: China tracks US Navy via free satellite images MikeRivero

Chinese researchers have allegedly developed a new technique for tracking ships at sea using low-resolution, open-source, “free” satellite images. By searching for tell-tale ship wake patterns, the team’s new algorithm can rapidly find ships that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

The satellite images used have resolutions of tens, even hundreds of meters. This means even a large object like a warship could occupy a single pixel.

China's Coal Production Hits Six-Month High malterwitty
China aims to avoid coal shortages during the peak summer demand season by stockpiling coal and increasing production. China boosted its coal production in June to the highest level in six months as it looked to meet power demand for cooling in the summer and as eased mining safety inspections allowed some mines to resume operations.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that Beijing had stopped arms control talks with the US over continued US arms sales to Taiwan and other steps that go against China’s “core interests.”

The US and China held consultations on arms control back in November 2023. A reporter asked Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian about comments from US officials suggesting China declined to hold another round.

Second, the real estate market has become more active recently. All regions and departments have adapted to the new situation of major changes in the supply and demand relationship in the real estate market, implemented policies based on the city, actively adjusted and optimized real estate policies, and did a solid job in ensuring the delivery of houses to support rigid and improved housing demand.
A dam breach at Dongting Lake in Hunan Province led to the urgent evacuation of nearly 6,000 residents. The breach, which spans 226 meters, caused significant flooding, overturning trucks and inundating houses.
As much as $800 billion of that debt is at a high risk of default, economists say. If the financing vehicles can’t meet their obligations, Beijing could either pay for bailouts, which might create a bigger problem by encouraging unsound borrowing. Or it could allow insolvent funding vehicles to go belly up, exposing Chinese banks to serious losses and potentially spurring a credit crunch that would further erode economic growth. Deficit spending provided one solution.