"The Corporate Media are neither free, honest, accurate, or fair. The Corporate Media are the means by which the world's money-junkies bypass civil leadership and usurp the power of nations for their own nefarious ends. " -- Michael Rivero

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Andy Stone, spokesman for the Meta tech conglomerate, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has been placed on a wanted list in Russia, according to the database of the country’s Interior Ministry.

Izvestia, Ria-Novosti and other Russian media outlets reported on Sunday that Stone’s name can now be found on the database. His file reads that the US citizen is sought over a criminal case, but reveals no further details.

When the Siege of Avdiivka started, I wrote that, according to what we learned about the similar sieges of Mariupol and Bakhmut, we could expect three things:

First of all – advances will probably be slow.

The second important lesson from past sieges in this war has to do with the coverage by the MSM.

Ukrainians always win – in the MSM headlines.

Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi proposes a government resolution to halt any state advertising, subscriptions or other commercial connection with the Haaretz daily newspaper, due to what he describes is the left-wing publication’s “defeatist and false propaganda” against the State of Israel during wartime.

Any major mainstream media outlet in the West inevitably has to affirm Israel's right to self-defense even as Palestinians become "victims of some very brutal bombing and other sort of repression," argued the convener of the editorial board of the journal World Affairs Come Carpentier de Gourdon.

Police raids targeting reporters working for Indian news portal NewsClick resulted in the seizure of around 250 electronic devices — including phones, hard disks and laptops — and even the passports of over 90 journalists whose homes were searched during the October operation.

MMA fighter Jake Shields and political commentator Jackson Hinkle have both found themselves running afoul of the censors at Twitter, who have demonetized the two over their posted messages about the conflict in Gaza.

A series of advertisements dehumanizing and calling for violence against Palestinians, intended to test Facebook’s content moderation standards, were all approved by the social network, according to materials shared with The Intercept.

In the wake of the recent announcement of Twitter/X CEO Elon Musk's lawsuit against Media Matters for America, a left-leaning media watchdog, many of the organization's past targets have taken to social media to voice their grievances.

This comes as previous articles published by Media Matters have resurfaced following the news.