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"Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out" -- ZZDavid Horowitz

So… uh… about that white privilege. Is this what systemic inequality and implicit bias looks like in 2022 America? Where white people must sacrifice their vocation first to the betterment of non-whites? But wait a second… isn’t this what diversity ultimately means? [REPORT: Minneapolis Will Fire ‘White Teachers’ First: MPS Violates Civil Rights Act, Chalk Board Review, August 15, 2022]:

It appears that Oberlin has another major controversy on its hand. For the last couple years, Oberlin has been embroiled in a fight with a small family-owned grocery that it defamed over a shoplifting case involving black students. Oberlin lost $25 million in a record verdict but Obe

Minnesota and North Dakota have made the list of enacting the craziest rules in public education in the name of our favorite three-letter acronym: DEI. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are making a comeback this school year, so you would be wrong for those hoping it was just a fad or a phase.

My home state of Minnesota has been a hub for bizarre antics over the last two years, spurred by the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. On the other hand, North Dakota generally flew under the radar as the Dakota that wasn’t South Dakota. 

The White House announced Tuesday an additional $3.9 billion in student loan forgiveness, this time for borrowers who attended defunct ITT Technical Institute.

The latest round brings Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness total to $32 billion since taking office – but progressive are still pushing for the president to cancel all existing federal student loans.

Team Biden’s proposed new Title IX regulations make it clear: They’re coming for your children.

The administration ostensibly drafted the rules to protect gay and transgender students from bullying and harassment, but they do nothing of the sort. In reality, President Biden is handing teachers a weapon to subvert parental prerogatives.

Clay Travis discussed Alabama sorority recruitment and how a biological male who identifies as a woman decided to rush, but was rejected by all sororities.

“Good for them for standing up to this absurdity. Good for the women at the University of Alabama,” the OutKick founder said.

Three Arizona parents were arrested following their attempts to enter a locked-down elementary school and protect their children after reports that an armed man was seen trying to enter the building on Friday morning.

Officers in El Mirage, Arizona, used a Taser gun to subdue two parents helping a third parent whose handgun fell to the ground as he was being taken into custody outside Thompson Ranch Elementary School, a police report said.