"This obsession with the slavery of the Antebellum South, again, it is something that happened in the past. No White person alive today in the United States of America has ever owned a slave. No Black person alive today in the United States of America has ever had to pick cotton.

But the reality is, we are all (White or Black, Brown, Red, Peach Taupe Mauve, Plaid) slaves anyway to the "Infernal" Revenue Service, to the Federal Reserve, to the IMF, to the military industrial complex, to the Medical Industrial complex.  We do not have the freedom to be independent. 

We are forced to buy and to use certain products, to surrender our money for things we don't really want, and that really is an ideal definition of slavery: that your work product is taken away from you and you get nothing in return that you want.

But this obsession with the slavery of the Antebellum South is being fanned up to divide the American people against each other so that we don't unite together against the slavery that is happening in front of us now today. 

You think about that for a while." -- Michael Rivero

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Tauber said in his deposition: “Generally speaking, we burned four or five corpses at a time in one muffle, but sometimes we charged a greater number of corpses. It was possible to charge up to eight ‘muselmanns’ [Camp slang for emaciated inmates]. Such big charges were incinerated without the knowledge of the head of the crematorium during air-raid warnings in order to attract the attention of airmen by having a bigger fire emerging from the chimney.

The devastation of Germany by total warfare during World War II cast serious doubt on Germany’s postwar ability to survive. Never before in history had a nation’s life-sustaining resources been so thoroughly demolished. Returning from victory in Europe, Gen. Omar Bradley stated, “I can tell you that Germany has been destroyed utterly and completely.”[1]

“You maybe heard about Brooke Jackson’s case in the US. She’s suing Pfizer under False Claims Act that they defrauded the government. Well, Pfizer already filed a motion to dismiss – the case hasn’t been dismissed yet – but Pfizer already in court stated that: ‘Please dismiss this case, Judge. We did not defraud the government.

A notorious German pensioner known as the "Nazi grandma" who has been jailed several times for denying the Holocaust was sentenced to another 16 months at her latest trial on Wednesday.

A Hamburg court convicted Ursula Haverbeck, 95, of denying the Nazi genocide on several occasions, including in 2015 during the trial of a former Nazi camp guard.

In their sentencing, the judges took into account her previous convictions and the fact she had "also used the proceedings to further disseminate her views", a court spokeswoman told AFP.

July 4th is supposed to be celebrated as Independence Day in the United States. It commemorates the victory of Britain’s American colonies in declaring their Independence from British colonial rule and becoming a new nation no longer beholden to the King of England. Sadly, the people of the United States have largely forgotten their revolutionary roots. By the start of the 20th Century, the United States was in the process of becoming the very thing it rebelled against — a colonial empire. In the wake of World War II, noveau colonialism captured U.S.

During the first week of August 1964, warships under the command of U.S. Adm. George Stephen Morrison allegedly came under attack while patrolling the Tonkin Gulf off Vietnam. This attack was later called the Tonkin Gulf Incident. Although this attack probably never took place, it was used as an excuse to start the Vietnam War.[1]

Authored by George Ford Smith via The Mises Institute,

There are no secrets about the world of nature. There are secrets about the thoughts and intentions of men.

- J. Robert Oppenheimer

No big deal, it was just “a milk run.”