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West's Plan to Seize Russian Assets: "Legal Loophole or Theft?" MikeRivero

In a recent interview to the Sputnik's Fault Lines podcast, international relations and security analyst Mark Sleboda discussed the West's controversial plan to utilize the interest accrued on frozen Russian assets to fund Ukraine.

Sleboda explained that Western governments, facing legal challenges in outright seizing Russian assets, have decided to use the interest generated from these assets. This strategy, they believe, exposes them to less legal liability.

The NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine has brought two competing and contradictory Western propaganda narratives to the fore, with officials having the unenviable task of simultaneously talking up the 'threat' posed by Russia to European security and trying to stress Moscow's 'weakness' in Ukraine.

What they lack in naval and aerial capabilities the Houthis certainly make up for in gumption. For more than six months, the Yemeni militia has been wreaking havoc on Israeli, US and UK-linked commercial shipping in the Red and Arabian Seas, targeting merchant vessels and warships alike with an arsenal of inexpensive drones and missiles.

Yemen’s Ansar Allah (Houthi) militia has the capability to target vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, a senior Pentagon official has confirmed.

The B-21 was unveiled in late 2022, and is envisioned as the Pentagon's next-generation response to the increasingly sophisticated air defense and radar capabilities of America's adversaries. But there's a catch.

The US Air Force has dropped fresh images of the Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider stealth strategic bomber, which the military hopes will become “the backbone of the US Air Force bomber fleet,” during testing at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Russia’s BM-21 Grad is a 122 mm multiple launch rocket system. It is lightweight and highly mobile, capable of firing salvos of rockets at targets up to 42 kilometers away. The BM-21 Grad is renowned for its simplicity, reliability, and effectiveness.

The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage showing BM-21 Grad MLRS wiping out Ukrainian manpower and hardware concentrations in the Avdeyevka area.

The Ministry of Defense reported that Ukrainian losses totaled 100 soldiers, three infantry fighting vehicles, and observation and communication equipment.

Germany’s efforts to ramp up supplies of Western-made air defense systems to Ukraine have so far fallen flat, as other nations have largely refused to chip in, Politico reported on Wednesday.

Berlin vowed in April to deliver a third US-made Patriot battery from its stockpile to Kiev to bolster it against Russia. It hoped that others would follow its example under the ‘Immediate Action on Air Defense’ initiative, but partner nations are unwilling to do so, two people familiar with the talks told the news outlet.

Ukraine’s media censor has withdrawn instructions urging news outlets not to use insults when referring to Russian troops and officials. The country’s National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting has taken down an advisory on the widespread Ukrainian media practice of labeling Russians “orcs” and “retards.”

The UK and its allies should stop “fueling” the Ukraine conflict instead of shifting the blame onto others, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Thursday. His comments came after London accused Beijing of providing “lethal aid” to Russia in its military effort against Kiev.

The property of US-linked entities in Russia could face seizure in response to any confiscation of Russian assets by the US government, according to a decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

The US and its allies have frozen some $300 billion in Russian sovereign assets due to the Ukraine conflict. Western nations are devising ways to use the funds to help Kiev’s war effort against Moscow.