"Globalism is the curse of the modern era, a means of taking the same Federal Reserve scam that ruined the United States and shoving it down the throats of the rest of the world." -- Michael Rivero

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Greene Reveals What Staggering Bank Statements Indicate Regarding Hunter Biden Trafficking Schemes MikeRivero Tue, 05/30/2023 - 14:25

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene leveled a stunning allegation against first son Hunter Biden this week regarding what she described as information gleaned from “staggering” bank statements.

The Georgia Republican said during an interview that the statements indicate Hunter was involved in sex trafficking schemes, citing the documents, as well as suspicious activity reports that show money being transferred between him and prostitutes.

Judicial Watch Sues National Archives for Biden Family Business Records MikeRivero Tue, 05/30/2023 - 13:54

Judicial Watch announced today it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the National Archives for Biden family records and communications regarding travel and finance transactions, as well as communications between the Bidens and several known business associates (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. National Archives (No. 1:23-cv-01432).

Another Staffer Bails From Kamalas Office as VP Continues Losing Personnel MikeRivero Tue, 05/30/2023 - 13:53

Another high-profile official has left Vice President Kamala Harris’ office, making her the latest to do so following a series of other notable departures.

Harris’ deputy press secretary, Ernesto Apreza, is calling it quits, marking another high-profile departure from the vice president’s office. She will join the Department of Defense.

Republicans Launch Probe Into Biden Admin Over Leaked Memo MikeRivero Tue, 05/30/2023 - 13:37

Republican leaders of two key House committees have launched a probe into the Biden administration’s handling of fossil fuel leasing practices after a leaked “energy security” memo.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer and Natural Resources Chairman Bruce Westerman informed senior Department of the Interior official Laura Daniel-Davis of a probe in a letter. The correspondence criticized the DOI’s oil and gas leasing delays and Daniel-Davis’ recent memo prioritizing climate considerations over energy security. Seventeen House Republicans joined in signing the letter.

The FBI has one day to turn over an internal document that Republicans claim shows President Joe Biden was involved in a $5 million 'criminal' scheme with a foreign national or else contempt of Congress proceedings will begin.

US has no right to meddle in Ugandas anti-LGBTQ laws MP MikeRivero Tue, 05/30/2023 - 10:08

The US is selectively imposing sanctions in response to Uganda’s anti-homosexuality legislation, MP Asuman Basalirwa has claimed. The politician told RT on Monday that decisions on internal affairs should be left to each country.

I have no problem with the way a country manages their affairs. My only problem with these people is single-picking. This law here was signed by the president of the Republic of Uganda. May I invite America, Canada, Britain, and the entire Europe to also cancel the visas of Mr. Museveni?” Basalirwa stated.

On Sunday, Conservative House Republicans got really mad at the compromise agreement between Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden to raise the debt ceiling.

According to The Hill, the bill sets certain spending limits on discretionary non-defense spending and grants Republicans some of what they wanted on issues such as work requirements for certain social services programs.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Monday signed a bill into law that creates harsher penalties for anyone who engages in gay sex, and President Biden has threatened sanctions against the country as a result. 

Corruption scandals in Ukraine might spill over Biden family and Democratic party MikeRivero Tue, 05/30/2023 - 09:34

Uriel Araujo, researcher with a focus on international and ethnic conflicts

Even though there is as of now not much prospect of the conflict in Ukraine coming to an end (and US interests actually profit from making it perpetual), there is much talk already about “rebuilding” the country. In a November video address, Ukrainian President  Volodymyr Zelensky claimed it would take no less than $1 trillion to rebuild it.

Washinton sources say the attack was done at the request of a US Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham who recently called for the killing of all Russians.

Attacks were carried out by al Nusra/al Qaeda, by units with embedded US Navy SEALs using weapons supplied through US contractor Google Idea Groups in Hatay using transporttion supplied by the White Helmets.

American reconnaissance aircraft have been tracked over Latakia for the past 2 days and are believed to have guided the attack using artillery rockets modified to perform as HYMARS.