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"Menticide is an old crime against the human mind and spirit but systematized anew. It is an organized system of psychological intervention and judicial perversion through which a [ruling class] can imprint [their] own opportunistic thoughts upon the minds of those [they] plan to use and destroy." -- Joost Meerloo, The Rape of the Mind


Fires sparked by e-bike and e-scooters surge by up to 150% in a year as experts warn of dangers of exploding lithium batteries ahead of Christmas sales boom malterwitty Wed, 12/07/2022 - 10:37

Experts have today issued a safety warning to people this Christmas after figures showed fires caused by exploding lithium batteries in e-scooters and e-bikes soared in a year.

Data from Zurich Insurance (not insurers right?) showed blazes sparked by the electric vehicles powered by lithium batteries had risen by 149% from 67 in 2020 to 167 last year.

This surge triggered the insurance company to issue a Christmas safety warning leading up to the festive boom.

For the first time in quite a while, COVID-19 rates are up again.

Many believe this is evidence of widespread infections, and action must be taken.

Just The News says, “For the first time in months, California’s 7-day COVID-19 test positivity rate reached 10.8% over the last week, indicating the increased spread of the virus as state officials report a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations.”

The globalist cabal that invented and drove the make-believe COVID narrative is facing growing problems, as holes in the logic just keep getting larger over time. Case in point: The irrational promotion of vaccine equity.1

According to the World Health Organization and other globalist strongholds, the Western world must sponsor vaccine deliveries to developing nations to make sure everyone has an equal chance at survival.2

We've come across what could be another automotive company intentionally detuning engines so it can offer performance packages to customers via an over-the-air update. 

Swedish EV car company Polestar, a subsidiary of Volvo and Geely, is charging customers $17.50 per horsepower in an over-the-air software update for the long-range, dual-motor variant of the 2, reported Autoblog

Dr. Anthony Fauci testified last week he couldn't recall that a major study published in an influential medical journal was retracted after it erroneously found that hydroxychloroquine was ineffective and potentially harmful in treating COVID-19 and couldn't remember the names or details of other studies he leaned on to back his claim that the drug was ineffective.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Florida wants to hold vaccine makers liable over claims about the mRNA shots that DeSantis said aren’t true.

DeSantis made the announcement during a Republican Party of Florida event on Saturday, according to American Greatness.

Equity investment executive Ed Dowd appeared on Steve Bannon’s “The War Room” recently to discuss excess mortality in the post-Operation Warp Speed age. One of the things he revealed is that deaths among 25-to-44-year-olds increased another 36 percent in August – and this is on top of an 84 percent increase during the final four months of 2021.